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Monday, December 31, 2018


AND another year is done.

I can't believe how fast 2018 went by!!!!

SERIOUSLY, in the first 6 months, I haven't gotten used to this year ending with an 8. And when I'm finally getting the hang of it, DING! DING! DING! HAPPY NEW YEAR! He he he he he!

It's just funny how looking back, the memories seemed only like yesterday when it's actually been months. I have to be honest though that even if we had a lot of laughs and activities this year, our special occasions were marked with tears.  The reason behind this of course is that it's our first year without our dear Daddyowzers and we're all coping with his absence. Still, even if there were tears and loads of sentiments, our year still had a lot of blessings and moments that we will never want to forget.

Check out the first half of our 2018, THE YAPPY BUNCH way!

And it's officially 2018!!!

Take a look at my New Year's resolutions....

Parang I wasn't able to fulfill all of it! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

("Yup. NADA!!!" -- Jaz of 2019)

Thursday, December 27, 2018


My super pretty Mommy celebrated her birthday last October and when deciding when and where were going to meet up for dinner, we cannot settle on a date and place. You see, my eldest brother lived in Antipolo with his family and since traffic is horrendous these days, he would usually prefer going down from his hills during the weekends. As for me, we had a long overdue trip to Lucena that weekend (since we're going to Cavite for All Soul's Day) that it's only Monday to Friday for us.

In the end, we just had 2 celebrations for the Mommers -- one with us and one with Kuya Jay. We don't really mind because to be honest, we cannot have enough getogethers in honor of this lovely lady.  Yun lang I missed the food from the second celebration. Sayang din yun no!

He he he he he! Yup! Any excuse to eat!

At first we were going to have dinner in a Korean restaurant because that's what my Mom and niece were craving. When my brother's family can't make it, the Mommers just decided to go for the place where she had a nice birthday celebration last year...

BLUE POST baby!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, December 21, 2018


THE YAPPY BUNCH received a free staycation from a secret angel, aka my favorite frenemy, from my office.

If you've been reading my silly little blog, you would know who she is. Ha ha ha ha ha!

Anyway, we were super excited for this insta-weekend because SAVOY HOTEL just opened (so it was fairly new) and we got 2 rooms all to ourselves. You know us, we love anything that comes with a pool but in SAVOY HOTEL, we enjoyed their pool plus their other cool family friendly facilities!

But would you believe that for our last day, we only used the pool and stayed in our rooms yet we still had a blast?? Ay it's SOOOO true!

Check out part two of our SAVOY HOTEL staycation where we discovered once again the extreme happiness of lazy Sundays to the fullest.


Wednesday, December 19, 2018


We weren't really planning to do anything special that weekend (especially that we have programmed ourselves to just be lazy all the way). But then we got a gift from a VERY generous officemate who gave us a free staycation in the hotel she had a unit in.

She wants to remain anonymous but if you want to take a guess (I'll give a small prize if you get it right), she is my favorite "frenemy" in my place of work.

If you're a regular reader of my silly little blog (oh poor you), you should know. Just guess via Facebook messenger. He he he he he he he!

Anyway moving on, my favorite frenemy gifted us with a staycation for not one but two rooms and we cannot be more excited!! Although we're not really sure how SAVOY HOTEL would fare up compared to the other hotels we have stayed in (because it was fairly new), I was still super looking forward to have a mini-vacation with my favorite guys in the world.

And how was that weekend? Oh you'll see. YOU'LL ALL SEE!!!

He he he he he he!


And we're here at SAVOY HOTEL!!!!

Monday, December 17, 2018


The YAPPY BUNCH have a new favorite in Powerplant Mall --   THE GRID FOOD MARKET!!!

We loved the food because everyone took their pick in the cuisine they liked. There were also several stalls that offered not your usual food court menus but instead served special gourmet dishes that kept everything exciting. Another great thing too was that the servings were big enough for sharing! Kaya yay! That would make it more affordable for me and the Yubhub!!!!!!!

So now, whenever we're thinking of a place to eat in Powerplant Mall, we would always blurt out in unison...


Yup! With that, everyone will be truly and deliciously happy!!!!!


Yup! Again and again!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, December 16, 2018


One Saturday, the Mommers invited me to hear mass with her and Ate Jowjits in Powerplant Mall. The Yubhubs and the boys were supposed to go with us but when they heard that we're going to have mass, they said that they suddenly had to go somewhere.


It's okay. It's been awhile din since I've had an all ladies' date with my Mom and Ate Jit. So I'm sure it's going to be fun.

ESPECIALLY that there's no asungots around.



Thursday, December 13, 2018


SIDESHOW the musical recently had its run last September and I was able to treat my Mom and family to watch it in RCBC Plaza. The Chinese Panget was not that enthusiastic to go with us but sorry siya, we needed a bodyguard (ha ha ha ha ha ha!). I just consoled him that it would be an memorable musical to see onstage especially that the story was based on facts and that he'll see 2 pretty cute girls.


Aba! Aba! Aba!

Come look at the freaks!

Not us ah. The ones behind us!

Wednesday, December 12, 2018


ERICJAZ FOODIES recently met up with THE FOOD ALPHABET family to celebrate the (belated) birthday of my dear kumare. I told her that I would treat her as my bday gift (since she's officially a senior citizen na :P) and that she should pick whatever restaurant she fancies in the Rockwell area.

Her choice that night was OOMA since she hasn't been there and I couldn't be more pleased. Though it's not the traditional Japanese food that we're all used to, the food there was delicious. And it was nice to go do something different with our favorite cuisines from time to time.

So we all went there and unsurprisingly, had a great time. When you're with kindred spirits (with beautiful faces and sexy bodies... he he he!) who share the same love for food, that is a sure thing!

And if you're friends with somebody who is as kind and loving as my kumare and the rest of THE FOOD ALPHABET family, then you'll have many more awesome times to come!

YIHIIIIII! Somebody is going to cry na!!!!!!!!


Monday, December 10, 2018


It has already been a tradition for THE YAPPY BUNCH that on the last day of the little lords examinations, the Yub and I will fetch them and take them out for lunch in their restaurant of choice. However for their first quarterly exams, the Yub and I thought of something different: we'll go for one of the Mystery Rooms in BREAKOUT PHILIPPINES.

I checked out a post from OUR AWESOME PLANET and saw that BREAKOUT PHILIPPINES was offering DO YOU DARE -- a room which offered Game Show fun at P2,000.00/4pax. For that month they had a promo in connection with the OAP blog that gave us P500 off for the game.

P1,500.00 for a different kind of family experience? That's a pretty good deal!

So we paid online and made reservations for a slot in the afternoon that Saturday. We were all excited because it was indeed a different kind of "tripping" for us.

And you know what? It surely was!!!

With panget results. GRRRRRR!

You'll see why LATER.



Friday, December 7, 2018


We may not go to VALLE VERDE CLUBHOUSE as much as I wanted to but it's definitely one of my favorite places to visit with the family. For one, it's like taking a trip back in time and entering a Viva Films movie circa 1980 because it seemed like they never changed their interiors (it's just the way I liked it because there's something so comforting and relaxing about their set-up). Also, they served delicious food that's still affordable (I guess that's how it really is with exclusive clubhouses with membership), that's why it never hurts our appetites (and wallets) to go back again and again. The pool is also the best too! We almost always get it all to ourselves!!

That's why when my brother Kuya Jay, who's the real member in VALLE VERDE, invited the family for Sunday lunch, I got all excited. It's been awhile since our last getogether there and I was really looking forward to having my usual favorites.

The great part too is that it's his treat! Yayyy!!!!

VALLE VERDE Clubhouse! Definitely a happy place for us!!!!!



Thursday, December 6, 2018


The Yub and I have a new favorite when it comes to cheap yet delicious Japanese food -- YUUJIN!!! We would often pass by this house converted to a restaurant many times when going home from the office. At first we stayed away from it thinking it was expensive. But when I recently checked the menu, the prices were far from NOBU. Ha ha ha ha ha! Manageable naman. So now, whenever we have an instant craving for some simple Japanese food, we always head on straight to YUUJIN...

And then magbibiglang liko kami.

Sorry I cannot resist. We don't do that naman kasi.



Wednesday, December 5, 2018


THE YAPPY BUNCH were in Powerplant Mall for some lunch, window shopping, and people watching. When we had nothing else to do, we all got home and got ready for a late siesta and some serious idle time in the TV room.

Yep. I guess we're the close relatives with the sloth. Tee hee!!!!

Then my Mom called me saying that they'll be having dinner at IPPUDO RAMEN with Daddy's sisters and asked if we would like to join them.

DID WE??? Of course we did!!!!

Though it would disturb our declaration of laziness at home, it was our duty to our appetites and tummies to dress up once again and go to Powerplant Mall. Big steaming bowls of our favorite IPPUDO RAMEN awaits and were just too good to pass up.

Tapos we'll be treated pa?

Ay kakaripas talaga kami ng takbo! He he he he he he he!!!


IPPUDO RAMEN in Powerplant Mall just opened July of this year and woah, as expected, the lines are always long.

Tuesday, December 4, 2018


When the movie CRAZY RICH ASIANS came out, my Mom asked if we could go out and see it. Now to be honest, it's not really on my list to watch on the big screen because, MEH. Last thing I want was to see pretentious, materialistic, and money hungry people being glamorized. But since my Mom wanted to (she doesn't watch movies in theaters much), I was game. She has been reading the novels along with my sister so she's curious how it would be depicted on film. So really, I'm cool with anything my Mom wants to do if it would mean spending more time together.

EXCEPT going to the palengke, or to Divisoria for our Cavite supplies for Holy Week. Because EWWWWWY.

Sorry Mommy, Ate Jit is there for you. She's your favorite naman e.

Tee Heee! I'm such a lovable daughter I know!!

To make it more fun, we thought of inviting my sister and auntie (Daddy's sister) to join us as well. Call it a "ladies' night out" if you will.

Of course, a Saturdate will not be complete without dinner. And since we ARE going to watch CRAZY RICH ASIANS, there was no other choice for dinner that night... 

MONGKOK for some Chinese food! Yebah!

MONGKOK has always been our go-to restaurant whenever we're craving for some Chinese food in Powerplant Mall!

It's almost always full because the dishes are affordable and delishes as well. My Daddyowzers regularly ordered here too and was friends with the servers.

Monday, December 3, 2018


As much as I'm a drumstick-and-thighs kind of girl, I would never pass up the opportunity to relish a plate of crunchy and juicy Chicken Wings. The great thing about these bite-sized babies is that you get an appetizing  skin-to-meat ratio that every mouthful is perfection.

Add to that a plateful of steaming hot rice, OMG!!!!!

Yes, Chicken Wings may usually be considered as appetizers because of the size and the handiness of eating it (instant grips!) but for us Pinoys it is already a (ful)filling entree to our table.

That's why when the Yub and I recently visited WING ZONE in its new branch in Araneta Center, we happily and hungrily discovered that they don't have just the usual flavors made popular by the Westside. Besides the usual Buffalo or Honey Barbecue, WING ZONE tosses its newly fried wings in flavors such as Thai Chili, Sweet Samurai, Adobo, Sisig, etc -- so many choices right?

And yes, like you, I also immediately started craving for rice. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Check out our Friday dinner with other foodies in WING ZONE. I'm sure, you'll also start craving for some wings and more!!!

With extra rice... He he he he he he!


It was a busy night in WING ZONE that Friday.

Thursday, November 29, 2018


It was a holiday and that meant that THE YAPPY BUNCH would be out and about for some silly family time. It may be tempting though to stay at home and just sleep the day away but then our stomachs grumbled and we suddenly remembered how we all wanted to try out the new THE GRID FOOD MARKET in our favorite Powerplant Mall!

E you know us, we're a slave to our tummies and cravings. Ha ha ha ha ha ha! The best part too is that we ALL felt that way so everyone was excited to go. Yup! We all had the same mindset for that day.

Naks! The family that craves together, stays together nga naman!!!


Wednesday, November 28, 2018


When the Yub and I had a date in OHAYO RAMEN BAR, we made several posts and raves about our delicious dinner that I received several messages from my family asking where that restaurant was.

"It's just in San Juan" I said. To which my sister instantly replied "Then that's where we'll eat after Sunday mass."

"Ay ok po. Sige po ate po."

See how nice and meek I am when it comes to food???

But really, deep inside I was going like "YIPEEEEKIYAYMADAPAKAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!!" He he he he he he! Free lunch nga naman in our favorite new restaurant e bakit ba???!!! Tee hee!

I'm so weird.

Yihiii!!!! We're in OHAYO RAMEN BAR!!!!

Tuesday, November 27, 2018


The Chinese Dimpol got tickets to the popular musical play "ANG HULING EL BIMBO" that as a result, we had an insta-Sundate. Yup! Just me and the Chinese panget.

Well, I'm sure the boys would've LOOOOOVED to come with us (NOT!) but they have lakad with their Lola in Cavite so this date was just right for the two of us.

Pwede pang magbiglang liko going home.


When we got to (whispers) Resorts World Manila, we immediately set out to do an important mission. No, we didn't go to the theatre to get ready for the show. Rather, we looked for a restaurant to have our quick lunch before the show. He he he he he!

Syempre, priorities! Priorities!

We went around and since most of the places were interested in were full, we ended up in JOHNNY CHOW because for one, we haven't eaten there yet, and two, the Yub absolutely loved Chinese food.

Hopefully the food there in JOHNNY CHOW is good because I hate trying out new restaurants only to leave disappointed (that's why we eat at the same places tuloy).  Come to think of it though, we enjoy everywhere we go to because there is always something to be happy about and it's always fun as long as we're together.

Especially if biglang liko.


He he he he he he he!


Monday, November 26, 2018


As much as I love my ugly friends (who obviously don't read my blog), there is a different kind of fun hanging out with the foodies from The Kain Tulog Gang. Besides being gorgeous (like me... bwa ha ha ha ha....), they know the great places to eat in, have a full appetite (bawal diet), plus it is already understood how we'll take pictures of our grub before eating (even if it's not a sponsored meal).

These days I don't get to see them as much as I want to because I always get out of work late and I usually have plans with my family on weekends. Good thing that one time our schedules aligned and I was able to join some of the lovely ladies of THE KTG for an early lunch. The venue for that Saturdate was in MANAM -- a popular Filipino restaurant which I haven't tried yet, that's why I'm extra excited.

We obviously had a great time that Saturday. Well that's bound to happen because you could never go wrong with gorgeous people who love good food. He he he!

For those who don't agree, there's a special place in hell for you.


We're in MANAM!!!!!!

Even if we frequent Greenhills shopping mall, it's our first time to go to MANAM since it was fairly new in the area. 

And since we were really unfamiliar with the new establishment, we even went to the wrong parking area. TOINK!

Thursday, November 22, 2018


One weekend THE YAPPY BUNCH went to Greenhills to meet up with the other families of our BP GROUP!

And our venue for that night was KIMONO KEN!!!!!

KIMONO KEN was pretty full that night but since we were pretty (tee hee) we able to get a table for our big group.

Wednesday, November 21, 2018


It is once again the anniversary of our dear EAT BULAGA and though we have the same celebration enjoying the usual food, we are still excited because we always experience a different kind of fun each year.

Well it's not everyday you'll celebrate the 39th anniversary of your workplace right?

So we all went to Broadway Studio eager in anticipation of what the night may bring to us: Are we going to win the raffle? Will we be able to eat our favorite Kare-Kare? Could Tali take a picture with us?

And more importantly, is it going to be a night to remember?

YAHOO!!! I'm happy to say that ALL of the above came true, except for one.... (huhu)

Oh well. I'm sure you already have a picture of what that is. Still, read on and experience my night of being a Dabarkads for their 39 years!!!!  


Tuesday, November 20, 2018


If you've been following my silly little online journal (ay kawawa ka naman hija!!!) you would know that 2017 was a very hard year for me.

For one, I lost my Dad, so life will never be complete again. Secondly, my Best Gal Pal (or BGP) Mariane discovered she had breast cancer while on a vacation in the US so she stayed there much longer than expected for her treatment.

Imagine expecting your best friend to be gone for only 2 months then learning that you wouldn't see her for more than a year? Ayayay!!!!!!!!!!!

It was a very difficult time for both of us because we cannot be for each other during those painful moments. During my Dad's wake, she was undergoing different examinations for her condition. At times when I wanted to pour out my heart-aches to her (as I would often do), I'd hesitate because I didn't want to burden her further (though she said it was okay). Hay. We may always talk on viber and messenger, but it was not the same and I wished for her return ASAP. I just consoled myself with the fact that it didn't matter how long she stays there as long as she's getting better. 

Though it was so hard to be away from each other during that painful time, I guess it just made our bond closer. We may have been thousands of miles away but we still felt each other's love and concern. You may say that it just made our BGP-hood stronger and really eternal. It's indeed proven that we're best friends in good and bad times, no matter the distance.

When she told me that she's finally cancer-free, hay naku! It was such a happy day! We were laughing and crying at the same time. FINALLY!!! Her Dad overhead us talking and he said "Ayan, magkikita na kayo ng best friend mo!" We were like college girls who got so kilig at the thought.

So finally she arrived but not at the date I was expecting: She and her hub Manong Fred didn't tell me that they are actually going home at an earlier date because they wanted to surprise me with the Chinese Dimpol as their accomplice.  

But I guess we were such BGP's that malayo pa lang I already saw her!!

Monday, November 19, 2018


When the Yub and I recently had a date in OHAYO MAKI X SUSHI, we loved the food so much that we predicted that it will be the "start of beautiful ramen-ship."

But.... we were wrong. Dan... dan... DANNNN!

Well sorta.

While at the stall in OHAYO MAKI X SUSHI, the server informed us that they also had a branch that had a real restaurant setting near Gilmore. The yub, being snooty all of a sudden, wanted to try out that branch when we can.

And when we did, we truly enjoyed the whole experience: we loved the food, the place, the airconditioning,  the parking spots, etc. Kaya ayan na talaga.... "The start of a beautiful ramen-ship!"

If the weather's cold and chilly, or if you want to avoid us, just bear in mind that we'll be in OHAYO RAMEN BAR -- our new favorite when it comes to ramen!!!!! 



OHAYO had limited space that's why seating could be a problem when the place gets packed. Good thing they have these bar stools that suited hungry us just fine.

Sunday, November 18, 2018


I'm sure it's fairly obvious by now that one of our favorite restaurants is GENKI SUSHI. From its first branch with the long lines to the other branches that answer our "instant sushi cravings", GENKI SUSHI has always been there for us.

It is also with GENKI SUSHI that we find ourselves usually commemorating the start and/or end of summer . I really don't know why and how this came to be but since GENKI SUSHI has equaled "HAPPINESS" for me and the kids, they quickly hooked it up with their summer vacation.

Basta when classes end, we just HAVE to eat at GENKI SUSHI!!!!

HOWEVER, for this particular visit, it was a bittersweet dinner in GENKI SUSHI. The Yub and I decided to treat the boys here again to formally say goodbye to their SUMMER VACATION (to lessen the pain, kumbaga... He he he he he).  So everything was fun as usual -- chomp, chomp, chomp, order, order, order, train, train, train, but there were periods where one of the boys would comically wail and cry "I don't want summer vacation to end!!!!!!"

There... there... my sweet summer child (tee hee). Before you know it, we'll be back here again but this time to start summer. He he he he he he!

Good thing GENKI SUSHI is "here" during this sad time.

Tee hee!!!!!!

It was a quiet night n GENKI SUSHI!

Friday, November 16, 2018


ERICJAZ FOODIES went out Saturday morning for an early getogether with THE KAIN TULOG GANG in Ortigas Center. We already went home about 1:00AM from a gimik that Friday but when our KTG beckons, we follow.

It's very likely anyway that delicious and hot food is waiting for us at the end of the "rainbow." He he he he he he he!

The venue for that morning was in WANG JIA TEA HOUSE, a simple and unpretentious restaurant located inside CW Home Depot Compound. When we got to the venue, the Yub and I knew that this would already be our kind of place especially when we're craving for affordable comfort food.

And knowing that they serve Yub's usual favorite (e.g. dimsum, noodles, rice toppings, kikiam, etc) just made him feel like he hit the jackpot.



Thursday, November 15, 2018


THE YAPPY BUNCH were having a family staycation with some of the Kain Tulog Gang at HEROES HOTEL. Come noontime, we were not really looking forward to lunch since we all just had coffee and we were relaxing in our rooms. Alas, food awaits and as much as we wanted to just be lazy our day, getting us fat is still the priority (tee hee).

Check out our unexpectedly enjoyable lunch where our not-so hungry bellies still managed to finish platters of delicious food. Yup. It's that good!



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