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Thursday, February 26, 2015


For many years, we have been passing along Wilson Street when going home to (!!!CENSORED!!!) and not once have we eaten at this quiet Japanese restaurant on the main road. The restaurant's name is YUUJIN and I always thought that since it was situated besides houses upon houses of the posh Greenhills' subdivision, the prices there would be as high as cutie pie Godzilla. But, after reading the blog entry of dear SUGAR, SPICE, AND EVERYTHING NICE, I was enlighted that food there was not only delicious but very affordable!


Okay I may be going overboard (as I usually do) but you do see how that's great news to us.

So one night after work instead of suffering the hustle and bustle of mall restaurants, the Chinese Adonis and I went for the reclusive YUUJIN.  And, after a very delicious and satisfying meal, we felt a bit guilty for bypassing this Japanese oldie for such a long time. To think that IT HAS BEEN THERE FOR MANY YEARS and other people who live faraway have been blogging about it! Oh well that's lesson learned for us to NEVER take such restaurants for granted. Sometimes what could be your "next favorite" may already be under your noses and you haven't given it a chance at all!

Now that would give us MORE reason to try out EVERY restaurant at our route going home to (!!CENSORED!!). First stop, MCDONALDS!

KIDDING. Duh. He he he he he!


The facade of YUUJIN is really like an old house that was converted into a restaurant.

Save for the few signs outside, you would only think that they are having some sort of party inside with a celebrant named YUUJIN. Ha ha ha ha ha!

Okay fine I guess I made my point already. 

Tuesday, February 24, 2015


When we celebrated our New Year's weekend in Lucena, we had a day wherein we went around Lucban and Tayabas Quezon Province with the boys. When it was time for lunch we decided to try out the only ramen place in the area that I have been hearing SO much about. Of course, when it comes to ramen my motto is "If you build it, they will come"(from Field of Dreams).  If I hear that there's a ramen house in whatever area, I am bound to drag my family over there. Good thing too that THE YAPPY BUNCH are so fond of slurping on noodles.

Well, except the Chinese Adonis. He doesn't have a choice but to go with us. That is, if he wants to get some labing labing from me. Ha ha ha ha ha ha! 


The restaurant is named after the owner's son. They had other options in mind but this was what DTI approved. He he hee!

The restaurant is really small that you might pass by without noticing it. NIGAZZ is almost beside a Sari Sari store in that street.

Monday, February 23, 2015


It was VALENTIMES and like what we do every year, my dearest master Mati took me out on a date. As with our usual practice, he will choose the restaurant while I pay for dinner.

His first choice was to have dinner at his favorite, HOUSE OF MINIS but then, I got off work late and the branch at Greenhills was closed already. I promised him that we will have another date at his favorite steakhouse next time.

His plan B was for some pasta at CIBO. I'm glad because I was also craving for some of Margarita Fores' simple Italian comfort food that the Chinese Adonis was not overly fond of. Besides the company, I always look forward to having these dates with my master Mati because he is more adventurous to all types of cuisine than his Daddy. At least I will get to eat my tummy's desires without fear of this Chinese Adonis (aka brute) going EEEWY.

Hopefully when Mati grows up into this genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist, he'll make me choose where to go for our VALENTIMES date AND foot the bill. That is, if he will STILL take me out. If not, I will immediately become a Monster-in-Law with a broken heart. He he he he!

HAPPY VALENTIMES my dearest "Mati Stark"!


Saturday, February 21, 2015


If you see me refer to the special day of hearts as VALENTIMES, don't worry it's not you, it's me. For some odd reason, I have always called that special day my own way because I guess it makes it all the more personal for me.

However, for somebody who would like to be "original" by using the word VALENTIMES, I celebrate this much commercialized event the usual corny way -- wearing red, getting flowers, having dinner, acting all kilig kilig (ew). The husband and I don't care if it's too much of a cliche (aka "baduy"), we're having a good time so that's that.

Usually for VALENTIMES, the Chinese Adonis and I would have dinner out with our lonesome. Now, the little lords got in on the fun and would take me out on different nights with dinner (of their choice) at any restaurant (that I'll pay).

For this year though, VALENTIMES was different for THE YAPPY BUNCH -- Yub and I got free tickets to watch a show with my office buddies, while Andrei was not able to take me out since he got sick.

Be as it may, it was still an unforgettable week of hearts for THE YAPPY BUNCH (yep including our ER date with Andrei at the end of the week -- thank God he's okay now). Like I said, it doesn't matter if the restaurant is dingy or classy because we always find silliness and enjoy everything we do together!


When I woke up on February 14, 2015, THIS greeted me by my bedside!

It turned out, Yub woke up extra early to buy my flowers somewhere so that when I open my eyes, BOIIINNNNG.... flowers!!!

HAY YUB! You forgot to buy again no???

Kidding! But I really appreciated the gesture. We stayed in bed until about 10:30am because we were too lazy to get up. 

Nothing naughty happened don't worry. It's impossible to do so when the little lords would peek inside (wanting to snatch my tab to play Minecraft) every few minutes. He he he he!

We did get up before 11:00am for my brother's birthday lunch at MARUFUKU! Blogpost soon to follow!


The Chinese Adonis and I were so fortunate to receive a free VALENTIMES date that included dinner and a show. Most of the time, organizers would sell tickets to my place of work and they would give it away to interested parties... like US!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015


Last December, on the day before Christmas in fact, the Chinese Adonis, Andrei, and I were in Edsa Shangrila Plaza to do some last minute shopping. Yep! You may judge me. With regards to shopping for gifts, I'm the chief procrastinator and I don't deny it. With that, I'm thankful that I have a very patient Chinese Adonis willing to accompany me scurrying around the mall and carrying the shopping bags. As for Andrei, he was so naughty at home that his "punishment" was to scurry along with us and carry the other shopping bags which he hated to do. He he he he he!

For lunch we dropped by CRAVINGS because I remembered how much I loved their soup and salad bar. Of course, it never hurt that their prices were so reasonable that it would be give us more means to shop! Other than that, I needed the extra energy to do my "rush-minute" shopping. So I guess I am "required" to have my fill with their healthy soup and salad bar. He he he he he!

I told you. I make reasons just to eat more!


Ms. Josie (my officemate) is that you? He he he he!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015


This year may be so-so to some but for ERICJAZ FOODIES, 2015 will definitely be a time to remember. Yep! We claim it! Though we normally always have the best year every time, 2015 will mark many happenings that will definitely get TP (top priority) in our silly little foodie blog.

NUMERO UNO -- My sister is getting married this year! Yep! It will finally happen. She actually doesn't like me broadcasting it. But hey, since she doesn't read my blog, no harm will be done (aka, she will not know about it he he he he!).

NUMERO DOS -- I will be turning 30 this year. Yes I know. It really doesn't look like it since people say I look 25 but it IS possible. You know how some women are ashamed to let everyone know the truth about their age? That doesn't apply to me. I AM SO PROUD to be FINALLY 30.

Tee Hee....

NUMERO TRES -- Actually there's no third reason. I just put this here because only having NUMERO UNO and DOS for the heading seem incomplete. He he he he he he! But hey, if we're really going for it, since we have many important events coming up, I am looking at EATING A LOT this year! Of course, numerous celebrations may also call for repeated food consumption. So I'm getting myself ready for THAT.

ANYWAY, looking at my Top Priority reasons above, I feel that I should already adapt a change in my lifestyle. Don't get me wrong, for my sister's wedding and for turning 30, I am not really focused on getting stick thin like I was before (yes it happened). What I aim to go for now is BEING HEALTHY.

I know who I am and I cannot anymore change my love for food. Asking me to just restrict myself to a few sorry pieces of lettuce is like the end of the world for me. I love to eat and people around me should not anymore be surprised by it. However, as I turn 30, I cannot be as irresponsible as I was before. Though I still go for bone marrow and creamy crab fat,  I have learned to limit my intake of these dangerous grub. Plus, I'm so proud to say that I have already included exercise in my daily habit. Yep! I have made the impossible, possible. There will be no crash diets nor quick fixes for me. I will be changing my LIFESTYLE so that I could still do what I love doing -- EAT!

That is why when I have come upon the bottles of THE GOOD JUICE, I was very grateful to have another reinforcement in going for that healthy route. There is nothing like getting "assistance" that not only tastes good but makes you feel good as well! With THE GOOD JUICE, you will be able to flush out those dirty toxins after smacking your lips at their fruity flavors! With that, I am once again ready to face a new day with my happy life as a foodie!

What do you think I was going for? A model like figure? NO! I will exercise and have a different routine so I could STILL be a food lover! And I'm sure when it comes to changing habits, you need all the help you could get!

Now THAT is where THE GOOD JUICE will deliciously come in!


Now THIS is what I need right now!

Yep... No hugs... No lovin' from the Chinese Adonis... No "you can do it" inspirational words.

I. Need. This!

When I received my stack from THE GOOD JUICE, I was so excited! It was actually my first time to detoxify and I didn't know what really to expect. 

Friday, February 13, 2015


Sometime last year, I attended a KTG getogether which ended too soon for some of us that we craved to go somewhere for a nightcap. At first the choice was to go to Starbucks, but since there was not a branch in sight (imposibleh!) we just resigned ourselves to having coffee at Mcdonald's.

I know what you're thinking: Kekekwekweeeeeeng....

We don't have anything against Mcdonald's of course, but it would be nice to go somewhere a little bit special since it is rare I get to have a night out with some of the KTG ladies. Then, lo and behold, Jane of SUGAR, SPICE, and EVERYTHING NICE suggested we have our much desired ending at PENINSULA MANILA with an order of their ginormous PEN PALS. I remembered always talking about it with my BGP Marian when we were having our practicum LAST YEAR (tee hee) that I immediately agreed.

And with that, FIREWORKS!


It would definitely be a SWEET and LUSCIOUS night ahead!

The Peninsula Manila lobby!

THE YAPPY BUNCH love going here for our New Year Hotel Hopping but we have never tried their Pen Pals not even once!

Thursday, February 12, 2015


For Andrei's week-long birthday, one of his wishes was to go to STAR CITY in order to ride the tallest ferris wheel in the country (Yep. That's what their radio advertisement claimed). Though I'm not really keen on going to the famous attraction in Roxas Boulevard on Christmas day due to the crowd, much less ride the ferris wheel (the tallest they say!!!), it is the birthday wish of my darling bunsoy and we all wanted to give him a one week celebration he will never forget.

Believe me when I say that we never expected to have fun in STAR CITY but we did!! Of course, we have accepted that it is not Disneyland, Universal Studios, nor Legoland, but since THE YAPPY BUNCH finds fun in everything we do together, we were able to appreciate STAR CITY'S own charm and have a blast in it at the same time!

Will we go back to STAR CITY? We most certainly will!

Heck, I might even ride the Ferris Wheel again!

And for those who know how I fear heights as much as Darryl getting killed in WALKING DEAD, that says a lot! He he he he!


Wednesday, February 11, 2015


Ever since we had an unforgettable Antipolo barbecue at my brother's house late last year, we always find ourselves working the epic dinner into our conversations hoping that there would be an immediate sequel to it:
- "Ah yes, Christmas is just around the corner and there are sales everywhere. I wonder if it's traffic going to Antipolo?"
- "There may be delicious seafood in New Orleans but I'm sure it's as good as  the grilled shrimps you served us in Antipolo before, remember?"
- "Kuya Jon too bad you did not join us in Kuya Jay's barbecue. NEXT TIME you should really go with us!"

It also encouraged us to be creative....
-"Kuya Jay, Mati has a "field trip" this weekend in Antipolo. Is that the weekend you'll be having another barbecue?"

Of course, when our tummies really got craving, it compelled us to be a little bit more straight forward.
- "Kuya Jay hope you could have another barbecue real soon!"

Then... things got desperate....
-"Kuya Jay please.... Let's have another barbecue..."

It later on went to borderline pathetic....
-"Kuya Jay we'll just leave the kids at home so that only me and Eric could go to your barbecue.....

He he he he! Just kidding (or am I?) but it really didn't take much of a nudge for our brother to fire up his favorite grill once again.  After his repeated invites, everyone's schedule finally matched and the family had a memorable ANTIPOLO BARBECUE once more.

You could say that we all got so excited that the day finally came that we accidentally left our Kuya Jon at home! He he he he!

Of course I'm kidding again!

Or am I? Tee hee!!!


Unlike last time, Kuya Jay set up our barbecue lunch at his garden since there'll be more of us pigging out on his hot off the grill food!!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2015


Sometime last year, my favorite BP GROUP got together for a "family play date"!

Andrei was going to have  birthday party that month and since THE NAVARROS cannot make it due to a prior commitment, Mareng Gem made up for it with a KIDSVILLE treat for ALL of the kids!!!

Wow! Thanks dear Gem!

Of course, after an hour's worth of play for the kids (and chika for us in CINNABON), we were all hungry! We decided to try out the restaurant I see in a lot of blogger reviews.

Saturday, February 7, 2015


Brace yourselves.

VALENTINES is coming.

It may seem so trivial to some but if you are so lucky to be with the overly romantic type who would pull a "fatal attraction" (if you do not present something that would produce an "AWWWWWW" moment) then you might be in trouble.

Haaaay.... The Chinese Adonis is soooo LUCKY!

Now I'm not saying you head over to Tiffany's and break your wallets even with a minuscule ring. Besides vowing eternal love to your significant other it may be utterly nice to give his/her something sweet that is beyond the usual roses, chocolates, or cherry flavored knickers (what the...?).

For this Valentines, why not go for the French route? Of course, you could never go wrong with the ways of the most romantic people there is. Imagine the sweet smile that your lady love will flash before you when you present her with a box of KOUIGN AMANN hearts from KA BY CICOU!


Friday, February 6, 2015


When we were celebrating Andrei's weeklong 8th birthday, I invited my family to have dinner and treated them to BOON TONG KEE in Power plant mall. We just came from RESORTS WORLD to watch the HI 5 concert and since we got out early, I made the impromptu birthday celebration.

What I love about impromptu family dinners is that it's an instant surefire fun night when you thought you'll be spending the weekend alone. However, since it WAS impromptu, not everyone was able to make it. Don't blame me. It's not like I did it on purpose (tee hee!). So sorry to my sister (who is still stuck at work) and my eldest brother (who does not want to go down from his "mountain"). You were spared from my treat!

Yehesss!!!! :) Oh! I mean. Awwww.... That night was awful.

Seriously though I may have to schedule another BOON TONG KEE treat for my family because my parents loved the food and gave me a strong reminder to properly invite the rest of the family next time. I promised to do so of course. I would love to treat my siblings again to the awesomeness of BOON TONG KEE!

Now it's not my fault if nobody heard me whisper "That will be next year...."

Oh I'm kidding! Tee hee!



BOON TONG KEE in Power Plant Mall is always full so you may want to call ahead and make reservations. 

Wednesday, February 4, 2015


If I didn't know any better, there is a good chance that I was Japanese in my former life. Because if I WAS somebody from the Land of the Rising Sun, it would surely explain a lot of things:

My love for Sushi...
My love for Sashimi....
My love for Ramen...
My love for Japanese fried rice....
My love for Ramen....

PLUS... I have these recurring dreams that I am this blond girl with big black twinkling eyes often serenaded by another blondie with a bagpipe... I wonder who could she be? Tee Heee.....

"She's a girl... A pretty Girl... With ribbons on her hair..."

OKAY. Okay. I'm kidding about the dreams and yes I noticed that most of my "concerns" were mainly about food. But it's clear though that I'm such a fanatic about Japanese specialties that sometimes I wish I WAS born in Japan so that growing up I could enjoy my favorites every single day.

(Also, so that I could watch the full series of CANDY CANDY without a dictator cutting its run on Philippine TV. {#cannotmoveon} But that's another story He he he he).

Anywho, I'm so happy these days that our shores have been invaded by famous Japanese restaurant franchises. In fact, I feel that we are being spoiled by the availability of all things delicious from Japan that there is no need to ship myself there every time I have a craving.

And just when we thought that we already have everything that is enough to make us go "arigoto" everyday, another delicious Japanese creation make its way to our tables.... 


Tuesday, February 3, 2015


Last December 21, 2014, I treated the boys to watch a HI 5 concert as part of Andrei's week-long birthday celebration. AND, as our standard "pre-concert practice", we needed some "fuel" to energize ourselves up before the show. I don't really go to Resorts World often so I was clueless where to eat there. After checking out the restaurants in the vicinity and choosing where to eat, we were shocked when lo and behold, EVERYTHING was jam packed that Sunday! Oh well, I should've expected something like that already especially on a weekend. But my hungry tummy believed that food will always prevail, except of course, in that instance, it won for the other diners.

Blast you RECIPES!!! Why is your chicharon bulaklak so good that you coveted many more customers before me?!!!!

Anywho, the hungry Yub and I walked around like Sisa searching for her lost children. Although we looked nothing like the crazed woman, we still appeared pathetic because we were drooling all over ourselves. Tee Heee!!!!!

So we came upon this restaurant which was a floor above the venue for our HI 5 concert. At first I was hesitant to step inside because although there were available seats, I saw some customers getting impatient with their "delayed" orders. BUT, we didn't have a choice anymore because even our trusty MCDONALD's had lines extending to kingdom come.   So we went inside, settled our bums on their wooden chairs and just hoped for the best.

Of course, upon getting a whiff of the hot and sizzling food beside us, all hesitations vanished. And for that short moment I actually forgot about the show and started looking forward for the grub to come.

Yep! That's what I love about food. It has that magic of making everything alright. PLUS, it smells good, looks good, and tastes good.... even more than my husband!

Tee Hee!

THAT'S what you get for snoring too loud last night!!!!


Monday, February 2, 2015

MATI'S 2-WEEK 11th BIRTHDAY (2015)

Early this January, my master Mati turned 11 years old. And, like we do every year, we had a fun 2-week birthday celebration for him! Some may find it too much (my family definitely does ha ha ha ha!) but all that matters is how our little celebrant is having the time of his life when he turns a year older.

Usually what we do is ask Mati to write in his journal what restaurants and places he wanted to go to for his birthday celebrations. We then do all that we can to go to all of those "Mati wishes" with whoever is available to join us! Also included in that 2 week period is non-stop play of PSP and Minecraft without the usual "write in your journal requirement" that I have for them (provided also that it is not a school day). Of course, THAT is enough cause for Mati to be deliriously happy for his birthday. He he he he!

And like last year, THE YAPPY BUNCH had a very fun 2 week birthday for Mati! I'm sure the little celebrant agrees because he was groaning on the last day and wishing it could be extended for another week.  It may be the only whiney sound that is actually music to ERICJAZ FOODIES' ears!

We'll see what we can do for next year dear Mati but for now, Mommy and Daddy will cherish all the joy and happiness that you have given us. So thank YOU really. Besides being thankful to the Lord everyday that he has blessed us with your awesomeness, this two-week birthday celebration is also our way of giving thanks to YOU our loving son and brother to naughty Andrei.....

Thank YOU for making us deliriously happy for the past 11 years!!! We love you so much master Mati!

HAPPY 11TH birthday Master Mati!!!!

Sunday, February 1, 2015



That's the ONE word I thought of to sum up our night. 

Actually, that's the word I had been thinking of once I received news that we will be going there and it was the same idea that lingered on even after a week!

For those who know me, you could tell that I'm not joking. Oh yes. I'm super kaduper serious.

Because FINALLY. After years and years of always wondering, wishing, and joking around, I have finally "climbed" MY "Mount Everest".

Yep! We have FINALLY eaten at SPIRAL!!!!

Never mind getting bigger boobs or having hair implants on my big forehead, one of my biggest (silly) dreams is to eat at SPIRAL. Judge me all you want but it's something that has always become a point of reference for me. I could never stop yapping about it:

a) "You want my friendship? Treat me at SPIRAL."
b) "You want to ask a favor from me? Treat me at SPIRAL."
c) "You want to make me happy for my birthday? SPIRAL."
d) "You want to be happy on YOUR birthday? Take me to SPIRAL."

Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Seriously though, I'm just all jokes. But when somebody DOES offer to treat me at SPIRAL I will turn it town because I really find it so expensive. Would you believe that the Chinese Adonis has already offered before (to shut me up) but I would always feel that it's something impractical no matter what the event or reason (aka LQ)? Sorry but about P6,500.00 for the two of us, could already be a fun weekend staycation for THE YAPPY BUNCH!

So yes! That's the perfect word for the FINALLY.

FINALLY, I will stop wondering and blabbering about it because the fat lady has already sung for my SPIRAL curiosity.

Of course, following a very gastronomic and enjoyable night at SPIRAL, something will haunt my little foodie self from days on.


SOFITEL on a Sunday night!

And yes. The roads going to my dream restaurant is congested!


We finally saw it. SPIRAL!
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