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Thursday, October 30, 2008


I love pizza.... because you could just pile on the toppings, squish the crust, and you have for yourself, a handy grub on the go....

I love pasta... you just toss olive oil, garlic, with your choice of toppings, add the pasta, and you're good to go as well...

We love ITALIAN food because everything is just so handy and easy... nothing is too complicated and it satisfies eaters of ALL ages...

And that is why we LOVE Avenetto... 

My 4 year old son Mati is willing to eat anything. However, me as a mom, I don't want to give him raw japanese grubs, oysters, or spicy noodles... yet. For now, I would like his cuisine to be on the safe and tasty side... In that aspect, Italian cuisine is such a great candidate. It is truly kid friendly, plus, I think children naturally love it! Who DOESN'T love Filipino style spaghetti right? 

Plus, I have another person to consider... My husband will NOT ever eat, japanese raw grub, oysters, or spicy noodles. He is such a "selective" eater (to better describe him) that if we want him to be happy as well, we go to Italian. Tsk tsk!! 

We don't normally order appetizers because it would just fill us up for the main course. But we love their Onion rings! Yub and Mati, who are such carnivores, cannot taste the onion... Instead what they get is something crunchy with a nice sweetish treat in the middle! I find it quite tasty too and it's even better with their garlicky ranch dressing!

Oh yes... Once in a blue moon could I make this guy eat his veggies... But when he does, he does it GO-OD... Or gross? H aha ha ha!

When I was a kid, I always ate spaghetti with the sweet tomato sauce. As I grew older, I wanted to have more variety in my toppings and sauces. The more different, the better... However, with my husband and my boy, I still have to be on the safe side. So we reach a compromise: Since Yub DETESTS tomato sauces with that authentic italian "sour" taste, and I find the alfredos too fattening, we just go for the aglio olios (garlic and olive oil based) with different toppings. I got this, with sausage, which my husband loves... so there you go. Compromised. 

Yummily compromised... he he he he!

My boy eats anything we put his plate... I hope he'll be a foodie like me when he grows up! It would be fun to have him as my date in food adventures!

Is it possible that he's thinking about it as well? :)

For now, I'll just enjoy my pasta in peace... Tee hee! And I did enjoy platefuls of it. Their servings are enough for 3 hungry people and priced reasonably. I would say, it is a steal but I won't since they might increase their prices!

Let's EAT! All of us are smiling at the camera while my little guy wants to proceed with his food... Can you blame him? THE PIZZA ARRIVED! And it was all hot and gooey! The great thing about AVENETTOS is you could have 2 different flavors in your pizza... My favorite is the cheeseburger (ground beef, onions, tomatoes) while Yub likes the pepperoni... So there you go again... COMPROMISED! 

Oh yeah... if that pizza was on a mission to live, it was definitely COMPROMISED. Ha ha ha! Look at Mati devour his crunchy slab of cheeseburger pizza!!!

Of course my husband stayed with his every favorite pepperoni... It's the only pizza he will eat!

My Mati goes for another piece and we were all fascinated how the cheese just dripped, stretched, and was just steaming hot for us. YUM!

He goes for his 3rd piece...

Then fourth piece... Note how he reserves one on his plate always?

Until... all that's left is a lonesome pepperoni pizza... possibly for Mommy. I'f  I'm lucky!

I'm NOT too sure though. Ha ha ha ha!

For my birthday the next year (February 2009) I treated my family again to Avenetto, this time at their SM Hypermarket Branch.

The reason I chose this was because everybody will be able to enjoy the food AND prices are reasonable! Just right for little ol kuripot me!

Isn't it cute how my baby Andrei is sitting at the head of the table but still turned for the picture? He's my little me that one!

HOWEVER... he is not like his Kuya Mati when it comes to food. He, like his dad, is verrrrryyy "selective" (again) with the grub he puts in his mouth. 

But when he does, he does it oh so cutely! He does not like eating so it really melts my heart when he reaches out for something and takes a bite. I guess AVENETTO's pizza are TRULY kid friendly because it's sweetish sauce made Andrei like it!

He even digged the onion rings! Look how Mati is celebrating. Ha ha ha ha!

Even my niece, Rocio, loved the food.

I guess when it's a family grubbing event, Avenetto's will be always in the list because everyone  leaves oh so happy.

Now who wouldn't LOVE that? :)


A Veneto Napoli Pizzeria Ristorante
Glorietta 3
Glorietta 3, North Drive
Ayala Center, Makati
(02) 818-3090

A Veneto Napoli Pizzeria Ristorante
SM Supercenter Pasig
SM Supercenter, 114 Frontera Verde, C5
Ugong, Pasig
(02) 634-6110

Sunday, October 5, 2008


It's our very first post! And what better way to celebrate this than to share with you the first restaurant that me and my husband had our FIRST official date... at CALIFORNIA PIZZA KITCHEN or CPK!!!!

For our 9th year anniversary as Boyfriend and Girlfriend (yeah we're already married but celebrate this momentous occasion just to have a reason to eat), we went to the resto where Eric claimed the pasta was like their "chami" in Lucena. 

Believe me, he meant that as a compliment.

So off to CPK we go to pig out and celebrate our undying (cough cough) love... eeew!!!!

Eric, or Yub as I always call him, loves pizza but is not really adventurous in the toppings... so it's always PEPPERONI for him. He loved the chewy dough of the pizza and enjoyed his order... angrily.

I don't think I could be happy with just an order of pasta so I had a plate of bread with their hummus!

AND.... an order of their special CHAMI... I'll get back with the names soon.

It's not obvious with this picture but he enjoyed his pizza very much. Too much that I think he wanted to marry this after I die and go to heaven.

I hate pictures of me eating so Yub took one from behind.



This was VERY good and the only reason I was not able to finish it was because I did not get any help from my husband here.

Happy 9 MAG-un years!!!

ERICJAZ foodies!

I'll get back to the name of this dish soon...

THIS WAS SO GOOD! Too bad I don't know how to use the macro yet during this time!
Finished in no time though!'

Yub was just faking it... Did not try a bite of this appetizer since he's a very picky eater!

He loved it... he just LOVED making faces as well.

Hopefully I'll be able to load all of our food adventures... Think about 200 worth of FACEBOOK albums! Ha ha ha ha! Coming soon!
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