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Saturday, September 26, 2009


For cold and rainy nights, my husband and I love to slurp on a bowl of hot noodles. On this particular chilly day, I was hungry so I viewed a lot of YouTube videos of people eating noodles (Yup I'm a loser) and saw many having their fill of PHO!

I immediately sent a YM to my husband declaring that I was craving for some PHO HOA and that there was nothing he could do about it except take me there. Pronto. When that happens, my husband is powerless since I called dibs on what to have for a Friday date night!!! So after he picked me up at TAPE office, we headed straight to PHO HOA for my Vietnamese fix. 

When we were done, I was happy as a bee and my tummy was bulging more than usual.

We truly LOVE PHO HOA. For us, it offers the best PHO noodles in town!!!

And I call dibs on that as well :P


Doesn't the girl in the front menu remind you of heroines from Filipino classic komiks? (Agua Bendita anyone?) :)

The meynuh!!

Interiors of PHO HOA Wilson Avenue in San Juan is bright and spacious. So perfect if you want to relax on a rainy night while slurping on hot bowls of Pho!

I love the space and space loves me!

Each order of Pho in PHO HOA comes with a plate of fresh vegetables such as Bean sprouts, Basil, and a wedge of lemon to put in your soup. If you want some extra heat then ask for some small red chili!

My carnivorous husband who was scandalously hungry by this time had a splitting head ache when I told him he could munch on some veggies while waiting for his order.

He told me I was so EVIL.


I ordered PHO HOA's Meatball Pho (P199.00) and it was smokin' and bubblin' hot when it arrived.

I proceeded to add the basil leaf by leaf...

Does Henry Cavill love me...

... or does he love me.... NOT? 

Oh he had crooked teeth and chest hair anyway! >:( !!!


For that extra citrus flavor, squeeze in the lemon wedge over your PHO HOA meatball pho.

Need more heat for your PHO HOA bowl? Then give this bottle a spritz or two!

And there you have it... a PERFECT rainy companion from PHO HOA. Much better and tastier than any umbrella or raincoat!

Not that I would ever dare bite on a raincoat.

UNLESS it was worn by Henry Cavill.... tee hee!

Take a short blow on your PHO HOA noodles...

...close your eyes to savor all of the vietnamese goodness...

... open wiiiide....

... then give out a big... long... SLUUUURPPP!

I know we are not in Japan but it is more fun to eat that way though. He he he he!


If you put too much chili in your pho, THIS is what you'll look like to your date afterwards.

That's me all teary-eyed and sniffing. I asked for 2 glassfuls of water, ASAP.

My loving husband laughed at me and took pictures instead.

Ha ha ha ha!

After I cooled down, I went back to my wonderful bowl of PHO HOA.

The husband was hungry that he killed time by imitating some of the favorite poses of Andrei, our youngest son.

I'm sorry yub, it just does not work on you.

He munched on some of PHO HOA's Fried Rice Paper Roll with Pork and Vermicelli (P127.00) in the meantime and was happy with the flavorful meaty crunch every bite gave.

I like dipping this PHO HOA spring roll in their special vinaigrette sauce with a bit of chili! YUM!

Let's EAT!

I forgot to mention even if my husband LOVES noodles, he has an aversion to pho noodles because of it's lemon grass after taste. 

Yup! I told you. THAT's how much he LOATHES his vegetables.

(Tee hee That's Game of Thrones lingo for you)

Yub's order arrived and he shed tears of joy.

I'm just kidding! That is just how much he loves PHO HOA's Caramelized Chicken Drumettes (P165.00).

Or am I? 

Yub proceeded to devour his PHO HOA chicken wings. He always eats it with an extra order of plain rice!

He always share with me a piece of the PHO HOA chicken.

Yes I know. JUST ONE. He promised me the moon... the stars... even the entire Philippine archipelago... BEFORE getting married.

Now after 6 years (the date of this day) of being married, he could ONLY spare me 1 drumstick! GRRR!

Ladies do NOT forget to specify that in your marriage contracts: 

"In the event of proportioning a meal in an establishment (e.g. restaurants), WIFE is entitled to more than 1 piece of the CHICKEN drummettes which the HUSBAND has in his claim".

Or something like that.

Oh look at him gobbling mercilessly at his PHO HOA chicken drummettes while I only get 1 piece and the bones to suck on after?

Kidding! I love the white bones and always beg for it. Tee hee!

ERICJAZ Foodies, eatin!!!

And we are done. 

See the chicken bone at your 5 oclock? THAT'S how I suck my bones!

Maybe that's why my hubby loves me. (Wink wink!)


Let's EAT!

Pho Hoa Vietnamese Noodle House
San Juan
204 C Wilson St
Addition Hills, San Juan
(02) 726-4066

Saturday, September 19, 2009


Sun Moon Garden has been one of my family's favorites since the days of yore! We started eating there when it was still in shoppesville greenhills, about 30 years ago. We love eating at Sun Moon because the taste never changes and would remind you of the times when everything was so carefree and fun. When we go there, the same faces always greet us and the staff became our "family" as well. Because of the numerous trendy restos that sprouted in the Greenhills shopping center, SUN MOON packed up and changed to another location. It was a sad day for us because we thought we lost a resto that was definitely in our comfort zone. Luckily, they transferred to a place nearby and the same faces still greeted us when we ate there for my Kuya's bday. We truly recommend Sun Moon garden. The food tasted the same way it was 30 years ago and lyes, we were HOME :)

Before it was SUN MOON GARDEN... Now I guess since they want to reintroduce themselves to the publikow, they changed their name to MR. SUNMOON!

This is Val and he has been our waiter for almost 30 years! Yup! He saw us running around and making a ruckus with our food.... 

... last year... (kidding!) :)

In fact, when he got married, he got my Mom and Dad as Principal sponsors!

(Guess who catered their wedding?)

The Meynuh!!!

The place they got was tighter than their original space in Shoppesville. Val said it's because they did not really expect people to be flocking back in since most of them forgot SUN MOON when the new restos sprouted.

I guess this was a lovely problem for them :)

Me and Mati! We did not bring Andrei with us because I did not really want him to be exposed to crowded and enclosed places. That's just me being "praning"!

Upon sitting down, Kuya Jay and Yubskers immediately got themselves bottles of beer...

(cue in VO with heavy American slang) "SAN MIGEYL PREMIUM ALL MALT BEER!!!"



Fine I'll stop. Now isn't this a lovely picture of my niece, Rocio?

Ate Jojit immediately proceeded to give the birthday boy, Kuya Jon, her gift. Honestly, for the life of me, I don't know what crappy cd that is. Who is Erik Satie???

There was even a time somebody close to me gave ME plastic flowers... Now who could that be???

Come to think of it, that guy was not pulling a joke. Augh!

First order for our noisy crowd... THE SOUP!

This is the first restaurant which gave me a taste of SHARK'S FIN SOUP (P550)! Don't worry, being the environmentally friendly family that we are, we know that this dish is not authentic (meaning there is no actual fins from Sharks as they nearing the endangered zone). I'm sure that this tastes nothing near the real SHARK'S FIN soup which they will serve in expensive Chinese restaurants but we don't mind. 

I am not missing any part of my life if I don't eat something that will contribute to the extinction of a species.

(Tee hee tell that to me when I'm in the middle of the Ocean with "jaws") Eeep....

This was good enough for my little boy and that's what counts!

See? Only Mushrooms and chicken!

We also ordered their California Maxi (P220). Personally I think they put too much sushi rice on the roll. But still, it was something good to chew on while waiting for the main course...

SUN MOON FRIED RICE (P220)! When we were kids my Dad would order 2 big bowls of this dish. But now that we are older, just one serving is enough for us. 

However, that was against our will since it is my Mom's idea for us to observe our weight and diet. She would always remind us that we "were not getting any younger" and we should "watch our health". 

Oh yeah Mom but I do think my mind IS getting younger!!!

Somehow I don't think that is a nice comeback. 

 We also ordered some Oysters with Black Bean Sauce (P260) for that extra spice!

We kept on putting spoonfulls of this on our rice. Agawan pa din even at our age! Ha ha ha ha ha!

Ate Jojit with my Mom and Dad. He he he! Me thinks my dad is already hungry based on his scary face... Tee hee!

If we all had Shark's fin soup the birthday boy had a bowl of LOMI (P160) all to himself. For long life! I think we were able to steal a tablespoonful of this! :)

And now...


Oxtail (P380)! Meat was tender while sauce was very savory. See that we even ordered an extra cup of plain rice just for this? 

Sizzling Beef!!! (Sorry I forgot to take the price!)

When they give you this dish still bubbling and smoking, wow... Just take in all that beefy sweet goodness! I took a huge chunk of this for my rice and I swear that some juices dripped from the side of my lip!

Our usuals... Breaded Squid with Garlic and Chili... 

Shrimp Foo Yong (P260).

This has been one of our favorites because even if they did not scrimp on the vegetables and shrimps, there is still a good egg to filling ratio.

The oyster sauce makes this Shrimp Foo Yong more delicious!!! Pinagagawan din namin to! Ha ha ha ha!

Our massacred Shrimp Foo Yong!!!

I love mixing the chilis and leeks from the squid dish on my rice!!!

Ate Jojit : "Hmmm... there's still some more Sizzling Beef for me to take home!"

Mommy : "Shut it... that's all mine. Parent - Daughter relationship does not count here!"


It may be true for me in the future though... ha ha ha ha!

Another eating shot of yours truly which may cause you nightmares when you sleep!

Happy Birthday Kuya Jon!!! Next year again!


Mr. Sun Moon
San Juan
G/F 1 Kennedy Place, Club Filipino Ave. cor Ortigas
Greenhills, San Juan
(02) 470-1257

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