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Friday, May 27, 2016


I was browsing Facebook one time and I saw this sponsored post on LEE HAK'S Buffet Promo. I checked the album and saw that it was indeed a pretty good deal because for only P322.00 (weekday dinner rate), you could help yourself to some Korean Pork and Chicken Barbecue plus a variety of food selections from their buffet. Though the promo does not include Beef Barbecue, I still think that it's worth a try.

So I called home and contacted the usual culprits who would enjoy this Korean buffet promo: one was Mati, my little foodie who lives for Bibimbap, the other is the Chinese Dimpol, who lives to please me.


If you're wondering about Andrei, I invited him but he cheekily responded that he'll only join us if we're going to SAMBOKOJIN.

And we're leaving him.

Tee hee!

Anyway, check out our fun and VERY filling dinner at LEE HAK KOREAN RESTAURANT! 


You won't miss this along Pioneer Center because it's the restaurant with the ultra bright lights on their signage!


I made reservations to ensure a table for us tonight but since there were a lot of people availing of the promo, we still had to wait. 

If you're craving for LEE HAK'S ala carte dishes, you could stay in the first floor. However, it was hot that night. Hopefully their airconditioning is operational now.

The LEE HAK buffet!

I liked that LEE HAK had a lot of space in between tables and the spread that even if it was a full house that night, we did not feel cramped!

My master Mati was SO raring to eat!

And his first plan of attack was the BIBIMBAP!!!!

It was great how LEE HAK provided instructions on how to make your own Bibimbap!

Not like my master Master needed it. He he he he he!

To start off, you may go for some of LEE HAK's hot soups!

Here's "Side A" of the LEE HAK buffet!

Jap Chae!

Sweet Sausages!

Chinese Chicken!

Korean Pancakes!

Fried Chicken!

Steamed Dumplings!

Now here's "Side B!"

Fried Rice!

Beef Bulgogi!

Pork with Pineapple!

Buttered Vegetables!

Breaded Fish!

Spicy Squid with Vegetables!

Now.... I don't know what mush this is. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

In one little corner LEE HAK had a spread for their Tempura. This was not so popular with the hungry diners that night. He he he he!

At the corner they had the assorted Ban Chan!

At this table, they had various Pork and Chicken meats that were ready for grilling!

In LEE HAK, if you don't feel like grilling your pork and chicken yourself, you could ask their chef to fire up your meats. Yup! At no extra charge!

He cooks them up really good too! However, the wait was sooooo long that if you're dining during a packed night, it would be best if you grill your own chosen meats.

In one corner, you could get the fresh lettuce leaves to wrap your meats in.

Don't forget the condiments!

Drink All You Can juices were also included in the promo. Isn't that great?

Now even if this is a buffet, you should still be mindful of the servings you get so that you won't waste anything.

My boys were so ready and hungry!

My Ban Chan plate!

Raw garlic... Chili... and Lettuce!

The Chinese Dimpol ate like a hurricane!

Me and Master Mati!

I haven't started yet and my boy already finished with his first serving of Bibimbap!

My mini-bowl of Bibimbap!

The ingredients were fresh and really helped in creating a great tasting Bibimbap!

I requested for a fried egg to top on my spicy rice! YUMMERSSSSSSSSS!

It was so good, Mati went for another heaping plate of it!

I'm so proud!!!! My foodie boy!!! Not a lot of kids I know love Bibimbap!

The Chinese Dimpol proceeded to grill up our pork!

He also got the marinated ones.

My husband was able to grill it up to a nice crisp on the outside but so fatty and juicy on the inside.

The marinated pork smelled so awesome too!

Oh I'm so drooling at this point!

We wiped that first serving so fast that we immediately cooked up another batch.

Ahhhh.... My flavorful mouthful!

ERICJAZ FOODIES with Master Mati in LEE HAK!!!!

And we're done.


Mati was so full that he felt like throwing up. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

As for me, I blacked out from my tummy ache. Jeez! Even if I was wearing black, you could still see my bulging fat tummy!

Our LEE HAK bill!!!

So how did we find LEE HAK? The food had hits and misses but still, I cannot complain because it was so affordable. Besides, I only went there for the Korean Barbecue, the Bibimbap, and the Ban Chan, and it really satisfied me. 

If I may make a suggestion though, LEE HAK should make a system to confirm on how many diners there are per table. I saw the servers would only count the number of pax when the bill is requested. Sorry to say that I saw about 2 tables who had some of their companions go somewhere that were not included in the counting. I'm not really sure though. I may just be delirious from all that food. I hope that the servers wouldn't have to pay for anything because of it. 




Pioneer Center Supermart, 
8006 Pioneer Street, Kapitolyo, Pasig City
02 5843279 / +63 9178579896

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