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Wednesday, December 12, 2018


ERICJAZ FOODIES recently met up with THE FOOD ALPHABET family to celebrate the (belated) birthday of my dear kumare. I told her that I would treat her as my bday gift (since she's officially a senior citizen na :P) and that she should pick whatever restaurant she fancies in the Rockwell area.

Her choice that night was OOMA since she hasn't been there and I couldn't be more pleased. Though it's not the traditional Japanese food that we're all used to, the food there was delicious. And it was nice to go do something different with our favorite cuisines from time to time.

So we all went there and unsurprisingly, had a great time. When you're with kindred spirits (with beautiful faces and sexy bodies... he he he!) who share the same love for food, that is a sure thing!

And if you're friends with somebody who is as kind and loving as my kumare and the rest of THE FOOD ALPHABET family, then you'll have many more awesome times to come!

YIHIIIIII! Somebody is going to cry na!!!!!!!!


It was a rainy Saturday night while I waited for THE FOOD ALPHABET family. Not long, I saw the familiar face of my cutie pie godson!

(Buti na lang nagprisinta ako! AY!)

YAY! They're here na!


Pareng Abet and Sky!

Me and my kumareng Joan!

If you're looking for the Chinese Panget, he had a basketball game and was going to follow (Oh great! I'm sure he has putok by then).

ORDERING UP! I told Pareng Abet to just order for us because we're ladies and we're shy.

Tee hee!


First on the table is OOMA Salmon Skin Aburi Maki (P280.00)!!

Fresh and packed with sushi goodness! This is actually a very filling appetizer.

OOMA Hanger Steak (P498.00)!

I've eaten in OOMA before but this was the first time that I had the Hanger Steak. I will certainly go back for this because not only is it bang for my buck but it was so darn good too!!!

I would've taken this home in my bag if I was not shy with my kumare! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

OOMA Buta Kakuni (P370.00)!

Among the dishes that night this was my least favorite because the fried strips of pork were bland and lacked the crunch that I fancied. I know that I should smear the white sauce on it for flavor but it was all just MEH for me.


Rice may be free AND eat all you can in OOMA but I really suggest you try out their Gyudon (P299.00)

You'll get a big bowl that would satisfy 2 hungry diners. With that bowl you'll get well seasoned strips of beef topped with fried onions and their umami-packed sauce. The great thing here is that all those flavors and juices will mix with the rice!

Just give it a mix and voila! A big bowl of appetizingly delicious rice for everyone!

MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gyudon is actually served with a raw yolk of egg but for safety reasons we just asked to have it fried for us.

Last to arrive is a plate of Ebi Tempura (P390.00)!

Ginormous shrimps fried to a light crunch! This was sooooo addicting with their special mayo sauce!

ERICJAZ FOODIES (ay wala pa pala si Yub!) with THE FOOD ALPHABET family in OOMA!

Uuuuuuy! Touched si belated birthday celebrant!!!!!

Let's dig in some more... He he he he he he!

Yayyy! The Yub is here!!!! And thank gulay even if he came from a basketball game, he's baby fresh pa din.

Wait a minute...Amoy baby powder???


He he he he he he!

Don't worry I saved food for the Yub!

And now we're really complete...

Wait. Something is missing pa din!

THERE you go!

Later on I surprised the mareng Joan with a birthday song from the OOMA servers!

Check out the smile on baby Sky's face!

Yes. I always have roman candles in my bag for special occasions. He he he he he he!

Go Mare!

Good job Sky!

Awwww!!! (Belated) Happy Birthday my dear kumare! God bless you always!

We love you!

UUUUY! Iiyak na uli siya!

Le bill!

I appreciated the fast and efficient service in OOMA! Everyone was nice especially this lady right here! She really helped us with the "surprise."


For dessert, THE FOOD ALPHABET family treat us to ice cream in Morelli's!


Thank you mare for squeezing us in your very busy schedule for my (belated) birthday treat for you. Naks! You're very loved kasi e that's why during your birthday season you had invitations left and right!!!!!

He he he he he!

MWAH! MWAH! With feelings.

Ground Floor, Edades Tower And Garden Villas, 
Amorsolo Corner Waterfront Drive, 
Rockwell, Makati City
02 9586712

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