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Monday, May 12, 2014


On one particular Sunday, my husband, Andrei, and I, decided to go to SM AURA because we promised the little lord that we will show him the colorful fountains there. We were just so disappointed however that when we got to SM AURA, it was so jam packed on a Sunday night. I mean, yes I know that malls are usually "filled to the brim" since it was a family day and all, but I really did not expect the hustle and bustle that we saw there last Sunday.

Anyway, so eating at RAMEN NAGI (my favorite, SEE HERE) is out of the picture since we saw the lines going on for miles and miles (well it seemed like it). My husband and I just walked around with poor little Andrei in tow who was so disappointed that the fountains near the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf were being renovated. When we finally got to the opposite side after a long stretch of restaurants, my husband was so happy to finally see the end of HIS rainbow!

Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! My hub has hit the jackpot!


Welcome to THE wonderland of Basketball fanatics!

Friday, May 9, 2014


My husband and I recently celebrated our 11th year wedding anniversary last April and I let him take the reins in planning for it. By the way, I said "wedding" because we also had a MU, Mag-Un Anniversary (blech to the ultimate level) which we also celebrate every October.

With regards to our Anniversaries, you could say that we are pretty low key. No over the top gifts for us. In fact it was even a lucky day if I get a greeting at all!

I remember last year on our 10th Wedding Anniversary, I didn't receive a greeting from my VERY romantic husband. So what I did was, I posted a Facebook status about it, then a flood of wishes came from my friends and family. One day, two days, 3 days had passed and NADA. Until I received a comment, NOT A POST, but a comment from the Chinese Adonis on MY status.... Could you even find it?

Honestly, even I had difficulty finding it for this post. 

Very hard to see without squinting right? Okay to help you out, HERE'S the comment I'm referring to:

Wow! I received a comment for our 10th year Wedding Anniversary! Ma-LIKE nga!

OW EM GEE. I know! Ha ha ha ha! Oh well! Though I didn't see the joy of it during that time, I love recounting that DOA greeting whenever I feel like having a laugh with the Chinese Adonis. Ha ha ha ha! I've got to hand it to him though, intentional or not, he knows how to make something unforgettable. Ha ha ha ha!

Don't pity me too much. My husband may not be the best of Valentino's and I don't mind. In fact, after having past relationships with bad boys who surprised me with flowers and took my breath away with gimmicks, I would rather be with someone who is NOT used to wooing the ladies and just stay loyal.

Naks! I hope the Chinese Adonis does not see this, come to think of it, he doesn't read our blog anyway. Ha ha ha ha!

Check us out 11 years ago. YUP! We made these specially labeled frames for such special occasion!

Anyway, because of that blasted 10th year Anniversary, my husband wanted to do something special to make up for it (me thinks it's really because he wanted to shut me up since I always "reminded" him of it. He he he!) We were supposed to go to Quezon province but work required us to stay for Saturday. Though I suggested to the Chinese Adonis that we could still meet up with his family on Sunday, he suddenly became adamant about his "special plan" and said we could schedule a "Timbuktu getaway" at another weekend.

My hub? Adamant? Suddenly a turn on! He he he he!

The day before our Anniversary, the Chinese Adonis cannot hold his excitement any longer, he blurted out that we will be having dinner at 100 REVOLVING RESTAURANT in Eastwood. Wow! I've read about the place and was instantly excited for our celebration. And since it would be a different kind of dinner for us, I cannot NOT have the little lords around to experience it with us as well.

It's okay. I would rather have family over romance. THE YAPPY BUNCH officially came to be on our Anniversary after all. 

The 100 REVOLVING RESTAURANT is located at the penthouse of the MDC 100 building in Eastwood, Libis, Quezon City.

The entrance!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014


It was a beautiful sunny Sunday and we were up and early to attend the THE BIG BANQUET in the Blue Leaf Events Pavilion. At first we were not really sure what was in store for us. We have read that it has something to do with caterers giving out samples of their services and food which we get to rate afterwards. I was almost expecting the same happy hustle and bustle that we experienced in THE ULTIMATE TASTE TEST (SEE HERE) since it was also made possible by the same people behind it. But my Chinese Adonis and I were pleasantly surprised that the event was more hushed and seemed like a special gathering you will have with close relatives and family. Come to think of it, it almost felt like me and my husband were walking down the aisle towards not a priest, but of a caterer presenting vows of glorious food to us!

Now where was this 11 years ago when the Chinese Adonis and I were about to get married?? 

At the end of it all, my husband and I were impressed -- everything was so organized, comfortable, and of course fun! I could just imagine how THE BIG BANQUET is an answered prayer to engaged couples and for people who have a special event coming up to be held in The Blue Leaf Event's Pavilion! It was truly a one of a kind experience in getting a caterer.

Yub and I were at the Blue Leaf Events Pavilion for THE BIG BANQUET at the strike of 11:00am!

There was quite a number of people who were as excited as us for the doors to open for THE BIG BANQUET

Could you see me? Find Waldo... este... Jazmin!

Registration at THE BIG BANQUET was such a breeze. The ladies at the reception area were very helpful, accommodating, and fast! The lines were gone in a minute!

They gave us each our BIG BANQUET score card which also served as our "passport" for the event which will run twice for the day. 

I said hi to THE BIG BANQUET organizer, Mr. Anton Diaz of OUR AWESOME PLANET who told me this was the first of this kind of event for them. Unlike the ULTIMATE TASTE TEST, tickets sold (at P500.00 for one person and P800.00 for two people) were really limited and they will only be serving 200 pax per slot (a choice between lunch or dinner). If things go well, they will be having a sequel to THE BIG BANQUET hopefully next year. 

My husband and I went for the early slot 11:00am to 2:00pm because we need our beauty nap afterwards. Some of our KTG friends dropped by for the dinner time schedule of 4:00pm to 7:00pm. 

Opening up the BIG BANQUET score card, we saw that there were 11 of the top Manila caterers participating in the event. At the same time, they were the only accredited suppliers in the The Blue Leaf Event's Pavilion should you decide to have your special event here. 

So as to avoid the crowds going for one area only, the ladies of the BIG BANQUET gave us pavilion "assignments". We were advised to go to the Banyan Pavilion first. 

Tuesday, May 6, 2014


Last Saturday, the Chinese Adonis and I were at SM Aura (pronounced as HOWRA :P) to buy groceries and to meet up with some of our real live friends (meaning, not imaginary). Even though we just had a heavy lunch, walking around made us hungry, and HOT (not for each other though) that we decided to head over to our favorite station in the mall to cool ourselves down:


And the hottest news for us that day was that BONO ARTISANAL GELATO had new summer flavors. We already had our own favorites in the special gelato hub with our first visit (SEE HERE) but we cannot resist the sweet dessert paired up with the words "NEW" and "SUMMER". With that, our Saturday just got a little bit sweeter and we cannot be more excited at the prospect of cooling ourselves down.

Well it's either BONO GELATO or immersing ourselves in a kiddie pool filled with ice cubes. But the former is more delicious! He he he he!


SM AURA was extra full that day and we (meaning I) were getting irritated with the hustle and bustle. But of course, there is nothing that a good cup of gelato won't cure and we were raring to order!

Todays flavors at BONO ARTISANAL GELATO!

But we already know what to get!!

photo from BONO gelato facebook account

BONO ARTISANAL GELATO has 3 new summer flavors... One of them is BUKO PANDAN... 

Monday, May 5, 2014


People would often ask me if I eat this, or if I eat that. I always answer that I eat ANYTHING just as long as it was not an endangered species, a household pet, an insect, or a human being (duh). I cannot answer the same thing about my husband though. He has A LOT of restrictions (by choice) when it comes to his diet -- no vegetables, no weird smelling sauces, no herbs, no mustard, no ketchup, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera... In short, no life -- boring! He he he! Kidding! I love you Yub!

Anyway, that was the exact question I received from dear Kathi Raneses (MUCKING AROUND MANILA) when she invited ERICJAZ FOODIES for the ARABIAN DELIGHT buffet night at the Corniche of Diamond Hotel. I loved exotic food and I was so stoked that I would get to eat all I can of it! Since my husband was not overly fond of that type of cuisine, we would only have a date night of Indian or Arabian food when he's raising his "pogi" points for something (naughty naughty!). But now, not only will I be able to pig out on my favorite once in a blue moon type of food, my finicky husband will also get to devour the deliciousness of other Corniche dishes!

Wow! The night was already perfect, and we haven't even started yet! He he he he!


DIAMOND HOTEL's restaurant CORNICHE features buffet nights where they highlight a popular international cuisine each night! 

Check it out :

Thursdays -- Steak Spree P2,350.00 nett per person
Fridays -- Salmon Nights P2,395.00 nett per person
Saturdays - Mexican P1,750.00 nett per person

But tonight, we will be feasting on Middle Eastern food via ARABIAN DELIGHTS of the CORNICHE for P1,980.00 nett per person!

Friday, May 2, 2014


You know the saying "Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper"? Though I know that it is actually the secret to staying fit and that I do not eat like a bird at dinner time, for some reason, the first line has always been in my mind and in my appetite. I think it has been my mantra ever since I learned how to walk because I just absolutely LOVE starting the day with real food. I cannot, for the life of me, imagine going through the day without anything in my tummy as I imagine myself a car without batteries. Yes I love eating breakfast and I'm always on the lookout to serve food that would make the YAPPY BUNCH eat not just like Kings, but LITTLE LORDS of the universe!

During our EPIC STAYCATION in B HOTEL (SEE HERE and HERE), we received these special treats from JAM FOODS AND CO

Inside was a kilo serving of JAM FOODS Original Angus Tapa!

From CHORIZO DE CEBU, we also got this plastic bag filled with bites of their Pork Hamonado flavor!

I know that these are breakfast FOODS (up yours Deniece) but for that night, I decided to alter that saying and eat like a QUEEN for dinner!

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