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Wednesday, April 6, 2011


In life, we are thankful for many things...

We are thankful for our crazy family plus our two cutesie patootsie boys Mati and Andrei...

We are thankful that our exes had "normal" tastes so we ended up with EACH other...

We are thankful for our gene pool that made us both tall (well more for Eric anyway...)

Eric is thankful that he is the lookalike of Mark Anthony Fernandez... (Oh actually I'M thankful for that! Ha ha!

While I am thankful for SAMBO KOJIN because it always answered my cravings for Japanese and Korean Grill... 


It is because of SAMBO KOJIN that I gained weight scandalously. Since it was so good yet very affordable, my husband and I would eat there about every 2 weeks.

That is all on you SAMBO KOJIN... That is all on you...

Still, I'm over the top thankful for you SAMBO KOJIN.

And all those pounds?

Worth it :)

SAMBO KOJIN Yakiniku Smokeless Grill!

Personally I truly love SAMBO KOJIN because for only a fraction of the price of what other special buffet offers, you will get your crazy hefty fill of Japanese and Korean appetizers, then raw ingredients to grill! 

These are their prices not bad right? Considering that if you eat in a Korean restaurant you will be charged almost double and it's not all you can eat!

Monday to Friday LUNCH P 549 
Monday to Friday DINNER P 629 
Saturday to Sunday and Holidays LUNCH & DINNER P 659 
Children below 4 ft. P319 No Left Over Price
(Add P200 only for leftover)

We love it here so much that for almost every special occasion, we would go to SAMBO KOJIN!

Yub does not beat around the bush and immediately gets a plate of main meals from SAMBO KOJIN!

Me? I'll go for the SAMBO KOJIN appetizers first!

My first plate of the raw stuffs in SAMBO KOJIN!

What I love about SAMBO KOJIN is that you have everything within your reach at your big granite table. Their dipping sauces for the meats are just awesome! Especially the SAMBO KOJIN special sauce!

This is how EricJaz Foodies roll in SAMBO KOJIN while we wait for our grill to heat up! 

Don't make the mistake of eating that piece of pork on the grill. It will be your "oil" for cooking!


This is our first time to eat at SAMBO KOJINand I must say, our table is pretty neat... Unlike what we do now! ha ha ha ha!

What I also love about SAMBO KOJIN is that waiters would insist on serving you so that you'll be eating with comfort. They'll eagerly ask if you need anything and after a second, it's at your table.

Like this Kamameshi. 

They asked. I answered. And we got it!

Now, what shall we eat the Kamameshi rice with in SAMBO KOJIN?

You could have your fill from SAMBO KOJIN's cooked entrees (e.g. Tempura, Jap Chae, Katsu...). My favorite is the chili wings! YUM!

SAMBO KOJIN also has a variety of noodles and veggies!

Isn't this a long table for the ingredients you will be grilling? 

My favorite! Sushi! I have heard many reviews that SAMBO KOJIN's sashimi and sushi have better cut and quality compared to other buffets.

By the way, SAMBO KOJIN has improved since these pictures were taken as raw ingredients and sushi/sashimi are kept fresh in special coolers!

Now I want THAT piece of meat... Tee hee! 

It's now time to cook!

To fully enjoy the food that you grill, only cook what you are about to eat. Since the SAMBO KOJIN meats are sliced perfectly, it will only take a minute for it to be done.

Once cooked, you dip it into your sauce of choice and eat!

Pretty simple right? But trust me, delicious is an understatement!

Later on I learned my lesson and got everything I needed  in 3 separate plates.... 

Exhibit one : Sushi and Sashimis

Exhibit two : Cooked food.

Exhibit three : Raw food.

Don't judge me when  you see me like this. I'm just lazy that way.

Ha ha ha ha! I remember warning my friends that in SAMBO KOJIN I seem so PG and eat like a beggar!

When your grill is dirty and grimy already, your helpful server in SAMBO KOJIN will most likely offer to change it into a clean one!

We love it at SAMBO KOJIN!!

Even our grill agrees!!

Happy 8th Wedding Anniversary to us!

Two Sundays later on, my parents were in Cavite with the kids and it was just me and the hub all alone at home. 

What will  "lonely" EricJaz Foodies will do?

EAT in SAMBO KOJIN of course!!

I got right down to business and set up all that I needed before digging in!

Yub did the same at SAMBO KOJIN!

My raw meats!

You will find when you at SAMBO KOJIN that their beef slices are marvelously marbled that when you cook it, it's so melt in your mouth tender! 

I can't get enough of SAMBO KOJIN sushi/sashimi!

Especially SAMBO KOJIN's spicy tuna with wanton!!! This has always been my favorite even in Dad's!!!!

After several plates of food, I now move on to dessert...

My favorite has always been their Big Scoop Ice Cream topped generously with their hot chocolate fudge!

What a perfect ending to a glorious meal!!

After our first meal in SAMBO KOJIN  we were hooked! We would regularly go to the restaurant whenever we feel like having Japanese OR Korean because not only is the food exceptional but prices are cheap compared to when we order the dishes separately in another restaurant!

Besides our regular visits, we have dined with friends in SAMBO KOJIN and celebrated special events!

EricJaz Foodies with Yub's friends Lord and Grace Sardea!

EricJaz Foodies with Master Mati and Gail and Jun Campo. We treated them since it was Gail's birthday!

Yub's birthday...

MY birthday!

EricJaz with my College friend Ann!

Me with High School friends Karen Santos, Tricia Fragante, Ellaine Haren, and Michelle del Rosario!

EricJaz Foodies with friends Jun and Gail Campo then Marian and Fred Mina!

Then Mati suddenly had a craving over the weekend so we ate there again July 14, 2013!!!!


Now you may stop wondering how I suddenly gained all that weight...

Like I said, it's from SAMBO KOJINand it's worth it.

And still, thank you SAMBO KOJIN for being always there and staying awesome.

Because honestly? I'm craving for it again and might invite the hub and master Mati tomorrow! He he he he!


Sambo Kojin
201 EDSA
Mandaluyong, Metro Manila
(02) 726-4520

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