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Monday, June 5, 2017


As they say, time whizzes by when you're having fun. And during this year's summer vacation, everything just flew by oh so fast that we're all not ready to face the reality that school is starting again!!!!


Of course, there should be no tears (yes naiiyak ako ha ha ha ha ha!) because it was a very awesome 2 months spent with the boys, family, and friends. Though we were not able to have a summer beach getaway (which we would usually do) we still had an awesome and memorable vacation with trips, getogethers, and dates!!!!

So here's to a wonderful Summer Vacation of 2017! We will always remember you with fondness, excitement, and longing. Hopefully our memories would get the kiddies to work hard during the school year so that in no time, SHWIIIIINGGGG, it's summer again!!!!!

For now though here's what we did for Summer 2017!!

"No more classes! No more books! No more teacher's dirty looks!!!"

IT'S SUMMER TIME!!!!!!!!!!!

And that night, the little lords asked to celebrate in their favorite GENKI SUSHI!!!! You know us, we would always attach food to our favorite events! He he he he he he he!


So what did we do for 2 months???

Immediately at the end of school, we set out to Lucena and drove straight to our favorite PALAISDAAN!

Coincidentally, ate Jojit and husband Anthony we're also in Lucena. They met up with us in CAFE ANTIQUA during our family dinner.

And as always, we ended the great night with bowling!!!!

During the next weekend, we were so lazy to get up from our cool beds that we just planned to go down for lunch. Yep! We became SUPER SLOTHS during Summer Vacation!

But lo and behold, dear Mati surprised us with this delicious breakfast! Woah!!!!! What a great sight to down to!!! Ang saya pala talaga kapag summer vacation. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

I guess the reason why my New Teenager was being extra sweet because he's so thankful that we allowed him to have his first day out with his best buddies Josh and Lance!

Yup! Because usually we would go out as a family with his two friends. This time, we'll just take them to the mall and have a meeting place after their dinner and movie.

Unfortunately though, the boys picked GHOST IN THE SHELL to watch and since it's PG, the yub had no choice but to join them. Don't worry, he sat like several rows away from the boys. Still, he heard them joking and talking clearly having a great time.

As for me and the baby Andrei, we just watched SMURFS!!!!

It may have been a fun day with the boys but we had a bitter sweet ending -- BGP Marian and Manong Fred are going to the US for the summer vacation. BOO HOOO! So after Powerplant Mall, we went to their place in Paranaque to have a mini-despidida!

And as if saying bye to my best friends that Saturday wasn't enough, the Yub and I took the boys naman to my brother's place in Antipolo the next day for their week long vacation.


I'm going to be so lonely!

Something tells me though that the boys wouldn't be missing me!

When we got home, I got a call agad from my bunsoy asking how we were doing. Awwww... I miss you already bunsoy. I can't wait for you to get back!


I got severely lonely that week because even the Yub went on an out of town trip for work. So it's just me, my parents, and my brother at home. I've had some friends who offered to take me out but I was stubborn on just making mukmuk at home. I guess the single life is not anymore for me because I want to be with my family again.

But in my loneliness, I received such great news!!!! Sorry I can't share what it is here (since it's not my secret to tell) but I am extremely grateful --- prayers talaga are the most powerful allies!!!! Thank you so much Lord, Jesus, Pare Pio, Mother Mary, and our guardian angels -- thank you!!!!!!!!!

That Friday, the Yub came home from Nueva Ecija and after fetching me from work, he said that he arranged a dinner at MAMOU to celebrate our anniversary.


Happy 14th year Anniversary Yub!

O di ba? We took that picture, 14 years ago!

It was also the Anniversary of my parents, and even if we invited them to join us, they advised us to just enjoy ourselves. 

Happy Anniversary too Mommy and Daddy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After our delicious dinner, we met up with the BP Group for more food and coffee. He he he he he he!!!!

Walang katapusang kain!

The next moring, YAY the boys are back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We missed them both SO much!!!!!

As planned, we drove out to Yub's hometown again in Lucena. But we passed by the Shrine of Padre Pio first in Batangas to give thanks. 

Master Mati decided to stay home with his Lola and Lola because like me, my parents missed the boys so much.

We got stuck in traffic going to Lucena but we were rewarded with piping hot plates of Chami and Chicken Barbecue in HACIENDA INN!

On the second week of April, my family went to my Dad's hometown for the Holy Week!!

We have been doing this for 37 years and the tradition will continue on. 

What makes this yearly religious habit for us is that it also serves as a mini-reunion, food trip, and miraculous experiences!!! See THAT here!

Of course, it's not all fun and play with the kiddies. 

The boys, especially Master Mati, helped in our family business. He assisted my Dad's secretary, answered calls, checked the building, and went to the bank. He also became my Dad's personal body guard.

YES! CHILD LABOR RULES! He he he he he he!

Kidding!!! But really, my New Teenager got eager to work because he wanted to earn money to buy his books, games, and comics, Yep! He knows that if he wanted something, he had to work for it!

Since it was summer, the boys had some of their best friends for a sleepover!!!!

Mati was excited to have dear Johans....

While bunsoy Andrei had dear Fritz!!!!!!

For summer, I tried my best to do some cooking. And the little lords joined me on it too! I can't forget the night we made this delicious Salted Egg Shrimp Pasta while Andrei made  pizza!!!! My Dad loved it!

On the first week of May, we went home to Lucena again but due to an unforeseen subdivision black-out, we were forced to stay at QUEEN MARGARETTE DOWNTOWN!

Besides staying for the first time in that Queen Margarette Branch, the little lords and cousins had an awesome first time in the town "perya". It was so fun to ride the caterpillar (my favorite childhood ride) with the boys!

The next weekend, THE YAPPY BUNCH and TEAM VIRREY will be going on a trip in our favorite rocket ships!

Wohooo! We're in Baguio!!!! It's my family's first time to be here and we had an awesome weekend!!! Truly one for the books!!! Thanks so much Team Virrey!

Blog post coming soon!

After Baguio, the Yub, Andrei, and I had an early schedule to buy school supplies. Of course, we don't want to cram!

After going around and buying what he needed in June, my bunsoy was happy to feast on his plate of California Maki from Rosinjin!!!

My joy with my boys were short lived however because they had another long vacation in my brother's house in Antipolo!

Again, they conveniently forgot to text or call Mommy because they were having so much fun!

Mother's Day was coming and I'm so thankful to have many celebrations...

We had a pre-Mother's Day dinner with Team Virrey at our favorite CAUSEWAY SEAFOOD RESTAURANT!

A YABU treat from Ate Jojit!

A Mother's Day lunch at home!

And another one with my Master Mati at COCO ICHIBANYA!

For many years, the Chinese Dimpol would forget the significance of Mother's Day for me by claiming that "hindi ko naman siya anak". Finally this year, he learned his lesson and treated my cuteness at our favorite HOUSE OF WAGYU!

Every summer, Andrei avoided the barber like the plague as he would always let his hair grow out.

One time I told him that it was time to give his mane a snip because his eyes may be getting stabbed by the strands. He violently objected and only agreed with I said that I'll lessen his bangs a bit. At least he'll still get the long hair that he wanted this summer.



I'm so sorry Andrei huhuhu!!!!!!!!!!

Don't worry you're still super cute!!!!!!

On the third week of May, we had a special birthday salubong for my friend Ann!!!!

Andrei's haircut was one of the topics during dinner but my bunsoy just took it all in stride!

Besides eating out, watching movies, and having getaways, THE YAPPY BUNCH would still be busy when we got home all thanks to Andrei!

My bunsoy bought this Monopoly Empire and we would play it every night! No gadgets allowed while playing -- this is truly for family time!

One of our awesome bonding sessions this Summer vacation was our trip to Hong Kong!

This actually was an impromptu getaway however as it was a reward for the boys and their hard work at school. Our main goal here is to have a whole day of fun in Disneyland and go on the Iron Man experience...


DISNEYLAND rules!!!!  We will NEVER get tired of "The Happiest Place on Earth" and we'll always go here whenever we can!

A LOT of blog posts coming soon!

Before the summer officially ended, we had an advance birthday celebration for Yub's friend Vincent!

Trust me, Yub has been friends with them since FOREVER!!!

We also had a delicious steak and pasta dinner at our favorite MAMOU to celebrate Ate Jojit's 54th birthday (BWA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!) Thanks for the treat and take home!!!!!!!!!!!

Take home na sila din nagtake home! Ha ha ha ha ha ha! CHE!

Now this may be "mababaw" but it really gave me a lot of laughs when I saw it on my newsfeed. WITTYBUNNY.COM ruled this summer for many of my friends!!!!

At may ganito pa! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!


But seriously...

What else did we love about this summer????


Like the time when I had a deep craving for Sinigang na baboy that I begged the Yub to take me to Chicken Bacolod! 

And the time when we craved so much for Vietnamese food!

And craved it again!

When we're saving, we'd just go to our favorite BEST FRIEND'S PARES house for a quick but delicious meal!


Since we're not worried about the little lords' homework and early wake up call, we had them with us during food trips!!!!

BANANA LEAF CURRY with our Handsome Teenager!

HEALTHY SHABU SHABU treat courtesy of Daddy!

Dimsum again with Master Mati!

OF COURSE, let's not forget about MOVIE DATES!

One of my fond memories as a child is how my Dad took us out always to watch movies. As a result, it became a family thing for me that THE YAPPY BUNCH are now turning into movie buffs!

Fast and Furious 8!!!!!!!!

Boss Babies!!!!

Guardians of the Galaxy 2!!!!


We were also "free" to have night outs with friends even during the weekday!!!!!

TGIFRIDAYS with the gang!

Impromptu Starbucks date with Mare and Pareng THE FOOD ALPHABET!

Getogether with College friends at our usual TGIFRIDAYS!!!!!

Celebrating THE FOOD ALPHABET'S birthday at Choi Garden!

Having a mini-reunion with College friends again, this time at the venue where we had our grad ball... MANILA PEN!

Enjoying a food court date with dear Team Virrey! See? You don't need to go on swanky dinners to have a great time!!!! Just arm yourselves with cool company!!!!!!!


AND, we also got some food sessions with THE KAIN TULOG GANG!



I'm sure some of you had a grander and more shoshal woshal Summer Vacation that you would snicker at my two months and say "Where's the fun in that???"

But really, we may be in a newly opened hotel or a dingy one in the province, eating Wagyu steak from a stone grill or having a tenderloin cut from a pares house, it doesn't matter as long as we're all together.

And to think that we don't have to wake up early, do homework with the kiddies, monitor grades, and attend conferences, it's like the Yub and I are kids again with our boys where we could just do about anything and stay up late!

Yup! It was truly a GREAT summer and we certainly L-O-V-E-D it!!!! Hopefully, the school year will whiz by again so that it's once more summer vacation!!!!

But for now as we say every year...

(Happy Sad like Olaf) "Good bye vacation!!!"
(Bitter like Anton Ego) "Hello school!!"


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