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Wednesday, February 26, 2014


It's my birthday season once again and you know what that means: well besides me getting HOTTER and SEXIER even with a +1 on my age (yeah right)....

My family will be treating me to a KIMPURA DINNER!

Yipeee-ki-yay mother effers!

(Ooops sorry for the profanity. My favorite food just makes me so happy!)

photo grabbed from the net


Tuesday, February 25, 2014

TGIFRIDAYS (for my birthday)

For many days now I've been very crabby leading to my birthday. I don't know if I should charge it to impending menopause (eeep!) but I am just feeling pretty down that I'm turning a year older and I'm still the usual wacky old pathetic self. Oh woe is me.

Oh come on. Let me wallow in self pity for a while. It IS my "party" and i'll be crabby if I want to!

That is why I am SO thankful that God has blessed me with such loving people such as my Chinese Adonis, little lords, family, and friends, to cure me out of my "crabbiness". And one of 'em of course is my dearest BGP Marian who treated me to a pre-birthday dinner at TGIFRIDAYS!


Monday, February 24, 2014



After Ramen houses opened up left and right, many were still clamoring for THE restaurant they feel is the "manna" of this noodle dish: 


I was able to savor their hot piping bowls of awesomeness when we had our company trip to Hong Kong last  year. Except there, they call the famed hub as "BUTAO RAMEN" (CLICK HERE!!!!). When they finally opened their doors in SM AURA last year, Ramen fanatics rejoiced and EVERYONE lined up everyday to get a taste of their special steaming bowls of Ramen.

Yes, I said EVERYONE because whatever time, whatever day you're there, there will ALWAYS be a line.

And believe me when I assure you that it will be worth it!


Saturday, February 22, 2014


It seems like KETTLE is all the rage nowadays and I've been hearing a LOT of raves left and right. With that we were not just compelled but rather hypnotized to mark our calendars and set our next date night there. 


Friday, February 21, 2014


When we had our CHINESE NEW YEAR celebration in Binondo (see HERE) we were not only excited to experience the the fun hustle and bustle in Chinatown, but we were also looking forward to having an authentic meal that Binondo is famous for.  So upon the suggestion of our KTG friend Stonibert (aka THE FOOD ALPHABET) we went to LUCKY RAINBOW SEAFOOD RESTAURANT and hoped that we would eat the greasy and delicious Chinese food that we were dreaming about! 


My what long lines you have!

Thursday, February 20, 2014


For some reason, the food gods are making it my fate to have Japanese food for many times in a row that I am already sneezing out the word "HAI... chew". I don't really mind because next to my usual flavor of the month, Japanese cuisine is always the next in line for my appetite...

I cannot live without Sushi...
I cannot live without Ramen...
I cannot live without Teppanyaki....
I cannot live without Bioman...


I just cannot live without JAPANESE FOOD let's just leave it at that...


So even if my husband and I already ate at the very popular IKKORYU FUKUOKA (see HERE!!!!) many times, we were still looking forward to dinner with our foodie family. Well for one I always believe that my tummy could never have enough ramen and second, who am I really to question my fate with the food gods?

And all I could say too is that those food gods REALLY know how to do their job!!!!


Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Every year, one of my most anticipated celebration is Valentine's Day but in our family, we call it VALENTIMES! Judge me all you want but I love being cheesy and using up all the cliches on this day of hearts. You know the couple that you would like to hate on this day? Yup! Yup! That would be us: We wear red... I get the flowers... We have a very corny dinner. But in the end, it is always VERY fun for us! And that's what matters.

It is also this day that my little family and I have whipped out another tradition to our list (yes..... yes... another one!): Instead of just having a Valentime's with my husband, I also have a date night each with my boys. It was last year that Mati promised that he will take me out every Valentimes and give me P150.00 always. Hopefully when they grow up to be tall gentlemen, they would still treat out their little fat mommy for a one on one dinner and possibly give me a red rose or two.

For this year though, almost everything went wrong and did not go as expected. But still, if there is something that I have learned in life especially with my silly little foodie blog, the restaurant may be dingy or crappy but the night will still be fun if we are with the people we love.

But then again...

When your date is snoozing on you... you know that the night will be an unforgettable one. Ha ha ha ha!

Poor little Andrei just came from a field trip on February 13, but did not want to cancel out on our VALENTIMES date! He was so excited and talked about a lot of things of what happened to his day but then after I ordered, he closed his eyes and snoozed.

Ain't he still cute though?

After our very quiet dinner, he woke up and was energized at my promise of letting him play at Kidzville. Oh well... Once again, I paid for dinner and my date got his way. 

Good thing he is a very cute date!

Monday, February 17, 2014


I love Japanese food. If by some stroke of bad luck my husband and I would be stuck on an island and we were given a chance to choose what type of cuisine we want to eat every single day, we would definitely order Japanese grub.

That is why my husband and I were so excited for our dinner at YUMI last Saturday night. Usually I don't touch my weekend schedule because I strictly reserve it for my date night with the hub where we would always watch a movie after dinner. But the premise of savoring fresh sushi and our other usual favorites at this new restaurant in Greenhills was enough to make us forget the sanctity of our Saturday. Plus, we love our little KTG foodie family so I guess we could just move our Eric Jaz "us" time to a "later" schedule.... Tee hee!

Okay. Moving on to YUMI!

YUMI is located at the mezzanine level of the new Promenade in Greenhills. 

Saturday, February 15, 2014


I really can't believe that we haven't featured YABU yet in this silly little foodie blog when it is actually one of our favorite restaurants. In fact, we celebrate the start of the weekend by having YABU Fridates and it has now been included in our Birthday Go-To places since our little lords cannot get enough of their fried goods as well.

The first time I got to taste YABU though was not with the Chinese Adonis nor with anyone from my family. The restaurant has already been making waves in the dining scene for months and I was still clueless why it was so popular save for the reviews from food blogs. Finally, my dear friend from College, Anne Virrey, invited me to the famed Katsu restaurant since it was my birthday and she wanted to treat me. You could say that the rest was history because after that first bite of their very tender pork, it was the start of my beautiful friendship with YABU!

Some of these pictures were actually from last year but I'm also posting this because it's going to be my birthday soon and here's my gentle reminder to Mareng Anne... AHEM!

"When are you going to treat me at YABU???" He he he he!



Perhaps one of the reasons why it took me a long time to eat in YABU was because the lines could just get so crazy and I was not willing to wait it out at something I was not sure of.

After a year, yes I AM willing to line up because YABU is just Mmm..good!

Friday, February 14, 2014


In life, there would be days wherein you should just sit back, relax and sip on a hot mug of coffee. Sometimes though you would encounter some glitches either at work or with your personal life that it requires a long chug of beer. Then, there would be nights where in everything was so awesome that a beer won't just cut it and you yearn for something else.

And in comes RASTRO with their new specialty Cocktails and delicious food to go along with it.

Believe me, after one sip and maybe two bites, you would know that the night is just beginning.  And most definitely because of that distinct taste of RASTRO's latest cocktails and delicious food, you would know and feel that it is going to be an amazing one.

Presenting, your ultimate date for the night...




This is THE tapas and restaurant bar to go to in Fort Bonifacio!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014


My little family is on a ramen roll these days that a month, no make that a week, won't pass by unless we have bowl of piping hot Japanese noodles!

Our newest discovery is so near where we live that it almost seemed fate for us to continue on with our Ramen affair. And so we dropped by RAMEN DAISHO... and my son's life will never be the same again.


Hmmm... who is that little man hiding behind the signs?

Ah! So THERE'S that little guy! You thought it was my son Mati huh? :P

RAMEN DAISHO is very well lit, spacious, with a very minimalist look. 

Sunday, February 9, 2014


It's the LOVE month once again and while ladies are fluttering in excitement at what February 14 may bring, their significant others are worried (to the DEATH I tells ya) as to how they will show their love in the most romantic and "facebook-worthy" way. He he he he! Well I should know. I have already reached the maximum of my sane level and I have given my husband a silent verdict that he should do something that would tickle me a bit or else he will be kicked out of the room.

I'm being mean again you say? Well he once gave me plastic flowers. Then on another year it was a P500 load for my prepaid phone. So I guess 10 years of that (not counting anniversaries) certainly warrant a not so subtle demand for romance don't you think?

Of course there ARE many choices to celebrate the special day of hearts from the practical (dinner at home), original (a hugfest at the Scream Park), naughty (cough motel cough), or even patriotic (a walk at Fort Santiago). But once in a while, the traditional "wining and dining" would be the safe choice to give you a winning score for the night.

With that, do check out OLIVE TREE KITCHEN AND BAR (OTKB). We recently had dinner at the new restaurant by Chef Rob Pengson (of The Goose Station) and the food was so good that I may want to drag my husband there even if it was not Valentines.

Come to think of it, he HAS 10 years to make up though... And I may have to count in Anniversaries!!! Tee hee!!!!


OTKB stands where The Stock Market used to be in Bonifacio Hi Street. It has dimmed it lights and constructed interiors reminiscent of romantic Italian restaurants which gave that fine dining feel.

Friday, February 7, 2014


If you haven't blocked me (or banned our like page) YET, you would know that it took us quite a while to write our next blog post. Well normally, since we love our blog so much, we would have an entry every other day (actually I would like to write twice a day but I don't want people to think that I lead such a lazy life even though it is somewhat true). But for some reason, it took us quite a while to put on anything in this silly little foodie blog.....

What is the reason you ask behind this momentary pause of blogging activity?

It is because of THIS guy.


Oh yeah! My husband and I have been CUMBERBATCHED with his CUMBERLOVIN'!!!


If you ever have the unfortunate fate of meeting yours truly, you might find it hard to believe that I am actually a very shy person. Don't get me wrong, I DO talk a lot, sometimes even to strangers who would look at me funny. Heck, I even talk sometimes in my sleep. I am very good at being wacky or sharing wild stories with my close friends but put me in a ballroom with hundreds of people... now THAT'S when I shut up and act all aloof or distant. Big parties are just not really my cup of tea (or coffee? He he he he!) So as much as I had fun in our last High School Reunion held at a ball room at this hotel, I'm still having second thoughts at planning my presence on the next one. I could just get very shy that's all. No matter who is there!

That is why when there is an invite to get together with some of my High School mates, I really make it a point to attend because it is my favored alternative over a big bash of a reunion. I would rather have everything close and cozy PLUS I get to bring my little rascals along. So when our Singapore-based HS friend visited Manila most recently, I was glad to catch up once more with some of the ladies I practically grew up with. Best thing of course was that we were able to meet up and merge each other's families.

HOWEVER... seeing these gals for even just a short period made me miss my other school mates all over again. So yes, I might... just might... overcome that weird bipolar shyness of mine and face a whole ballroom of familiar faces.

Oh dear! I'm changing my mind again! Can't it just be close and cozy like in GRACE PARK???


Monday, February 3, 2014


For 3 years now, my little TEAM YAP family would go to Chinatown in Binondo, Manila to celebrate CHINESE NEW YEAR. What we usually do is park our car in Manila Cathedral and ride a horse drawn carriage (or kalesa) going to Ongpin Street in Chinatown. We do that for 2 reasons: One, parking would be impossible on the busiest day of the year in Binondo, and Two, because the kids loved horses and it's always a thrill for them to ride a "kalesa".

When we get to Chinatown, we would usually just walk around and fill up on street food or marvel at the celebration happening on the streets. Afterwards, we would eat at a simple Chinese restaurant then end our mini-party by another "kalesa" ride going back to the car.

We were all pretty much excited on doing this simple TEAM YAP tradition for another year. Of course, like what would always happen, there were some minor hitch and glitches that made it all the more memorable!

Kung Hei Fat Choi everyone!

Going to Binondo, Manila for the CHINESE NEW YEAR!!!

As always, we parked our car in Manila Cathedral, and looked for a mighty steed to take us to Chinatown. A ride would usually cost around P500 especially if you get the kalesa in popular areas (Fort Santiago, Luneta, etc) but when you haggle and hire one in non-tourist areas you'll get it for as low as P200.

Sunday, February 2, 2014


Last Thursday, we were invited to try out the surf and turf restaurant in South Triangle Quezon City which opened it's doors October 13, 2013.  


Oh crab in logo.Why are you so happy when we will be eating you later?

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