Friday, June 14, 2019


On nights I get out of work late, the Yub and I would eat somewhere because who knows what time we'll get home with the flow of traffic. However, as much as I enjoy insta-date nights with him, eating out almost everyday could get pricey. That's why many times when the Yub asks me where I'd like to eat, I often say "Sa mura lang".

We were lucky one time because while we were driving around deciding on where to eat, we chanced upon SAN FRANCISCO STEAKHOUSE in bright lights that seem to be "calling" out to us. At first we were hesitant to go because the place seemed empty. But after parking, we saw that most of the people were inside and not visible from the road.

So yay! We discovered a new place to go to. The best part too was their menu is so affordable that we could go here many times as we want!!!!


Yep! That's the bright lights I'm talking about!

Monday, June 10, 2019


It's my parents 51st wedding anniversary and though my Daddyowzers is in heaven already (huhuhu...) I still feel that we should go out and celebrate it. Of course, my Mom said she's fine at home but since THE YAPPY BUNCH came from a staycation, we should at least go out and treat my Mom in honor of her Anniversary with my Daddy (RIP).

For tonight, our choice was in PARADISE DYNASTY. Because of course, special occasions like this call for "sureball" deeeeelicious dishes! 


On weekends, reservations are recommended in PARADISE DYNASTY.

Friday, June 7, 2019


Remember when I told you how much my sister and her husband were so sorry (or remorseful) that they were not able to join Yub's BUDDY'S treat during his last birthday?

They regretted not being able to join us SO MUCH that they offered to give Yub another birthday treat in BUDDY'S!!!!

Wohooo! This was just SO PERFECT for family Sunday lunch!!!!

Of course, dapat may gift pa din!!!!!!



Or am I????


This is Yub's favorite restaurant. I think he could eat here EVERYDAY!!!

Thursday, June 6, 2019


As part of our wedding anniversary celebrations, we thought of having a special day with the little lords and have them join our fun. After all, our Anniversary also signified the official start of our family that's why the boys should always be included in the "party".

For today we went to Robinson's Galleria and had another shopping day (aka use up the GCs that I won in our last Christmas Party... he he he he) where the boys and I got a LOT of Avengers shirts (ENDGAME! WOHOO!). After shopping up a storm, I asked the little lords where they wanted to go for lunch and their cravings were unanimous: they liked bowls of piping hot rich soup with chewy noodles. With that, I know what they were going to say next:


Dang! I was planning on not having carbs today!!!

Oh well! I really wanted to make the little lords happy during our anniversary. So yes, RAMEN NAGI it is. Guess I'll be having extra inches again (probably the amount as our anniversary years... he he he he).

That's okay. It's our Anniversary anyways. Time to party hardy....with RAMEN!! He he he he he!


Tuesday, June 4, 2019


My eldest Mati will be having his prom soon for Junior High and he cannot be more than excited.

I know... I know.... How can an event that is causing so much anticipation to my first born is giving me the dreads? Don't get me wrong, I trust that he won't do any hanky panky but it's just that I find it hard to accept that my little boy with the biggest cheeks and super pink lips is in Junior High already and excited about his prom.

And to think, that he really insisted on attending his prom with a date!!!! Noooooh!!!

WHYYYYY???? Isn't he happy with me anymore????

At first I was volunteering myself to be his +one and I made these certain arguments to convince him:

-- I'll take loads of pictures of him with his friends.
-- I'll give him my share of the food (since I'm on a diet).
-- I'll put sapin on his back just in case he gets pawis.
-- I'll give him loads of I LOVE YOU'S!!! Much more than any other date could give him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm serious.

My son violently disagreed and insisted that he'll find his own date. "WHYYYYYYY???" I thought. "Didn't you promise that I'll be your number one girl forever???"

Of course, he was 3 years old back then, but still, it's only been 12 years. COME ON!!!!!!!!

Anyway, Master Mati got a date and we arranged for a formal family meet-up in Eastwood. We were all excited and looking forward to meeting dear Olga and her family. The fact that she agreed to be Mati's date for the prom makes me love her already. Add to that, even if we're all strangers the Mom allowed Olga to be my son's date made them my forever friends. He he he he he! And get this, both families will take Mati and Olga to the prom to take pictures, chat up, and eat while we wait!!!

See? It's a date made in heaven!!!

Olga and her family lived in Marikina so the Yub and I thought that it would be better to meet somewhere that would be near to them. When it was agreed that our venue would be in Eastwood, there was still the matter of which restaurant to go to for dinner.

"What's Olga's favorite food?" I asked.

The Mom didn't want to say it at first but after a lot of prodding, we learned that Olga's favorite is Japanese.

So perfect, I thought. I was craving for some mean old Japanese food too!!!!

With that, we have agreed on meeting up at SANDAIME. We haven't eaten there but it had high recommendations online so it's definitely worth a try.

And yup, as expected, it was a super fun night! I didn't know what I was nervous about -- Olga and her family were just lovely that it felt like meeting up with old friends.

Soon to be family kaya???

Naaaaah.... Bawal daw.... Ha ha ha ha haha!!!!


Monday, June 3, 2019


For the Yub's birthday, I was supposed to treat him to our favorite HOUSE OF WAGYU because I saw that they had a promo for BPI credit cards.

Lo and behold, the 50% off promo was only extended to BPI Visa cardholders e I have Mastercard lang. Ha ha ha ha ha! Drats. Though there was also a 30% off promo, the kuripot in us cannot bring ourselves to pay higher because we're already set on the 50% discount (Yup, we have that kind of reasoning. Ha ha ha ha!).

I was not in the mood anymore to celebrate because I got so irritated that our original plans didn't push through. With that, the Yub suggested that we go for HOUSE OF MINI'S, the more practical and, come to think of it, happy choice for us.

You see, HOUSE OF MINI'S is not just a restaurant -- it's also the happy haven where the kids of 80's had their first experience of sizzling steak in a, supposed to be, fine dining setting. I could still remember my excitement where as a little girl, I got my own small plate of bread, then served with the salad and soup courses. Then, there's the thrill of anticipation as the server pours the hot gravy over the steak then I duck behind the table cloth so that I wouldn't get splattered from the sizzle. He he he he he!

So many happy foodie memories!!!!

The Yub knows this and I think it is one of the main reasons why he invited me to go to HOUSE OF MINI's instead.

"Treat ko!" He said consolingly. He knew I was on my way to monsterhood. (Ako na nga nakaligtas sa pagbabayad, ako pa brat no? Ha ha ha ha ha!)

To be honest, the Yub didn't need to exert extra effort to stop me from turning into the hulk. I actually became excited with the thought of eating in HOUSE OF MINI'S again!!

Hey, it may not be as sosy wosy of HOUSE OF WAGYU, but promise, I'll be more than willing to go to HOUSE OF MINI'S anytime. Because corny as it may seem, HOUSE OF MINIS is like a foodie home to us already.

Now you wouldn't say NO to the prospect of celebrating where your heart is, right?


We're at HOUSE OF MINIS!!!

You know how impromptu your dinner plans are when you wear something similar to the restaurant tablecloth. He he he he he!

Friday, May 31, 2019

BUDDY'S (2019)

When the Yubhub celebrated his birthday last March, he only requested for 3 things:

A. To attend mass.
B. To have BUDDY'S for his birthday dinner.
C. Not to receive ANY gifts from yours truly..... 

He he he he.... Okay fine. Only 2 out of 3 is true.

Anyways, it's fine of course but I was just concerned that my senior citizen Mom might not be suited for BUDDY's especially that the popular restaurant is always jampacked and standing room only. But she was SOOOO game and said how everything would be fine (after I raised my worries). See? She's not pintasero of a place (Unlike some people I know. Nitpicking fakers).

Good thing that when we got to BUDDY's, the place was nearly empty and we were able to have Yub's cravings ASAP (after a few minutes that's when the people came jamming the place up.)

I love it when our guardian angels help us out. I guess they're "hungry" too! He he he he he!!!

Or maybe, that's their "birthday gift" for the Yub this year! He he he he!!!



We're in BUDDYS!!!!!!

Wednesday, May 29, 2019


I know what you must be thinking...


Not only that, it's KIMPURA again on MY (belated) birthday. Ha ha ha ha ha!!!

Yep some time last March my dear HS friend Sandra invited me out to treat me on my birthday. When she asked me where, the usual "tug-of-war" of who will name what place, erupted. FINALLY, fickle minded me decided on Italian. So Sandra arranged for this restaurant she loved in Greenhills.

Then at the last minute while I was on my way to the venue, I texted her "Sandz, will you get mad if we switched to Japanese na lang again?" (I said "again" because we'll already been changing and re-planning the venue).

Her answer was, "He he he... Sige Japanese" -- you'll get the impression that she's about to wring your neck.


So KIMPURA it is because she hasn't eaten there yet and we felt that it was the best choice for Japanese in the Greenhills area.


Once again, my KIMPURA loyal heart (and tummy) is happy!!!!


KIMPURA baby!!!!

Tuesday, May 28, 2019


The bunsoy Andrei recently learned that they will have his confirmation in school and he was beyond excited. It may not be obvious (because he's very  naughty) but he's the most religious one in the family, and got very curious with what's going to happen in the confirmation. We picked out his godparents and he counted the days till the date of the ceremony.

Yun lang, dear Andrei is sooooooo unfortunate to have an eng-eng Mommy. BWA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!

You see, we are Filipino Catholic. So I thought that like in his first communion, they were fine with mix religions in the ceremony.

OH I WAS SO WRONG. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

Turns out, you HAVE to be Roman Catholic to be able to be confirmed in Andrei's school. Ha ha ha ha! Oh well. I guess I was sleeping when they taught that in High School.

Andrei was soooo mad. Tee heee.....

ANYWHO, I guess it was a blessing because we discovered that Master Mati hasn't been confirmed as well. He attended this mass confirmation with his lolo in Cavite when he was about 3 years old and has forgotten about it. That's why he's open to having another one. With that, we made plans and listed down the godparents that the little lords wished for. The great thing too was that since we have our own schedule in our church, the little lords would be the only confirmants. We appreciated the solemnity and privacy that our own schedule would give. At least, we won't have to wait and crowd around with about a hundred students, parents, and godparents.

Now where to go after the ceremony?

It's quite difficult to look for a venue close to our chosen church because it was a Sunday, and most restaurants don't accept bookings that day especially for big groups.

So imagine my relief when CAFE MARY GRACE in Powerplant Mall agreed to my request and offered to put us in their function room at no charge.


This was a far cry from another restaurant whom I made arrangements with where I was at the mercy of the sungit receptionists. I loved the food as I've been there before but they were not very welcoming.

In the end, we cancelled our reservations in the first restaurant and went for CAFE MARY GRACE because of their friendliness and helpful attitude. The great thing too is that since it's in a mall, there would be a lot of parking spaces and our guests could shop around after our early lunch.

So yay! See how everything worked out for the better???

I guess sleeping that day in religion class was meant to be! Har de har har! Kidding!!!

Congratulations dear Mati and Andrei!!!!!!!!!!

Proud to be Aglipays!!!!!!!

Monday, May 27, 2019


MOTHER'S DAY arrived and I was happy with the celebrations that involved the Avengers, togetherness, and A LOT OF FOOD!!

Every MOTHER'S DAY season, I make it a point to take out the little lords for a date for that wee one-on-one time. Of course, it's more fun if we go out as a family but I see a different side my of boys when it's "just us", and they have a tendency to open up more. Not only that, it makes them feel extra special. There's a different kind of impact on them when you take the time to plan something that is exclusive just for the two of you. Proof of this was when I asked Mati before why he loved his Mommy, his answer was "because you take me out on dates."


I hope though when they grow up they would still remember our little MOTHER'S DAY tradition. Hmp! I'm sure, once they have their girlfriends or get married, I'll get a "Hu u" when I text them (jejemon pa no??). CHE!!!!  KUKUTUSIN KO TALAGA SILA. He he he he! But really, we cannot expect them to be little boys forever and there will come a time where we have to have to let them go.


Maybe that's the reason why I'm doing this -- so that just in case they forget about me when they're all grown up, I'll console myself with all the loving memories I had with them on MOTHER'S DAY in the past.

Tapos I'll be in a rocking chair with their photo album on my lap. I would gently touch our MOTHER'S DAY pictures together then look longingly at the window while my rocking chair slowly rocks.

EMO!!! Ang sarap ko din batukan no???

Besides my usual dates with the boys, I treated the BESTEST Mom there is, my MOMMYOWZERS to honor her this MOTHER'S DAY. Of course, my family cannot NOT be there. We always have an awesome time together too!!! As they say, the family that eats together, stays together. YES! HANGGANG TAKE OUT. He he he he he he he!

Yep. I always believe that if you put your family first, your children will prioritize your togetherness as well. Proof of that is my Mom -- she's a doctor who chose to stay home to take care of us. She and my Dad, though busy with the business and other matters, still put us first on their list, not their friends, not their career, it's US. So now, we are giving back all the love and family values that they have given us.

So here's to the loving Mom's who gave their EVERYTHING when taking care of their children.  Of course, I'm not saying that all Mom's have to quit their jobs. I know some working Mother's who are still so hands-on in taking care of their kids. Para-paraan lang yan. Not excuses. 
It's so easy to make reason out ("nagtatrabaho ako e", "may yaya naman", "lumaki naman sila na hindi naoospital" (duh) etc when really, gumigimik lang) but it takes a REAL MOM (and lady!!) to go beyond those and give their ultimate love to their sons and daughters.

(Belated) Happy MOTHER'S DAY to all!!!! Especially my dearest MOMMY!!!

And me!!! ( he he he he... singit ).  

Thursday, May 23, 2019


Call me childish...
Call me bratty...
Call me sexy (tee hee)...
Call me OA...
or call me maybe (sorry I cannot resist.. ha ha ha!)

But yeah, birthday celebrations are done when I say it's done.

As they say, "It ain't over till the fat lady sings."

Now wait a minute....

For my birthday celebrations early this year, I was happy to have spent it with family and friends over delicious food and wonderful company.

However, like all losers, I needed some "closure" or finality from all that birthday celebrations (otherwise, I wouldn't stop and use it to make the Yub treat me everyday!!!). So with that, I eyed a particular Saturday where my favorite dinner and a movie routine would be accomplished.

Because yeah, the perfect date is a dinner and movie don't you think?


Wednesday, May 22, 2019


ERICJAZ FOODIES was recently invited by DIAMOND HOTEL to experience their UNLIMITED seafood every Friday night.

UNLIMITED seafood? Is that even possible??

APPARENTLY with DIAMOND HOTEL, it is! And I'm not talking about the usual meh shrimps or mussels here. You'll actually be faced with bushels (YES BUSHELS) of the special seafood that you'll probably serve to your VIPs(ha ha ha ha)  like rock lobsters, mud crabs, blue crabs, alupihan dagat, garoupa, etc. etc.

Every Fridays for dinner, the CORNICHE restaurant of DIAMOND HOTEL is featuring SEAFOOD ALA MINUTE where for only P2,990.00 nett you could have plates upon plates of seafood cooked your way! Not only that, you could enjoy your unlimited servings of seafood with your usual favorites from DIAMOND HOTEL too (I call the sushi and roast beef!).

So gear up your appetite and get your tummy ready for this fresh from the sea battle. That's what the Yub and I did and we came out mucho victorious! BWA HA HA HA HA HA!!! 


Tuesday, May 14, 2019


THE YAPPY BUNCH met up recently with our BAWAL PANGET family to celebrate my 44th....este... 34th birthday, and our venue for tonight was this curious little restaurant I often pass by in San Juan.


I've always wanted to try out CAFE SANSO because the restaurant seemed so stylish and artsy-fartsy.

Thursday, May 9, 2019


We were having my 44th... este... 34th birthday celebrations and my favorite foodie family of THE FOOD ALPHABET invited us to have a Korean lunch.

Me (with pa-pouty pouty effect): Wag na mare, nakakahiya!!!!!!

Mareng THE FOOD ALPHABET: No mare, birthday celebration namin ito for you.

Me: Mare are you sure???

Mareng THE FOOD ALPHABET: Oo naman. Tara na mare sa Saturday.

Me (kunwari  nagiisip pero decided na talaga): Hmmmm.... SIGE NA NGA!!!! Sure ka ha??? (Pahabol... he he he he)

Honestly though, as embarrassed as I was with THE FOOD ALPHABET family, I always have a great time with them that whenever there's an opportunity to meet up, we go. Great thing too that they invited us to go to JIN JOO KOREAN GRILL -- I had a delicious dinner there with my HS school friend before that it was indeed high time for a part two.

Tapos just in time for my 44th... este... 34th birthday celebrations pa!!!

BAWAL DIET. He he he he he!


Wednesday, May 8, 2019


THE YAPPY BUNCH went to Cavite recently for the family's long time tradition of participating the town's religious procession. We've been doing this for 39 years now (I'm sure I mentioned that already but I'm just dang proud of it! He he he he he) and there's no stopping us anytime soon.

In fact we could do this till infinity! Yup! No endgame for us!!! Tee heee!!!!!

Check out part 2 of our Holy Week in Cavite. I know it might be the same thing over and over again but I feel that we still made wonderful memories this 2019 that deserves to be recorded in my little online diary.

Yup! We have also recreated the picture above every year!

Monday, May 6, 2019


It's that time of year again where we all pack up and go to Daddy's hometown to participate in its annual Holy Week procession.

Of course, it may not be as fun as before (because our Daddy is not with us), still, HOLY WEEK in CAVITE is something we always look forward to because not only does it give us the opportunity to fulfill our religious duties/sacrifices but it also serves as an enjoyable reunion for my family.

To think that we have been doing this since 1980!!! Di pa ako pinapanganak non!! He he he he he!

But yeah, based on many things like this religious tradition, the laughs that we had, the delicious food that we ate, the several hours of non-stop chatting, the family togetherness that gave us a great time even if we're just in Cavite, and many, many, more, I think you could see why we're still so willing to do it for millions more of years to come!!!!


Sharing with you our 39th year of going to Cavite for the Lenten season. It will indeed be one of our family traditions that will go on forever.

Now pa lang Andrei declared that he will take over when he grows up!

Awwwww! Your Lolo would be so proud! 

Our karo since 1980!!

Thursday, May 2, 2019


TAPE INC has been operating close to 40 years and would you believe that I have officemates who have been working here since it started????


For others naman they're here for more than 30 years. As for  me, it's already been a decade.

If you're wondering why, it's because we have THE BEST PRESIDENT ever and we all love our jobs. Everyone here believes in EAT BULAGA that we are all so loyal to the show.


The TITAS of TAPE (as we have fondly called ourselves)  went out for lunch one time because a former officemate, Ms. Oying, is visiting from the US. Mam Leslie said it'll be her treat and invited us all to join them.

The place they chose for that lunch was a restaurant called NINYO. I thought at first that it's like Gerry's or Gilligan's type of restaurant where diners could down beer along with their sisig. "Okay" I thought. At least I'll have some of my favorite sisig with garlic rice......


Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

If you've been to NINYO FUSION CUISINE AND WINE LOUNGE you'll know what I mean.


NINYO FUSION CUISINE was so near our office but far from the lines of popular fast food restaurants. You might even miss it because the lot looked like a residence filled with trees.

Even the entrance seems like a private home too!

Wednesday, May 1, 2019


Many months ago, I celebrated my 44TH este 34th birthday, and as expected we're going to have dinner that night!!!

Before, we would usually go out as a family for birthdays. But since my brother moved somewhere far, far, away, and my sister would sometimes go out of town with her husband, we would usually schedule our birthday treat during family Sunday lunch.

So since it's only going to be THE YAPPY BUNCH, Kuya Jon, and my Mom for tonight, where should we go?????

I was sooooo tempted to treat them to Kimpura (our favorite) since the bill would be more manageable without the other asungots (he he he he he) but then we decided it's better to just stick to the mall nearest to us (Powerplant Mall) since my birthday falls on a day where heavy traffic was expected.

I then remembered how much I was craving for pasta. With that, our automatic choice became CIBO!!!!!! Yayyy!!!! No objections there because EVERYBODY from the family loves CIBO.

Oh THAT, and if somebody requests for something else, I'll use it as excuse to make them pay for it.

YAAAAAYYYYY again! Tee heee!



Tuesday, April 30, 2019


The Yub and I recently celebrated our 16th wedding anniversary and let me say how it felt like it's only been 10 minutes....

UNDERWATER! He he he he he!

Let me share with you our many celebrations when our blessed union (BLESSED UNION DAW O!!) turned 1-6. He he he he he!!! We had so many and I'm very thankful that we were able to honor our crazy marriage in our favorite ways.

Of course, I'm more thankful that I am able to celebrate it with the person that St. Joseph felt was meant for me.

Either THAT or He was giving me this big joke.


Tee hee..... :P


We're 16 years and counting!!!!!!

Oh and just in case you're wondering, we took this picture 16 years ago to greet our future selves!

Wednesday, April 24, 2019


The Yub and I don't go to Solaire often because it's far from where we live. I have been there for some of their shows (Les Miserables, Phantom of the Opera, etc) but we only stayed within the theatre area.

One time my officemate invited me and the family to eat lunch at YAKUMI in SOLAIRE because she had a special discount. She said it will be her advance birthday gift to me.

Game!!!!! I answered without any hesitation. I don't even know where it is in SOLAIRE but you know me, when it comes to Japanese I never think twice. Tapos birthday treat pa, so SUGOD MGA KAPATID! ha ha ha ha!

Another officemate was supposed to come with us but they cancelled the last minute. Now who to invite to come with us????

Mam Zeny said I could just invite whoever pa since sayang naman her very big discount. My Mom and Kuya Jon cannot go because they're looking after the business while Andrei naman is on his field trip.

So who else? Hmmmm... Decisions... Decisions.

With that I thought of my kumareng Gail!!!

We were just together last night for her birthday treat to me in DUCK AND BUVETTE. And what better way to say "thank you" by taking her with me to a Japanese extravaganza?

As expected, she said yes. YAYYYY!!! Japanese food here we come!!!

O, iyan na mare "treat" ko sa yo sa birthday mo in December ha?

Bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!! 


Monday, April 22, 2019


My kumareng Gail and I have this long standing tradition of treating each other during our birthdays. It's a simple but enjoyable tradition that I always look forward to because besides taking a break from our usual kuripot selves (he he he he he he), my long time kumare and I are able to set aside a date amidst our busy schedule.

At least, sure na that we'll meet up 2 times a year! He he he he he he!

For this year, when my mareng Gail asked where we'll go for my birthday treat, I said that I was fine wherever. My only condition was that it should be a place that I haven't been to before because I wanted to blog it.

With that, she came up with many suggestions but I was torn between Japanese or French food. At first I said Japanese, then French, then later on Japanese again.

FINALLY, my fickle-minded super self really took over and urged me that French was a better choice. With that I sent a very meek (but cute) text asking if she'll bust her pipe if I chose French again. Knowing my good friend, who's always fine with everything, she agreed without a problem. Yun lang when I asked her if I'm magulo na she answered with a "Mejo..."


Well, if that French restaurant meant DUCK AND BUVETTE, I'm sure you'll have a difficult time choosing your favorite Japanese over it!!!!!


DUCK AND BUVETTE has been in Edsa Shangrila Mall already for a loooooong time but it's our first time here.

Friday, April 12, 2019


For our VALENTIMES celebration every year, the boys and I would always go out on one-on-one dates with their venue of choice. With these dates, I also take it as an opportunity to teach the little lords how to be a perfect gentlemen when they're out with a lady. I believe that you can't start them early enough when it comes to proper behavior!

Everything goes well of course, except for the food and farting department. He he he he he he he! KIDDING!

ANYWHO, our schedules were so full this year (plus somebody got sick again) that I was not able to have one-on-one dates with the boys. At the same time, when I ask who wants to go out on a VALENTIMES date with me, they would eagerly point TO THE OTHER ONE.


With that, the Yub and I just resolved to have a family date to officially end the VALENTIMES season. It was perfect timing too because we received an invite from BROTZEIT for their event "A FAMILY VALENTINE."

Family? That's something you don't hear in BROTZEIT everyday.

It's true though. BROTZEIT is now becoming popular with families because of their delicious dishes in their extensive menu that could be appreciated by the kiddies as well. The Yub and I haven't brought the little lords to BROTZEIT that's why we're happy that for our family VALENTIMES date, we'll get to do this with them.

Check out our VALENTIMES night in BROTZEIT where we all had a great time feasting on meats plus more. It may not be our usual venue for VALENTIMES but huwadaheck, we all had an enjoyable family date!


It was a full house that night!

Thursday, April 11, 2019


For VALENTIMES SEASON, we were supposed to take out the little lords for our family date that Friday. We have already arranged everything: I have made reservations in our favorite Healthy Shabu Shabu, and tickets were ordered for our movie.

However, we were not meant to go out that night. :(

Saying that traffic was terrible is an understatement -- everything was on a standstill!!!!! Well it was a bit our fault too because we thought luck would be on our side for this gimik night and we'll be able to go to Powerplant Mall smoothly from Quezon City.

Yeah. Yeah. On a payday Friday that was also a day after Valentimes. Ang galing namin no? We were too positive for our own good. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

So we broke the bad news to the little lords that Fridate was cancelled and they understood the situation naman. With that, the Yub and I were left to ourselves again (ahuhuuuuyyyy) and since it was still VALENTIMES week, we suddenly had an another date night for the season of hearts.

Where to go???

Syempre, I don't want the Yub to spend a lot. He already took me out yesterday and we're still due to go out this weekend with the family.

With that, I remembered going to this homey food court that is fast becoming one of my new favorites because they're serving my kind of food: CHEAP AND DELICIOUS!!!!


Wednesday, April 10, 2019


I haven't eaten in MIGHTY QUINN's in Powerplant Mall even if my family already ate there a few times and didn't invite us (traitors!). To think that the YAPPY BUNCH are always in Rockwell but we never got to trying out the place since, I don't know, we have separation anxiety from our favorites maybe?

Or maybe we just found it expensive. BWA HA HA HA HA!

Anywho, one weekend, my brother invited the whole family for an early lunch in MIGHTY QUINN's for his post birthday treat. YEHESSSSS!!! Finally!!! I'll be able to eat in MIGHTY QUINN'S!!!! LIFE IS WORTH LIVING AGAIN!!

He he he he he!

Seriously though, I'm also very excited that the family will be complete. I seldom see my eldest brother because he lived far, far, farrrrr away -- he would usually visit my Mom on weekdays (while we're all at work), and is too lazy naman to go down and join us on Sundays (his "rest day"). So yeah!! This is really a treat!!!

And yup! True enough, we all had an awesome lunch!! Family time is INDEED the best time!

Lalo na if libre kami. He he he he he he!

We're at MIGHTY QUINN'S! Wohooooooo!!!

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