Thursday, September 12, 2019


Believe it or not but between the two of us, it's the Yub whose food cravings we always follow.

Yep. You better believe it kapeng mainit.

The Yub kasi is a picky eater who has A MILLION specifications on the food that he'll eat (he's like Sally in When Harry Met Sally pero intsik... and a GUY!!!!). As for me, I'll eat anything that's why when we go on dates or making plans with friends, I'm always like "I'm fine wherever you guys like." Of course I have food cravings din but the Yub has MORE, and he's actually a bit annoying when he pushes for it. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

One night, he was REALLY craving for Ippudo. As in REALLY. Whatever I say to him, he'll answer in the name of Ramen:

Me: "Yub, labas tayo mamaya nila Mariane."
Yub: "San tayo? Sa Ramen?"

Me: "Yub Greenbelt tayo mamaya ha? 8pm"
Yub: "Tamang tama, may Ramen sa Greenbelt."

Me: "Yub, ang init ngayon no?"
Yub: "Buti na lang may aircon sa Ippudo."


Hay naku sometimes I have these evil thoughts to intentionally go somewhere else just to spite him. Either that or sarap nya basta batukan. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Yup. Model wife di ba?


So one night, we'll be meeting with Manong Fred and the BGP Mariane. And, you guessed it, we went to IPPUDO RAMEN to answer Yub's insane craving. I know that normally, Ramen restaurants are not ideal when it comes to meeting up with friends because you have to eat and go. With IPPUDO however since they have many items in the menu, we were all able to join our cravings that night (ESPECIALLY THE YUB) and stay for more chika!


OMG ang cute ko dito. He he he he he!

Wednesday, September 11, 2019


Greenhills Shopping Center used to be like "home" to our family. At the time when Powerplant Mall, SM Megamall, Shangrila Mall, etc, were not yet existent, GREENHILLS was the place to be for us:

-- It was where we heard mass (Santuario de San Jose).
-- It was where we did our shopping (before the infamous tiangges and dibidis dominated the place).
-- It was where my Mom and Dad would jog and exercise (their basis was how many times they could go around the shopping center).
-- It was where we celebrated family events (Sun Moon, Kimpura, Mcdonalds, etc).
-- It was where we did our groceries (Unimart).
-- PLUS MANY, MANY MORE (since a LOT of memories are flooding in my head right now like the opening of Mcdonalds, me joining their first halloween contest and seeing a kiddie Lea Salonga, eating in old restaurants like Green Patio, Tom Sawyers, etc, borrowing laser discs, having Coney Island ice cream, etc, etc, etc.)

That's why imagine my grief after my Daddy went to heaven and the Yub and I passed by GREENHILLS shopping mall. I immediately broke down in sobs because I could see him EVERYWHERE. (The same thing happened with my Mom -- she had a difficult time going to Greenhills because wherever she went, she would see one of their friends/sukis who'd greet her and look for Daddy. Besides their Greenhills barkada, my parents kasi are also friends with a whole lotta people there -- the security guards, the Mercury Drug salesladies, the other store salesladies, etc. etc.)

Then suddenly, I don't know if it's God's way of helping me or what, GREENHILLS SHOPPING CENTER had a major renovation that it's not like the one we went to before. EVERYTHING WAS NEW! At first it got me a bit sad that I somehow "lost" the place that we went to almost everyday before. But at the same time, I'm grateful because at least my heart won't be in pain anymore whenever I see the places that had special memories of him. (Maybe my Dad loved Greenhills so much that he "brought" it along with him in heaven? Ha ha ha ha!).

So one time we needed to do groceries and the Yub suggested we go to UNIMART because it's already so near us. I gave him a hesitant "Okay" because I know I've been putting off going to the new UNIMART for so long. I don't know why but I know it would just feel so weird going there without asking my Daddy to buy me something from "Orange Julius." I was comforted with the thought though that at least the place is new and is not like the old UNIMART that we loved. So off we go to UNIMART for our groceries and everything went smoothly naman. It was just AFTER shopping that I became emotional again.

Do you know how some other people would hear a song and remember something with it? Well that's ME and FOOD.

Yup. Read on. Ha ha ha ha ha!

We're in UNIMART!!!! The new one that is!

Monday, September 9, 2019


It was a holiday and even if my mindset was to stay in bed the whoooooole day and just watch Netflix, the Yub naman was determined to go out.


Tee Hee! Kidding!

I agreed later on because the Master Mati had a sleepover while the bunsoy Andrei went out with his Lola (yes, he'd rather go out with her than us). When deciding where to go, the Yub said we should try out SHAKE SHACK.


Sometimes I really don't get how my husband's mind works (especially when he goes for the weird choice). One thing I could say though: if he feels strongly about something he would stick to it no matter what the cost.

I'm sure you have an idea as to how bratty I could be but that is nothing to the Yub when he's hell bent on something. You'd think that he's a horse wearing blinders.

So to SHAKE SHACK we went and even if there were long lines, my Yub was adamant to stay.

In the end, I'm thankful because at least we were able to try out this popular burger franchise in the US. At the same time I realized that waiting is not really hard when you have a loving asungot with you.

TEE HEE.....


We're in SHAKE SHACK!!!!

Thursday, September 5, 2019


It was a very busy Saturday for us but even though our schedule was jampacked, we still have the eye on the prize.

Yup! We have a date with JOHN WICK!!!!

We have been following the series of this loner ex-assassin ever since his Baddie Buddies came out (Robert Mccall "The Equalizer, Jack Reacher, Bryan Mills "Taken", Frank Castle "The Punisher", etc). Though I personally feel that the others could take him, I would still go for John Wick more because, well, I love Keanu Reeves!

I'm happy too that Master Mati is also obsessed with JOHN WICK because movie nights are more enjoyable with him.

So for that night, we turned down invites from friends, we three have a date with JOHN WICK!

And it's surely going to be a WOOOAHHH night!!!!

We'll be watching JOHN WICK later and it's just fitting that before that epic movie, we'll be attending Master Mati's KALI practice.

Tuesday, September 3, 2019


Sunday is sacred for family days and I could not imagine spending the last day of the weekend without them. It is also on this day that the Yub and I usually plan something special with the little guys (we have always stressed the importance of Sundays for family and made sure to always reserve the day only for them). That's why when MARCO POLO MANILA invited ERICJAZ FOODIES and the boys for the LA VITA ITALIA buffet in CUCINA, we were excited that we will enjoy it as a family. The great thing too is that besides being back again in the "hands" of Forbes Travel Guide's 5-Star Awardee, MARCO POLO MANILA, we will also get to meet world champion of pizza acrobatics Chef Pasqualino Barbasso and taste his creations.

Of course, THE YAPPY BUNCH is fine anywhere as long as we're together. But if you add to the mix authentic Italian pizza, pizza making lessons for the kiddies, and pizza acrobatics by a world champion, (not to mention CUCINA'S popular buffet serving fresh and mouth watering dishes), THEN, WE. ARE. SO. SOLD.

Heck, I'll even desert the kids for that! He he he he! Family Shmamily.

That's a 180-degree turn for you.


See what delicious food does to us?

Check out our buon appetito Sunday lunch in CUCINA, MARCO POLO HOTEL, and see how you too could have the same authentic Italian experience!!!

THE YAPPY BUNCH spent the first day of the Ber months in CUCINA!!!

Friday, August 30, 2019


My YAPPY SUMMER 2019 feature was supposed to be one looooooooooooooooooooooooong excruciating post but then I took pity on my one or two readers (icharge pa sakin ang pagpapagawa ng salamin  nila) that I thought of just making it a two-parter. Tee hee!!!

Yeah... I know... I know that I could get a little bit too detailed in my blog posts but it's because I consider times with my ugly husband, my boys, my family, and my few close friends to be the best experiences of all that I don't want to miss out on anything (even if it's just a very minute detail of like, let's say, cleaning the bathroom... I SWEAR). So sorry na lang kayo that I'm sharing it with you. Ha ha ha ha ha!!!

Here's part TWO of our YAPPY SUMMER that, even if we had three months of school break, it was still OH SO bitin for all of us!!!

Enjoy.... at your own risk. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Wednesday, August 28, 2019


My little guys' school is adjusting to start classes at August to follow the newly recommended regulations by CHED.

Wow! So that meant by boys will have a 3 month vacation??? YEHESSSS!!!


You'd think that 3 months is more than enough...
You'd think that 3 months will get us all so bored...
You'd think that we'll be raring to send the boys back to school...


The three months school vacation was still "BITIN" with a capital B and WHYYYY Huhuhu!!! Why can't vacations last forever? I'll surely miss having them around, going on foodtrips, and doing stuff until the late nights.  My little guys certainly feel the same.

Check out the long (but not so much) school vacation of the boys and how those 3 months just whizzed by like a shooting star defying the laws of gravity (thanks Queen).

And of course, I'll still say it (like I often do) to commemorate our love for summer:

No more classes! No more books!
No more teacher's dirty looks!

This was by far the boys' best summer vacation yet!!!


April 17

Master Mati was finally "free"!!! He woke up late and enjoyed his breakfast. Yep! Nobody was telling him to hurry up.

As for Andrei, he didn't have classes anymore but he still had to go to school to attend graduation practices, so, it's not fully vacation mode yet!

Sunday, August 25, 2019


When we go out of the country, looking for our hotel accommodations is very important. Before when it was just me and the Yub, we're fine wherever it was cheap. However when the little lords arrived, we became very particular with the cleanliness, security, AND safety of where we're going to stay. Of course, price was still very much a factor (HELLOOOOO we're proudly kuripots... ha ha ha ha) and it's great that we're still able to find accommodations with those qualifications. He he he he he he!

For our recent KOREA trip, we availed the services of a travel agency so we were at their mercy when it comes to our hotel. They gave us the name and upon checking their site online, it was just okay. I mean, we'd prefer somewhere else, but this was what's included in our package and I think it's near the touristy district of Korea.

Lo and behold, when we arrived in Korea, we were informed by our guide that there have been changes in our accommodations. Instead of hotel X, we will now be staying at RAMADA ENCORE by WYNDHAM. She proudly stated that it's a 4 star hotel (as opposed to Hotel X which was only 3 stars) and it recently opened. The only drawback was that it was SOOOOO far from our touristy places (think a 1 hour drive everyday) that whatever plans we made were going to change.

At first we were all peeved with the change in location. However, when we got to the hotel, we appreciated all the space and the sosy wosy interiors (compared to Hotel X). And yes, it may be far from the tourist spots but at least we get an additional hour's sleep in the bus everyday before getting to our destination (this was perfect because we always wake up early for the "call time").

Sharing with you our hotel stay in KOREA! This just goes on to prove though that in whatever obstacles (or changes) that come in your life, you should still learn to make the best of it and appreciate everything. O di ba, we were still all happy in the end.



Wednesday, August 21, 2019


THE YAPPY BUNCH were in KOREA and besides the sights, the shopping, and bonding, we were also in this K-pop dominated country for another thing...


And though we were confined to what was included in our travel group, we still enjoyed the authentic Korean grub served to us.

Check out part two of this very tasty tripping!!!!

ENJOY!!! We know we did! He he he he he!

For our 3rd day in Korea, we finally went to Everland!

Friday, August 16, 2019


To be honest, I'm not really sure of what to do in Korea. When planning the trip, the Yub and I just decided to go there because it's one of the must-see Asian countries that we haven't been to. I'm not into Koreanovelas so going to some of their popular TV attractions might not interest me. What I do know however is that I absolutely LOOOOOOOOVED Korean food, and it's something that I was SUPER looking forward to for our trip.

HOW-EVER, we were joining a group tour (with Aning's family) and while chatting up with my mareng Gail (who recently had a Korean tour via a travel agent), we figured out that the establishments we'll go to might likely be the same. She said she didn't enjoy the food and that (mostly) everything was blech (probably because they went to the commercialized touristy places). So yeah, my excitement (foodwise) sorta went down the drain after that. What only lifted me up was the thought that we'll sneak a bite or two from Mcdonald's (since we'd usually try one in every country) or feast in 7-11 (like what Strictly Dumpling did). Yun lang, hope we could do it with our travel group tour schedule!

What happened? Let's just say we were all pleasantly surprised.

Read on and enjoy!!


And we're HUNGRY for some authentic Korean food!

Wednesday, August 14, 2019


WAAAAAAAAAH it's our last day!!!! And though nothing much happened here, I still want to document it in this silly little blogations of mine.

This is my online diary after all.

Ay you should see my actual kiddie diary, SOBRANG detalyado. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!


So it's our last day and we slept extra late last night to fix all of our things. I'm thankful that my little guys now know how to pack their bags so it's a big help for me (before I used to do it all for them). Yun lang unlike our out of town trips, the Yub and I have to fix all luggage afterwards to distribute the weight and to cushion fragile items. The last thing we want is to have an explosion of my... ahem... forehead cream. He he he he!!!!!

As much as we were sad to pack and leave Korea, we missed my Mom SOOOOOOOOOOOO much and wanted to see her ASAP (I'll tell you why later).

Check out our last few hours in Korea and our return to the wonderful land of the Philippinnnnnnnnnnnnnesssssss!!! He he he he!


Thursday, August 8, 2019


It's "SOOO EXCIIITEDDD KOREA" day 4 and since we will be leaving the next day for home, we plan on giving our all in our last full day of fun!!

We joined Aning's family for the tour so as to experience the convenience of being in a group and though there were many snafus in the travel arrangements, it was still all awesome because we were in the company of great friends. You might say that THAT made the trip extra enjoyable! Great too that Aning took charge and we were all just relaxed and enjoyed the ride. Yehessssss...

When we woke up that morning, we were still all drunk from all the fun in the past 3 days. With that, we all got up because we wanted to start our day, fast. 

Syempre we had to get energized and start our day with breakfast. We all went down so hyper and happy!

Only to be greeted with THIS!


Monday, August 5, 2019


It's Day Three of our "SOOO EXCIIITEED KOREA TRIP" and I think THIS is the day that the kids looked so much forward to!!!!

We're going to EVERLAND!!!!!

But of course, we gotta go through our "usuals". He he he he he!

Thursday, August 1, 2019


We're on day TWO of our "SO EXCIIITED Korea trip" and even if we all got to bed so tired and late the previous night, we woke up early and like I said, SOOO EXCIIITEEED!!!!!

We had a very full day ahead and though my usual self would already be so tired just hearing about the day's activities, I'm still raring to see what's in store for us.

So take THAT my lazy a$$ (he he he he he), we're going around Korea!!!!!!!!

Let's get this day started!!!!!!!

Tuesday, July 30, 2019



Just in case you cannot imagine how we're saying that, please refer to how Kevin Hart said it in his recent comedy special:

Yup! Because that's how we were leading up to our KOREA trip that days before our flight we kept on doing that chat of SO EXXCIIIIITED while twirling our bodies like genies from a tiny bottle. He he he he he!

And come the day of our flight, WOHOOO! SOOO EXXXCIIIITED!!! We're finally in KOREA!!!!!


You know how sometimes you're so excited for something but only get disappointed in the end?

Well.... that DIDN'T happen to us! He he he he he!!! Our trip was as fun as we hoped it would be. Of course there were still hits and misses but we made the most out of it and still had an awesome family time!

Check out KOREAN TRIP series. This early on I apologize because you'll be burdened hundreds and hundreds of pics! He he he he he! Let's just say that I want to remember every minute of it even at somebody else's optical expense. He he he he he.

Or maybe we want you to feel that you were also with us? Ah eh... Yes! Yun yon! (Justified na... he he he he)

Enjoy!! We know we did! YOHOO!

We're in KOREA!!!!!!!

Sunday, July 28, 2019


You know us, whenever we enjoy a certain restaurant, it is most likely that we'll go back there again and again. Take the case of COCO ICHIBANYA in Estancia Mall. THE YAPPY BUNCH ate there the week before after Master Mati's Kali lessons, then the following week, we are back ONCE AGAIN because how the baby bunsoy pleaded!!!

Oh wells... It's a good thing that Master Mati was hungry after his KALI lessons that he was fine to eat at ANYTHING (though he's grumbling a bit that "pinagbigyan na naman namin si Andrei).

As for us, yep, we're still SO fine to have dinner once more in COCO ICHIBANYA because we're hungry too (hirap kaya mag-antay!!). He he he he he he!

And as always, it was an enjoyable dinner and family time for all of us!


Wednesday, July 24, 2019


I guess it's fairly obvious how my boys and I are such super hero addicts. That's why after watching AVENGER'S ENDGAME, we wanted to watch it again and again.

One weekend, my big guy and I thought that it's high time for our AVENGER'S ENDGAME part two. My Master Mati pointed out that it could be our pre-Mother's Day date already.

Awwwww... That's my Mati! He's a man with a plan!!!!!

With that, I asked him what he wanted for dinner. He wanted to know what I craved first but I countered how making him happy makes me happy already. He then thought long and hard and chose a restaurant where we recently enjoyed that the Yub was not in a hurry to eat in. We both looked at each other and said in unison --


He he he he!

Yihiii.... It's date night for us!!!!!

Monday, July 22, 2019


It's finally SUMMER (when I made this blog... he he he), and though the little lords had their vacation later than others (last day of school was on May), we still wanted to do the usual summer activities that would get us hungry and wet!

We could plan an out-of-town getaways however that could be very pricey and time-consuming. That's why we're very thankful to my brother and sister-in-law for treating us to our ever favorite Valle Verde country club for some mean swimming and eating!


We're here!!! And yep, even if it's already May, the weather was so VERY hot!

Wednesday, July 17, 2019


My bunsoy baby recently graduated from Grade school and I cannot help but feel so emotional about it.

Emotional??? Yeah. I know you might find that weird (or over-acting) but I swear, having a son graduate from Grade School is something that would get a Mommy all choked up because it makes their transfer from babyhood to teenager all official. 

My baby bunsoy is going to be in High School naaaaa!!!! Huhuhu...........

Monday, July 15, 2019


After so many months, (because of the Christmas break, then exams, then etc etc), Master Mati is FINALLY back taking up Kali. If you've seen movies like Bourne Identity, John Wick, the Equalizer, etc, they used Kali in their hand to hand combat scenes. If you're interested, I'll put more info below.

My dearest Mati is not really sports-minded and gets lazy with any type of activity that would get him sweaty (che!!) but his interest got piqued by Kali and he was really into the lessons. Hopefully he would be promoted to a higher level yun lang, he doesn't regularly attended sessions because of our weekend schedule.

Yohooo!!! KALI!!!

Syempre, Mati has our full support while he takes lessons. We're all here -- the Yub, Andrei, me, and SERENITEA!!!!

Thursday, July 11, 2019


My beautiful niece Rocio was the lead in her school's production of "MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING" and my family all went to watch.  After the play, my brother treated us to one of their simple Japanese discoveries that was familiar but I haven't tried it out before.


Tuesday, July 9, 2019


It was Mother's Day and I invited the family to honor THE BEST MOTHER THERE IS, my Mommy!!!!!!

Sunday mass!

For that Sunday I made reservations in AMARE LA CUCINA, a restaurant that we loved in Baguio. We're happy that they have a branch here now.

Saturday, July 6, 2019


Words cannot define how I am so thankful for Mr. Stan Lee and Robert Downey Jr.

To think ah, that I'm originally a DC girl whose first love is Christopher Reeve (aka the best Superman of all time).

I remembered before that if you loved comic books or super heroes, you would be considered as a geek or a weirdo. Well I sort of understand them because watching the rushes of old TV versions of Captain America, Incredible Hulk, Iron Man, etc., you would NEVER think that Marvel could create this giant franchise -- it was just too far off.  When I was in High School, I was a fanatic of Superman, Supergirl and that whole super hero cosmos when most my classmates were gushing about Beverly Hills 90210 and New Kids on the Block. I was actually alone in that world but I never minded because I enjoyed the ride. Yun lang, there were not a lot of people whom I talk to about it. So whatever excitement I had about the realism of Supergirl's flight or the hotness of Michael Keaton in that Batman suit, I'll save it when I get home to my family (he he he... we liked the same things).

So enter the success of Iron Man followed by the other Marvel movies that were box-office hits as well. That truly cemented the status of superheroes in this generation and dominated todays movie genre.

Suddenly, it's cool to be a comic book and super hero geek. Now, everywhere I look people are gushing about the new marvel trailer and attending comicons in colorful outfits -- wow, I'm not "alone" anymore. I could post about the life lessons derived from Iron Man and get likes and comments.  Though I didn't really mind my solitary superhero universe, it's just more fun to have more people share my fanaticism with and see more entertaining movies because of it.

Then AVENGERS ENDGAME arrived and ruled everything. I'm sure that with my lengthy intro, getting excited for this is an understatement. I'm very thankful too that now, besides the general public and my family, I have 3 pogi guys to share my superhero euphoria with. We held our breaths and monitored online when they would start ticket selling. Of course, the eager beavers that we were, we also kept on calling the movie theaters to confirm if tickets were already available.

And finally we were able to buy and we were all just so happy (I swear we were, no dramatics here). This is definitely IT. After all those end credit scenes, the build-up, and the major cliffhanger that AVENGERS INFINITY WAR gave, here comes AVENGERS ENDGAME to "finish the job." You might also say that AVENGERS ENDGAME, culminated my love for all things "superheroey."

And yep. It was as glorious as we all hoped it would be. My inner geek and weirdness are proud. 

Thanks again Stan Lee and to the RDJ! You made all of this possible. We all love you both 3000!!!!

Now check out our AVENGERS ENDGAME night!!!

Tonight's the night.... We're going to watch AVENGERS ENDGAME!!!!


Wednesday, July 3, 2019


When I gave out the news, many people were in disbelief that Master Mati will be having his Junior Prom.

"Huwaaaaaaaaaaaaaat??? Already???"
"But he's too young!!!"
"Grade 9 na prom na agad??"

Oh I got a LOT of that believe me. Guess who's the only person who was all cool and in fact, so excited about it? Yup. You guessed it right. The Master Mati himself.

For his Junior Prom, he had an option of going solo or with a date. When I asked him, my first born was so hell-bent (as in SOBRANG DECIDED) to go to his prom with somebody.

"What about meee?" I offered. I told him that I would take pictures, get him food, put sapin on his back, and say many I love yous during the night.

My first born said he'd rather not go.

CHE!!!!!!!!!!! I know that both of us were kidding (though in my case, it was half meant... he he he) but still, you don't have to be SO mean Mati! GRRRRRR!!!

So when we were deciding who he'll go out with, I told Master Mati that it's best to go with my friend's daughter (at least somebody that I know). He knows her of course but he was more interested with the recommendation of a friend of a friend. Still, my dutiful son asked permission from my friend if he could take her daughter out. My friend gave her regrets as her daughter is not into proms daw. That was okay because that gave Master Mati the chance to take out the lady he found cute when he saw her picture.


So that was done. Then out of the blue, my bunsoy told me that he too had a grad ball.

Huwaaaaaaaat? I thought. Another date? In Andrei's case however, it's okay because my Mareng Gail was more than willing to give all 3 of her daughters to Andrei. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

It turns out that with Andrei, no need for dates but his Grad Ball had a Hawaiian theme.

Noooo problem!!! He he he he! (Hay salamat!!!)

I asked if parents could come (because I wanted to take pictures). No daw. Only the parent council members are allowed to attend.

(Syempre, I'm too lazy to be part of the parent council. And I'm working. Yes. That's right. Ah... eh... I'm working. He he he!)

Then after all those minor preparations, it hit me: My sons are going to their proms na!!!! Huhuhuhu!! Yesterday, they were just chubby cheeked gurgling babies. Now they want to have their "night-outs" without their Mommy!!! I breastfed them for 6 months exclusive for crying out loud tapos they're going to leave me?????! Ganun-ganun na lang???

And THAT is why my sons don't want me to be their date. Ha ha ha ha ha! I could get a little carried away. He he he he. 

Sharing with you our son's special nights for this school year (most especially Mati's). Now do you think that because parents aren't allowed, we stayed home?



It's MATI'S prom!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay even if the highlight of this blog post was really Mati's prom (because c'mon, it IS a prom), we would like to include Andrei's Grad Ball.

My bunsoy graduated Elementary this year and the parent council thought of having a special night also for them. 

Monday, July 1, 2019


After we all packed up and set out last Holy Week, my Mom was thinking where to have our late lunch. At first we entertained the thought of eating in our favorite Dampa along Roxas Boulevard. But then, we remembered how much seafood we had over the course of the week that it would be nice to have something else.

I then suggested to go to CHILI'S because why not? They cook up delicious American food with big servings for sharing, the branch is located in the comforts of Powerplant Mall (which is so near our place), and yes, CHILI'S is my favorite and I would like my relatives to revel in its goodness as well.

(Or maybe I'm just making another excuse to eat there for free.. tee hee).

Whatever the reason, it's good that we went for CHILI'S because we all had an enjoyable late lunch after a looooong and traffic-filled travel. CHILI'S will always and forever be our favorite and I would NEVER get tired of putting in our "places to go to."

Especially if malilibre ako... BWA HA HA HA HA HA HA!


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