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Friday, October 23, 2009



Not only does it serve (for us) the BEST and CHEAPEST Gyudon in town, but its also a restaurant that everyone in our family could eat!!!

My 2 little monsters Mati and Andrei, could be finicky eaters but absolutely loves their noodles! And, while they're slurping away, I could sneak in a very saucy teaspoonful of gyudon rice in their little mouths.

For this particular night, Yub and I braved SM megamall to buy Mati and Andrei their halloween costume. We were very hungry afterwards that I demanded for something fast, cheap, and JAPANESE!!!

YOSHINOYA became the clear winner because its cheap and gave our tummies (plus tastebuds) that japanese high...



I remember that the first time I ate in YOSHINOYA was when I was still in High School. My very purty purty friends would excitedly announce that their crush invited them to meet at Robinson's Galleria and the restaurant for the day would be YOSHINOYA

I would only be happy of their excitement because with my buck teeth and geeky ways, nobody would even dare take a second look at me.

So while we met up with their little boys with braces I daydreamed and fantasized that someday my knight in shining armor will come and fulfill all that Close Up commercials that I hoped would happen to me someday....

... then THIS guy comes.

Ah eh... May I just have a wand and cry out OBLIVIATE?!!

I'm just kidding. I love my hubby dearly and the reason why I love announcing to the world that I was a geeky, clumsy, awkward gal during High School because it means there is still hope for the same gals out there to get this chunk of a dashing man.


Now back to bullying him. 

Usually YOSHINOYA SM Megamall would be jam packed with hungry diners but luckily for EricJaz Foodies that night, there was not a customer in sight and we were left to ourselves....

(cue in "Let's Get It On" by Marvin Gaye)

Ha ha ha!

Waiting for our grub....

And finally, Yub's big bowl of YOSHINOYA Gyudon (P149.00) found its way to our table. Everything was still hot and aromatic that our tummies immediately growled like Conan in a lingerie store.

(Sorry I'm not good with similes).

My husband proceeded to start eating and relished the saucy rice and tender beef of YOSHINOYA.

Even if the rice was already flavorful as it is, we would always request for an extra serving of their beef sauce and the YOSHINOYA waiters would always gladly oblige.

Check out my husband already eyeing my YOSHINOYA Gyudon even if he's not yet finished with his own bowl.

You barbarian you!!

Ha ha ha! Maybe the reason why I was not able to nab any guys in High School was because when we DO eat in YOSHINOYA, I would not have the sense to cut the tender beef and just slurp it like noodles.

Like what my husband does....

But during that time, I did not care. The bowl of hot beef YOSHINOYA rice was such a treat to eat that I would instantly shovel spoonfuls of rice into my mouth.

I guess up to now, we still do NOT care. We enjoy eating our YOSHINOYA Gyudon bowls that way.

Tasty and messy. YUM!

I take it back... THIS is the face that scared the boys with braces before.

Ha ha ha! Kidding.

As I love everything spicy, I would always request for saucers of their chili powder.  

And to cleanse the palate when the tongue gets soaked in fatty, beefy goodness, I request for some pickled ginger.

My wonderful YOSHINOYA beef  with chili powder....

Look at it and weep guys. Look at it and weep.

I am having this NOW.

My first chopstickful of saucy YOSHINOYA gyudon!!!!

Since I cannot NOT have veggies with my food, I order a small platter of YOSHINOYA Yakiudon.

I just noticed that this flavorsome plate of awesome YOSHINOYA Yakiudon has noodles... 

I'm kidding. I love noodles! I could even eat it with rice. 

That is how I roll with my carbo...

Like so...

Of course there are better Yakiudons out there but YOSHINOYA's is cheap and definitely satisfying. It pairs very well with the YOSHINOYA Gyudon.

My hub is all finished!

Is your tummy grumbly again my lord?

(Sorry... We're watching GAME OF THRONES at the moment)

After a few minutes.... we are done.

Wiped out. Except for about a tablespoonful of rice and some strands of noodles. That is because I am on a diet.

A lady has to watch her figure you know.

I remember that uber great night in YOSHINOYA SM Megamall and how after a night of shopping, their big bowls of Gyudon just relaxed our tired old selves.  

It got me thinking that hey I may not have been the most popular girl in High School (not by a long shot) and I seemed to repel boys because I was not as girly like my other purrrty purrrty friends. But knowing that NOW, there are 2 little cute monsters waiting for us at home for their costumes which I bought with my ever patient MAN who let me bully him for laughs, makes me just sit back and be thankful that everything happened the way it did.

Of course, right down to the scrumptious YOSHINOYA meet ups. 

Any excuse to remember that YOSHINOYA awesomeness... he he

Let's EAT!!!

BTW, Mati and Andrei were so happy with their costumes but after learning that we ate in YOSHINOYA without them, they turned into real life monsters and threw such hissy fits!!

Ha ha ha ha!

Life is REALLY good.

SM Megamall
UG/F SM Megamall, Bldg. A, Doña Julia Vargas Ave.
Wack Wack, Mandaluyong
(02) 632-1352

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


We absolutely LOVE the chicken at Savory restaurant -- so juicy, so tender, and so very right with fried rice!!! I have fond memories of this special fried chicken because it is what my dad used to take home to us hungry little chickabees when he's late from work! It's such great news that many branches of this Chinese treasure has opened in Metro Manila. And though some people may confuse it with the other "savory" Restaurant and that we cannot really tell which is which, one thing is for sure and that SAVORY is the Chinese fried chicken that would always give us delicious childhood memories!


As the menu claims, SAVORY has been with us since 1950! I wonder what was I doing at that time before I got reincarnated to this hot, sexy, beautiful, being that I am??

Oh please don't add crazy and delusional. Ha ha ha ha!

House tea is served to all customers. This is perfect to warm up the tummy before the much anticipated meal ahead!

Since this branch just opened, the owner of SAVORY was still pretty hands on and talked to all the diners in the restaurant. 

Either that or he found us too cute for comfort!

Like so?

Don't worry. I'll stop. Ha ha ha ha!

Deciding what to order at SAVORY.

I think I am sort of feverish this night because instead of my usual Coke Zero, I ordered a cold glass of iced tea in SAVORY.

However, if that was the case then I shouldn't be drinking iced tea now would I?

Either that or the iced tea was supposed to be Yub's order and I just commandeered it like I always do. 

SAVORY food is here!

Yub and I ordered their 1/4 chicken with fried rice and egg. It is a pretty good deal actually considering it's less than P200.00. I was not able to get the price sorry!

Juicy, plump, SAVORY Fried Chicken! The skin was ultra crispy and tasty too!

This combination may be weird to some but I dig it. Even if I don't really have chicken for breakfast but if I was given a hot plate of this SAVORY goodness with coffee then I'll be gobbling this up real fast!

On a slightly macabre note, Mother chicken meet your son.... Tee hee!

Some people may frown upon the over use of gravy believing that it masks the true flavor of the meat. But what the heck, I don't have a choosy palate that's why it always calls for lots and lots of gravy on my food!

And with SAVORY you get this rich and scrumptious gravy that is so good you'll put it on your fried rice!


Yub however, likes mixing his egg with the fried rice!

Smile! You're on crappy camera! :)

The SAVORY fried rice was just simple and light. This would be perfect for my gravy and other hearty viands that their restaurant have!

No talk... eating.

SAVORY chicken is always tender to the bite! It's like they steamed the meat first before giving it a quick fry!



Almost done...

I can't help it. I ordered some COKE zero in the end. Ha ha ha ha!

Again, my husband was quietly enjoying his food by his lonesome... He was almost done by the way.

While I was still halfway with my SAVORY grub!

And of course...

Like I always do...

I sucked and crunched the bones dry! Don't get turned off with me if I do that in front of you. 

DONE! I left the egg yolks because of I was in a diet :)

Was not able to take a picture of the bill but we paid less than P500.00 for 2 full dishes with drinks! Delicious and affordable! OUR kind of meal!


Savory Chicken
San Juan
97 N. Domingo St.
Ermitaño, San Juan
(02) 724-1957

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