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Monday, May 27, 2024


While planning our itinerary in our LONDON TRIP 2024, we focused not just on the museums and historical sites but also on the restaurants!!!

We were able to go to a  lot of places but one of places I really wished to go to was OLLE KOREAN BARBECUE. 

You may be thinking... Why would we want to have Korean food when we should just be focusing on Fish and Chips, Sunday Roasts, English Breakfasts, etc????

Well... Let's just say that this BTS fan has learned that OLLE KOREAN BARBECUE is the restaurant that my favorite group went to in LONDON, and if I cannot (yet) be in their presence via a concert, then I will at least go somewhere proven that they have been to, so I could at least get a bit of their essence.

Yeah. Gross I'm gross I know. Ha ha ha ha ha! 

Anyway, the bad news is that as expected, didn't get to see or catch BTS' essence (ha ha ha ha). The good news is that I saw some of their actual autographs and I was able to take pictures with it. So I was able to touch something that they did... WOAH (shivers).

OH and the food was very good too! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Sharing our dynamite of a dinner in OLLE KOREAN BARBECUE and if you're a true blue BTS fan, it is indeed worth a visit. Hoewever even if you're not a BTS fan (like, what is wrong with you???) but craving for some Korean grub while in London, you could check this always packed resto too! 

Yup! Because if BTS loves it, then it's really recommended! He he he he he he he he he! 

Woohooo! I'm at OLLE KOREAN BARBECUE!!! 

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