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Tuesday, October 28, 2014


If it may not seem that obvious enough, but I am a lady who loves her noodles. Yup! After being a scrawny kid who would always "side" all of her grub with Nissin's Ramen (beef flavor mind you), I am all grown up and with a vengeance. I may have been contented with the curly noodles and packets of instant flavorings before but now I am doing all that I can to catch up on what I have been missing when I was a squeaky girl of 10: Bowls and bowls of piping hot authentic Japanese Ramen! Oh yowza!

So after spoiling myself rotten and getting pounds of fat by my noodle "comfort zones" such as RAMEN NAGI, MITSUYADO SEI MEN, UKOKKEI RAMEN RON, IKKORYU FUKUOKA, WRONG RAMEN, ETC ETC...., wouldn't you know it? ANOTHER ONE COMES ALONG! Yep! The new "bowl on the block" is supposed to be one of the most popular Ramen houses there is and it is here to promote long queues once more...

Introducing IPPUDO RAMEN!

I have seen the scary images of how the lines just stretch out to kingdom come for diners who are yearning to slurp on this legendary Ramen. At first, the Chinese Adonis and I promised that we would just go there after a month or so to wait until the hype dies down.

BUT! Since I'm a lady who would ALWAYS eat that blasted marshmallow even if there's a promise of one more piece, I got impatient and declared to the hub that "Yes. We will do IPPUDO tonight."

And so we did! On a Sunday even!

Oh yes. Just like Austin Powers: I TOO like to live dangerously.



You think the coast is clear?


Now what's the english of "Inangkupu?"

Thursday, October 23, 2014


If there's one thing that really got me attracted to the Chinese Adonis (besides his hunk of handsomeness) is that I know he will be a great father to my future minions. Yes! I saw it on one of our early dates where he carried the baby of our friend who introduced us. Right there and then, I knew, that this is the guy I'm going to marry.


I'm glad too that I married a guy who shared the same values as I do. And one of them is that  we wouldn't shop on anything that's just for ourselves -- we are MORE happy if we splurge on things that the 4 of us could share be it our favorite restaurants, trips, or staycations. Yep! We find it ultra enjoyable to create memories with THE YAPPY BUNCH. It may get crazy sometimes but we wouldn't have it any other way. 

Anywho, as much as I could attest how my husband is THE BEST DADDY there is (yup! He could challenge anyone), I am just a little bit dismayed that our personality differences show up with how we choose to spend our time with the little lords.

Well for one, the Chinese Adonis is a very finicky eater and if he had his way, the boys would ALWAYS be eating burgers, chicken, then Filipino and Chinese food. As for me, I love exposing the boys to a wide range of cuisines so we would always go on food trips be it in posh restaurants or eateries in Binondo.  Another thing that my husband is crazy about is basketball! Everywhere we go it's NBA this or PBA that, Michael Jordan did this and Scotty Pippen won't do that. I don't really mind and I would attend basketball games if needed. But when it's my turn to expose the boys to a different of show, the Chinese Adonis would be short of screaming like a girl and run away.

Oh yes. I'm referring to theater and how I am such a fan! The husband however is repellent to it like how Kim Kardashian is with class.

The boys and I have already seen "WICKED" with my Mom and sister. We invited the Chinese Adonis and he snorted in ridicule as what he'll often do. Sorry for him though becase the little lords loved it!! So now, as much as my husband hates it, I'm on the look out for plays and shows that we could watch.

With that, I'm so glad and grateful that the little lords' school supports this art and would always have a "Repertory Family Day". Now as much as my husband hates watching theater, he loved the little lords so much that he was willing to spend family day with them via Repertory. We have already seen "Alice in Wonderland" and the "Wizard of Oz".  Now, we're going to watch "Pinocchio"!

Again, I'm glad that the Chinese Adonis let us drag him on a lovely Saturday to watch with the show us. He did announce though that he would try his best to snore silently if he falls asleep.

Oh wow. That man just turns me on.

Ha ha ha ha ha!


I really enjoy their school's yearly schedule to watch a kiddie show in REPERTORY.

We bought 4 tickets for REPERTORY'S PINOCCHIO!

Sorry Yub, you're going to watch with us!

To be fair though, he did watch with Mati before when I had work on Saturdays.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014


It's the first year anniversary of B & B (BURGERS AND BREWSKIES) and ERICJAZ FOODIES were there to celebrate the very meaty event!

BURGERS AND BREWSKIES was the break out burger joint in Burgos Circle and it's already a year old!

Sorry for the alliteration but you cannot have enough B's especially when it's a BEAUTIFUL BABE BLOGGING!

Bwa ha ha ha ha! 


Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Sometime last month, we celebrated the birthday of our dear friend Mareng Chel with an all girl-please-dress-up dinner. Now usually, our BP Group would choose to celebrate special events with the whole family, but for Mareng Chel, that night was an exception.

You see, Mareng Chel is one of the most dedicated Mommies I know. She is a stay at home Mom who has prioritized her beautiful family over a high paying career as a Hollywood actress....

(Yes! Hollywood actress! Well we'll never know what could have been because she didn't work right?? He he he he he!) 

Would you believe that she home schools her eldest daughter and she breastfed her little guy till he was 2 years old? YU-UH! Plus, she loves to cook! I swear! I'm going to raid her house someday so that she could feed me all the grub she posts on FB. Ha ha ha ha ha!

Anyway like I said, Mareng Chel is one of the most dedicated Mommies I know and since she chose NOT to have a nanny to take care of her children, she doesn't get to have an all girl's night out since the kids were born. They always go out as a family and she personally feeds her little boy while us other girls are chatting our brains out. So for her birthday, she wished to have dinner with just US. Not really because she wanted to rant about married life or how she is tired from anything. But because she just wants to have dinner with friends where she could really pay attention to the meal and the gossip!

So with that, we had an all ladies dinner at 22 PRIME in DISCOVERY SUITES to celebrate the birthday of our beloved Mareng Chel.

And YUP! You guessed that right. A LOT of chatting AND pictures happened on that fun night!


22 PRIME is in the 22nd floor of DISCOVERY SUITES and is open from Mondays to Sundays. 

Monday, October 20, 2014


If I charge 25c everytime somebody comes up to me and says that I "should have a girl very soon", I bet I would be as rich as Mark Zuckerberg. No, make that Larry Page/Sergey Brin, creators of Google, because it might get me more views... Ha ha ha ha!

Anyway, I am usually an understanding person (take note on the word "usually") but it really gets me when people have nothing better to say than for me to wish for something I don't have, case in point, a baby girl. What do I have to do to stress that I am already VERY happy with my 2 little lords and that life is more blessed with their hugs and kisses??? Do I have to put up a banner, set up a motorcade, and have the music "We Are Family" blaring from the stereo? Well excuuuuuse me for being contented with what I already have!!

I love my little testosterone filled family and I always have the "bestest" of fun with them. BUT, there ARE times when the Chinese Adonis and my little lords do their usual "man-stuff" that gets me a bit out of place. Besides their love for NBA/PBA/basketball (puhleez, when Jaworski retired, I have forgotten about the sport), they are also crazy about cars! When the 3 talk about this car and this car, I'm like a Twilight fan inside Kafka's world. Ha ha ha ha ha! I get so clueless! And even if I try to understand what the heck they're talking about, my brain just closes down and daydream what we'll be eating later.

I remember when we celebrated Jericho's Birthday at SILK ROAD, the Chinese Adonis and I saw that there was a display of Lamborghini's by KUPPA ROASTERY CAFE. We knew it was something the little lords would love to see, especially Andrei since he vowed to buy a Lamborghini when he grows up. So the following week, we scheduled to have our morning family Sundate at KUPPA.

When we got there, the little lords got so excited at the sight of the cars that they ran to it even if we were a street away. Once more, I felt like the odd lady out in THE YAPPY BUNCH that I just told them I'll get a table at KUPPA ROASTERY CAFE so that they could admire the cars all they want.

Ah yes. I may feel OP (out of place) but I'm not a KJ (Kill Joy)! He he he!

Seriously though, even if the guys in the YAPPY BUNCH have their own thing that I cannot relate to, I don't mind. Cheesy as it may sound, it really gives me a sense of joy that the Chinese Adonis has his own little posse who shares his love for cars and basketball. You may even say that it is a dream come true for him and I'm thankful that in a way, I was able to give him that. You may barf at the thought but my husband's happiness is my bliss as well.

And feeling THAT with a cup of freshly roasted coffee? Wow. Ultra heavenly.

SCORE for my segue. HA!


I went straight inside to get us a table for a light breakfast!

Saturday, October 18, 2014


Just in case you're wondering how ERICJAZ FOODIES manage our "imaginary" social life, would you believe we  have this "forever habit" that we are  following right now? I'm not sure if it is a good thing or a bad thing but I have these bits of OC tendencies that I have etched in stone. One of them is how I have made up this "social" schedule to keep in touch with everyone who is special in my life. Yup. I have a schedule. It may be weird but it does help me stick true to it.

Unless there is no special occasion (like birthdays, anniversaries, or BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH inviting me out for dinner), this is usually ERICJAZ FOODIES schedule:

1) Mondays to Thursdays -- we don't go out since we usually stay with the little lords when there's school the next day. Sometimes though we sneak in a blogger meet up but that's limited to just once or twice a month at the most.

2) Fridays - meet up with Couple Friends. Yup! We love meeting up with other "Teams" over dinner and sometimes we bring along the kiddies.

3) Saturday Night - ALWAYS date night with my Chinese Adonis. We agreed that we wouldn't meet up with other people  here because we want it to be just US. My husband is not my default date just because I don't have plans with friends. For many years now, we have made it sacred that every Saturday night is reserved just for each other!

4) Sunday Morning - Mass and breakfast with THE YAPPY BUNCH!

5) Sunday Lunch - Lunch with my family.

6) Sunday Night - Early dinner with either family or friends.

Weird? Well at least you'll be thankful you'll only get to see US just once a week. Ha ha ha ha!

Another OC tendency for me? I love meeting with couple friends now. I don't know. I'm not really one to make late night outs with just the girls. Though we do allow the other to go out and have fun with our other friends, we both choose to still go out together. Too much co-depency? Maybe! He's my driver sweet lover, while I'm the one who makes him laugh always. He he he he! Oh well!

So for Friday night, our schedule was to meet with couple friends, and that time it was the BP Group. I got out of the office late so I missed having dinner with them but at least, I was still able to catch up for chika AND dessert.

Venue that late night out was at CAFE BRETON, our usual hang out at Podium since it's near Ann's office. Yes. I may be bummed about missing dinner, but I was consoled with the fact that our "couple gossip" will be joined by coffee and crepes.

Yuuummmm! Nothing like delicious coffee and crepes to make my weird way of thinking go into a frenzy!


It was a good thing that CAFE BRETON closed at 12:00 midnight on weekends. We got to Podium around 10:00pm already due to the horrible Metro Manila traffic!

Thursday, October 16, 2014


Every time we go to my husband's home town in Lucena, I shudder at the thought of how many pounds OF FAT I'll be gaining there.  It never fails: I diet for about a month with no rice from Mondays to Thursdays and control my soda intake, I lose a few pounds (YAHOO) but then VOILA! My waistline doubles up even after just a day in Lucena! A DAY!

Honestly, I'm getting tired of it. Imagine, I have already been HOT and SEXY for like 29 years of my life (yep include that when I was born in my birthday suit) so I guess, it IS high time for me to give other people a chance! 

Like what my favorite philosopher Derek Zoolander said "There is more to life than being really, really, ridiculously good-looking!" So with that, yes. The heck with my diet! I will now further indulge in the delicious food that Lucena has to offer.

And the reason for this morbid justification? EDUVIGIS. Yup! Another discovery for me to pig out in Lucena. Woe is me.

Oh and don't mind my horrendous hair. This was after my beauty sleep (which obviously did not help).


Photo grabbed from EDUVIGIS LUCENA Facebook Page

EDUVIGIS is a popular restaurant located in their town proper.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014



Finally! My BGP (Best Gal Pal) Marian and her husband Manong Fred have arrived after about a 4 month vacation in the US!!

Now life is DEFINITELY complete!

Initially we were supposed to meet somewhere else but then I remembered I was saving money and requested that we have a "practical" dinner. Good thing Manong Fred suggested TEPPANYAKI BROTHERS in SM Aura because not only was I addicted to Japanese fried food but I have long been curious of this cheap grub in their food court.

Now, even though I have been hearing an assortment of reviews about TEPPANYAKI BROTHERS, I was still curious to give it a run through of my appetite (he he he he). Besides, you could never go wrong with Japanese food that is affordable.

Also, my BGP and I have proven many times in the past that we don't need to eat in swanky restaurants to enjoy ourselves. Meeting up with dear Marian is the same as the ERICJAZ FOODIES mantra: "It doesn't matter if a restaurant is dingy or classy, because my BGP and I ALWAYS have a great time as long as we are together".



TEPPANYAKI BROTHERS is located in the 4th floor of the SM Aura food court.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Last September 27, 2014 was indeed a busy "foodie" day for me and the Chinese Adonis: We went to CRISP on 28th in the morning for a belly inducing brunch, then became food critics for the whole afternoon at ULTIMATE TASTE TEST in Powerplant Mall.

When we got so full at the ULTIMATE TASTE TEST that my husband and I could not move anymore, we were deciding if we should still go home or head straight to TEXAS ROADHOUSE GRILL to meet his childhood friends in the Fort. We were already out the whole morning and afternoon that I at least wanted a fresh change of clothes so that I don't smell of food when I make beso-beso with my husband's pogi-wogi friends (Ha ha ha!). But when we saw the traffic outside Powerplant Mall, my husband put his food down (pun sort of intended) and said we'll be driving straight to BGC. He said it'll be crazy to go home to rest for just 5 minutes then go out again.

HMP! The Chinese Adonis claims the reason why he wanted to get to the venue early was that he didn't want parking to be a hassle. YEAH RIGHT. If I know, he just didn't want me looking oh so fresh and beautiful for his childhood pogi-wogi friends. Ha ha ha ha!

Just kidding!

So anyway, the reason why we're going to TEXAS ROADHOUSE GRILL is because one of my husband's childhood friends namely TJ, was visiting from the US. With that, we cannot NOT meet up with some of them since they have been friends for soooooo long --- think "pre-school long". 

All throwback pictures grabbed from TOPMUD vaults

My husband actually has a kinder one class picture with all of his TOPMUD friends in it ("Topmud" is the of his barkada). But from here you could see clearly the boys we will be meeting later on at TEXAS ROADHOUSE GRILL (the boy in stripes is Dr. Jan while the kiddie in orange is Chid). 

Could you see where the Chinese Adonis is here?

Monday, October 13, 2014


It's very rare that I'm at the Super South Side of the Metro since I'm so lazy from moving anywhere outside my comfort zone. But when me and some friends were invited to have dinner at ACACIA HOTEL, I thought, there was no other destined time for me to hit 2 birds with 1 stone by also checking out my new cupcake favorite, KAT'S CAFE.

I first encountered the creamy goodness of KAT'S CAFE, when we were given boxes upon boxes during our epic staycation in B HOTEL. Now several months have passed and even if I have already tasted other cupcake variants from this, this, and oh this, I was still craving for the very moist and fluffy deliciousness that only KAT'S CAFE cupcakes could give.

And so with that, I reached into my dark side and convinced my flabbiness that even if I already had dessert and coffee at ACACIA HOTEL, my life needed more of the sweetness of KAT'S CAFE. I then contacted Kathi of Mucking Around Manila to say that we'll be somewhere near her place and asked if she wanted to meet up. Turns out, she too was hankering for some my revered cupcakes.

So you see? It was really our sugary destiny to be graced with the lusciousness of KAT'S CAFE that stormy Saturday night. And believe me, nothing gives me a happier weekend than being able to taste and conquer a craving like that from KAT'S CAFE.


KAT'S CAFE was actually near ACACIA HOTEL, but traffic was horrendous that night so we got there after about an hour.  The Chinese Adonis and I also had a hard time looking for the restaurant because it was within a subdivision and we were so unfamiliar with Las Pinas. Even if Kathi said to look for a "well lit cupcake", we still cannot find it!

Good thing that KAT'S CAFE is moving to Robinson's Place Las Pinas at October 25, 2014.  SO YEY! At least it won't be as hard to look for my luscious cupcakes the next time we're at the South!

Saturday, October 11, 2014


One particular Saturday we and our long time friends Aning and Pareng Jonas went to ACACIA HOTEL upon the invitation of our College bud Agot to treat us in their buffet. Now normally, we do not travel that far a distance just for free food. But Anne and I haven't seen our dear Agot in a LOOOOONG time and we have missed her muchos.

So even if it was raining hard that night we traveled the depths of South Super Highway to go see a dear old friend. 


If you haven't been to ACACIA HOTEL it's actually a very cozy boutique hotel with simple elegance. I checked the price and it is actually very reasonable for a family getaway within the comforts of the Metro.

Friday, October 10, 2014


One time I was doing my usual business at work when my Mom called me asking what I was doing. After I answered with a "same old same old" she asked what time I will be getting out from the office. Of course I gave her my usual "I don't know" since I could only leave work after I finish mopping the floors and washing the dishes (Har de har har!) but she didn't seem to mind "Just go to Powerplant Mall afterwards no matter what time. We will just wait for you".  Hmmmm.... Considering that it was already late to begin with, I was sensing something fishy.

So I did go to Powerplant Mall and met up with my family. Lo and behold! What a pleasant surprise! Nooo, there was no romantic proposal with the Chinese Adonis bent down on one knee (not by a long shot) OR Oprah excited telling everyone in Rockwell "You have a new car! You have a new car!" (that's more possible really) BUT it was actually my Dad who suddenly craved for some steak and decided to gather us "kids" for an impromptu family dinner at MAMOU.

I don't know about you but I really cherish times with my family wherein I am made to feel like a kid again. I always did say that my Dad is the original "foodie" of all and my sibs discovered our love for food (and Sinatra) from him. I remember that he would always take us out to breakfast, lunch, dinner, or whatever, just to try out a new hotel restaurant or have some "Ma Mon Luk" noodles when the weather called for it.

What I really appreciated from my Dad is not just his introduction  to the wonders of food but the many bonding times he gave us instead of going out with his friends to drink. And he always did that with meals (either in restaurant or with take out!). Probably that's why the Chinese Adonis and I would rather spend our hard earned money having food trips or activities with the boys rather than just shopping for items only we could enjoy. Like our Dad, we aim to make meaningful memories with the little lords and our family that they would hopefully carry on when they have kids of their own.

So yes, you can't blame me for being nostalgic again while we were enjoying our steaks in MAMOU TOO!  Though it was not as fun since my eldest brother and family were not there (since it was impromptu and all) plus the Chinese Adonis and the little lords were at home (he chose to watch basketball while the kids were already sleeping since it was a Wednesday), my other brother and sister raved with me that it was really nice to just have a spontaneous getogether even if there was no special occasion to celebrate.

And we have our Dad once more to thank for that. :)


The original MAMOU is located in SERENDRA but we decided to have our dinner here since Powerplant Mall is nearer from where we lived. 

We decided to sit outside in MAMOU TOO! since the weather was cool with the rain. 

Wednesday, October 8, 2014


And once more I am back in 100 REVOLVING RESTAURANT!

It is the birthday of our friend Jonahs (aka John Lloyd he he he he) and his beautiful wife Ann wanted something special where the BP Group could eat, dress up, and take lots of pictures (as usual). So with that, I suggested 100 REVOLVING RESTAURANT by Chef Jessie since my family had such a great time when we celebrated my Wedding Anniversary, and my officemates loved the food when Maru Sotto treated us for his birthday. Another big factor for us in choosing this restaurant was that it does not get jampacked with people so I'm sure we could take a lot of pictures without getting weird looks from people. (Something I'm very used to. I'm not sure about my friends though).

So it was set: a Friday night with my favorite BP Group (sorry it's a secret what it means) to eat, dress up, gossip, and take LOTS pictures.

Oh and to celebrate Jonahs' birthday too!

Sorry John Lloyd! Ha ha ha ha ha!


Tuesday, October 7, 2014


One Sunday, Kathi (Mucking Around Manila) invited us to celebrate the birthday of her partner in crime Jericho (Tasty Pixels Photography) in SILK ROAD organized by the ever hot and voluptuous, Chef Cecille.  Now normally the Chinese Adonis and I don't go out with friends on Sundays as we vowed to spend it always with the little lords (hoping that they'll grow up to that tradition) but the masterminds manipulated their devoted grand parents to go somewhere that Sunday morning and left us by our lonesome. Plus, Kathi had generously invited my mareng Gail of Glog that I wanted to support my sexy friend in her second blogger invite. So yes, we agreed to join the mini Thai party and have a very sinful pig-out Sunday!  Instant date morning for us!


SILK ROAD is located in the Net Quad building in Bonifacio Global City. If you have difficulty finding the restaurant, just look for these 4 metal figures dancing the whatever....

Friday, October 3, 2014


It's a Gatdula birthday celebration once more and guess where we went for dinner? KIMPURA of course! No matter what we suggested to the birthday boy, my elder brother Kuya Jon still chose our usual teppanyaki birthday dinner at KIMPURA since he felt it was already "tradition". I'm glad because not only am I all for "family sentiment" but the food at KIMPURA is timelessly delicious. Plus,  the twenty and more years that we have been eating here, we always have an enjoyable and tummy "full"filling meal EVERYTIME.

So why wouldn't we always include this in our "eat list"?

Oh and by the way. When I said "twenty and more years" that goes out to my brothers and sister. I'm like 2 decades younger than them.


He he he!


Thursday, October 2, 2014


My husband and I would usually head to SUZU KIN for our Japanese cravings because it always gets us uber satisfied without breaking the hearts of our wallets.

(And when I say "Japanese cravings" I meant Japanese FOOD and not our obsession with Toshiro Mifune, Ninjas, or Voltes V! Let's just make that clear.  He he he he :P)

Anywho, on one particular Saturday the Chinese Adonis and I woke up very late from our siesta leaving us no time for our usual dinner and movie Saturdate (sorry we're such lazy sloths). When pressed to decide where to have our usual date night even for just a short time, I suggested we head for SUZU KIN since it had been ages since we ate there last. Before, we would eat almost EVERYDAY in their San Juan and Mandaluyong Branch. But due to mismanagement, these shops closed down and we were left to contend with SUZU KIN Makati.

SO! Since we just wanted to have something quick, affordable, and an all time favorite, we headed out for SUZU KIN.

And we're glad that we were able to justify being sloths that night. Ha ha ha ha!


Wednesday, October 1, 2014


The Chinese Adonis and I were already regular customers of NOMAMA that we have even celebrated some of our special occasions there. In fact, we have several blogs about our happy meals in Chef Him Uy de Baron's popular restaurant that it may be high time for us to move on. Let's just say we don't want our imaginary readers to think that we don't have other places to go to. 

Yes because we also have our home and room and Victoria Court... este... work! There you go! Tee hee!

Anywho, we received an invite to try out their new dishes in their branch at Capitol Commons that I thought, we cannot really have enough blog posts about NOMAMA now can we? He he he he!

And so we went, breaking our rule of going out on a kids' school night. Because, if we have already enjoyed some of Chef Him Uy de Baron's specialties in the past, then having a taste of his new creations should definitely be in order. We would be crazy not to go!

Also, we lost our Victoria Court discount card.

OH. I'M KIDDING! Ha ha ha! We're married anyway. 


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