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This summer, the YAPPY BUNCH was so grateful to Kuya Jay and his wife Karen for always inviting and treating us to VALLE VERDE COUNTRY CLUB. I'm sure you've noticed by now that the little lords are so addicted to swimming and could spend hours in the pool. Actually that is the main reason why we could go on staycations because the boys love spending hours in the water. Truth be told though, we don't mind if we'll be checking in to a simple inn. 

As long as there's a clean and vast pool, we're sold!

So that's why we're really thankful that VALLE VERDE COUNTRY CLUB suddenly sprouted into our lives because we will get to swim on a regular basis and we don't have to spend hotel rates for it! In fact, we're free!!! Wohooo!

Photo from the net

Of course, besides the pool, we love the food at GARDEN CAFE. It's very affordable and delicious. They have a great selection in the menu so there's definitely something new to try every week when we're there.

And yes, just in case you didn't catch that, we hope to be at VALLE VERDE COUNTRY club every week! Yowza!


The restaurant at VALLE VERDE COUNTRY CLUB is actually open air. 

But they do have a cozy air conditioned area with a buffet spread.

My brother made reservations for 11:30am but we were eager beavers with a lot of time in our hands so we were there 11:00am!!! He he he he he he!

Oh, they also had free wifi so we didn't mind hanging out in the air conditioned GARDEN CAFE!

It's so cozy at this part of the restaurant because the sound of running waters in the cool room is very soothing.


We were deciding if we wanted to go for the buffet or the ala carte dishes. Like I said up there, prices are very reasonable!

While waiting for his tito Jay, Andrei played with the glass and tried to make his lips bigger like Kylie Jenner's.

Not intentionally of course.

Oh if you're checking out the flakes on his hair, it's from the gel that Andrei loves putting on. He put a scandalous amount that morning and I had him take off most of it. Binata na talaga!

The GARDEN CAFE buffet spread!

I find the dishes are simple and not what you'll see in hotel buffets. It's actually more of home cooked goodness at reasonable prices so it's definitely fine for us!

Besides, anything with Salmon and Tuna sashimi are winners in my book!


Crazzzzzy Makis!

Centry Egg and Pork Asado!

Filipino Salad!

Vegetable Lumpia!

Waldorf Salad?

Garden Salad!

For the mains they had pancit canton!


Steamed Tilapia with Soy Sauce!

Thai Chicken in Red Curry Sauce!

Roasted Pork 


Bagoong Rice!

Dessert Buffet!

I was trying to diet so I only had a plate of GARDEN CAFE Tekka Maki! It was good until Andrei got most of it!


Yub was drooling over the Pancit Palabok from the other table so he got himself one.

It was ridiculously and wonderfully saucy! Just a small drizzle of fish sauce and calamansi made this dish a knock-out!

Since Andrei got most of my Tekka Maki, I ordered the GARDEN CAFE Sizzling Chicken! It may not look much but the chicken fillet was perfectly grilled and was extra savory with the thick mushroom gravy. Yum! 

Mati ordered the GARDEN CAFE baked mussels with garlic rice on the side. I'm sure I don't need to tell you how he wiped this off in a matter of minutes!

My niece Rocio, from Camp Half-Blood, ordered GARDEN CAFE's Cheesy Lasagna!

Nom... Nom... Nom!

ERICJAZ FOODIES with the little lords and my brother's fambam!

Can't talk. Eating!

Almost everyone is finished with lunch. Guess who still has food on their plates?

After that delicious lunch, I got meself a cup of hot coffee!

After we rested for a bit, we proceeded to the VALLE VERDE's pool.

We love the VALLE VERDE pool because the water is heated. So whatever the weather, we always have a refreshing and soothing swim in it!

Another plus factor for us is that most of the time, we're the only ones swimming. No bumping into other people's heads or butts here. We have the whole place to ourselves!

For that weekend though I was not able to swim because of girly reasons. My dearest Mati saw that I will be alone and just accompanied me at the table with his book. Truly my hero at such a young age!

As for Andrei and Yub, they swam their hearts away that afternoon. Isn't this a cute picture of the two?

Now even if there was a big lap pool behind him and that Andrei could very well stay by himself in the kiddie area, the Chinese Adonis still stayed with our little bunsoy. Andrei requested it and he lovingly obliged! 

That just shows how a loving daddy he is putting our son's needs first before his. Naks! Pogi pa!

As for me and Mati, we had some drinks and ice cream by the GARDEN CAFE open area.

For some odd reason I feel like I'm in a Viva Films movie circa 1980. He he he he he he!

Mati and I had a tub of Banana Split and this certainly cooled us off in so many levels!

My always dependable boy!

We waited for Yub and Andrei while they swim their hearts out in the kiddie pool. I'm so proud of my little lord because he is teaching himself how to swim. On our next trip there he was able to swim by himself in the lap pool!

Go Daddy!


When they were done, Yub ordered a big goblet of his favorite Mais Con Yelo!

I think they put in a whole can of corn there! YUM!

Now that was indeedy a SUPER fun Saturday!

Looking back, Kuya Jay's first treat there was last April 19, 2015 for the whole family. I feasted on this Steak Tenderloin and trust me, this was so good! The picture may be crappy but that beef was so tender and moist!

We had an uber great time swimming then!!!!!

Last June 6, 2015, we officially ended summer with a lunch treat again by Kuya Jay and a looooong swim at VALLE VERDE!!! I think we swam for about 3 hours!!!

I hope we could still swim here every weekends. Wink! Wink!

Thank you Kuya Jay, Karen, and Rocio, for always inviting and treating us to GARDEN CAFE and at VALLE VERDE Country Club! Please adopt us and give us extension cards. He he he he he!


Capt Henry Javier Street, Pasig
Phone:(02) 631 1711


  1. Nostalgic! I can't recall the last time we went here. But it was with my cousins. Will have to ask them if they can recall when was that. Talagang tumatanda na ako...hahaha!

    1. Hiya Bap!!! We went here regularly before but it's only now with the kids and the Adonis. You're right! It's like time stood still here. For some reason, I still feel like I was back in the 80's where music was New Wave and everybody dressed like they were in Viva Film. For me it added to the charm and homeyness of the place. Can't wait to go back with the boys! Our favorite hang out now! Wala pang tao! Wohooo!

  2. Mr. SnuffleupagusJune 22, 2015 at 7:48 PM

    -Grabe! Valle Verde! Isang malayong pangarap ko (na malamang hindi ko makakamptan) ang makapasok diyan sa pinagpipitagang institusiyon na yan. Sigh.
    -sarap naman, libre kayo diyan. Iba talaga kung alta sociedad... hindi ka na ma-reach!
    -may free wifi! Nice! Mabilis ba?
    -it must be so relaxing sitting there, hearing the water cascading down the stone wall... sarap kumain diyan!
    -OMG! P450!!! Kailan kaya ako makakahawak ng ganyang kalaking kayamanan? hahaha... Seriously, though, that is very reasonable! Mura na! Do you have to be a member (or guest of a member) to avail of those prices Or to eat there?
    -nagje-gel na si Andrei? They grow up so fast!
    -OMG! Sashimi!!! Sulit na sulit na bayad mo diyan pa lang.
    -The selection is quite good, ha... wala akong hindi kakainin diyan. Mukhang masarap lahat!
    -kasama sa buffet ang sizzling chicken mo, yung palabok, at yung oysters? Or ala carte yun?
    -OMG! Ang bait-bait naman ni Mati! Swerte naman ng mapapang-asawa niya
    -"For some odd reason I feel like I'm in a Viva Films movie circa 1980." <<<=== KOREK! HAHAHAHAHA.... Naaalala ko pa dati parati naming nadadaanan yan nung ginagawa pa yan... elementary pa ako nun at diyan dumadaan yung service namin papuntang LSM
    -that banana split looks awesome! As well as that mais con hielo!!!l

    Have a great Tuesday my USASI!!! Mwah!

    1. Assuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuus! Nambola ka na naman!!!!!!

      1) We're such beggars kasi lagi kami nagpapalibre sa brother ko. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

      2) Yes wifi is free and VERY fast! I was able to download and watch movies while waiting. Pwede mo nga ako iwan sa garden cafe the whole day!

      3) Super! I agree!!!!

      4) Di ba? The prices are so reasonable and sulit naman the buffet. Yes you have to be a member or guest of member to enter. I'm sure kayang kaya mo maging member!!!!

      5) Oo no! Gel, hair spray, wax! Lahat na nilagay! Sometimes bago matulog nagwawax pa siya! Pinagsabihan ko na lang na makakalbo siya if he keeps on doing it. Binawasan ng unti. Maporma talaga si bunsoy!

      6) Di ba? Basta may sushi sulit na sa akin!!!!!!!

      7) I didn't have the buffet kasi I'm trying to diet. But my brother and sister in law, who are such foodies and really go around restaurants, said it was yum naman daw.

      8) Hindi. We ordered ala carte he he he he he!

      9) DI BAAA??? I was touched din kasi I brought his swimming gear tapos when he saw that I was not swimming, he just took out his book and ayaw na din daw niya magswim.

      10) Parang institution na VALLE VERDE COUNTRY CLUB for the 80s kids. We all have fond memories of it. Parang trip back in time when you're here. I could stay in it the whole day!

      11) Yep! AND less than P200 siya!!!!!



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