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Wednesday, September 30, 2015


During our Japan trip last May, THE YAPPY BUNCH along with my brothers and sisters were able to eat in many restaurants and pigged out on our favorite Ramen, Sushi, Yakiniku, etc. etc! However, you may call us traitors or "bakayarōs", but there came a time wherein we were craving to bite into something familiar.

Something that reminds us of home...
Something that would take us a trip down memory lane...
Something that we have been craving for subconsciously....

And that something is...



In our defense though we always made it a point to eat in a MCDONALD'S branch  in all of the countries that we've been to (US, Italy, Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, etc) because we wanted to see how it was different in each culture.

And yes, we are happy to discover that we always find something different and more special in each of the MCDONALD'S that we've been to per country.

Including JAPAN! 


Somebody inside wants to join our party! He he he he he!

For some weird reason even if we are already faced with all the delicious food in Japan, the thought of eating at this popular fast food chain got us all excited!

Tuesday, September 29, 2015


The Chinese Adonis, Master Mati, and I, recently attended the wedding celebration of his first cousin, Wilbert, in Sofitel Manila. 

Since most of his family members will not be able to attend, we decided to bring little ol' Matster with us so that he'll experience a Chinese Lauriat. 

And there it is. 


We have actually stayed in SOFITEL for a family staycation and tried their SPIRAL buffet with friends.  But this is the first time that we'll be attending a wedding so we're pretty excited at what the night will hold for us.

Monday, September 28, 2015


If the Chinese Adonis and I could have it our way, we would like to have date nights EVERY night because we are always in the mood for a little "something-something" after a hard days work. As much as we want to do so though, we cannot just be happy-go-lucky when we need to stay with the boys on school nights, and having frequent dinners out could be quite costly.

Good thing that during one of our impromptu date nights, I remembered that THE GRILL BOY in  Spark Place Cubao Quezon City just opened.  At last! We have a restaurant nearby that gives effin great value for our money and serves the kind of food WE love!

I mentioned this to the Chinese Adonis and he agreed to have another date night at THE GRILL BOY. I guess, he is as excited to have a taste of their famous sisig, pork barbecue, etc. etc. because even if he'll be coming from Sta. Rosa Laguna, he really pushed for our date night to go forth! I thought of inviting some friends to join us (the more the merrier), but when they bailed out on us, my husband was still like "We should still go for THE GRILL BOY! At least we could pig out as much as we want without judgement!"

There you go. That's a man with a plan! And the promise of having a taste of delicious Filipino food at an affordable price drove us to enjoy another date night no matter how far away or feeling stingy we are.

THE GRILL BOY definitely got us deliciously covered!  


The GRILL BOY also has branches in Mall of Asia but this one is so conveniently near where I work in Quezon City!

Plus, the building is quite new so it may be a cool place to hang out!

Sunday, September 27, 2015


One thing I could say about me and the Chinese Adonis is that we may not have a gazillion of friends but we do have the ones that matter. Of course, don't get me wrong, we are friendly and welcoming to everyone since we do believe there is goodness in all people. HOWEVER, we are glad that the circle that we keep close to us are those who we share the same values and traditions especially when it comes to family and friendship.

And one of those couples is Gem and Jojie!

Gem and Jojie are part of our BP Group and we have been good friends for almost two years now. The Chinese Adonis and I feel like they are our kindred spirits because we love their views about life and they always inspire us to do what we can. Not to mention, when we get together we always chat up a storm! I'm even surprised that we have time to breathe because we always have an exchange of tales and views non-stop!

One of the great things we love about Gem and Jojie is their generous spirit. They always give and share their blessings to people who are their friends and yes, even their enemies. Yup! It's true!!!! That's why I always tell them, the reason why they are so abundant in love from everyone is because of their selfless and giving attitude. Good things ALWAYS come their way and they would still find it in their hearts to share whatever that is.

Maybe that's why WE arrived into their lives and WE are sharing about it!


When Gem and I chat in Facebook, conversation would always direct us to eating a platter of delicious steak. So much so that during one of our usual cravings for steak, one of us mentioned "Let's eat at MAMOU!"

And then we did. IMMEDIATELY.

I guess that's one more thing we appreciate about dear Gem and Jojie. There's no dilly dally and we get a definite action in a New York minute. When they say it, they really mean it! No flakers!!!! Ora mismo ang mga Navarros! He he he he he!!!!

Combine THAT attitude with food, ahhhh dream come true for ERICJAZ FOODIES!

Ika nga ni pareng Alden in KALYESERYE... "God gave me you..... To show me what's real..."



We went to MAMOU TOO in Powerplant Mall on a weekday after we put the kiddies to sleep. Good thing that we made reservations because even at this late hour, the restaurant was still packed!

Friday, September 25, 2015


When we were in Japan, my siblings made it a point to go to places that have historical significance or where we could have major food-trippings.  Alas, in Tokyo, they were able to put those two ultimo supremos together. And that was in the usual foodie wonderland....


If you haven't heard about this, then food is not really a priority and you're just a faker!

UNLESS of course if your top priority is ALDEN RICHARDS, then that's ok.

He he he he he! (Pabebe wave) 


Wednesday, September 23, 2015


THE YAPPY BUNCH and my family are in AKIHABARA, TOKYO and after going around the anime capital of Japan, we were all hungry!

Yes we're cute now, but you will not like us when we're hungry!

Good thing that my eldest brother, Kuya Jay was in the mood for 2 important things:

1) Yakiniku
2) Treating us

When we told him that we passed by a Yakiniku restaurant while shopping for some toys, he immediately declared that will be our venue for dinner tonight, and yes, he WILL be treating!

Oh the night CANNOT be more better!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015


In our 4th day in Japan, my brother said that we will be going to the MEIJI SHRINE in SHIBUYA. I announced this to the little lords and they all groaned "We're going to a shrine again???" I couldn't blame them since we've been walking up marathons to different religious sites in Japan that we were a bit tired.

Yes, only a bit!

Well, physically our feet was almost screaming for us to rest but I remember that every time we get to our destination, all tiredness will just disappear as we bask in the beauty of all of it.

And that is what exactly happened to us when we came onto MEIJI SHRINE in SHIBUYA, TOKYO. We had a veerrrrryyyyy long walk but it was also such a beautiful stroll that we didn't have any feeling of fatigue at all! Even the little lords forgot that we have been going on foot almost the whole day and even managed to run around.

I guess that's what the oriental exquisiteness Japan bestows upon its international guests -- a natural beauty that re-energizes the heart and the soul that we'd be asking for more.

And yes, I'm sure the little lords would agree, that we'd always want more of Japan...

...INCLUDING, the shrines! :)


Monday, September 21, 2015


IT'S THE ULTIMATE TASTE TEST 2015!!! My favorite foodie event of the year!!

Once again we joined other gluttons like us in celebrating our love for eating by being food critics for the day. The venue for the ULTIMATE gluttony party was going to be in Glorietta, and even if we had prior commitments promised on the same day, we will move mountains just to be able to make it.

After all, where could we have a date night where we could be food critics like Padma Lakshmi or Anton Ego while helping ourselves to the hottest food finds that will hit the Metro?


I mean, yes we could do role playing for date night but dessert is already included in THE ULTIMATE TASTE TEST! (Naughty... Naughty wink!)

Now let me share with your our ULTIMATE foodie night!!!!


Even way before ERICJAZ FOODIES, my husband and I are already fans of ANTON DIAZ of OUR AWESOME PLANET. That's why when he came up with THE ULTIMATE TASTE TEST, it really became our couple "mission" to attend. 

Imagine our thrill when we met Anton in the flesh! The first food blogger that I stalked ever! The excitement I felt back then was like meeting the King of Westeros but Mr. Diaz is the ruler of our food online!

Thursday, September 17, 2015


THE CORNICHE in DIAMOND HOTEL has raised a new foodie flag once again to highlight a popular cuisine that is craved by many! From September 16 to 20, 2015 feast on the colorful and festive spread that would give your appetite a mouth-watering fiesta.....


When the Chinese Adonis arrived, a Mariachi band was playing in full blast!

See? Even their devoted chefs are watching! He he he he he!

The DIAMOND HOTEL Mariachi band certainly gave this Wednesday night an instant party!


Last June, our little Andrei wished long and hard on the Chinese Adonis and I to buy tickets for his favorite MONSTER JAM live in SM MOA Arena. Being the cutie, dainty, lady that I am (blech), I didn't know anything about this popular TV show that was a favorite to individuals with testosterone. When my husband mentioned that it was about big trucks, I thought it was just the usual car shows where the automobiles were on display and there were hottie models strutting about. Hmmm...... Andrei wanted to watch THAT??

Lo and behold, MONSTER JAM is more of colorful Monster Trucks doing breath-taking stunts, racing, jumps, and tumbles that will make you just roar in excitement. Now I understand my little lord's fascination with it: you'll have an explosion of action right before your very eyes. When I learned about this though, I gave out a little sigh of sentimentality. Now my little lord is wishing to watch a show on grizzly Monster Trucks when it was just like yesterday he was dragging me to a concert of HI-5.

Oh well. I guess I have to shove all sentimental feelings aside because one thing's for sure, there is NO room for drama in MONSTER JAM!

BUT, what about cutie, little, dainty ladies like me???

NAAAH..... There is no room for hallucinations either.

THIS is the real deal and it is as BIG as it GETS! So let the roaring good time BEGIN!


We bought our tickets about 2 months prior to the show and got a discount from VIVREFORT ENTERTAINMENT

Tuesday, September 15, 2015


If there's one thing that the Chinese Adonis and I have in common is that we love spending time with the little lords. I know it should be a given since they're our kids and all (duh) but we really, really love spending our every available day with them and even think of more ways to have wonderful memories with the little lords.

One most recent is our weekend with the BP Group in Seda Nuvali. We thought that besides the staycation, it would be fun if my Master Mati and little Andrei get to enjoy the outdoor activities that Nuvali had to offer, most specifically, fish feeding and the boat ride.

And yes, we were right!

Based on the squeals and hysterical laughter, the little lords had another awesome time with us and our friends. Now Nuvali's fish feeding and boat ride may be something very affordable but the memories that the little lords collected and posted (on FB... tee hee) were indeed priceless!

Come to think of it, the Chinese Adonis and I were the ones truly blessed with this day because seeing the sweet smiles and hearing the wee giggles from our boys will be something that we'll cherish when we're dried up  raisins.

Yes I'll be graphic.

When we're all wrinkly with false teeth dangling from our gummy mouths, we'll just look at each other and smile by remembering how the boys were during that day.


"God gave me you... To show me what's real...."

Oops sorry. #Aldubforever.

He he he he he!

THE YAPPY BUNCH strutting it in NUVALI!

We were in NUVALI early morning to get away from the traffic and to get an early start for our planned activities. 

Monday, September 14, 2015


When we were plotting our itinerary for our Japan trip, my brothers and sisters were all so busy listing up the famous tourist sites or historical places to go in our short 6-day stay.  Being the youngest (and cutest) in the group, I really had no say but to just go along to where they all planned to go.  I think that's really the burden of being so young and so cute, you'll just go with the flow of where the oldies will go.

Har de har har!

Don't worry. My brothers and sisters don't read my blog... So whatever... Tee hee...

Anywho, it's a good thing though that my siblings have the same taste as I do, and we all share the same love in exploring Japanese food, most specifically, Ramen! So imagine my pleasant surprise when, after dutifully just following the "always final" itinerary that we had in Japan, we suddenly landed in the famous TOKYO RAMEN STREET!

Inangkupu! This is like paradise for a Ramen lover like me!

Who would have thought that Japan would have rows upon rows of their famous Ramen restaurants to answer our every craving?

Well my siblings knew about this and for that, I will give them my heartfelt gratitude and love in my blog....

For now...

Tee to the hee!


We may have had a light breakfast in TOKYU STAY HOTEL, but we were all raring to go to my tummy's very own "Disneyland."

Friday, September 11, 2015


For day-3 in Japan, we were dragging our selves from walking all day from the temples that we went to in Kyoto. It was really a long, tiring, but ultra fun day that we all just wanted to plop ourselves on the beds of TOKYU STAY NIHONBASHI  and just snooze a year or two. But alas, we haven't eaten yet. Now where should we go to satisfy our tired yet loudly grumbling tummy?

Good thing that at the street across our hotel, we saw this small restaurant with the lights still on. At first we were a bit hesitant since there wasn't anyone there, but the big hulky Japanese guy gestured that it was fine for us to go in.

And so, SUKIYA it is!

I forgot what time it was but it was really late. The busy streets of Tokyo were clear and there were no humans in sight.

The two people I see there look like robots. You won't know for sure in Japan because they DID invent the Transformers right?


Thursday, September 10, 2015


The Chinese Adonis and I love holidays because not only do we get to sleep in (hi hi hi) on what is supposed to be a work day, but we get to spend the whole day with our little lords at what we consider a "free pass" for the school year.

Last Monday, it was the same, we celebrated National Heroes Day by the only way we know how -- sleeping in and pigging out together as a family!! Very unheroic I know but still so fun because those two are our simple joys. Of course, we had to get up and break out from enjoying the bed weather so that we could start our day pronto.

We received an invite to have lunch in ACACIA HOTEL and we were excited to drive all the way to Alabang just for it. We had dinner in ACACIA HOTEL before and enjoyed their delicious buffet. But this time, we're going to be with the kiddies so even if we had fun with our friends before, we know that having lunch there with the little lords would be something truly memorable!

As what every  visit to ACACIA HOTEL assures!



Thursday, September 3, 2015


One Sunday night, the Chinese Adonis, Mati, and I were craving for some authentic Korean grub that is not in our usual Powerplant Mall. We then remembered that there is this cheap Korean buffet in San Juan that our friends recently ate in and raved about. So we immediately made a mental note to answer our dinner craving there. 

We invited dear Andrei to go but surprise, surprise, our little finicky eater deserted us to go with his Lolo and Lola. It's okay, last thing we need is somebody whining while we attack the buffet anyway. He he he he he he!

Oops... Did I just "say" that out loud???


Lucky us! They now have a promo wherein dinner buffet go for their lunch rates! 

Wohoo! We'll be able to save more while we eat more!

Wednesday, September 2, 2015


ERICJAZ FOODIES with Best Gal Pal (BGP) Marian and Manong Fred have already been to DEAN & DELUCA before but since we had so much fun that night, we decided to make a return, pronto.

And we brought reinforcements.... pay the bill for us.



It was a busy week day when we decided to go to DEAN & DELUCA. I had an early release from work (which was a rare thing) so it was just natural for us to invite our best friends for a couples night. 

That is, after we put the little lords to sleep!

Tuesday, September 1, 2015


Sorry that I have been MIA-ing for so long. I'm sure you guys don't really care but just in case you do, I was setting up my sister's bridal shower. Of course I'll be blogging about it once the dear bridezilla allows me to. Maybe during their honeymoon? Tee hee!

Anywho, one of the latest traditions of THE YAPPY BUNCH is we always celebrate the last day of the little lords' quarterly exams. It was actually Mati who thought of this gimmick for the family since he felt deserving of a reward after all that studying and hard work in preparation for his exams. He he he he! With that, it became an instant thing for us that we never really make any other plans except with the boys. 

And so for this week, our "after exams" venue will be...


Usually in the little lords' school, the last day of the exams would fall on a Saturday. I don't really know why this is so, but at least my husband and I are able to pick them up ourselves.

No matter how many times we do so, the boys always get so excited when they see us waiting for them. 

They get so excited that they don't mind having a picture with us even if their friends are around! He he he he he he!

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