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For many years, we have been passing along Wilson Street when going home to (!!!CENSORED!!!) and not once have we eaten at this quiet Japanese restaurant on the main road. The restaurant's name is YUUJIN and I always thought that since it was situated besides houses upon houses of the posh Greenhills' subdivision, the prices there would be as high as cutie pie Godzilla. But, after reading the blog entry of dear SUGAR, SPICE, AND EVERYTHING NICE, I was enlighted that food there was not only delicious but very affordable!


Okay I may be going overboard (as I usually do) but you do see how that's great news to us.

So one night after work instead of suffering the hustle and bustle of mall restaurants, the Chinese Adonis and I went for the reclusive YUUJIN.  And, after a very delicious and satisfying meal, we felt a bit guilty for bypassing this Japanese oldie for such a long time. To think that IT HAS BEEN THERE FOR MANY YEARS and other people who live faraway have been blogging about it! Oh well that's lesson learned for us to NEVER take such restaurants for granted. Sometimes what could be your "next favorite" may already be under your noses and you haven't given it a chance at all!

Now that would give us MORE reason to try out EVERY restaurant at our route going home to (!!CENSORED!!). First stop, MCDONALDS!

KIDDING. Duh. He he he he he!


The facade of YUUJIN is really like an old house that was converted into a restaurant.

Save for the few signs outside, you would only think that they are having some sort of party inside with a celebrant named YUUJIN. Ha ha ha ha ha!

Okay fine I guess I made my point already. 

Entrance to YUUJIN is via this red brickway.

Inside is a very casual set up for a Japanese restaurant. 

If I may be so bold, it is a level higher than your favorite Chinese Binondo restaurant BUT colder with maximum air conditioning. YEAH!


Oh my apologies just the YUUJIN rice menu. I think I got lazy in taking all of the pictures again. 

YUUJIN simple condiments.

A very no frills set up!

As they handed us the menu, YUUJIN servers gave us this complimentary appetizer pickled squid, carrots, etc. in a sauce similar to what they have with kimchi, only it was not spicy. 

It was actually quite good and I could see myself eating THIS with rice! Yum! The carrots were also crunchy to the bite. Just the way I like em.

Do you find me cute in this picture (sorry I rather think poorly of myself at times)? Check out the previous one Yub took that he was guffawing over.


He he he he he!

Time to order! Our server was very courteous, polite, and was very accommodating even if we were there at about 20 minutes to closing time. 

Doing the deed.... in a not so lady-like way. He he he he he!

My date who would ALWAYS get unflattering pictures of me.

Our order came with a bowl of hot and tasty miso soup.

Aaah so satisfying and just hits the spot!

My new favorite in Japanese restaurants is a serving of spicy, creamy, and just over all delectable Hot Tuna Salad (P305.00). I know this was meant to be an appetizer but I sometimes have it with fried rice!!!!!

The fried tempura bits add a very pleasant crunch to this exciting dish (Yep! I find it so!).

In every restaurant that I go to, I always request for this Tuna Salad to be EXTRA creamy and EXTRA spicy! The only way to go!!!

So happy with my YUUJIN spicy tuna!! The fish was fresh and was truly delectable with the mayo dressing and spices! EGAD my mouth is so drooling right now.

I dipped it in soy sauce with wasabi!

I was in the mood to live dangerously that night so I ordered an extra plate of YUUJIN Mixed Tempura (P215.00) to share.

Well actually, I'll share with him 1 piece of the Ebi Tempura. I know I shouldn't but I would! 

Susmadremio!!! I'm the most generous wife there is! I should be winning an award!


Of course, I cannot have all of that WITHOUT a cup of Japanese Fried Rice (P100.00).


Yub was craving for some Chicken Teriyaki (P260.00) with rice and had an instant bonding moment when his bowl was placed before him in YUUJIN. 

The chicken was hot off the griller and was glazed with a Teriyaki sauce that had the right sweetness levels. Much better than our usual go-to Japanese fast food restaurant!

Normally, I would only have special drinks on my cheat day (Saturday) but whaddaheck. I'm breaking all barriers of fat-dom already! So I'm welcoming my trusty bottomless iced tea (P80.00) to wash down the delicious food!

ERICJAZ FOODIES and lone lady at YUUJI!

"Miss... miss... Ekaw ba ay nalolongkot? Walang makaosap?"

She should've just joined us I know. However, I'm not sure if she'll want to sit with us weirdos.

Our food! Our glorious-whaddahel-were-we-thinking-passing-by-this-gem FOOD!

Digging in!

Nom.. Nom... Nom....

In tagalog.... Ngasab...Ngasab... Nguya... Lunok...


Our YUUJIN bill!

Next time you're in the Greenhills/San Juan area, do try out this long time Japanese grub survivor in Wilson Street. Believe me, it wouldn't stay THAT long faraway from the shopping center if it's not worth every piece of your buck AND appetite!!!!

I. Thank. You.

He he he he he!


Check it out 

221 Wilson Street, Bgy. Greenhills
San Juan del Monte
(02) 706 0626


  1. Wow! A new post so soon after your birthday! Hope you had a great one, Jaz!

    -ano ang censored? Yung location ng multi-trillion dollar house niyo spanning Wack-Wack, Bel-Air, Forbes Park and Dasma? hahaha
    -kay Jane ko din nabasa ang tungkol sa resto na ito... naunahan pa ng taga-alabang ang mga taga-pasig at taga-(!!!CENSORED!!!)
    -nakapunta na kaya si hefty foodie dito? baka sa kanya ito! hahaha
    -cute na cute ang idol ko! And your second pic looks like Andrei doing herobrine (???) face, hahaha
    -20 minutes to closing? Late na pala kayo dumating! Kaya pala konti na lang tao. We went there for lunch kasi, and the place was packing!
    -I always have someting at Teriyaki Boy very similar to Hot Tuna Salad, and it's called Tempura Tuna Tartare (P155). Na-try mo na ba yun? I also put extra chili oil para mas humahagupit! Sarap!
    -bakit living dangerously? may allergy ka sa shrimp?
    -Teriyaki Boy ba ang usual Japanese fast food resto niyo?
    -"Miss... miss... Ekaw ba ay nalolongkot? Walang makaosap?" <<<=== BWAHAHAHAHA
    -OMG!!! P1056 for two people???? Ibang level talaga ang EJF!!! hahahaha... (mandatory ekek, hehehe)
    -when we were there, we got their huge Sunflower Maki (among other things) and it was really good. Sayang wala silang uni that time, but it was okay since we were able to taste their delicious food.
    -Your post reminded me that I should pay them a visit again soon. =)

    HAVE A GREAT FRIDAY JAZ!!! And a great weekend as well. I'm sure madami ka pang birthday celebrations in the coming days dahil madaming nagmamahal sa iyo. Mwah!

    1. Hiya Mr. Snuff!!!!! How are you??? It's Friday! WOHOOOO!

      1) Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! Wala I'm just poking fun at where we live but it's in a humble abode in MANDALUYONG!!! O ayan! Naku baka puntahan mo ako niyan makita mo ang super small place namin!

      2) EXACTLY! I just saw this also from SUGAR AND SPICE! To think I pass by this place almost every week!

      3) Sorry I don't get the joke about Hefty Foodie... Ha ha ha ha ha! Pero I'm sure because he gets invited to a lot of places. Galing niya e!

      4) Ha ha ha ha! Actually madami yung pics na yan. Yung huli na lang pinili ko. Oo nga I'll show this to Andrei!

      5) Yes!!! I got out of work late tapos natraffic pa. I'm sure a lot of people eat here pero this time, we were the only ones there. Tapos ah, I'm impressed ang bait pa din ng mga servers and they really wanted us to stay by explaining further their specials. Yung iba kasi pag near closing time, tamad na tamad na. Ha ha ha ha ha!

      6) YES!! I ALWAYS have that in Teriyaki Boy too! It's my favorite there. Tapos I request extra chili oil and mayonnaise! YUM!

      7) Ha ha ha ha! No... Kasi I usually have just one order with rice. By ordering another dish is like gluttony already. I'm gonna pay for it with pounds later on. HA HA HA HA!

      8) Yes! i LOVED TERIYAKI boy before but sadly food is not as good na. I love Yuujin now! We also love SUZUKIN!

      9) HE HE HE HE!!! iShe's the manager ata of YUUJIN kaya nagiisa and working. Ha ha ha ha ha!

      10) CHE! Ikaw nga P6000!!!!!

      11) I really want to try other sushis kaso I cannot finish it with my tekkamaki (my default order). Si Eric kasi he doesn't eat that e.

      12) WE SHOULD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Ha ha ha ha ha! I wish!!! We'll see! Tee hee!!! Thanks so muchos dear Niel! MMMWAAAH!

    2. Hefty Foodie is Eugene = Yuujin hahaha

    3. Ay di ko na get yun. Ang corny kasi. JOKE!!! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!

    4. Hahahahahahaha... =D

  2. saraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaap!!!!! Hay super duper inggit! and the price is super affordable.. I remember my vdayte.. it was uhm shall we say expensive Japanese good things SHE paid for it.. whewww!! Hahaha See you soon Jazzzz!! Misu guys na :D

    1. Hiya Mr. Jeng!!!! Exactly!!! Food is good and affordable! Pwedeng pwede..... ha ha ha ha! Ikaw talaga! Double date tayo please with your lovely vdayte!!! Miss you guys too!!!!! Hope to see you and your kindness soon!!!! Mwah!

  3. I've never tried their hot tuna salad. I'll definitely try it when I go back! Excellent post! :)

    1. Oh you should!!!! It's my favorite! Thanks for dropping by TUMMY WANDERER! Have a great and hungry day!!!!!


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