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Thursday, May 28, 2015


If you regularly read my blog (woe is you) you would have noticed by now that THE YAPPY BUNCH loves staycations! Yup! We could never have enough of them! Of course, we save first before we could schedule one and we also consider that there should be a special occasion for it. Then, when we do have enough budget, we have a family bonding weekend that is surely unforgettable. 

For me, these staycations are money worth spent because it is a different kind of long term investment. We may set aside money for education, insurance, basic necessities, and etc. But do save something that would ensure family experiences and togetherness. Believe me, these memories will last in your children until they grow up.

And I'm living proof of that!

For my 40th birthday, my husband treated THE YAPPY BUNCH for an overnight stay at HYATT, CITY OF DREAMS. For the first part of our weekend fun, we swam a lot and ate lot.

I wonder how different it would be for the second part?

Check it out!



As part of my 40th birthday celebrations, my husband planned for a staycation for the YAPPY BUNCH as his birthday gift to me. I'm glad that the Chinese Adonis knows me very well and got me something that I would really, really like. Because yes, jewelry or expensive items could be the appropriate mark for the big 4-0 but I would rather have the whole family share in my happiness with these bonding experiences. For me, that makes turning a year older more special and significant.

So let's go online and book for another family getaway!

For this particular birthday weekend, my husband wanted to try out something that is new and different from where we would usually go to. We thought since Robert de Niro, Leonardo di Caprio, and Martin Scorsese have been showing their faces at us at many youtube ads, we subliminally got the message that we should try out the hottest and flashiest place in town...

So are we in?



Wednesday, May 27, 2015


After my friends and I checked out from Hotel Kimberly in Tagaytay for my pre-birthday celebration, we headed out to MORIELLI'S for our late lunch. I haven't eaten there but my pogi bud Jonahs used to frequent the place so he strongly recommended to have our going home meal there.


Hopefully they could make bigger signs than these. We almost missed it!

Mishoo Camp Campo!

If MORIELLI'S would get standees of our hottie likeness then I'm sure there would a rampage of traffic instantly.

 Tee hee!

If you think that MORIELLI'S is an Italian restaurant, think again! It is actually a combination of the name of the owner's parents Moriet and Gely! These two have been insanely in love ever since their high school days and there's no stopping them now. Some may doubt eternal bliss in love but this is the real deal! And believe it or not, I felt the warmth of what they had for each other in the vibe of the place!

Not for long though. Because somebody from our group is reeking weirdness.


Monday, May 25, 2015


ERICJAZ FOODIES was recently invited to the hottest "it" place in Metro Manila for the launch of this much awaited party drink -- MILLER GENUINE DRAFT!

To be honest, I am really much a party girl. I go more for get-togethers with friends/family that promises plenty of food and loads of conversation in a quiet "noise-free" room. HOWEVER, it is so different with the Chinese Adonis. Let's just say that he may be all quiet and gentlemanly on the outside but inside, there's a frat boy just waiting to explode and roar!

So naturally, the Chinese Adonis was quite excited to attend the launch of MILLER'S GENUINE DRAFT. He knew that tonight, he will get to see and be seen with Manila's coolest who will come together to have a first taste of MILLER DRAFT.

And I'm sure with a taste of this golden ice cold drink, you will agree that for a good time, in MILLER we trust! One chug and you'll know that the night is ALWAYS far from over. 

From Miller Genuine Draft Philippines

Oh yeah. I will say it.

It's (definitely) MILLER TIME! 

The view may be spectacular at 71 GRAMERCY....

But there is a "pot of gold" waiting for the hyper party-goer.


Friday, May 22, 2015


Even before my 40th birthday week, my BGP Marian would always tell me that she would treat me at TODD ENGLISH FOOD HALL because she abso-frigginly loved their chocolate lava cake. She knew how much I am obsessed with chocolate that she also wanted me to try her new found favorite that was very fudgy, creamy, and oh soooo heavenly!

As they say, birds of the same feather love eating the same food together. Tee hee!

So after we got ourselves very full from the deliciousness of LUGANG CAFE, we got a bit of exercise by walking towards TODD ENGLISH FOOD HALL. And yup, since we sweated a bit from that looong travel (tee hee) we felt so entitled to indulge.


Tee to the Hee!


(pant) (pant) FINALLY we made it! It was such a long walk from LUGANG CAFE to TODD ENGLISH!

If you think that TODD ENGLISH's "food hall" is something like a food court of cafeteria, you are so wrong!

Thursday, May 21, 2015


Whenever it's my birthday, I would always meet up with my BGP (Best Gal Pal) Marian and her crazy husband, Manong Fred. No birthdays without meeting up these two will be complete for me. It's already etched in stone and cannot be removed from history.

Yup! Best friends should ALWAYS meet up on birthdays! 

So as part of my 40th birthday celebrations, I met up with dear BGP Marian and (ew) her hubby Manong Fred in SM Aura. Usually when we're at the newest mall of the SM franchise, we would usually slurp noodles at our favorite RAMEN NAGI. But we wanted to try something new and we were in the mood for some Chinese food. So we tried out the restaurant that is peering at us from RAMEN NAGI....


My husband and I love Chinese food but we have never eaten at LUGANG CAFE. We have always passed by it going to RAMEN NAGI and would usually feel discouraged by the poshness of the place. 

You can't really blame us because they have 3 or more friggin chandeliers for crying out loud! 

Wednesday, May 20, 2015


Once again it is my birthday and once again, we will eat at KIMPURA for dinner! It has actually been a tradition for me already to have my birthday dinner at my favorite Japanese Teppanyaki restaurant. My family may already be getting tired of it and there are more exciting restaurants out there. But we are eating at my favorite KIMPURA and that is final.

On my birthday actually, I was so worried because Pnoy wonderfully declared that Edsa and some streets will be closed due to the People Power Anniversary. Bollocks! That meant traffic jams here and there! Such was the horrendous traffic that morning that instead of going to Church and having our usual GLORIA MARIS birthday breakfast, we ended up in CIBO in Power plant Mall because our car did not budge at all! Que horror I know!

Good thing that the foodie gods understood my need to have my favorite on my birthday because by 4:00pm, the streets cleared up and it was easy peasy for the cars to go anywhere. Hooray! There you go!

Just goes on to show that if you drool about it, your wishes with come true.

With that, I know that KIMPURA and I are meant to be. Forever. He he he he he!

It's my birthday and the family is in KIMPURA!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015


One of my 40th birthday celebrations was a weekend in Tagaytay City with my BP Group, a special set of friends whom I already consider as "family". And since it was my birthday, I get to choose where to have dinner that night (HA!!! Such power!!!).

I thought of going for RESTAURANT VERBENA of COUNTRY SUITES DISCOVERY TAGAYTAY since we enjoyed our evening there the last time.  Of course, besides the restaurant, I also requested everyone to dress up to make the night extra special. Don't worry. Dressing up is something my BP Group is fond of doing so that we'll look good in pictures (our first love. Ha ha ha ha ha!)

Now even if my friend Jonahs has already resigned as Country Suite's Resident Manager, his former staff still raved at his "visit" and really made sure that we will be fussed over during my birthday dinner. And WOW! We were spoiled the Country Suites way and our tummies were so happy from all the delicious food! Add to that, our non-stop chatter AND pictures all throughout the night!

What an awesome pre-birthday dinner! I wish I could turn 40 everyday! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!


Yup! The award winning and must-visit restaurant in Tagaytay City!

Country Suite by Discovery is a quaint and cozy hotel that has less than 10 rooms to ensure peace, quiet, and privacy. 

Friday, May 15, 2015


My friends and I are having an early birthday celebration for me in HOTEL KIMBERLY and we already had loads of fun the night before.

ERICJAZ FOODIES with the little lords in HOTEL KIMBERLY!

Of course, even if it was already our second time in HOTEL KIMBERLY, we still  wanted to use their recreational facilities TO THE EXTREME. With that, we woke up early to get a head start on everything!


Andrei here looks dazed and confused. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

It turns out my friends Gem and Jojie woke up much earlier and jogged around the vast gardens of HOTEL KIMBERLY.

What gives mareng Gem and Jojie??? You're making us all look lazy...

Which we are really! He he he he he!

Thursday, May 14, 2015


Not to sound too whiny or anything but I am writing this with so much pain in my butt. My lower back to be exact! I know you don't need to know that but I just want to remember how I got severe back pains due to locked muscles from saving the world.

Okay fine I went somewhere where a lot of walking was required and due to my lack of exercise, my butt went "WHUUUUUTTT?" and locked itself as defense mechanism. Ha ha ha ha ha! Oh well. That goes on to show that too much physical activity is NEVER good.

So. There.

Anyway, I'm braving these jabbing pains to do an entry on my silly little foodie blog because it's been quite a long time already. I don't know about you but I miss writing down my useless memories and sharing them. And upon learning that next in line was my birthday staycation in HOTEL KIMBERLY in Tagaytay City, I knew I should learn how to blog while lying down on my bed. Yep there's a first time for everyone who loves something enough. He he he he he he!!!!

My BP Group and I have already stayed in HOTEL KIMBERLY in 2013 and we declared that it's our favorite family hotel in Tagaytay City. It may not give you an instant view of the famous volcano but the many amenities and activities for the family make up for it.

So naturally for my 40th birthday when we were deciding where to have our out of town BP family getaway, the unanimous decision was HOTEL KIMBERLY. Yes there may be other more exclusive hotels that would promise a posher and closer experience with the beauty of Tagaytay. But from the laughter and enjoyment that the kids and  my BP GROUP had during that weekend, we know that we all made the right choice.  I certainly had a more unforgettable out of town birthday staycation!

And, we had HOTEL KIMBERLY to thank for it!



We were able to check in easy peasy and with rooms close together.

I really wanted to settle into our rooms pronto but the kiddies had something else in mind!


The kids loved HOTEL KIMBERLY's big playground that immediately after check in, they ran here!!!!

Monday, May 11, 2015


When BGP Marian and I go out with our husbands for dinner, we CANNOT end the night without having dessert. Before, we would always have our night cap in Starbucks or in Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. But lately, our new favorite is BIZU in Greenbelt, Makati, simply because we love their cakes, coffee, and over-all look of the place!

It has already been a top favorite for us that it has almost been our tradition to end the night with our favorite BIZU whenever we're at the area! In fact, even if it's just me and the Chinese Adonis by our lonesome, you'll be sure to see us there!

Looking cute!

Blech. Sorry I just put that in to test if you're all still awake. He he he he he he! 


BIZU PATISSERIE has been serving its dainty cakes and pastries since 2001 from a very humble kiosk before. Now, it has already many branches in top establishments with a name that has become synonymous to classy catering. 

Entering BIZU is like going inside the looking glass of Alice In Wonderland. The bright pink and candy hues ARE reminiscent of a whimsical tea party that you would look for biscuits bearing the words EAT ME. 

Saturday, May 9, 2015


Ever since I got married and saved from the humiliation of the bouquet toss, I love attending weddings because the food is ALWAYS delicious! That's why when the Chinese Adonis was invited to attend the wedding of his former office mate, I agreed to be his date because I would just sit back, look pretty, relax, and EAT.

Hmmm... Come to think of it, I remember asking the husband if he could bring me with him to this one. Ha ha ha ha ha!

Before you tag me as an "asungot", the Chinese Adonis would usually want to bring me if there are other girls in the party. I don't have any problems with stringing along on my husband's gimiks because I'm cool with all of his friends (I'm not sure if it's vise versa though....). So yeah. I'll go whenever he wants me to. He does the same for me anyway.

As for his former bank friends, I only have fond memories of them. You might say that I am very familiar because we met while he was working with them. I remember that since we were just going out then, I was already making "cutesy pacutesy" so that these people will egg on the Chinese Adonis to "not let me go".

Ah yes. I'm a woMAN with a plan!

And now I'm attending (and eating) at their weddings as his wife! 


Me and the Chinese Adonis during Allan and Cathy's wedding!

Ooh I have a stalker at the back! 

After the ceremony, no need to go to our cars. The reception was at a function hall in the back.

Though it was a minor walk, I'm glad I didn't wear heels!

And it's to Fr. Mark Horan Hall we go!

Thursday, May 7, 2015


When we went to Tagaytay City for my 40TH BIRTHDAY WEEKEND, my BP group and I had brunch in one of my most favorite restaurants in the area.....  


Whenever we're in the land of Taal Volcano, I would always crave to have a meal in BAG OF BEANS or even just a snack because you could never go wrong with their menu. 

Everything is just dang good!

As much as I love BAG OF BEANS their main branch would always have VERY slow service. I remember eating here once and got served my order after an hour!!!

I noticed that this is an all-new BAG OF BEANS where they renovated the whole look of the place!

Now, they have a more chic design and plenty of rooms for you to book your hungry group!!


EGAD it finally happened.

I turned 40!

Confusing right? I know, I know, that I don't look a day over 20 years old but that's the truth. And if many do not believe it, I would still have to face that I....

... am older than Annie in WHEN HARRY MET SALLY.

... am older than Rachel in FRIENDS.

.... am older than the 4 geezers in SEX AND THE CITY.

... am older than Maria in THE SOUND OF MUSIC!!!!!!

Egad I'm old!

Anywho, the best thing with my age though is that now I am surrounded with more people whom I love and vise versa (I think/hope) than when I was younger. Believe me that I had so much fun with my two week (and more) birthday gimmicks that I almost had a heart attack plus bout of rheumatism!

Kidding aside, I know I may have put off making this blog entry for quite sometime because there were just too many to post and write about. And of course I'm sure you know that this old lady is quite lazy! But reviewing the pictures and reminiscing on the laughter, food, and love at turning a year older just made me feel so overwhelmed with all the blessings that I would (many times) take for granted.

Like I said many times during my two week (and more) birthday celebrations, turning 40 is not so bad after all if your days are filled with eating, smiling, hugging, and LOVING.

Of course, it doesn't hurt too if you got the best family and friends to do it with!


Sorry I can't move on.


Presenting my birthday celebrations!!!!

For my first BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION, I asked my BP Group for an out of town staycation in Tagaytay City.

The drive may not be so long but there was already a bit of traffic.  Good thing my husband downloaded MAP FACTOR and it was able to show us some detours to avoid the jams. 

Do try it out! It's free and you could use it without internet!

When we have an out of town drive, I always stay at the back with little Andrei. We kept ourselves occupied by watching some DOWNTON ABBEY! My favorite at that time!

While watching, we snacked on some biscuits plus ice cold juice and chocolait!

And we're here in Tagaytay!

The first meal to kick off my early birthday weekend was in BAG OF BEANS! 

Whenever you're in Tagaytay, you should always make a pit stop here for their delicious food and take home pastries!
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