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Friday, November 16, 2018


ERICJAZ FOODIES went out Saturday morning for an early getogether with THE KAIN TULOG GANG in Ortigas Center. We already went home about 1:00AM from a gimik that Friday but when our KTG beckons, we follow.

It's very likely anyway that delicious and hot food is waiting for us at the end of the "rainbow." He he he he he he he!

The venue for that morning was in WANG JIA TEA HOUSE, a simple and unpretentious restaurant located inside CW Home Depot Compound. When we got to the venue, the Yub and I knew that this would already be our kind of place especially when we're craving for affordable comfort food.

And knowing that they serve Yub's usual favorite (e.g. dimsum, noodles, rice toppings, kikiam, etc) just made him feel like he hit the jackpot.



WANG JIA TEA HOUSE is reminiscent of your favorite Binondo Chinese restaurants. 

Inside, you'd get that feel too. Even if WANG JIA is airconditioned (as opposed to some of our favorite Binondo restaurants), the space is limited; you only have a few tables.

And, their table setting is already made up with this plastic box and a pack of tissue paper.

The Yub and I likey!!!!!

And yupppps! We're so excited to eat!

WANG JIA menu 1...

WANG JIA menu 2...

WANG JIA menu 3...

WANG JIA menu 4...

WANG JIA menu 5...

WANG JIA menu 6...


You know it's going to be a great meal when the Fried Rice is served first! He he he he he!

Insurance? Yep!!!! This is no Chinese Lauriat that's for sure. 

WANG JIA Yang Chow Fried Rice (P248.00)!

WANG JIA Fried Rice (P248.00)!

Both were yum but I loved the Wang Jia Fried Rice more because it reminded me of my favorite Salted Fish. For their version, they fried the salty fishes to an appetizing crisp!

WANG JIA Radish Cake!

WANG JIA Century Egg with Seaweed in Sesame Oil!

WANG JIA Fried Wantons!!! One of my favorites for the night!

WANG JIA Dimsum and then some!

WANG JIA Beancurd Roll! 

I forgot what these were called but it was certainly malinamnam!

WANG JIA Gyoza (P98.00)!

WANG JIA Chicken Feet (P98.00)!

WANG JIA Siopao (P88.00/basket)!

WANG JIA Salted Egg Siopao (P88.00)!

WANG JIA Machang!

And the food just kept on coming!

WANG JIA Sweet and Sour Pork (P378.00)!

Crisp and with that right amount of tanginess!

WANG JIA Salted  Egg Fried Chicken (P378.00)!

WANG JIA Salt and Pepper Spare Ribs (P378.00)!

Another top favorite for me that breakfasttime was this plate of pork gizzard with spring onions!

So addicting!

WANG JIA Kikiam!

Yub approved! He he he he he!

I shouldn't focus on just one dish though because there are LOADS more to try!

ERICJAZ FOODIES with the KTG kumares and kumpares!

My first of MANY plates!



Our meet-up was only supposed to be for breakfast but then because of the delicious food and fun company, we extended well into lunch!!!!!


We all savored and enjoyed the food. And, since the dishes reminded us so much of Yub's Binondo favorites at the shorter distance, we will CERTAINLY be back!!!

Yup! For sure, again and again, and again!!!



Unit G17, CW Home Depot Compound, 
#1 Doña Julia Vargas Ave, Ortigas Center, Pasig, 
1600 Metro Manila



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