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Saturday, September 15, 2012


I would like to confess something.... 

It has long been bugging my insides that if I do not blurt it out, I'm going to internally combust....

It has been going on for FAR too long and I cannot help myself any longer...

I just have to bite my lip and just say it loud and proud...

(dramatic pause) I ... am... such... a... FOODIE.

You : "Let me just get my old boot to bonk you with...."

Kidding aside yes, even though my taste may not be as extensive or expensive as the other foodies out there, I just think about food and I live for food. 

I think I am the only wife in the world whom the husband could woo after an LQ (lover's quarrel) with the line "Where do you want to eat...?"

I think I am the few people who would already think about what my husband and I will have for dinner while we were still gobbling up our lunch!

Anyway, though I may be obsessed with FOOD, I am also a bit of a kill joy when it comes to crowded areas. I JUST HATE IT. I don't like bumping into other beings and, god forbid, smelling that paralyzing human body odor. 

Which is why as much as I WANT to go to FOODIE events such as Mercato Centrale, Cucina Andare, and the ULTIMATE TASTE TEST, little snooty me would make reasons not to.

Until my little new FOODIE came along.

Yes while reading another ad for yet again an ULTIMATE TASTE TEST EVENT in Rockwell that I plan to make a pathetic excuse for not going to (and be scandalously sorry later), my little lord/son Mati saw what I was mulling over and demanded that we should go there.

"We could go there BEFORE our movie night! We could rate and eat stuffs!!!" He strongly claimed.

I was then regretting watching the numerous TOP CHEF DVD's with him.

So to the ROCKWELL'S 2nd ULTIMATE TASTE TEST we went and I was not really expecting anything but the hustle and bustle of people while I was pathetically munching on plates of my food.

But such a FUN night it was because EVERYTHING that I was ridiculously concerned about in the beginning, was just that --- plain ridiculous.

Instead what me, my husband, and little lord/foodie Mati had was a night of not just great food and sweets, but we were also able to make it a family bonding night as well. 

We had a ridiculously delicious GRAND FAMILY TIME!

Thank you Padma Lakshmi! Well you DID get us hooked in the show in the first place. Tee hee!

photo grabbed from the net


The ULTIMATE TASTE TEST was held in the Rockwell Tent on September 15, 2013 and it started at 11:00am to 9:00pm!

Fee for the day was P585.00 for adults and children above 7 years old!

Mati was so excited to be like a grown up and be able to rate something. It gave him an extra thrill that he would be eating a lot while doing so!

Inside the Rockwell Tent, it was very cool and not crowded at all. The servers were very quick in cleaning up after a foodie and everyone just seemed like having a good time!

Mati was very excited to start eatin' and ratin'!

We were all given a map so we could better navigate our way throughout the tent. My husband and I planned our attack on the food kiosks which we wanted to try first....

I reminded my dear old husband that he should take his ratings card and give a score to the supplier whose food he will munch on. We could rate from 1 to 5 with 5 being the highest and add some comments to support our score. 

We situated ourselves at this table near the first concessionaires which we were rarin' to try!

What my husband and I did with the ULTIMATE TASTE TEST was to get 3 to 5 samples then go back to our table to eat and do the rating. 

We encouraged Mati to go around and get the food which he wished to sample and rate. We just reminded him to take note of what score he would like to put in the card. 

Though we don't have any chairs, we were still comfortable with the strong air conditioning and the desire to get up and running to try out what we can.

Mati was excited as we are and loaded on his plate!

If you think that P585 is a bit too steep from just mere food samples, imagine that you will be trying out grub from about 40+ food vendors!!! Now that is A lot! You could say that it is more than what other buffet restaurant offers. PLUS, you could boast that  you were able to sample and rate these grubs BEFORE they were famous. Believe me, they will go that route because one taste and you'll know what you have is a winner!!!

There were many food suppliers in THE ULTIMATE TASTE TEST but let me just share with you the ones which gave us great impact!


I loved their flavorful chunks of juicy chicken!

Up next was my favorite... The Roast Beef from HILLSIDE RANCH!!!

Oh this was just SO good and juicy!!!

Check out my DEEELICIOUS encounter with HILLSIDE RANCH later on by clicking HERE!!!!

As the ULTIMATE TASTE TEST was also sponsored by San Miguel Beer we were given a bottle to enjoy with the food. They even made suggestions on what bottle we should get to pair off with a particular grub!

We LOVED the Crunchy belly as well!!!!

This was so good I was chomping on it the whole night in the ULTIMATE TASTE TEST!!! I imagine having this with garlic rice again... ha ha ha ha!!!

Mati loved this Taho food kiosk!

His utmost favorite from THE ULTIMATE TASTE TEST was the PANZAROTTI!

He ate with mucho gusto their pizza empanada and even requested for seconds and thirds!

The servers at the ULTIMATE TASTE TEST were all very generous and even offered to give you a second and third helping if you wanted to. 

We certainly did!!!

Raspberry Smoothie with Chocolate chips from SAINT ALPS!!!

SUGARHOUSE gave us some sweet creamy kiwi butter cakes!

Like I said, we encouraged Mati to go around and decide which food he wanted to try out. He got curious with how an ilocos empanada tasted like....

While he was doing THAT, I was enjoying my second helping of Turkey Sandwich from THE PLAZA!

My messy tray!

Oh we were SO full beyond this point!!!

But that did not stop me from getting a second helping of the delicious sandwich from THE CHEESESTEAK SHOP!!!

Check out my crunchy encounter with THE CHEESESTEAK SHOP a year after by clicking HERE!!!

Mati was able to try some Mochi for the first time!!!

I was now thinking of surrendering since stomach groaned and requested me to give up already. But before I do, I just HAVE to try out a cupful of Masatami Shaved ice!!!

My score card! Este... Mati's... yes... that's his handwriting! he he he he!

It was also such a thrill to finally meet the first food blogger that I ever stalked!

I really came up to Mr. Anton Diaz and introduced myself. I told him that little Mati was a foodie as well. Mr. Diaz was so nice and accommodating that it made me want to stalk him some more. 

OH I'm kidding!

But you could check the FOODIES I STALK by clicking at HERE!!!!

Mati enjoyed the night so much that he insisted on having a picture on stage by the ULTIMATE TASTE TEST backdrop!!!

This was such an unforgettable night for the Foodie Family in us! If you think that this is just your ordinary food kiosk sampling, you think wrong. It is like a party complete with programs, prizes, and with food that will surely satisfy any craving that you have. 

I could imagine going here on a date night for a different kind of food tripping with my husband but I would definitely go to another one with my son because it was a new and tasty experience for him. And like my Mati predicted, he DID enjoy an event promising new discoveries in food and gave you the power to give scores and make suggestions. 

I'm sure that based on the picture above, we had such an AWESOME and ULTIMATE night!!!!

Can't wait to go to another one again...



And here's an AWESOME news once more...

Our AWESOME PLANET and SAN MIGUEL BEER is bringing back once again the...

Drumroll with cute TING at the end...


This ULTIMATE EVENT will be on September 14, 2013, Saturday, from 11:00am to 9:00pm!!!

Now is your chance to be like PADMA LAKSHMI and be an AWESOME FOOD CRITIC FOR A DAY!!!

For just P585.00 you would experience and get the following:

Food Taste Portions from a minimum of 40+ Home-Based Food Vendors & Power Plant Mall Restaurants for the entire Saturday

A bottle of San Miguel Super Dry, Premium All-Malt or Cerveza Negra
(For foodies 18 years old and above only)

Food Critic Ballot for voting your favorite food discoveries.
Donation to designated beneficiary.

Now as Rachel from Friends might say " Isn't that just kick you in the crotch, spit on your neck fantastic???"

Believe me, coming from somebody who hates crowds but would love to do something new with the hub and the kids, THE ULTIMATE TASTE TEST is a perfect bonding time for you and your loved ones!!!

Try it out!!!

For more info on how to purchase tickets and ULTIMATE TASTE TEST regulations, click on this link from 

Hope to see you guys there!!!!

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