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Monday, December 28, 2020


It's Saturday and THE YAPPY BUNCH are doubly excited!

Yes, we always go out on weekends in BGC...

Yes, we always have our usual special lunches...

Yes, we always go around afterwards then have coffee in our favorite SEATTLES' BEST....

This time though we're out with TEAM VIRREY and as expected, we all had awesome time!


Wednesday, December 23, 2020


It's the Christmas season!!!! One thing's for sure, we're wracking up our brains what to cook for our Noche Buena or holiday meals!!!!

Of course, my household is no exception.

My brother and I were usually in charge of cooking our Noche Buena so as early as the start of December, I'm already listing down our menu. We have our usual favorites (stuffed chicken, steak, mashed potatoes, leche flan, etc... etc) but we're always on the look-out to add something new to make our night more exciting for our tummy.

What should I cook then?

I was thinking of something classic, delicious, that would still impress our diners. Of course, preparation and cooking time should be considered since we're serving a lot on that day. Good thing a package arrived that day and it instantly gave me an idea what to cook!


Umbria Terra Di Tartufi, distributed by Dygen Food Ventures, Inc., has a variety of high-quality products that are used in restaurants for that authentic taste. I was able to receive their Truffle Oil and Sauce, and it got me excited to cook up my boys' favorites.

Of course, learning that I COULD make a platter of Truffle Cream Pasta made them plead for me to cook it ASAP and not wait for Noche Buena. So, like any hungry Mommy would do (who also understood the craving), I instantly made it!

And woah! We were all happy that I did! 


Monday, December 21, 2020


One Saturday, we were invited to try out the new EAT-ALL-YOU-CAN offering JASMINE restaurant in NEW WORLD HOTEL MAKATI.

Wow! NEW WORLD HOTEL!!! This Makati classic has been part of our many HOTEL HOPPING gimiks during the Christmas season where we would always hang out in the bar listening to music. This time, not only will we be eating in their popular restaurant, but we will also be feasting on dimsum! One of our favorites!!!

So the Yub and I excitedly drove over to NEW WORLD HOTEL all hungry and delirious because we haven't eaten breakfast. We promised each other that even though we were starving, we will control our appetites because we will only permit our tummies to be ravaged during the Christmas and New Year feasts.

What happened? Let's just say that as usual, vows were broken and we completely "yolo-ed" our diets.  Still, there were no regrets -- we did eat all and savored all that we can!

So 2020 may be ending at what may be the most different year for all of us. That's why I'm happy that there are restaurants such as JASMINE of NEW WORLD HOTEL that now offer their exceptional dishes at special prices to go along with our new "situation." In this way, even if the overall experience may be different from what we were all used to, the taste and meal itself will be the manifestation that life is still GOOD!



Monday, December 14, 2020


Once again THE YAPPY BUNCH needed to go to St. Lukes in BGC so we left early morning. After the follow-up checkup, the boys got hungry so we decided to have lunch nearby. It was bad after all for them na "malipasan ng gutom."

So where to eat? 

The last time Mati, the Yub, and I were in BGC, we ate in RAMEN NAGI because this Japanese specialty just doesn't work well for delivery -- it really should be eaten at the restaurant. When we told Andrei about our lunch, he got so inggit that we promised him the next time we're out, we'll eat at RAMEN NAGI.

So then it is THAT day.

Dan... dan... DANNNNNNNNNN!!!!

We were initially worried that security won't allow little Andrei in the mall (where RAMEN NAGI was located). Fortunately, management let the bunso in as long as we follow safety measures. We noticed too that around BGC there were many kids and even babies going around with their families. I guess since the place is like one big open park, it is safer for people to go around. Yep. We were meant to go out today.

So yay! Cravings answered for little Andrei and for us too!!!!! It was another great day for THE YAPPY BUNCH!


Thursday, December 10, 2020


The Yub and I enjoyed our last dinner in our new favorite TONG YANG EXPRESS that we excitedly told our big guy that the next time we go out, it's going to be for lunch there. True enough even if we didn't really need to do groceries we set our minds that we needed to just so that we could have our much craved for hot pot experience.

Suddenly however, a little bunso heard us talking.

Andrei: I WANNA JOIN TOO!!!!

Of course, he's not allowed to go out but my heart just breaks at the thought that we'll be having fun while he's doing the same old thing at home.

To that, he remembered that his buddy Jelo invited him to their house to play.

So calls were made and we're all set. Andrei will have a play day with Jelo while Yub, Mati, and I will have lunch in TONG YANG!!

Don't you just love it when the food gods work everything out just so that you'd get your craving????


We're at TONG YANG!!!!!

Monday, December 7, 2020


Saturday is fast becoming our BGC day because it's somewhere we could all go to have a change in scenery, enjoy food-trippings, and have some good ol' family quality time.

That day though we were on a mission to eat at ITALIANNI'S. We read that Citibank had a promo where the total bill is cut down to 50%. You know naman us, always on a budget so we couldn't (and wouldn't) let a deal this good pass us by.

Plus, we love Italian food so this is PERFEK!!!!! 


Wednesday, December 2, 2020


One weekend, the Yub, Mati, and I went to Robinson's Galleria to buy my Mom's birthday gift that was (unfortunately) not available in the malls near us. We went there extra early and that was a good move because not a lot of shoppers were there.

Come eating time, where to? We let Mati choose first (because he's been very patient while I was going around and checking the plates I got for Mommy). He asked for Samgyupsalamat but when we got there, sushmaryosep, punong puno!

Secretly I was craving for Ramen Nagi but since we've been there for 2 weekends already, I just kept quiet. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

With that we just decided to go around and choose the restaurant that only had a few diners.

And so we came to MANN HANN!

Naku the Yub was overjoyed at favorite restaurant niya to.

It was then Mati and I realized that he was with us and forgot to include him in the decision-making. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! Oh well, everything worked in his favor naman. Tee hee. 


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