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Friday, December 2, 2011


I'm always on the search for good but cheap eats but I almost missed this one. My husband and I, when we do our grocery and shopping at Robinsons, we always passed and ignored this place because I thought that it would be another food stall offering crappy food.

One time, I was particularly tired and hungry that I just invited the husband to have a quick dinner here. When I saw the menu, everything was so cheap that I chose this, this, and this, OH and this too! Imagine my delight when the kani salad was served and it was this big plate of cucumber and japanese mayo goodness! After that I was hooked! I would now always invite Yub to eat here if we would like a quick and cheap japanese fix... Oh and did I mention it's REAAAAALLY good too???? :)

Okay let me say it again. It was REALLY delicious too!


Little Andrei joined us for a quickie dinner at ASIAN BITES. He promised to be good so that we will play at Tom's World afterwards.

Sunday, September 11, 2011


My flavor of the month (for the past few months actually) has been ramen. I'm on search for the slurpiest, soupiest, and most flavorful bowl of that famed japanese noodle in all parts of the... internet... ha ha ha! When I came across our awesome planet's recommendation to try UCC Express, I bugged Yub that we just HAVE to eat there sometime...

But... (dramatic pause) that time almost never came.... BECAUSE we're lazy to go to that side of the metropolis!!! I'm sure that if you have read my other blogs (which is unlikely) you would see that we are usually in Makati, San Juan, and Ortigas.

To THINK that UCC PARK CAFE EXPRESS was only at the tip of Makati.

Yes. You may judge us. We are THAT lazy.

So when I arrived from Hong Kong, even if I was bulging from all the good eats that we had, I knew it was the perfect opportunity to eat at UCC PARK CAFE EXPRESS because it was on the way from the airport going to our beloved home....

And woah! The Ramen in UCC PARK CAFE EXPRESS is a definite must try! I loved their long, chewy noodles!! 

By the way, you could also check out Anton Diaz's take on UCC.. it's the site that got me mesmerized to go there... he he he he! :) 


I think it was in UCC PARK CAFE EXPRESS that I got a FIRST taste of what ramen should taste like amd it eased my way towards the masters Ukokkei Ramen Ron and Ikkoryu Fukuoka....

I know, I know, UCC may have that "commercial" flavoring but still this beats the tasteless ones in this and this japanese restaurants!  He he he he!

UCC PARK CAFE EXPRESS' Tan Tan Mian (P399.00)!

I really wonder why they have different variations in spelling for this spicy noodle dish... Sometimes is Tan Tan Mien..Then Tan-Tan Men... I want to know if there's really a difference other than wanting to distinguish this from other restaurants...

But correct spelling or not, this UCC PARK CAFE EXPRESS ramen bowl is making me drool... into my bowl...

Sorry I could be gross at times... 

At first slurp my mouth was delightfully relishing in the creamy and nutty soup that was very rich with a hint of spice!  

This UCC PARK CAFE EXPRESS soup was so delicious that I just can't help but to slurp for meself a mighty big one and with feelings....



Oh pooh... Stop judging! I'm sure you know what I meant!!!

UCC PARK CAFE EXPRESS noodles were very firm and did not become a bit squishy even if the soup was served piping hot.... 

... and now you're all mine...

My husband ordered a box of UCC PARK CAFE EXPRESS Oyakodon (P349.00). From the looks of it everything was saucy, juicy, and perfect for "Mark Anthony's" tummy!!

I was feeling sort of adventurous (for my hips) so I ordered a glass of UCC PARK CAFE EXPRESS Mocha cafe cooler (P155.00) 

This UCC PARK CAFE EXPRESS chiller was so creamy and refreshing! It also had a good balance between the fudgy chocolate and bitter coffee flavor! YUM!

And in no time...

I love carbs and carbs love me!

I still have a glass of UCC PARK CAFE EXPRESS coffee chiller to keep me company!


Come May, 2012, my husband trained for a month at Thailand for his work. When he came home guess where we went?


I think this is fast becoming a tradition for TEAM YAP!

This time I was determined to try THIS dish at UCC PARK CAFE EXPRESS since my favorite blogger Jin Loves to Eat raved about it!

My husband hopes that someday, Jin will rave about him too...


This is Andrei Cam by the way...

My husband ordered a boring plate of UCC PARK CAFE EXPRESS Pork Katsudon (P349.00) since he was tired of the strange food he was traumatized from in Thailand. 

Just kidding! He loved the food there but like I said, he wanted something "plain" and safe!

Though the UCC PARK CAFE EXPRESS rice dish may look a bit blah, the meat was fork tender and very juicy. My little Andrei did not have a hard time chewing on it and even asked for some more.

Still... it was nothing compared to...


UCC PARK CAFE EXPRESS Japanese Seafood Soup Spaghetti!!!

Al dente spaghetti noodles swimming in a rich creamy curry sauce with sweet strips of meat and gooey tamago eggs!!

Such a thing puts a smile on my big face!!!

I guess the same for my hub too but he just look a bit creepy here...

Not even a glass of UCC PARK CAFE EXPRESS coffee cooler could change it!

At least Andrei could lash out a cute one with his UCC PARK CAFE EXPRESS Coffee Jelly Cooler (P175.00)!

Hello from TEAM YAP!

(disclaimer -- in lieu of Mati who went with his lolo and lola rather than fetch his daddy from the airport, we brought Andrei's little puppy to take his place...)

Andrei and his little puppy are inseparable!!!

But he loves his daddy more of course... Andrei is the ultimate Daddy's boy there is!

Awww... my little lord missed his Daddy!



He he he!

Don't worry "Mati"... I got you...

Let's EAT!

UCC Park Café Express
Pasay Rd.
Petron Gas Station, Pasay Rd. cor EDSA
Legazpi Village, Makati
(02) 846-2233

Saturday, May 14, 2011


Deep in my heart (now that's drama for you) I know that it does not take much to make my day happy and complete!

Sometimes it could be the most trivial of things like my husband singing "STEP BY STEP" by New Kids on the Block via Videoke. (Don't ask why, when, and how).

However, this joyful positivity does have its drawbacks especially if you have a husband who is the anti-Romeo or Valentino. Since he knows that the simplest of things make me happy already, he came up with these GUY friendly Anniversary/Birthday gifts and convinced himself that it would bring me utter joy and happiness for the day.

A pathetic example of this would be during our second Valentime's together and he gifted me with this big bouquet of red roses. I was so happy already and excited to take a whiff because it was so flowery fragrant! Lo and behold when I buried my face in the bouquet that I discovered it was PLASTIC roses (with matching fake water droplets). When I gave a strong reaction to my "labski" then (yuk that's what I called him before), he said it's because he knew it would make me happy thinking it will not wither and die like live flowers would.


That HABIT carried on throughout our married life and made our days memorable as well as very simple. We were blessed that both of us have this weird and insane eye that is able to look for laughs in the silliest of things.

I guess that is why our mantra in EricJaz Foodies is we may eat in the most dingiest of places but we find joy in it as long as we are together :)

And the same goes for the somewhat shabby AYSEE!!

The great thing here however, is that the food in AYSEE is just utterly delicious that I don't need to look for a spark in my hub's handsome face just to enjoy the night. The food is MORE than enough for both of us. Ha ha ha!


We always ate at the branch near ULTRA where parking could be a bit of a problem. The restaurant does not have airconditioning and is somewhat similar to a "carinderia". Sometimes we would invite some friends to eat with us but they would be turned off by the looks of it. Ha ha ha ha! 

Oh well, there are really some things that my hub's handsome face cannot control. He he he!

Still, AYSEE serves a DELICIOUS sizzling plate of Sisig and Beef Papaitan that other foodies will not mind the dingy setting and just enjoy the food!

My husband would almost go into joyful somersaults when I suggest that we have dinner at AYSEE. Being the simple guy that he is, he LOVES everything about it.

Especially AYSEE's Beef Papaitan (P130.00) which consists of Innards cooked in the juices from the intestines of the animal. The word "pait" means bitter. And that bitter taste comes from the bile.

I am not sure if this is how authentic papaitan should taste like because there is nothing bitter about the soup. The broth is more like a Filipino style "Tom Yum" with beef instead of Seafoods. Still, it is a must-order in AYSEE. You are even assured that the Beef Papaitan will be served boiling hot as it has its own burner when laid down at your table.

At this point my husband will gallantly serve the AYSEE papaitan and ladle the hot sour soup into the bowls.

Evil me suspects that he does this to get all the Beef Innards to himself! 

Not to worry though. If your husband is not scheming like a Lannister, then an order of AYSEE's Beef Papaitan will be more than enough for a foodie couple since it is usually good for 4 hungry diners! 


Up next is AYSEE'S Pork Sisig with Egg (P130.00).

I implore you that you should NEVER eat at AYSEE without ordering their Pork Sisig. It is their ultimate specialty and a perfect accompaniment with all of their dishes!

Let it be known that hungry foodies voyage far and wide to AYSEE just to have this. So you better do as your ancestors have practiced and you will have a wonderful Sisig spiced life!

Squeeze the calamansi and give this AYSEE sizzling specialty a good mix!

I love how AYSEE's Pork Sisig is crunchy! Perfect to mix with steamed rice!!!

BEHOLD... the 2 most explosive/delicious dishes that would make your dreams come true in AYSEE!

AYSEE offers a lot of other scrumptious and cheap orders but even if you just have the AYSEE Beef Papaitan and the AYSEE Pork Sisig, you... are... good... to.... go!!!

Oh happy happy thin little me (this was taken 2 years ago).

In AYSEE, I find it impossible to diet and not have a good, hefty serving of rice. For me, it is just a matter of having a cup of steamed rice or having a cup and a half instead.

And for all of that marvelous AYSEE dishes, this is the perfect dipping companion.... Soy sauce with  calamansi and chili! YUM!

My plate! My wonderful plate! 

Imagine getting a spoonful of this and slurping some sour soup afterwards...


My husband seems to think so too!

Supplies are almost running out!

Almost done with my first cup of rice!!!

Check out the dress code of the other diners of AYSEE... he he he!

Wiped out!

The same goes for the AYSEE Beef Papaitan!

By the way, this meal complete with rice and drinks just cost us a little less than P300.00 ($7.50). Now who wouldn't be happy at a simple price like that??? 

Oh we were so full afterwards. However, for the faint of heart (literally) you may want to take your meds at this point. My yub and I would usually have this tingly feeling at the nape of our necks after a very delicious AYSEE meal!

But in our case, we do not take lipitor... We just chew on the complimentary dessert of Judge gum! He he he he!


Oh and by the way, just in case you're curious... yes, the plastic roses are still within my keep!


Ultra, St Martin St
Oranbo, Pasig
(02) 634-0443

Friday, May 6, 2011


I think it is the natural law of heredity that whatever your parents have shown or expressed to you, you will pass it on to your kids. Or if you don't have plans of getting married and multiply like my sister (!!!!), then it applies to your friends, pets, or unsuspecting nephews. 

Take my family for instance. My Dad always believed that family bonding is a true and significant investment that he always took us out little brats to movie date nights, out of town getaways, and foodie trips.

So right now, that is what the chinese stalker and I do to the little monsters: We take them to movie night outs, save money for faraway trips, and eat in all sorts of restaurants with them.

HOWEVER. There is really nobody like my Daddy-oh because even the little brats want to go with HIM instead of us.

Notice how I used the term little "monsters" and not little "lords" like I usually did? He he he he! THAT'S why.


It's so funny if I may just do a detour. I remember inviting Mati once to eat Japanese with us and watch a movie. The little monster cried and threw a tantrum screaming "I DON'T WANT TO WATCH A MOVIE AND EAT JAPANESE WITH YOU! YOU GUYS ARE BORING!!"

JUST BECAUSE we do not let them play video games!!!! Grr!

When they act like that I would always tell them how my Dad would invite us out to watch a movie and us siblings would jump as if we won a gazillion prize in the lottery. Oh well. I tell that to Mati and Andrei and they would just make these gestures with their hands with matching rolling of eyes that would signify that yes, "Mommy is getting boring."

Okay so I'm far off topic now. Getting back, one of my fondest memories as a kid is going out with my family and having a steak dinner at HOUSE OF MINIS. For a little wide eyed and big fore-headed girl like me, it was such an experience because I don't know about you but I felt all grown up and classy being served my own soup and salad. Then, there is a different kind of thrill hearing, seeing, and smelling the sizzle of the hot plate when gravy is poured over the thick steak.

So from then on HOUSE OF MINIS has been a go-to place for us when we want to experience that same luxurious service at more than half the price of other steak houses out there. I tell you, the first time I took the boys to HOUSE OF MINIS, it was such a meaningful time for me.

I guess that was why my Dad and Mom would always take us out no matter how much us 4 siblings would make a ruckus in a restaurant: because it just feels like your world is complete at that particular night and that you have everything.

And believe it or not, experiencing the same sort of high at HOUSE OF MINIS with my little boys just makes me and my husband want to go forth and multiply.

Ha ha ha! Kidding. Now lets get back to the steaks....


My family and I would always eat in HOUSE OF MINIS in Greenhills shopping center. But since I work in Quezon City, the more convenient branch for me would be the one in Ugong Pasig City.

Even if I'm more used to the dark steak house set up like the one they have in HOUSE OF MINIS Greenhills (My dad said steak houses are dim so that you would not be able to see the blood in medium rare meats), the well lit and well spaced design of their dining area is a welcome change!

Even if HOUSE OF MINIS was crowded that night, my Yub and I still felt comfortable with our own little corner space. 

This is me sporting my ever useful "smile" on the unsuspecting HOUSE OF MINIS waiter. I forgot what I was requesting for but I think my efforts were wasted since I discovered later on that they were very considerate in customer requests (e.g. such as convert salad to bread) that I did not need to flash my sweety sweety smile!

So if you see me doing this "smile" on you, better beware because you will be under my spell.... 


For every order of HOUSE OF MINIS steak special you get a bowl of their hot and creamy soup of the day.

This bowl of soup is pretty big and could fill up a little lady on a diet.

Certainly not me. But this is truly satisfying with the bread.

Also for every order of HOUSE OF MINIS steak special you get your very own small plate of simple salad.

Yub, the typical carnivore only that he is, requested his salad to be converted into extra servings or dinner rolls.

You could see whats cooking at HOUSE OF MINIS' bright and well ventilated open kitchen.

I ordered the HOUSE OF MINIS Steak Ala Pobre (mini P290.00)!

My Yub, the chinese stalker, got himself a HOUSE OF MINIS porterhouse (regular P350.00).

Just in case one or two of you are wondering why I always refer to my husband as THE CHINESE STALKER is because he IS EVERYWHERE. When I go out with my friends, he is there. When I go out with my sister, he is there. When I go out with the little rugrats, he is there. 

Wait... the last one I just realized of course he SHOULD be there. Ha ha ha!

I always joke to him that he does not have friends that is why he always joins me in my plans. He would answer back though that it's because he doesn't have anything to eat at home. 


Seriously speaking though, my husband and I are always together. You know how other couples need "breathing space" from their partners? I don't need that. I want to spend every waking moment with him on my available time from work. Don't get me wrong, I'm not the ideal wife and we have hit some big highs and lows (sometimes up to now) but that is just how we feel about it. We spend a considerable time away from each other already since we work so why do we have to continue that when we go out? Also, why get married in the first place if you want to have a "day-off" from each other? I sometimes tell my friends that me and my hub do not keep any secrets so it's okay if he's just there with us. Besides, if my friends don't want my hub to be there, then they're not my real friends at all. 

I'm way passe the girl's night out thingy. Would rather have the Chinese stalker with me every single available  time that we have. And he feels the same. 

And if the little lords are with us, then so much the better!

Now back to the steaks...

Do not expect HOUSE OF MINIS steaks to be the same meat quality of the other expensive restaurants out there but for its simple price that comes with soup, salad, bread, and dessert/coffee, I declare that it is quite a great deal! 

Plus, the steaks, though not Wagyu or Kobe, are still thick and tender. You are sure to have a bulging tummy afterwards!

Yeah... if I may borrow the favorite words of dear Spanky Enriquez... 

with gravy...

and corn....

I rhyme... all the time!



Just in case you meet up with me and my husband and you get freaked out when he gives you this leering smile, well don't be.

That smile means "Stop taking my pics and lets eat already!"


You wouldn't blame him for being too impatient when you have in front of you this big slab of juicy HOUSE OF MINIS steak!

HOUSE OF MINIS Steak... So buttery tender to slice and chew.... YUMMM!


Each HOUSE OF MINIS order comes with your choice of a scoop of Ice Cream or coffee. 

Such a simple but satisfying ending to a great meal!!!

After that first meal in many years in HOUSE OF MINIS, TEAM YAP became regulars. Here we are at Mati's 1 week birthday celebration last January 2012! For Mati's 1 week birthday celebration when he turned 8 years old, one of his wishes was to eat at HOUSE OF MINIS.

My husband and I thought of this gimmick to celebrate TEAM YAP birthdays not just for one day but for a week! What we do is ask the celebrant to write EVERYTHING that he wants to do for his birthday in the duration of a week and we do it! 

Now, we are having so much fun with that "tradition" that we now have a 2 week birthday celebration! Ha ha ha! 

Going back to the steak....

Mati is thrilled that now he is not sharing food with Mommy or Daddy... He now gets his own order at HOUSE OF MINIS and was particularly excited that the waiter was serving him his OWN soup and OWN bread!

HAPPY 8TH birthday Mati!

Andrei was not with us because he went with his Lolo and Lola to Cavite. It was the feast of the Sto. Nino and they heard mass there. Mati was supposed to go with them but he had set his mind already on dinner with Mommy and Daddy at HOUSE OF MINIS.

I was wearing the pearls Mati saved up for and gave me last Christmas. It makes Mati and me extra happy wearing the pearls every time there's a special occasion. 

Of course, his birthday dinner at HOUSE OF MINIS fits the bill on this fashion requirement :)

We also ordered Mati's favorite, HOUSE OF MINIS' Baked Clams (P160.00).

Yes it looks like it has more cheese than it should but Mati likes it that way and could finish this whole plate himself.

We also ordered for him a HOUSE OF MINIS steak regular and looking at Mati shield himself with the red table napkin gave me a flashback of my most vivid memory at HOUSE OF MINIS

I remember as a little girl that while I was waiting for my order, the next table was already being served of their steaks and this beautiful lady was doing the exact same thing with her table napkin to avoid being splattered on with the sizzling gravy.

She sensed at me looking at her longingly and thought that I was staring because I was hungry (when in truth I was just in awe of her beauty and I was thinking that was how grown ups should act being dainty and all). The lady then gave me a very sweet smile and offered some steak to me. Of course my Mom and Dad politely said no and thanked the lady. Afterwards they told me it was bad manners to stare.

Up to now I will never forget that scene. I may not exactly remember the face of the lady but I could still recall the figure, the smile, and the kind voice offering me some steak. That made me, a scrawny girl with a big forehead, felt good that night.

Because of that, now I know what to do when some snotty kids keep staring my way!


NOW, back to the steaks....

Mati was concerned a bit that a big glop of gravy might jump onto his face like an alien...  

But he was fine later on as he got a whiff of the sizzling meat and gravy from HOUSE OF MINIS!

Let's EAT! Happy Birthday Mati!

This HOUSE OF MINIS tenderloin cut was thick and juicy!! I was surprised that at the affordable price, the meat was fork tender!

Daddy pouring HOUSE OF MINIS gravy over Mati's rice! He he he he!

We talked to the manager of HOUSE OF MINIS and told him how it was Mati's birthday and he wanted to be a chef when he grows up. They were so kind to let my birthday boy take a look inside the kitchen and meet the chefs!


After our dinner, Yub and I sang to Mati a birthday song (see my instant birthday ice cream scoop with blue candle)!

Check out Mati's happy smile! He told us this was his best birthday week ever!

Hopefully his one of a kind experience in HOUSE OF MINIS will give him the same special memory I had when I was a kid his age!

Here we are again for Yub's 1 week birthday celebration last March, 2012.

We have become such regulars of HOUSE OF MINIS that it has become a staple for our usual week long birthday celebrations. 

I guess one of the most meaningful dinners that we had at HOUSE OF MINIS was when Yub and I treated my Mom and Dad here. The whole meal gave me an extra level of emotion seeing that my "heroes" were enjoying the same steaks we had decades ago but now with our new little lords.

If you have noticed, many times I veered away from the subject of HOUSE OF MINIS and reminisced on my life's special memories. Don't get me wrong, it's not because HOUSE OF MINIS is something you just put on standby and forget because it is more of a comfort zone which you get back to when you want to relive how everything could be simple yet so special. Also, it is because HOUSE OF MINIS has been with us for so long and still serving the same quality of food that everything about it triggers a walk down warm memory lane!

Now let me tell you about this one time at band camp...

Kidding! Back to the steaks!


House of Minis
104 E Rodriguez Jr Ave
Ugong, Pasig
(02) 672-3448

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