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Tuesday, November 27, 2018


The Chinese Dimpol got tickets to the popular musical play "ANG HULING EL BIMBO" that as a result, we had an insta-Sundate. Yup! Just me and the Chinese panget.

Well, I'm sure the boys would've LOOOOOVED to come with us (NOT!) but they have lakad with their Lola in Cavite so this date was just right for the two of us.

Pwede pang magbiglang liko going home.


When we got to (whispers) Resorts World Manila, we immediately set out to do an important mission. No, we didn't go to the theatre to get ready for the show. Rather, we looked for a restaurant to have our quick lunch before the show. He he he he he!

Syempre, priorities! Priorities!

We went around and since most of the places were interested in were full, we ended up in JOHNNY CHOW because for one, we haven't eaten there yet, and two, the Yub absolutely loved Chinese food.

Hopefully the food there in JOHNNY CHOW is good because I hate trying out new restaurants only to leave disappointed (that's why we eat at the same places tuloy).  Come to think of it though, we enjoy everywhere we go to because there is always something to be happy about and it's always fun as long as we're together.

Especially if biglang liko.


He he he he he he he!


We really wanted to eat in BULGOGI BROTHERS but since there was a line and we only have about 30 minutes to eat, we ended up in JOHNNY CHOW.

We really didn't mind because like I said, it would be nice to try out something new and the maitre d' was very nice.

Ordering up!

The chopsticks and other table necessities were served via this Chinese ceramic mug.

The lady said that if we were in a hurry, we should go for the dimsum. However, I saw that it's just boiling away at the front so I doubt if what we'll have is plump and fresh.


I'm not preggers ah.


First on the table is a platter of JOHNNY CHOW Shrimp Lo Mein (P398.00)!

I would've liked it more if the cashew nuts didn't have that raw color. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

The shrimps didn't seem fresh but it tasted okay naman.

I loved that it was saucy and the veggies crunchy. I just added some chili oil to make it more exciting. 

Up next is the JOHNNY CHOW Honey Pork and Lechon Macau (P365.00)!

The lechon skin was crunchy yum!

I'm not really fond of asado pork but the Yub enjoyed it.

Since we're hungry and in a hurry, we made a rash decision of ordering Yang Chow Fried Rice (P350.00)!

It seemed okay naman but carb on carbs????

Hayyyyy... Our slow metabolisms are groaning with the "extra work" later.

LET'S EAT!!!!!!!!!!!!


My plate!

My trying-to-diet-but-failing-with-carbs plate!


BURP! It was good but we really don't eat that much na.

Check out how they packed our leftovers.

The Yub's bill!!!!!

"Dudukot na sana ako Yub kaso naunahan mo ako!"

Yup! That always works!

Overall it was an enjoyable lunch but to be honest, we've had better Chinese food elsewhere. The friendly maitre d' and the fast service were big factors though in making our meal worth it.

Still, I'm glad that we were able to try out something new. It's was really an unforgettable time with the Yub because it would always be the "date where we tried out Johnny Chow..."

He he he he he he he!!!!!

Now time to get BIMBO-FIED!!!


I think our seats are pretty good!

Hay buti na lang the lady in front of me doesn't have a head as big as mine.

And the show is DONE!!!!

There were times where we got snoozy (maybe because we were full from lunch??? He he he he he he) but it was a real good watch. 

I'm thankful that the Yub took me out for some BIMBO time!


Thankful for this wonderful Sundate with the Chinese Dimpol!!

Now time for some biglang liko.


Or am I??


Second Floor, Resorts World Manila, 
Newport City, Pasay City
02 6598353



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