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Sunday, November 18, 2018


I'm sure it's fairly obvious by now that one of our favorite restaurants is GENKI SUSHI. From its first branch with the long lines to the other branches that answer our "instant sushi cravings", GENKI SUSHI has always been there for us.

It is also with GENKI SUSHI that we find ourselves usually commemorating the start and/or end of summer . I really don't know why and how this came to be but since GENKI SUSHI has equaled "HAPPINESS" for me and the kids, they quickly hooked it up with their summer vacation.

Basta when classes end, we just HAVE to eat at GENKI SUSHI!!!!

HOWEVER, for this particular visit, it was a bittersweet dinner in GENKI SUSHI. The Yub and I decided to treat the boys here again to formally say goodbye to their SUMMER VACATION (to lessen the pain, kumbaga... He he he he he).  So everything was fun as usual -- chomp, chomp, chomp, order, order, order, train, train, train, but there were periods where one of the boys would comically wail and cry "I don't want summer vacation to end!!!!!!"

There... there... my sweet summer child (tee hee). Before you know it, we'll be back here again but this time to start summer. He he he he he he!

Good thing GENKI SUSHI is "here" during this sad time.

Tee hee!!!!!!

It was a quiet night n GENKI SUSHI!

He he he he.... We'll "fix" that!!!!


The Yub and Master Mati!

Me and my bunsoy baby Andrei!


Master Mati proceeded to order for all of us.

As for the Androse, he's in charge of the hot tea!

I also love 'em complimentary pickled ginger that's already on the table. 


The first order arrives!

When they were younger, the little lords would fight over who gets the sushi plate from the train. Now that they're older, Master Mati lets his little brother go ahead na.


That's not always though. Ha ha ha ha ha!

Yub's Chicken Teriyakidon (P220.00)!

Why is it that the fastest eater gets served first??? HMMMMM???

The rest were a flurry of sushi plates shared by me and the boys!

GENKI Tuna Maki (P100.00)!

For the price and quality, I think this is a pretty good deal!

The Master Mati got another one for himself.

GENKI Salmon Maki (P90.00)!

GENKI Squid Sushi (P100.00)!

GENKI Spicy Salmon (P110.00)!

One of my favorites here!

Mati got himself a second plate too!

Kani Salad Roll (P110.00)!

Andrei's Salmondon (P380.00)!

Andrei is a picky eater. That's why when he craves for something, we always give it to him so that he'll gain some fat.

He loved the Salmon Don of GENKI SUSHI!

He wiped this all off with mucho gusto!

And since there was a special deal that night....

Yep! We got it!

We always order GENKI SUSHI's Udon because the piping hot bowl was very comforting and DELICIOUS!



For his "dessert", Andrei got the GENKI Cheese Fries (P120.00)!!

Yup! He loves it so much that he usually licks his plate clean when he's finished.


Our bill!

WAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! School starts tomorrow naaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

I'm sure you're wondering why the Yub and I are so affected.

THIS is why. 


BTW, my cellphone is at an advanced time setting. We actually wake up to get the boys ready at 5:30am!!!!!!


Oh well... To cap off our great dinner, we went to our favorite Serenitea for our tall glasses of ice-cold Okinawas!

He he he he he!!!! This  is so that when our orders are ready, he'll call out ANDREI THE POGI!

Yeah. I get my kicks that way. That's why my kids hate me. Tee hee!

I'm kidding!!!!

Or am I???

Just this afternoon by the way, the boys had their hair cuts to be neat and tidy for school.

Bwa ha ha ha ha ha! Good bye to Andrei's moptop!!! Every summer he lets his hair grow long talaga.

Of couse, it's not really a "sad" visit to GENKI SUSHI because as usual, we all had a fun and delicious meal that was enjoyed by everyone in the family.

I'm sure we'll eat here very soon again. Let's hope that in a blink of an eye, it'll already be for the start of summer vacation.




See??? Even the GENKI SUSHI model shared our feelings that night!!!


Second Floor, BGC Stopover Pavilion, 
Rizal Drive Corner 31st Street, 
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City
+639173155671 / +6327536248




  1. Haha I enjoyed so much the story telling in this. :)

    I can remember the sadness from summer end. Sunday feels but x5 of magnitude haha

    1. Hiya Renz!!!

      Yayyy! Glad you liked it. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!! That dinner was truly memorable because we groaning for school and raving over the sushi were on rotation. Ha ha ha ha ha! Pati kami ni Yub nakisali!!!!

      Exactly!!! I still remember the feeling (i get nightmares sometimes that I'm back in school...) ha ha ha ha! That's why were very empathetic to the boys. Dinaan nalang namin ang sadness sa kain. Ha ha ha ha ha!

      Take care dear Renz! Hope to see you soon!!!!!!

  2. Waaahhh ms jaz i thought kaya sad visit kasi hindi delicious ang food yun pala kasi back to school na hahaha �� my little family just ate at genki sushi sm aura 2 times for this month already hihihi my 4yo son loves the train and tablet for ordering dun tuloy lagi nag aaya �� rice lang nman ang order nia lagi wahaha that's mean more for me �� hoping to see you in genki sushi too papapicture tlga ko sayo ms jaz promise ������

    1. Hi dear Tinemon!!!!

      Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Sorry for the clickbait!!! In fairness we were really sad naman and going back to school talaga is AUUUUUUUUUGH! Ha ha ha ha ha! Kami rin!!! We so love the food at GENKI SUSHI because besides being cheap, the sushis are all fresh, AND the trains are a different experience for the kiddies. It became one of our favorite restos na talaga. I think there was a time na we ate there weekly. He he he he he! Ngayon more on monthly na lang.

      Sinabi mo yan ah??? Kasi sometimes when I meet readers, I swear, I get shy to ask for picture kasi wala lang. Nahihiya talaga ako. Many people won't believe it but I have this inner shyness. He he he he he!!! Yayyy! Promise yan ah! Really hope to bump into you soon! Mwah mwah!!!!!!

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