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Monday, October 29, 2018


I think it's no secret already how much the Yub and I love Ramen because many times you'll hear (or read) our raves on our usual favorites like RAMEN NAGI, IPPUDO, MENDOKORO RAMENBA, ICHIRAN, etc. etc.

As in paulit ulit!!!! OMAYGASH!!!!!!!!!!!

One stormy night however, the Yub and I got stuck extra late at my office because it got flooded real bad (I'll share at the end what it looked like). With that, we were naturally craving for something piping hot to get in our tummies to warm us up real fast.

Good thing while I was scrolling my Instagram account, I came upon the post of my favorite MASARAP BA where she shared this Ramen stall she discovered in Quezon City which served quality Japanese food at very cheap prices.

So of course, when the Yub heard "noodles" and "cheap" in one sentence, his ugly face went DING! DING! DING!!! "ABA AY! PUMUNTA AGAD TAYO DON!!!!"  He said.

And so we did.

The great thing too was that when we got there, the rains stopped and we had a parking spot right in front of the humble ramen stall. So it was REALLY meant to be!

And THAT was the start of a beautiful friendship....

Or FOODship for that matter.


The Yub and I are in OHAYO MAKI AND RAMEN BAR!!!!!!

MASARAP BA was not kidding when she said this was a simple stall because what we got was a "carinderia-like" kiosk by the road.

But really, it was SO FINE with us because we found it charming; it's also how most of the foodies do their thing in TSUKIJI fish market!

And like in Japan, they only had 2 staffmembers manning the store. They were alert and were able to prepare our dishes in a jiffy!

TIME TO ORDER!!!!!!!!!!!!

OHAYO menu 1...

(Sorry but my camera was not wearing glasses when it took this picture!)

OHAYO menu 2...

OHAYO menu 3!!!

First on our table is my order of Spicy Maki!

Sorry I forgot whether this is a Spicy Salmon or a Spicy Tuna Maki but all I remember was that it was YUM!!!!

It was SOOOO good that I took home half of it for my foodie Master Mati!

The Yub and I each ordered the OHAYO mini-Ramen set with Gyoza at P175.00 each!!!

The Yub had the Ramen in Regular Tonkotsu Broth....

While I got the Tan Tan Mien!!!!!

The broth was creamy but not as rich and cloying like the Tonkotsu Ramen in other restaurants.

The great thing too is that for the price, we get a bowl of ramen with the usual "trimmings!" Noodles were also chewy and al dente

Yep! It's really as good as it looks!

Like I said, the rich soup was milky and so flavorful! I'm not sure though if the broth really came from simmered pork bones or just all-purpose cream (to make it more cheap). Still tasted good for us!

My husband was very happy to dig in to his bowl of Ramen!

And here comes our matching gyozas!

I know I'm no Gyoza expert but these were mighty good and at par with the ones we had in more popular restaurants!

Newly cooked Gyoza!

For P175.00, this set is really sulit!

Yun lang, it comes with the busy streets of Quezon City (and a Bonchon delivery guy photobomber) on the side!!!!

Our full side!


And we're done!


And like I said, this is what happened to our office after about an hour of rain. That still went higher as the night went on maybe about waist-deep. This happens because our workplace is situated near a creek. We had repairs done already but this always happens.

It's okay. They say this is good luck daw. And since EAT BULAGA has been NUMBER 1 FOR 39 YEARS NOW, then there's some truth to it!!!!!

The server told us that OHAYO also had a restaurant branch in Gilmore which was airconditioned and had real tables and chairs. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

We'll check that out soon!

But for now, OHAYO FOREVAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



124 Timog Avenue Corner Sct. Delgado Street, 
Tomas Morato, Quezon City




  1. Dayo sa lugar namin and wala man lang courtesy call.


    1. Helloooo! Katok na kami ng katok sa palasyo nyo.... Tawag kami ng tawag.... Text na kami ng text....Hiyaw na kami ng hiyaw...

      Wala pa din!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      E sa makikiCR lang naman kami?????


  2. Wow ang sarap po ms jaz.���� In our place at bangkal makati, there's also a japanese carinderia style din. It's called KAITO nman po �� now im craving for ramen again huhuhu

    1. Hiya Tinemon!!! Oooh! I'd like to try that soon!!!! Winner na winner ang cuisine serving great food at affordable prices!! :)

      Ay ako din ayan craving na......


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