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Friday, January 31, 2020


One Saturday night, Kuya Jay invited the family out for a simple getogether in the Valle Verde country club sport's room.


For that night, it was also a mini-despedida dinner for Karen and Rocio (who will be going to Italy in a few days to attend the wedding of Kristine, Karen's sister). 

Wednesday, January 29, 2020


Though I eat most of the time, ALL THE TIME, I think there's some truth to it when I say that breakfast is my favorite meal for the whole day.

Sure, a platter of steak and crabs with wine IS something. But give me a bowl of garlic rice, egg, topped with either tapa, tocilog, danggit, then paired off with coffee, and I could have it all day, everyday!!!!


He he he he!

That's why for our breakfast in EDSA SHANGRI-LA HOTEL, I was very excited because not only is HEAT very popular around the metro, but we will be having my most awaited meal of the day at an exclusive restaurant in a 5-star hotel.

My curiosity became hungry like me!

Though of course, I would gladly have my breakfast at street eateries, this would be a nice change.

Check out our bondat breakfast in HEAT, EDSA SHANGRI-LA HOTEL!


Monday, January 27, 2020


One of the things I love about my son's school is how they value simplicity and service to others. Grades and prestige may be important, but it's not the ultimate priority and end-goal in raising their students.

That's why I was happy when his class had a retreat with some "kuyas" who were studying and boarding in their special housing. Mati stayed there for 3 days and 2 nights and bonded with his partner who was also working as a computer technician during the day.

My big guy said he learned a great deal about money and appreciated the blessings. He felt bad how he would oftentimes take these "gifts" for granted when other people were such in need. He was so grateful for the experience because he was able to see a different side of life with the help of his "Kuya."

The Yub, Andrei, and I fetched him and was able to hear Mati's testimonial. We also met his "Kuya" and had a nice chat with him. We were supposed to eat there but decided to just go out so that the guys from the charity house could enjoy all the donated potluck foods for themselves. We were hungry though so we just decided to eat in the first restaurant we'll see on the road.

With that, we saw SAVORY!!!


Wednesday, January 22, 2020

KTG FOR 2020!

ERICJAZ FOODIES started the year with a getogether with our favorite foodies...

Photo from Timothy Cheung

Thursday, January 16, 2020


Every year, THE YAPPY BUNCH follows the tradition of my family going on hotel hopping on New Year's Eve. (Yep. We've been doing this in the 80s pa -- waaaaaay before hotel lounging and parties were a thing in the Metro.)

When the kiddies were younger we would really do our hotel hopping on December 31. However, hotels would usually have  New Year countdowns that it's difficult for us to get a table (take note, difficult, not impossible. We were still able to get a table because the kiddies were cute {we used them...  ha ha ha ha}. Yun lang our stay is limited {aka baka dumating na yung nagpareserve} so we had to go din after 30 minutes or an hour). Because of that, we decided to just do our Hotel Hopping after Christmas in hoping that some decorations were still up.

Last year we were not able to do our Hotel Hopping Tradition because we got sooooo busy. That's why for this year, we really made a point to go out for this (to think that we came pa from Antipolo). We're surprised that even the little guys were up for it (usually they'd sulk and ask to go home). So yeah it's a sign. It's time to carry on with the tradition.

Check out our fun Hotel Hopping (or hop) tradition in welcoming the year 2020!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

We're going HOTEL HOPPING!!!!!

Monday, January 13, 2020


GOOD BYE 2019... Huhuhu... 

Like what I said in OUR AWESOME YAPPY 2019 (Part One), what I thought to be a ho-hum and uneventful year turned out to be something special with many things to be thankful for (one reader even commented that "ang dami kong ganap" for 2019). So yeah, sometimes we take many things for granted when really, if we just take the time to appreciate the people, the food, the happenings, the amenities, the invites, the boring days, the work, the gifts, the pets, the weather, the meet-ups, etc etc etc we would be oh so overwhelmed at the wonderful year we've had.

Thus, my sadness at saying goodbye to 2019.

Yun lang all feeling of sentimentality got momentarily erased when it was time for Media Noche. Ha ha ha ha ha!

Sharing with you our tasty farewell to 2019!!! Hope you and your family also had a great one!

Hello 2-OH-TWENTY!!!!!

Wednesday, January 8, 2020


Our favorite season comes again and as usual, I'm not ready!!!!

Yep. Last year everything was soooo smooth when it came to buying gifts for my loved ones. Now, because of various reasons, AUUUGHHHHH I crammed as if I was still in college studying for Content Analysis (my best subject but I still hated studying for it).

Would you believe though that everything STILL turned out so well and oh so memorable???

Yep. I guess that's how really the Christmas season works. Because really, it's not about the shopping, the gifts, the bonuses, the parties, etc. it's actually about the birth of Jesus and the love that He has brought out in all of us.

You see when you look at the whole picture, no matter how down the situation may be, the love that you have around you will be more than enough to give you a wonderful and memorable season.

And for us, since the family is all here for Christmas (as opposed to last year when they were all in London) we have all the love we need to have another awesome Christmas!!!!



Monday, January 6, 2020


Besides the "isang libong isang tuwa" that EAT BULAGA is very popular for, one of the reasons why I loved working in TAPE INC., is attending our annual Christmas party.

Yep! It's always EPIC!!!!!!

I had my fair share of work experiences (an advertising company, a radio station, a rival TV station, a public service radio and tv show) and I swear they are all NOTHING compared to what I experienced in EAT BULAGA.

Talagang EPIC!!!

I don't know. Every year we have the same food, the same activities, and the same people. But every year, we still experience a different kind of fun that get us talking about it even weeks after the party.

So sharing with your again our EAT BULAGA Christmas party 2019! And if you read till the end, you'll agree that's also something that I will be remembering for a LOOOOOONG time!!!!!


Saturday, January 4, 2020


THE YAPPY BUNCH have many traditions especially during Christmastime and one of them is watching the COD (Christmas On Display) Animatronic show.

The tradition actually started when my Daddy would always take my brothers and sister to COD mall to watch their special Christmas programs led by robots. I remember that even if there were no seats and we had to squeeze ourselves between loads of other watchers, we still had an enchanting cold night (that would usually be capped off with a Chinese dinner somewhere). Yep. So fun.

And that's why I wanted to carry on the tradition with my boys and we've been avid watchers ever since.

Yun lang, BOO HOO, the COD show in Greenhills Mall (where it's been "performing" for many years now) closed up. So for two years the Yub and I have been left wondering if our growing guys will still get a chance to watch it again.

Then lo and behold, the COD show is BACK and it returned "home" to Cubao Quezon City! The mall (which it was really named after) may be gone but the legacy it was named after stands tall again mighty proud.

So upon learning that, the Yub immediately said that we should go to COD forour family Saturdate.

"But we were supposed to have a videoke night, remember?" I said.

The Yub, however, stood his ground. Nope. We're going to watch the COD show even if it's in Cubao. This is tradition after all. Besides, it's one of Andrei's favorites too while growing up!

I'm so happy (and thankful) that even my husband recognized the importance of this Christmas tradition and how much it meant to me. It's either that or maybe he's enjoying this kind of night out as well.

Whatever the reason, if the COD show will always be here to make our holiday season more special, then we are sooooo game for it. ALWAYS.


It's the COD show!

Friday, January 3, 2020


I have mentioned in my previous year-ender blogpost that after my Daddyowzers passed, I realized the importance of spending more time with family, friends like family, and with those people who really mattered. At my age (sa hamak na 25... he he he) I have come to terms with the idea that life is too short and we should always spend it with the people that we truly love. Before, I would consider many times "pakikisama", "duty", or "kailangan e" in my everyday decisions. But after my hero went to heaven, the person who taught us that family should ALWAYS come first, I started not to care anymore and just lived my life on my own terms (without sacrificing kindness and all things good of course).

With that, a burden seemed to have lifted from my chest and each day just became brighter! I only did the things that gave me and my family happiness -- which is with each other.

As a result, the year went by like a blur because as they say, time flies super fast when you're having fun. And I'm really thankful (hashtag blessed... he he he he) that it's because of the love of my family and true friends and not of any superficial material things (or people).

Check out the second half of our beloved 2019! It may just be simple for you but it's all a blast for me that I wouldn't EVER want to forget it.



Thursday, January 2, 2020


I really don't get what's the deal with time these days -- everything's just sooooo fast!!!! One minute we're blowing horns and lighting up firecrackers to say good-bye to 2018, the next minute here I am again making a compilation and looking back at this year's most memorable moments.

I know time flies when you're having fun but C'MOWN!!!!! He he he he he he!!!!

I guess the reason behind this is that the Yub and I now choose to spend our time only with family and our very close friends. Before, we would accept invites here and there. Now, we would rather stay at home with my Mom to Netflix our asses off or cook recipes that I get from the net. It's not really being lazy or not making an effort. It's more on being happy with what we already have and with our family that we don't need any other "outside forces." If we do go out, it's still with our family (or friends who are already like family... he he he he).

Di ba? With that, I remember my Dad. He may be so busy with work and with his various social organizations but he ALWAYS made his family the top priority -- and we all felt it. He started it all for us. Of course, he still went out (because he's really a very active person who liked to move) but he would always do so with us or his cutie apos. And THAT became our inspiration for this year.

And we will not have it any other way.

So let me share with you our memorable moments in the first half of our 2019 where you'll see the same faces over and over again (because of our reasons above). He he he he he he he he!

Bye 2019!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I made another resolution for the year  2019!!! Did I fulfill all of them? One thing's for sure, I forgot about number 5 and passed A LOT OF gas. Ha ha ha ha ha!

(I was only able to fulfill number 1, number 4, number 8, and number 9!!!!)

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