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Thursday, June 30, 2016


I didn't really plan on making a blog post of our weekend at FLAIR TOWERS but I felt that I should still put it on record how much fun my family had at my friend's generosity.

My friend, let's hide her under the name, Mrs. Wong, asked me if I wanted to take the boys swimming and have a mini-staycation at her condo unit in FLAIR TOWERS. At first I was hesitant because I didn't want to be an inconvenience to her and use her place. But she insisted that nobody stays in her unit anyway and that my boys would really enjoy using the 3 big pools that the building had. With that, I gratefully accepted thinking that it would spell another bonding weekend for us. And at least, we didn't have to go miles away for my boys to go swimming -- something they loved to do from morning till night.

But besides the use of her place and having instant access to 3 awesome pools, I was so overwhelmed by the power of generosity. Mrs. Wong's kindness, without asking for anything in return, really got me thinking about the importance of sharing your happiness and blessings to people. We don't really have to have much. We just have that pure intent of wanting to give joy to others. Now sometimes I admit, I would extend help but get frustrated when I receive indifference from some people. I realize you just have to keep on giving, keep on helping, and keep on doing what you can for others. Never expect anything from them. The real joy ( no matter how cheesy it is) is in the giving, the helping, and the doing what you can. And sometimes, when you're lucky, you'll be blessed to encounter people who will be the ones to shower you with generosity. Then you know that you are indeed doing something right.

Such are my feelings for the kindness of dear Mrs. Wong. Thank you so much for being OUR family's continuous blessing and "happy returns". You really take sharing, helping, AND inspiring to another level!!!!

Mwah! Mwah! Tsup! Tsup!

Now let the FLAIR TOWER'S staycation begin!!!!!


It was a clear Saturday afternoon when we drove to FLAIR TOWERS!

When we got to FLAIR TOWERS, the first thing we noticed was how delicious it smelled! I'm not kidding! The aroma once we opened the car windows in the basement parking was hot chocolate pancakes. It was so good it instantly made my mouth water.

Mrs. Wong said the reason behind this was that there was a donut and cocoa powder factory somewhere. Woah!!!!!

This will CERTAINLY give tenants a whiff of a good morning!

My little lords were so excited!!!!

Wednesday, June 29, 2016



THE BGP MARIAN is here!!! FINALLY! After about 3 months of being apart...





I missed you so much!!!

FINALLY you're here and I'M SO HAPPY!!!

(Didn't care much about Manong Fred though.)

Tuesday, June 28, 2016


THE YAPPY BUNCH was invited to try out the SEAFOOD SUNDAY BRUNCH AT SPECTRUM in FAIRMONT HOTEL. And was I excited!!!!!

Sure I'm supposed to be on a diet...
Sure I should be resting because we went home late the previous night....
Sure we were supposed to have lunch with my family on Sundays...

But the promise of EAT-ALL-YOU-CAN oysters, crabs, lobsters, salmons, shrimps, etc. etc etc is enough to make you do a Sandor Clegane aka The Hound in GAME OF THRONES:

F@#$ the diet!
F*@% the rest!
F@#^ the...... ahem... ahem.... Wait, I think I should stop myself there unless I want to be put on the guillotine.

So really, there was nothing to contest. The fresh seafood from SPECTRUM will DEFINITELY win in this round again and again.

And you've got every Sundays until August, 2016 to do that!

For only P2,777.00 nett for adults (50% off for children 6 to 12 years old) indulge in a looooooong spread of the fresh catch of the sea that would get you instantly drooling and craving for more.

Stop your suffering and contact SPECTRUM ASAP!!!!

But for now, check out THE YAPPY BUNCH and the Kain Tulog Gang's glorious Seafood Sunday! And believe me, everything's so good, you'll forget that you'll have to wait for 7 months before Game Of Thrones returns.

Tee Heee! 

We are all ready for A LOT of SEAFOOD this brunch time at SPECTRUM!!!!

It was a gloomy Sunday when we made a trip to FAIRMONT MAKATI HOTEL. But we did not let the dark weather dampen our spirits because we were going to have some seafood!

Monday, June 27, 2016


ERICJAZ FOODIES are going to Antipolo for swimming, eatin', and MORE with my foodie friends, THE KAIN TULOG GANG (KTG)! And we're so excited!!!!!

Even if it was set up a month away, THE YAPPY BUNCH are surely going. Because what I love about KTG is that not only do we have a lot of love for eating and sleeping (tee hee) but we also focus on family togetherness as well!

Food, friends, fun, and family --- that already spells a PERFECT Saturday for us!

And it definitely was!!!!

Tara na sa Antipolo!!!!

When we arrived, the pool and the trampoline were waiting in THE PICKIEST EATER'S home!

Friday, June 24, 2016


We were throwing our favorite spinster, este, sister, Ate Jojit a BRIDAL SHOWER and everything was going according to plan:

-- Guests arrived early!
-- The bride got to the venue on time!
-- The bride was surprised!-- Games and Prizes were complete!-- EVERYONE was having a great time!

Fast forward pic!
Now what else do we need???

Other people might say, "What's a BRIDAL SHOWER without a dancer???"

But since this is MY sister's BRIDAL SHOWER, I think the important question to ask here is "What's a BRIDAL SHOWER without food??"

Thursday, June 23, 2016


I have done countless as in SUPER many surprise parties that I feel I could plan it in my sleep or while watching GAME OF THRONES. Really! I'm not exaggerating: Birthdays, Bridal Showers, Baby Showers, Boyfriends just wanting to be romantic.... You name it! The great thing is I HAVEN'T done a surprise party where it wasn't successful: the celebrant would always have no idea and will get really surprised when it's party time. Plus there's always a theme and a program where he/she is the highlight of it all!

Yes, I have hosted soooo many surprise parties already that I feel it's time to hang up one's boots and retire. That is, AFTER I do one for somebody very special and totally unexpected (yep even for us)....

Ate Jojit's surprise bridal shower!!!!!

Really, Ate Jojit getting married was indeed unexpected that when I was calling her friends to invite to the shower, a lot of them we're so surprised.


It was indeed a surprise for many not because she was (almost) a relic that we didn't thought she'd be getting married AT ALL (tee hee). But more because of they didn't have any clue about it!!!!

Their reactions were all so daunting that it seriously gave ME doubts if she really WAS getting married. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

If you're wondering why nobody knew (besides the family) it's because my sister was the anti-"share the #blessedness in Facebook" and did not make any sort of announcement. I asked her why and it's not because she didn't think her getting married was unimportant. But it was more like she didn't like it to be jinxed. So most of her close friends didn't know about the big news until I told them so (because of the surprise shower).

And when they didn't know it, I was like... "Uh-oh..." HA HA HA HA HA!

So yes, even if I'm already lazy to do surprise parties, I am so willing to "come out of retirement" for somebody so special, so loved, and SO deserving of a Bridal Shower.


Oh. And it could also be payback time for those who didn't know about her engagement. He he he he he he he!

Yes seriously. That's what THEY said. Ha ha ha ha ha!


Wednesday, June 22, 2016


I cannot begin to tell you how much my little Andrei loves basketball. It may not be obvious because of his petite selfy but it is his favorite sport and he loves playing it every day!

When his class was asked to write what their school year goal is, my bunsoy wrote that he will "practice every day and every summer to go to NBA".

Yup. The NBA!

By the way, check out the goal of a little cheater down below. Ha ha ha ha ha ha! 

Anywho, that's why when MANILA BULLETIN was looking for a kiddie correspondent for the presscon of Stephen Curry for Under Armour Shoes, Andrei was the best candidate there is. And as expected, the Chinese Dimpol was all too willing to accompany him.

YUP! Besides Michael Jordan, Stephen Curry is Andrei's super idol. And though his team lost at this year's NBA Championships, Andrei still idolized and admired him. 

I didn't really plan on making a blog post about this since it was already published by MANILA BULLETIN last year, but this was in support of STEPHEN CURRY and how his kind attitude makes him the perfect role model for kids today.

And, with the inspiring words that he gave not just to dear Andrei but for the millions who look up to him, he is still THE winner in our hearts!

Andrei was in FAIRMONT HOTEL, Makati!!!

Tuesday, June 21, 2016


Sometime last week, ERICJAZ FOODIES was invited to try out the newest "it" restaurant in the Fort area....

Pic by dear Spanky! Wait... Where was I???


It was a rainy Wednesday but everyone still braved the harsh weather to get a taste of the delicious food that diners were raving about!

Well I know I did! Dangnabbit come rain or come shine, I will be having a big bite of their pizzas... AND MORE!

Thursday, June 16, 2016


I have featured many weddings in this silly little foodie blog but there is one that I have just a hard time doing --- my sister's.

Her wedding was September last year and it has been stored in my "to do" folder for so long but I haven't gotten around doing it. I don't know if it's just me procrastinating (as I would always do), or that I hated the groom so much (yep. Meanie me!), but most definitely it's just something that I haven't accepted to be a reality in my life..... well not just yet.

You see, me and my sister are really close. Yes we fight and oh we do fight a lot (would you believe my Dad let us wear boxing gloves before???) but we were always together. When I was still single (and never had a chance to mingle) we would talk for hours mostly in her room. Even when I got married, nothing changed: When I go upstairs I would call out "JIT-JO!!!" and she would answer with a meek "MIN-JAZ!!!" and that would signify another long chika session in her room. Life was good and she has already embraced a long life of being single (though I was one of her fierce defenders when stupid and petty people would keep on asking "when is your sister going to get married???). In fact, the Chinese Dimpol and I were already teasing her that in the future, we will be having a special place setting for her and Kuya Jon for Christmas or New Year's. He he he he he he he he!

But then, Anthony came along and everything suddenly changed.

At first, I was so ecstatic and kilig. My sister was getting married! YOWHOOO!!! When I saw my Mommy becoming sentimental, I told her that we should be happy for my sister because at least she will have a partner for life na, and FINALLY, we are going to get rid of her (tee hee). Later on I realized, the reason for my joy and excitement were because I was such an ignoramus. My mom however, being the smart lady that she is knew already of the lonely days to come.

You see, after getting married my sister and (yuk) husband moved out and lived in our condo somewhere in San Juan.  It was fine at first but then suddenly something felt lacking. I didn't mind it, really. Being the denial Queen that I was I tried to act normal like "toodledoooo" and rejoiced that I didn't have to share the bathroom with her anymore.

However one time, while I was going upstairs with the full knowledge that I was alone there, I thought it would be fun to do my usual "habit". So I just called out "JIT-JO!!!!"

And then nobody answered.

It then hit me so hard and heavy like the big stone that would fall on Wile E. Coyote: Egad, she's not here anymore. That's when the waterworks came in. I just choked and cried and sobbed like a crazy person. I think I even looked like Al Pacino in Godfather 3. Kulang na lang mag-"walling" ako. Ha ha ha ha ha! I felt SOOO bad that I EVEN POSTED A STATUS ON FACEBOOD ABOUT IT!!!!!!!!!!!! And believe me I HATE READING AND POSTING WHINY STUFF ON FACEBOOK!!!! BUT I DID!!!!!!!!! (The all caps signify the truth. He he he he he!)

But that's the way it is. Oh well. As much as I was happy for her, I was also selfish. We needed her. Not because she's a doctor and I get free check-ups (he he he he he) but her presence makes it all complete for me. Everything's already changing with this thing called "life" and my ate Jojit being there (along with my parents and brother) is a sentimental reminder of my happy childhood and comfort zone.

Haaaaay... Oh well.

Truth be told, I NEVER wanted to do this blog entry because I might probably be sobbing up tears and snot while doing it. But then, I have finished all of my entries and have nothing left to do. If this was in December, 2015, I would've said "Suck it! I'm sure humanity would be better off without THIS for a blog entry anyways!!!!" But then, after several days and weeks and months,  I finally got used to the emptiness (in sisterhood), pain (promise ang sakit sa dibdib... I hope nakakalaki ng boobs), and absence (Sniff! Sniff!). Don't get me wrong, I'm so happy with THE YAPPY BUNCH. But it's just so different without my first team mate beside me.

I guess what really helped me to cope is discovering that my new brother-in-law Anthony was really cool. Yep I HATED HIM after the wedding. Nothing personal but I detested his role in being the husband. WHY DID YOU HAVE TO ASK MY SISTER TO MARRY YOU ANYWAY?!!!! But then, even if he was already so nice to us before, it was after the wedding that I saw his real colors. I really appreciated how he treated my family especially the respect that he gave my parents. Believe me, my achy breaky heart (he he he he) lightened up every time I saw him doing a "Mano po" to my parents as his "Hello" and "Goodbye". I know it may sound like a cliche but I suddenly found in him ANOTHER brother/sib that I could count on (sometimes more than my sister :P). And the little lords just worship him and would rejoice upon learning that he's there.  For them, Tito Anthony is SO COOL.

Yup! FINALLY I'm doing this blog entry because I have already accepted it.  Forgive me if my intro is ultra long but I just needed it -- I wanted to spill out all of my pathetic feelings in order to bear looking at the pictures (I'm serious. It's my first time to check it since the wedding).

So here's my sister's wedding. Yadah yadah....

Egad. I just realized: I wonder how my blogpost would be when it's Mati or Andrei's wedding??

Oh noooooo! (Walling)

It's another wedding for THE YAPPY BUNCH!

And this time, it's My sister's!!!

Wednesday, June 15, 2016


Before you go further, let me warn you that THIS is not a food review nor a post on the best sellers of TUAN TUAN. Believe me, if THAT is what you're expecting you'll be hugely disappointed. (though I know it may be what you feel like every time you read my blog. He he he he he he).


Moving on....

My High School friend Sandra and I got together sometime last May for what I expect to be another non-stop chatfest in Greenhills. It was her birthday that week and I thought of treating her to her restaurant of choice. She chose TUAN TUAN because it was someplace she have been meaning to try. Since I haven't been there, I eagerly agreed!


I know that TUAN TUAN is a popular restaurant here in the metro and saw the lines that it had in SM Mega Fashion Hall. I was pleased to see how I won't have any trouble getting a table tonight.

The vibe of TUAN TUAN is always that of a cafe that served french tea. It's cozy with a slight European feel to it.

In Promenade Greenhills, TUAN TUAN was in an open air set-up. We would have to share the mall air conditioning. He he he he he he!

Oh I SO agree Ms. Child!

For those who are wondering what the name is all about....

I know this was supposedly to be my date night with dear Sandra. But of course, the Chinese Dimpol, who was originally the Chinese Stalker, offered to meet me at TUAN TUAN so he could give me his Iphone (which I use for my blog pics). 

My husband didn't mind waiting for he as he was looking forward to shop at the Greenhills Tiangge and eat at LE CHING.

Well it was too bad though that the Chinese Stalker discovered 2 things:

1) There was no tianggee for the month of May.
2) LE CHING increased prices!


Buti nga!

Kidding! I'm so grateful that my husband doesn't mind staying and/or picking me up on night outs. He knows how much I don't like being just with the driver during late hours.


Dear Sandra is here!!!


Dear Sandra was one of my closest friends in High School and we were almost inseparable. She doesn't like me saying it but she's such a heart throb and guys just melt with her glance.

As for me, I'm the usual comic best friend who blurt out witty jokes to compensate for my awful, grotesque, hideous, grisly, horrid........ (okay fine I'm just searching for a synonym for ugly and these words came out).

Let me just say nobody took a second (or even one) glance at me because Sandra was always so stunning!!!!

But did I mind so much? NO!!! I was so childlike and kenkoy so I would totally get how boys didn't go for me. I may feel bad at some points (when a crush didn't like me back) but I got over it. I was just so happy to be in a super fun friendship with dear Sandz!!!!

When I look back at it now I really laugh about it. I'm actually proud that I'm this fugly, nerdy, geeky, bucktoothed gal who never got the boys. Because at least, I did not let pressure and stereotyping get me down and I was still able to joke around and stay happy in HS.

And to think now, I don't have just one but 3 guys who love me so much:

The Chinese Dimpol, Mati, and Andrei!!!!!

Sabagay. They don't have a choice. If they don't say they love me I would give them such a bonk in the head.


Moving on....


When in TUAN TUAN, you should always go for their Pork Buns (P128.00)!!!!

Each bun is soft, pillowy, and had a nice butter crust on top.

Inside we have a moist bread with sweet pork barbecue filling. This is SOOOO good and I feel so perfect with noodles!!!!

I asked dear Sandra what she wanted for our second dish and she left it up to me. But she said she was not so fond of noodles. So from the blogs that I read before going to TUAN TUAN, I ordered the Special House Trio (P268.00)!

This is like a baked rice with 3 different toppings!

This piping hot dish has (almost) everything you need in a TUAN TUAN rice: Baked Seafood in White Sauce, Wild Mushroom in Pesto Sauce, and Pork Chop in Tomato Sauce!

It may not look much but believe me, it's more than enough for two 40 year olds who were watching their weight!!!

This is a VERY tasty way to carbo load if you ask me!

I asked Sandra what else she wanted and she said that this was okay with her. I was enumerating to her some of the dishes from the menu in TUAN TUAN and she gave a nada. I was about to order whatever the waiter recommended but my dear HS friend insisted that this was all good.

But she did get a mixed fruit Iced Tea (P128.00)!!!!

Me and my super pretty HS friend Sandra!!!!!

My plate!!! My super messy plate!

As I loved all things spicy, I ordered some of their chili oils!

Done! And we still had leftovers!!!!!!

We were supposed to transfer for dessert but we were so full to move. So we just had coffee in TUAN TUAN (P198.00)!!

Their coffee was too strong for me though. He he he he he he!

It's okay me and my friend just kept on chatting away.

I DID say I was the comic relief right?

The TUAN TUAN bill!

We chatted until everything closed on us in Promenade Greenhills. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

And the Chinese Dimpol is back to pick me up!!!!

I don't get to see my dear old friend as often as I want to because with kids, work, and our super hero lives. But I'm glad that even if we don't meet up for long periods of time, the friendship is still evident and we know that we will always be there for each other.


Love you pretty Sandra!!!!

Till next meet up!!!!

 Level 1, Promenade Greenhills, 
Ortigas Ave Connecticut, San Juan, 1503 Metro Manila
+63 9064332565

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