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Thursday, November 29, 2018


It was a holiday and that meant that THE YAPPY BUNCH would be out and about for some silly family time. It may be tempting though to stay at home and just sleep the day away but then our stomachs grumbled and we suddenly remembered how we all wanted to try out the new THE GRID FOOD MARKET in our favorite Powerplant Mall!

E you know us, we're a slave to our tummies and cravings. Ha ha ha ha ha ha! The best part too is that we ALL felt that way so everyone was excited to go. Yup! We all had the same mindset for that day.

Naks! The family that craves together, stays together nga naman!!!


That morning, we were all playing with the boys' doggies, Cable and Penny. We had to leave them though because it's TIME TO EAT!!!!!

We're now here at THE GRID FOOD MARKET!!!!

(Mati: "Wakanda forevah!!!!!!!!)

THE GRID is your upscale food court that serves specialty cuisines in each stall.

The place is almost always full so getting a table could be a challenge.

I hope though they could make a system to better assist the diners on this aspect. Too bad that we're all left to fend for ourselves to get seats even if we're sooooo  hungry na.

Yes! Wawa us!!!!!

THE GRID still had many stalls closed when we visited but the ones that were open were already very interesting!

Hmmmm... So where should we go?

Tankchop XL?
Le Chon?
La Chinesca?
Bun Appetit?
Happy Barrels?
Edsa BDG???

Hmmmm... Decisions...Decisions!

I asked the boys what they felt like having and they said they wanted to try out the Ramen!

Okay... so TSUKE-MEN it is!!!!!

TSUKE-MEN menu!!!!

The Yub gave money to the boys and they ordered for themselves.

Le Bill!!!!

As for me and the Yub, we decided to try out this Filipino stall that many are raving over.

Yup! This one had one of the longest lines in THE GRID!

What should we get???

Finally we were able to get a seat when a kind couple called us to say that we could take their table.



Me and the Yub!

The bunsoy Andrei and Master Mati!

Even if there was a long line, the ramen of the little lords were the first to be ready.

Master Mati got the Spicy Tonkotsu Tsukemen (P490.00)!

The noodles were served in a big bowl and it was perfectly cold and chewy!

The thick noodles would be dipped onto this flavorful and spicy bowl of thick soup!

My Master Mati was mucho happy!

As for the bunsoy Andrei, he got a big bowl of Tonkotsu Ramen (P390.00)!

The broth was rich and creamy! My bunsoy cannot wait to start eating!

Since our orders were not yet ready to pick up, the Yub and I lined up at their Mexican stall, La Chinesca!

Yep! The line here was pretty long too!

Aba! Aba! While we were lined up, we saw the boys already busy eating.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Sooo cute! I told them to go ahead because their hot noodles would get mushy if they waited for us. I just found them soooo adorable because even the picky eating Andrei was slurping with gusto. 

Galit! Galit muna. Ha ha ha ha ha!

Hindi talaga magugutom ang mga anak ko! They could really take care of themselves.

The Yub and I will share the Lechon Porchetta (P350.00)!

This was not your usual Porchetta because the pork is shredded and served with a big slab of chicharon.

We got the brown rice with hummus and requested for loads of their Adobo cream sauce (I read it was good).

My baby bunsoy LOVED his noodles!!! He declared that this was his new favorite!


Master Mati also enjoyed his Tsukemen very much that he asked for more noodles.

Go ahead!!! You are our hungry growing boy!

Yayyy! The baby bunsoy finished all of his noodles!


That's a big bowl ah!

ERICJAZ FOODIES with the little lords in THE GRID!!!!



But wait, there's more!

Our tacos!!!!!

I got the Chicharon (P130.00) which had crispy pork rinds along with the salsa.

I liked the Carnitas (P130.00) more because it was not as artery-clogging as the first one. Ha ha ha ha ha ha! I found this more flavorful to my liking too.

I gobbled these up in no time.

The hot sauces perfectly complemented the rich meats too!! I think I'll get some of this next time to add to our Porchetta with rice. 

Yay! THE GRID!!!

We all enjoyed our meal!! We'll soon be back fosho to try out their other dishes!


Dessert for us that holiday was in our favorite La Lola!

Till our next food trip YAPPY BUNCH! The best foodtrips talaga are when we are all together!


In a recent outing with our Bawal Panget Group, we had dinner at THE GRID!

It was challenging to get a long table, but with the joint efforts of the Yub, mareng Gem, and I, we were successful! He he he he he! Galing natin! Team Navarro treated us to some wine to celebrate. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

I treated the kiddies na lang to some donuts!!

THE YAPPY BUNCH had other dinners at THE GRID before this... You'll see that SOON!!!!!!!!



R2 Level Expansion, 
Power Plant Mall, Makati




  1. I love la chinesca! Their original branch is in Aguirre st. Bf Paranaque. As in super liit na resto siguro 15 lang pwede kumain sa loob. Love their guacamole!

    1. Hiya Erika! I have read about that but haven't tried it yet. Talaga??? I should go there pala very soon!!!!!!!! I love Mexican food!! Guacamole too!!!!!!!!!

    2. Yes!! Sa totoo lang, if I crave for mexican food La Chinesca naiisip ko! Btw sobrang bihirang mapadpad ako sa Powerplant mall. I was there last Sunday, hoping makasalubong kita. Naalala ko nasa Baguio ka.

    3. Hulloooo! Op! Op! I was there last night. SAYANG!!!!!!

      Pero mostly yeah the Yub and I in Powerplant Mall because it's near our place and very convenient. He he he he he he he!!!!

      Guess what I had in the GRID last night? TUNA TOSTADA!!! IT'S SOOOOOO GOOD grabe. I can't have enough of it! Super sarap.

      Hope to bump into you sometime. Picture picture! He he he he he he he!

    4. I saw nga in your FB you ate Tuna Tostada! Try next time the Camaroncito! My new fave! Naku sobrang bihira ako mapadpad ng Makati, you know bababa pa ng bundok (Cavite) but sana makasalubong kita one day! Yes picture picture!

    5. Is the Camaroncito the shrimp? I think I tried that na din.

      Ha ha ha ha ha ha! OO nga pleaseeeeee sana nga we see each other soon! Take care!


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