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Thursday, January 18, 2018


There was a 3 day weekend so naturally, THE YAPPY BUNCH wanted to get out and do something. But this time, we were in the mood for a different activity, one that we could say that we haven't done before....

And with that, we thought of going to PALAYA NATURAL FARM!!!!

PALAYA NATURAL FARM is about a 2 hour drive from Manila going to Tanay Rizal. The drive was okay but you'll have about 30 minutes of rough roads when you're near the farm.

We didn't mind. We just went along with the shaking of the car. He he he he he he he!

I think we're near.

Be warned that in PALAYA NATURAL FARM there is absolutely NO phone or internet signal. That's why if you're waiting for an important message, call, or post, it'll have to wait until you're back in Manila!

And we're here!

PALAYA NATURAL FARM has plantations of vegetables, fruits, and herbs.

You are immediately greeted with greenery and fresh air!


The little lords were impressed with this tall and fat tree with the swing!

I think this is the first time that Andrei saw an actual calamansi plant!

He became so curious with the fruits and vegetables growing all around.

There is always something so relaxing when you see a walkway lined up with greens.

PALAYA NATURAL FARM's main produce are Dragon fruits!

I was able to find mareng Chel of Team Quitoriano and the chatfest begins. He he h ehe he h eh!

She showed me how they have cement blocks for the Dragon Fruit trees.

The blocks are cut and used like so.

This is actually my first time to see a Dragon Fruit plantation.

PALAYA NATURAL FARM doesn't just grow produce. You could even book a night here for that true mother nature experience!

Rates for the wooden huts and tents are very affordable. 

No airconditioning needed!

If nipa huts are not your thing, you could go for the tents!

The only drawback is that they only have one restroom for all of the guests. Hopefully in the future, they could install more.

I think this is the shoshy tent! He he he he he he!

There was another large tree that gives a nice shade with its towering branches.

The tents and huts still work even if it was sunny. PALAYA NATURAL FARM had a cool breeze!

When was the last time that you parked beside a mountain? 

Walking further, the boys discovered the stream!

There as a running stream behind the mountains where you could swim or just wade around.

If you wish to have your lunch with the trickling sound of waters in the background, pwedeng pwede!

The little lord were excited!

They wasted no time in exploring and throwing pebbles onto the water.

Or make muni muni. Uuuuuy!

If you wish to take a bath in the batis, don't worry, the water is clean and they made a make-shift pool using rocks as divider. I'm not sure though how "swimmable" the batis would be though if there are more people of about 10 or 20.

For lunch, we had the option of dining by the stream but since there was a buffet, we chose to go to PALAYA NATURAL FARM's mess hall.

You could pack food in PALAYA NATURAL FARM but the food is so cheap (not to mention worth it) that I suggest you just eat there instead.

For only P250.00, you'll get to savor DELICIOUS dishes (trust me)!!!

The great thing here is that ingredients are from farm to table!

The resto is self-service so you get plates and utensils at this table along with your drinks.

Bread with Pesto Spread and Balsamic Vinegar Dip!

Salad with Dragon Fruit and Mangoes. This was scrumptious as well as beautiful!

The blue edible flowers here are the ones used to color the rice!

Sinigang sa Miso na bangus!

Grilled Yellow Fin Tuna!

So moist and flavorful. Yum!

Beef Caldereta!

Grilled Liempo!

The seasoning went right through the meats.

Eggplant Tempura!

This was SOOOO good.

Pansit Guisado!

Egad this was SO delicious!!!! I know I shouldn't but I ate it with rice. H aha ha ha ha ha ha!

My brother didn't have the buffet but they still ordered a place of this saucy pansit!

The buffet also had this Ensaladang Talong that was so perfect with the grilled foods. Yebah!

Blue rice!!!!!

Yep! It was blue! They added edible flowers in the rice pot hence the colors. Don't worry, it still tasted like rice.

My plate!!!

My first plate!

ERICJAZ FOODIES with the little lords, my brother's family, and mareng Chel!

Mareng Chel treated us to sweet fresh coconut juice!

When you're done, just pay your bill at the cashier. 

After pigging out on fresh and delicious Filipino food, we went to the PALAYA NATURAL FARM market.

It's best to go in PALAYA NATURAL FARM when it's market day so you could purchase their market produce!

We should've been here earlier because many people had already purchased their good. Still, we had fresh fruits and meats to buy at very cheap prices.

They had veggies too!

Dragon Fruit were P150 per kilo!

Karen was happy with her haul.

I also got some avocados. When my order was complete, I paid for my loot at the cashier.

Avocados were P50.00 per kilo. I'd say for P200, this is a pretty good fruit loot!

After eating, the boys proceeded to swim in the batis.

PALAYA NATURAL FARM made a make shift tub (or jacuzzi) using rocks. He he he he he! 

Good thing we're the only ones there so we had it all to ourselves.

The Chinese Dimpol however chose to wade and walk through the running waters.

When he went into the "water tub", the boys left him. Ha ha ha ha ha!

Me and the Yub hub!

As much as I wanted to swim, I'm lazy to change into my bikini (BIKINI DAW O!!!). I just dipped my feet in the cool waters.

I was already entertained watching my cute bunsoy!

I loved the view and the soothing sounds of the water. 

I think I could stay here for a looong time just making muni muni!

Later on, mareng Chel joined us so we could continue our cry... este... chatfest! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!

After the boys washed up, they still hung out by the batis.

Andrei enjoyed the simple swing.

Of course, I joined him later on. He he he he he he!

If there was another swing, I'm sure that the other guys would sit with us.

Instead, we just stayed in one of the huts!

Afterwards, it's time for our usual pictures around PALAYA NATURAL FARM!

Me and the Yubhub!

With the boys!

By the Dragon Fruits!!!!

By the mountains!

With Team Quitoriano!

After going around all day, we got some of these tall Dragon Fruit shakes!

No extenders or artificial flavorings here. I got the real deal in fruit freshess!

Uuuuy. Sweet kami kunwari!!!


After chugging down the very refreshing Dragon Fruit shake, we relaxed by the lounge chairs.

Syempre, after a few minutes, somebody was snoring. LOUD.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

I don't blame him. PALAYA NATURAL FARM was quiet, cool, and fresh air was in uber abundance.

Even the usually kulit Andrei just sat quietly and enjoyed his Clover chips.

When the Chinese D woke up, it's time to go. But of course, we still had one more picture for the road.

Augh MATI! Of course, instead of taking a picture of us with mareng Chel and pareng Abel, he did a selfie!!!

He he he he he he he he!

Thanks Team Quitoriano for showing us around PALAYA NATURAL FARM! We really had a good time!!! We'll be back again for sure!!!!!!!!!!

And the ride home begins!!!!

THE YAPPY BUNCH certainly had a unique and enjoyable experience in PALAYA NATURAL FARM!!! This is an outing we'll certainly rave over and invite others to join us! 

Check out this wonderful farm too!



Brgy Cayabu Sta. Ines Road
Tanay, Rizal 1980
0995 911 2887




  1. This is simply wonderful!!!!

    1. Hi Dia!!!! I'm glad you liked it. We really had a lot of fun. Talagang back to the basics!

  2. Hi Eric.
    any idea if open sila ng Sunday?
    We can't contact their mobile phone.
    Do they accept walk in?
    May day tour package sila? :) T.I..A

    1. Hi there!!!

      Yes they're open on Sundays and accept walk ins :) I think it's best if you send a message via their facebook account. They respond agad. I hope you have a great time!!!

      Jaz :)

  3. Hi! Kaya ba ng small car yung rough road? Nice post (:

    1. Hiya Daniel!!! I think kaya because my friend used their car. Also, the rough roads were not super rocky ha ha ha! Uncomfortable lang but manageable. Have fun! Yayyy thanks! I'm happy you liked it!

  4. Same question po... kaya po ng mga sedan yung rough road? Thanks po

    1. Hiya Anonymous! I should think so. If kaya ng kotse, kaya ng sedan. Enjoy!

  5. Hello! Are they open everyday and at what time? Are the freshly picked veggies and fruits available for sale everyday?

    1. Hulloo! Yes, they're open everyday but with regards to fresh veggies and fruits, it's only offered during Marketdays on weekends. Please check out their Facebook page to confirm the schedule.

  6. Hi,

    Is the farm (and market) open even during rainy season?

    Is the farm hikeable/walkable by elderly?


    1. Hello LN!! How are you?

      I think they're open even during the rainy season. But of course, when it's bagyo, they'll be closed. Best to call them or message in FB to be sure!

      We went there last year and from what I saw, it's okay for the elderly. The restaurant and the marketplace are manageable for senior citizens. Even the area near the batis is okay. At the other side they have hiking areas that may not be good for the elderly because it's sort of steep. But check it out na din. Some naman na senior, kayang kaya pa din. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

      Take care!


  7. Nice Eric thanks for the Blog so informative ! Youve said it all loud and clear hehe

    1. Hi Juliangelz!!!!!! Thanks!!! This is Jaz though. Eric is just my model. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!! Have a great time there! :)

  8. hello! do they really have just one CR? like one for all the day tour and overnight guests? thank you!

    1. Hullooo!

      I think now they have more restrooms (thank gulay!) -- 3 for girls and 3 for guys around the area. They also have unisex toilets near the entrance.

      Take care!!!!

  9. Very detailed blog. I would like to go there the next time I vacation in the Philippines. Thank you for promoting our country for beaut uli places to visit

    1. That would be great!!! Thanks too for coming back!!!!

  10. Replies
    1. I know that admission is free during market days. As for the exact rates, you may have to refer to their facebook page.


  11. very helpful blog and very beautiful family too. I and my family plan to visit Palaya farm for an overnight stay. Do they allow cooked food inside?

    1. Hulooooo!! How are you?

      Thanks for your kind words. I'm glad you find the post helpful.

      I asked admin regarding food and they said that they discourage it. No worries because the food served is SOOOOO affordable and delicious promise. Lutong bahay ang sarap niya! Plus, it's organic! So very safe for your family.

      The pansit was very yum. A must try tapos one plate was like P150 lang ata.

      Have fun!


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