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Monday, December 23, 2019


These days, I'm really not keen on having hotel staycations. When the boys were young and they're all so wide-eyed at new surroundings, yes, that's why we also booked ourselves a weekend before everyone started doing it. As in I would really save for it!! But now that they're older, they fully appreciate just staying home or going out with their family and friends. Let's not forget too that it could get SOOOO tiring to pack and unpack (ha ha ha ha). So yes, the appeal of having staycations is now lost with us. And it's not something that we would really set out to do like before.

Of course, there are exceptions!!

The Yub told me that a supplier gave him a voucher for an overnight stay at EDSA SHANGRILA Hotel!! He said that it could be our additional MU anniv celebration. He he he!

Meh. I answered. For the many reasons stated above, I was not that enthusiastic anymore because I could be so LAAAZZZZZY. But then I realized that

  One) it's a blessing since it's free... ha ha
    Two) it would still be a fun weekend off with the boys
    Three) We haven't stayed yet in EDSA SHANGRILA, one of
    the classic top hotels in Metro Manila.

Okay then. We're sold!  Kami pa? We're always game with anything.

(Yun ay kung, hindi ako tamarin. Ha ha ha ha ha!)



Friday, December 20, 2019

MR. SUNMOON (2019)

My brother celebrated his birthday recently.

And when it comes to birthdays in our household, you know the drill.

WE EAT!!!!!!!


MR. SUNMOON was formerly SUN MOON GARDEN and it's where my family always had birthday celebrations when the celebrant is craving for some Chinese food. 

As in bata pa kaming lahat! There was even a time when my Dad treated his sisters from the US here then when the food came, nag-agawan and naghabulan kaming magkakapatid (it was so embarrassing for him. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!).

Their restaurant used to be in Greenhills Shoppesville but then they transferred to Club Filipino Avenue. And that's where we went to that Sunday when my brother was in the mood for our usual comfort food.

Monday, December 16, 2019


The Yub and I have been long familiar with GILIGAN'S RESTAURANT way before pa because they catered our wedding (meh) when they was just starting up. From what I remember, the food was okay and it was more on the casual side. During that time their menu was limited and I had no choice but to pick from what was offered because it was requested by the future in-laws (they're friends with the owner and prices were very reasonable).

Fast forward to the present and GILIGAN'S RESTAURANT now have MANY branches across the metro and in the provinces. You could never fail with their extensive menu of Filipino specialties that are very affordable. That's why click na click!!!!

We have dined many times already at GILIGAN's but the last time we did so as a family left such a bad taste in our kiddies' mouth because well, maybe the branch was having a syesta. The Yub and I also had another experience in it on one date night that we said it would be a loooooooooooooooong time before we go back there.

But "back there" we always did. Maybe because of sentimental reasons. Good thing that in our latest meals there, service and their food improved that we would now become happy regular customers.

Syempre, when you're always eating out it's a steal to find restaurants that service delicious yet cheap food!


Friday, December 13, 2019


It was a lazy Sunday and we were all just craving to do NOTHING that day.

Of course, we had to eat. Now where should we go after cleansing our soul in Sunday mass?

Why not have some of our favorite comfort food????

With that, we all thought of going to MONGKOK, a surefire favorite in Powerplant Mall that always hit the spot when we're lazy and hungry at the same time.

Lazy because we don't want to think what we want anymore. Everything there is just good!!! He he he he he he he!

And as expected everyone agreed. You really can't go wrong with greasy Chinese food even if it IS a Sunday. He he he he he!


Wednesday, December 11, 2019


The Yub and I were celebrating our 20 years of being MAG-UN, and as expected, he forgot about it.

With that, I contemplated on how I should handle the situation...

Should I be the model wife and just understand everything? We're already married anyways and that's more of a blessing.


Should I be petty and make a big drama about how he's always forgetting special events? In that way, he'll think of a way to make up. Big time.

Syempre I chose the latter.

Tee hee... Oh wells. Before you get angry, know that I did it for women everywhere who have fallen victim to the "forgetful husband syndrome." Let's all unite and fight for our right!!!

Naaah. Kidding. I'm just hungry and craving for some steak. Ha ha ha ha ha.

Carry on!! 

Happy 20th to us!!!


Tuesday, December 10, 2019


The Yub and I have long wanted to try out POPEYE'S since it opened because we're curious how it would fare up against our other chicken favorites. I remember having it many years before in Robinson's Galleria but wanted to taste first-hand if the quality and taste are different now.

Of course, we cannot just try POPEYE's without the 2 asungots. So from the comforts of their Youtube and FB chats (grrrr) we yanked Mati and Andrei to go with us out for a family dinner.

And it was another fun night for THE YAPPY BUNCH where not only we ate enjoyable food but we also saw how helpful our little guys are when needed.

The Yub and I are really thankful for these kind of family nights (yep... even if it's in the very busy restaurant of POPEYE'S). 


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