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Thursday, December 6, 2018


The Yub and I have a new favorite when it comes to cheap yet delicious Japanese food -- YUUJIN!!! We would often pass by this house converted to a restaurant many times when going home from the office. At first we stayed away from it thinking it was expensive. But when I recently checked the menu, the prices were far from NOBU. Ha ha ha ha ha! Manageable naman. So now, whenever we have an instant craving for some simple Japanese food, we always head on straight to YUUJIN...

And then magbibiglang liko kami.

Sorry I cannot resist. We don't do that naman kasi.



YUUJIN had simple and casual interiors that would make you feel like you're in the Japanese version of a Binondo restaurant. 

Ordering up!!!

Check out the Yub giving the server his "death stare".

That's how he was looking at me when he proposed. NGIIIIII.



The Yubhub doing his peace sign...

Me doing an "I LOVE YOU" in Korean.


One of the things I like about YUUJIN is that they give out complimentary appetizers which varies from day to day. 

Tonight we got some Japanese Potato Salad. Since the Yub doesn't eat anything with mayo, I had his share.


First on the table was my order of YUUJIN Kani Salad (P295.00)!

This was fresh and good but I would rather have it with Japanese mayo than the sesame seed dressing. 

I asked for A LOT of mayo na lang to go with my salad. 

Syempre, you should always start with veggies to keep yourself fit and healthy.


Next up is my order of YUUJIN Tekka Maki (P205.00)!

This is my usual order in Japanese restaurants. I just love sushi. And sushi loves me!

I was looking at the menu and saw that the Salmon Temaki (P145.00) was a more practical choice. I don't know why the makis are more expensive. The hand-rolled option had more Salmon, more Nori, more sushi rice. 


For our mains, the Yub and I shared an order of their Ebi Tempura (P320.00)!

The Tempura were served fresh out of the fryer and piping hot. Soooo good!

We also shared a cup of YUUJIN Chicken Chahan (P105.00)!

Ahhhhh.... I can't stop drooling over this.




Egad... Japanese food is just the "bestest!!!"

He he he he he he!

It may not be obvious but the Yub and I have small appetites na.

BURP. Ubos.

While eating, my husband asked me to demonstrate the portrait feature on his phone.

When he tried to do it, THIS came out!

Kidding! My friend sent me that.

As we finished eating, we just took many selfies to prove that angling is everything.

See how puffy my cheeks are?


See how I look thin..... este.... see how puffy my cheeks are pa din???



Thanks Yub for the dinner!

We'll certainly be back YUUJIN!

And we did!

Most recently the Yub again craved for some Japanese.

This time, I got the handrolled option for the Salmon and Tuna!


The Yub was loyal to his Tempura. But of course, he shared with me pa din.

Great night as always with Yub especially when we go straight to YUUJIN.

Now time for some biglang liko to burn off those calories.

OH I'M KIDDING. DUHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


He he he he he!

221 Wilson Street, Bgy. Greenhills
San Juan del Monte
(02) 706 0626



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