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Monday, September 30, 2019


My little guys' summer vacation started in May that by the time their schoolyear was done, it was already in the middle of the rainy season. Oh well... So that meant we'll be doing our "summer" fun in the rain.

Though we were perfectly happy of course with just swimming in our favorite Valle Verde Country Club, we were somehow still craving for some sand and sun that summer vacation usually warranted. The Yub and I were planning something for the kids when our Bawal Panget Group (he he he he) wanted to have an out of town trip too. Wow! That would surely be fun!

Most of the popular resorts were already fully booked but good thing we found this simple and affordable one in Subic that garnered good reviews -- MOONBAY MARINA LEISURE RESORT.

Mabilis pa sa alas kwatro our good ol' friend Gem immediately booked for the whole gang that before anyone could change their minds, sorry, no can do. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Good thing because it was such a fun weekend that it would be a shame for those who'll miss it. As for us, we're thankful again for this opportunity to have another weekend of exploring new territory as a family -- the whole weekend was actually super fun because of them.

Check out our SUBIC TRIP with THE YAPPY BUNCH and our BP Family!

We're going on a trip in our favorite rocket ship....

I think I'm the only one in the family who remembers this TV show.

Ooooh... How strong naman Coco Martin!!! GROOOWL!!!!

Friday, September 27, 2019


It was Friday and the Yub and I were deciding where to go for DATE NIGHT!!! You know us, we're okay anywhere, as long as it fits our super low standards and budget. He he he he he!!!!

Good thing that during breaktime (stress on the BREAKTIME), I was scrolling thru Facebook and saw this ad for FINIO. I checked it out and can't believe how at the low price of P295.00 you get to eat crispy pata and mongolian barbecue ALL YOU CAN!

But wait, there's MORE!

Besides the eat all you can Crispy Pata and Mongolian Barbecue, you also get some hot dishes, a salad, plus pasta, and drinks!!!

HUWAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?!!! How can that be??

It's true Mike! He he he he he!

Anyway so when I brought it up with the Yub, I didn't need to say that it is only P295.00, because he was already tumbling for joy at the thought of having Crispy Pata as much as he can.

That's AMAZING! (Well moreso that he knows how to tumble pala... he he he he)

Now how did we find our dinner?

Basa basa lang pohzzzz....

He he he he he!

We're in FINIO!!!!

Thursday, September 26, 2019


Whenever there's a play or musical theatre showing that is co-produced by the company, I would always watch with my usual people -- My Mommy, my Ate, my friend Aning, and the Yub (oh he's so happy about it).

I really look forward to play or musical theatre dates not only because of the actual show but I like the late dinner afterwards. Call me weird or mababaw but having a show AND dinner is like THE complete date night with that cultural touch. He he he he he he!

For that night, we're going to watch BEAUTIFUL!!!

Wednesday, September 25, 2019


One night, I was craving SOOOO hard for Kimchi Soup that I haven't even greeted or texted the Yub to ask about his day when I immediately whined to him that I wanted some Korean food.

Okay! My Yub agreed with matching smiley faces and hearty hearts.

Wait a minute. That was a little too fast (with matching lambing lambing pa), that I became suspicious: Baka may hidden agenda?

Whatever it was, I plan to enjoy the gloriousness of my Kimchi Soup first then just pick a fight with him afterwards. Bwa ha ha ha ha!!!! That will spoil his obvious "plan."

Yeahh... I'm a model wife I know.  

YAY! I'm going to have some Kimchee soup!

Monday, September 23, 2019


My high school buddy Sandra and I planned to meet up one night in celebration of her ultra belated, as in a month after, birthday. She treated me during my birthday week before in KIMPURA, so now it's my turn to take her out and the choice was for a Japanese dinner, again!

We decided to check out KAMAMESHI TOWN HONTEN also in Greenhills. I have read mixed reviews about the place so I don't really know what to expect.

I shouldn't worry too much though because I'm sure it's still going to be a great night whatever food is served.  Besides, there'll be a lot of talking anyway! He he he he!



When you enter KAMAMESHI TOWN, you'll surely fancy the Japanese al fresco-like set up of the place. It's like you attended this outdoor fun Japanese party!

Thursday, September 19, 2019


FLOSSOM KITCHEN + CAFE is fast becoming one of my favorite go to places in San Juan when I want to treat somebody and impress them at the same time.

The great thing about FLOSSOM is that the food doesn't just taste good, the place looks so good as well that it's perfect for picture loving friends/family. He he he he he!

Check out our recent dinner in FLOSSOM where I gave dear best bud Aning a super belated birthday treat!

As expected, EVERYTHING was not only "good," -- it was GREAT!


The Fabulous Fridays Freaks are in FLOSSOM!!

(Yep! That's what we used to call ourselves during College).

Tuesday, September 17, 2019


The Yub and I already ate in TORI TORI branch in Ortigas when my brother treated the family in celebration of his daughter's successful opening of a school play. I didn't know that they also had a TORI TORI branch in San Juan not until the Yub informed me after another night of deciding where to go after work.

"Game!" I immediately answered. I remembered how much I loved their sushi and yakitori in our last meal.

HOWEVER, whenever we passed by TORI TORI going home, parking could be a challenge. They only had minimal spaces at the storefront that it's pure luck to secure one.

You know what? We got one!!! Yup! Out of the 4 parking spaces, there was one available. Talk about meant to be.

And our tummies lived happily ever happy.


TORI TORI!!!!!!!!!!!

Like their Ortigas branch, TORI TORI only has a few tables.

Thursday, September 12, 2019


Believe it or not but between the two of us, it's the Yub whose food cravings we always follow.

Yep. You better believe it kapeng mainit.

The Yub kasi is a picky eater who has A MILLION specifications on the food that he'll eat (he's like Sally in When Harry Met Sally pero intsik... and a GUY!!!!). As for me, I'll eat anything that's why when we go on dates or making plans with friends, I'm always like "I'm fine wherever you guys like." Of course I have food cravings din but the Yub has MORE, and he's actually a bit annoying when he pushes for it. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

One night, he was REALLY craving for Ippudo. As in REALLY. Whatever I say to him, he'll answer in the name of Ramen:

Me: "Yub, labas tayo mamaya nila Mariane."
Yub: "San tayo? Sa Ramen?"

Me: "Yub Greenbelt tayo mamaya ha? 8pm"
Yub: "Tamang tama, may Ramen sa Greenbelt."

Me: "Yub, ang init ngayon no?"
Yub: "Buti na lang may aircon sa Ippudo."


Hay naku sometimes I have these evil thoughts to intentionally go somewhere else just to spite him. Either that or sarap nya basta batukan. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Yup. Model wife di ba?


So one night, we'll be meeting with Manong Fred and the BGP Mariane. And, you guessed it, we went to IPPUDO RAMEN to answer Yub's insane craving. I know that normally, Ramen restaurants are not ideal when it comes to meeting up with friends because you have to eat and go. With IPPUDO however since they have many items in the menu, we were all able to join our cravings that night (ESPECIALLY THE YUB) and stay for more chika!


OMG ang cute ko dito. He he he he he!

Wednesday, September 11, 2019


Greenhills Shopping Center used to be like "home" to our family. At the time when Powerplant Mall, SM Megamall, Shangrila Mall, etc, were not yet existent, GREENHILLS was the place to be for us:

-- It was where we heard mass (Santuario de San Jose).
-- It was where we did our shopping (before the infamous tiangges and dibidis dominated the place).
-- It was where my Mom and Dad would jog and exercise (their basis was how many times they could go around the shopping center).
-- It was where we celebrated family events (Sun Moon, Kimpura, Mcdonalds, etc).
-- It was where we did our groceries (Unimart).
-- PLUS MANY, MANY MORE (since a LOT of memories are flooding in my head right now like the opening of Mcdonalds, me joining their first halloween contest and seeing a kiddie Lea Salonga, eating in old restaurants like Green Patio, Tom Sawyers, etc, borrowing laser discs, having Coney Island ice cream, etc, etc, etc.)

That's why imagine my grief after my Daddy went to heaven and the Yub and I passed by GREENHILLS shopping mall. I immediately broke down in sobs because I could see him EVERYWHERE. (The same thing happened with my Mom -- she had a difficult time going to Greenhills because wherever she went, she would see one of their friends/sukis who'd greet her and look for Daddy. Besides their Greenhills barkada, my parents kasi are also friends with a whole lotta people there -- the security guards, the Mercury Drug salesladies, the other store salesladies, etc. etc.)

Then suddenly, I don't know if it's God's way of helping me or what, GREENHILLS SHOPPING CENTER had a major renovation that it's not like the one we went to before. EVERYTHING WAS NEW! At first it got me a bit sad that I somehow "lost" the place that we went to almost everyday before. But at the same time, I'm grateful because at least my heart won't be in pain anymore whenever I see the places that had special memories of him. (Maybe my Dad loved Greenhills so much that he "brought" it along with him in heaven? Ha ha ha ha!).

So one time we needed to do groceries and the Yub suggested we go to UNIMART because it's already so near us. I gave him a hesitant "Okay" because I know I've been putting off going to the new UNIMART for so long. I don't know why but I know it would just feel so weird going there without asking my Daddy to buy me something from "Orange Julius." I was comforted with the thought though that at least the place is new and is not like the old UNIMART that we loved. So off we go to UNIMART for our groceries and everything went smoothly naman. It was just AFTER shopping that I became emotional again.

Do you know how some other people would hear a song and remember something with it? Well that's ME and FOOD.

Yup. Read on. Ha ha ha ha ha!

We're in UNIMART!!!! The new one that is!

Monday, September 9, 2019


It was a holiday and even if my mindset was to stay in bed the whoooooole day and just watch Netflix, the Yub naman was determined to go out.


Tee Hee! Kidding!

I agreed later on because the Master Mati had a sleepover while the bunsoy Andrei went out with his Lola (yes, he'd rather go out with her than us). When deciding where to go, the Yub said we should try out SHAKE SHACK.


Sometimes I really don't get how my husband's mind works (especially when he goes for the weird choice). One thing I could say though: if he feels strongly about something he would stick to it no matter what the cost.

I'm sure you have an idea as to how bratty I could be but that is nothing to the Yub when he's hell bent on something. You'd think that he's a horse wearing blinders.

So to SHAKE SHACK we went and even if there were long lines, my Yub was adamant to stay.

In the end, I'm thankful because at least we were able to try out this popular burger franchise in the US. At the same time I realized that waiting is not really hard when you have a loving asungot with you.

TEE HEE.....


We're in SHAKE SHACK!!!!

Thursday, September 5, 2019


It was a very busy Saturday for us but even though our schedule was jampacked, we still have the eye on the prize.

Yup! We have a date with JOHN WICK!!!!

We have been following the series of this loner ex-assassin ever since his Baddie Buddies came out (Robert Mccall "The Equalizer, Jack Reacher, Bryan Mills "Taken", Frank Castle "The Punisher", etc). Though I personally feel that the others could take him, I would still go for John Wick more because, well, I love Keanu Reeves!

I'm happy too that Master Mati is also obsessed with JOHN WICK because movie nights are more enjoyable with him.

So for that night, we turned down invites from friends, we three have a date with JOHN WICK!

And it's surely going to be a WOOOAHHH night!!!!

We'll be watching JOHN WICK later and it's just fitting that before that epic movie, we'll be attending Master Mati's KALI practice.

Tuesday, September 3, 2019


Sunday is sacred for family days and I could not imagine spending the last day of the weekend without them. It is also on this day that the Yub and I usually plan something special with the little guys (we have always stressed the importance of Sundays for family and made sure to always reserve the day only for them). That's why when MARCO POLO MANILA invited ERICJAZ FOODIES and the boys for the LA VITA ITALIA buffet in CUCINA, we were excited that we will enjoy it as a family. The great thing too is that besides being back again in the "hands" of Forbes Travel Guide's 5-Star Awardee, MARCO POLO MANILA, we will also get to meet world champion of pizza acrobatics Chef Pasqualino Barbasso and taste his creations.

Of course, THE YAPPY BUNCH is fine anywhere as long as we're together. But if you add to the mix authentic Italian pizza, pizza making lessons for the kiddies, and pizza acrobatics by a world champion, (not to mention CUCINA'S popular buffet serving fresh and mouth watering dishes), THEN, WE. ARE. SO. SOLD.

Heck, I'll even desert the kids for that! He he he he! Family Shmamily.

That's a 180-degree turn for you.


See what delicious food does to us?

Check out our buon appetito Sunday lunch in CUCINA, MARCO POLO HOTEL, and see how you too could have the same authentic Italian experience!!!

THE YAPPY BUNCH spent the first day of the Ber months in CUCINA!!!

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