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Thursday, May 7, 2015


When we went to Tagaytay City for my 40TH BIRTHDAY WEEKEND, my BP group and I had brunch in one of my most favorite restaurants in the area.....  


Whenever we're in the land of Taal Volcano, I would always crave to have a meal in BAG OF BEANS or even just a snack because you could never go wrong with their menu. 

Everything is just dang good!

As much as I love BAG OF BEANS their main branch would always have VERY slow service. I remember eating here once and got served my order after an hour!!!

I noticed that this is an all-new BAG OF BEANS where they renovated the whole look of the place!

Now, they have a more chic design and plenty of rooms for you to book your hungry group!!

You could stay in the airconditioned rooms in BAG OF BEANS.

Or go al fresco! Either way, you'll be sure to have a laid back and relaxing time with delicious food!!

Of course, don't forget to buy from their "pasalubong" corner!


Team Virrey!


Camp Campo!


Plus the little lords with their friends!

Time to order!

BAG OF BEANS menu 1...

BAG OF BEANS menu 2....

BAG OF BEANS menu 3...

BAG OF BEANS menu 4...

BAG OF BEANS menu 6!!!!

TIME TO EAT!!!!!!!!!

BAG OF BEANS Tapsilog (P260.00).

BAG OF BEANS Tocilog (P230.00)!

BAG OF BEANS Spaghetti with Cream Sauce (P290.00) was mighty tasty and not cloying at all!

BAG OF BEANS Bacon and Eggs Kiddie Meal (P205.00)!


ERICJAZ FOODIES with the little lords and friends in BAG OF BEANS!!!!

The Chinese Adonis so happy with his food!

I really wanted to order some of BAG OF BEANS rice meals but Andrei said he was craving for some Spaghetti Carbonara. Since he usually cannot finish one order, I just shared it with him.

Usually it's Yub who splits food with our little picky eater but he doesn't eat carbonara so I was left to fend for myself in this tasty deed!

Look at my little boy's happy face!!!



It was really no problem sharing the carbonara with Andrei because BAG OF BEANS' version is mighty good!!!

Even John Lloyd and Drew Barrymore were so happy with their BAG OF BEANS grub!!!

Somebody ordered Mati's usual favorite in BAG OF BEANS  -- Fish and Chips (P295.00)!!!  This is really bang for your buck since it is good for sharing!

For dessert, Yub got some BAG OF BEANS Chocobites (P110.00)!

These freshly baked pastries were not too sweet  and so perfect with coffee!!!


 Ann ordered the BAG OF BEANS blue berry cheesecake (P150.00) which was one of her favorites as well!

She must like me a bit because she told me we should share it! He he he he he he!


My new favorite in BAG OF BEANS would have to be their luscious and scrumptious Apple Pie Ala Mode (P155.00)!!!



The crust was perfectly flaky while the apples were stewed in just the right mixture of cinnamon and other delectable flavors. This was topped off with rich ice cream!


Man... This didn't stand a chance!!!!

I paired the mouth watering desserts with a cup of BAG OF BEANS Brewed Coffee (P130.00)! I know I'm supposed to try their best selling (and probably gross) Alamid coffee but my tummy and imagination were not ready just yet.

I have quite a drinking problem when it comes to coffee because I could finish off 5 or 6 or even 8 cups in a day, no sweat! That's why I confidently ordered their bottomless option.

Imagine my cockiness fading when at first sip I almost gagged at how strong their coffee was. It was delicious, yes. But the boldness and richness of the piping hot java was too much for me. 

I'm only good for commercial and instant coffee pala! CHEAP! HA HA HA HA HA!

 DONE! Well... Almost!

I'm still taking my time with the BAG OF BEANS apple pie! He he he he he he!

Our BAG OF BEANS bill!!!

BURP! That was indeed a delicious lunch made more fun with awesome company! Great to note too that BAG OF BEANS service improved a whole lot more that it didn't take years to get our order. We got all of our uberly appetizing food right on time!!!!

LET'S EAT!!!!!!!!!!!!

 General Emilio Aguinaldo Highway Mendez Crossing West, 
Tagaytay City, 
Tagaytay-Nasugbu Highway, Tagaytay, Cavite
 (046) 413 2723



  1. Mr. SnuffleupagusMay 8, 2015 at 5:08 AM

    Tagaytay has always had a special place in our (TP and me) relationship. During the our very early days of being together, we would usually go there (nung wala pa masyadong madaming restos) and just breathe in the peace and serenity of the place.

    -BAG OF BEANS!!! LHAV! LHAV! LHAV! We love their raisin bread (super winner!!!), their blueberry cheesecake (super kaduper!!!), their pies (ultra mega kaduper!!!) and their buffet (yum! and cheap!)
    -ang laki na talaga ng Bag of Beans. At parati silang puno ha, madami pa din talaga ang kumakain sa kanila, esp. on holidays and weekends, when they have their buffet.
    -Eeeeeee... si Sir Jonahs!!!!
    -super ganda talaga si Mareng Gail! I'm so confused na!!! hahaha...
    -HOmaygollygulay! Ang Tocilog nila! Yan ang second to the last meal ko bago ako maaksidente last year, hahaha... pero imperness, masarap siya!
    -word of the day: CLOYING
    -yey! buti may nagustuhang pagkain si Andrei diyan
    -OMG! Ang Blueberry Cheesecake nila! They always served it to us before na semi-frozen kaya para siyang ice cream pag kinain. Sarap!!!
    -sobrang gusto din namin yang Apple Pie ala Mode, which we renamed "Mode ala Apple Pie" kasi ang daming ice cream, hahaha...
    -"I'm only good for commercial and instant coffee pala! CHEAP! HA HA HA HA HA!" <<<=== Wuss! J/K hahahahaha...
    -OMG!!! ANG BILL!!! Di ko kinaya! Sa tagal mong hindi nag-post, nakalimutan ko na na ibang levelz pala talaga ang EJF!!! hahaha...

    Have a great Friday my Uber Sosi and Shala Idol (USASI)! Stay safe during the coming typhoon this weekend. Mwah!

    1. HIya Mr. Snuff! HOW ARE YOU???

      Yihiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!! Tagaytay pala ah! So, like Gabby and Sharon, sila Baguio while you and the Partner, TAgaytay! YOWN!

      1) We really love the food at BAG OF BEANS! Parang wala pa kaming naoorder na hindi masarap! Love everything there! Except the service... ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

      2) Yes malaki their main branch and they renovated. I haven't tried the buffet yet but it seems interesting. Maybe next time. He he he he he he!


      4) Ha ha ha ha ha! Sino ba talaga type mo???

      5) Yes masarap their tocilog. Hala e di bad memories pala sa yo this dish? Oh noes!

      6) I got that word from THE PICKIEST EATER. Meaning NAKAKASAWA! He he he he he he!

      7) That's what my friend said too. Pero okay na din sakin kahit room temperature. Srap!

      8) I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVED their apple pie a la mode! It's the best for me there is! Naubos ko siya! Super sarap!

      9) Sobrang tapang naman kasi nung kape! I could have many servings of brewed coffee pero di k kinaya tong sa BAG OF BEANS! AH AH HA AH HA HA HA HA! E ang limit ko lang per cup is 1 tsp of sugar!

      10) CHE!

      11) Magkitakits uli kami nitong mga BP peepols tomorrow. I'll tell them said hi.


  2. Hi Eric!

    Awesome blog post! I just want to ask though is this the branch adjacent to the Lourdes Church?

    1. Hi Raphie!

      How are you? Wow thanks so much! That made my day!!!! With regards to your question, I don't think so. This is the old BAG OF BEANS. Maybe you're referring to the new BAG OF BEANS which is near the rotonda. It's smaller there but the food is still as good as what we had.

      Enjoy!!! Thanks for dropping by!



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