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Friday, January 29, 2016


During our super fun family staycation in LAS CASAS FILIPINAS DE ACUZAR, we discovered that the resort was isolated from the town proper. That meant, adieu, adieu, to all plans of having a Bataan food trip or having take-out!

However, we pleasantly discovered that LAS CASAS FILIPINAS DE ACUZAR was indeed like old Manila where there were also restaurants located in different corners of the resort patterned after the towns of distant past.

Oooh... Now where should we have a heritage tummy tour??? He he he he he!

So we already had a breath taking lunch at CAFE DEL RIO where the food was yum and the view was awesome. Now what should we try next?

When we went to the Heritage Tour that morning, we came upon the site where the movie HENERAL LUNA shot one of their memorable scenes. From there, we also saw that there was this Italian Restaurant hiding below the stone walls. We instantly decided that our family dinner will be in  LA BELLA TEODORA because we imagined how romantic it would be come night time.

And yes, we were right. We had a lovely time with the food and the ambiance! The dinner became more amazing with the ancient warmth of the dimly lit restaurant. We somehow experienced how it was to wine and dine when the world was still young.

Of course, we really didn't drink wine. But you know what I meant.

Here's our lovely and enchanting dinner at LA BELLA TEODORA!

Now aren't we so glad that we didn't have to go outside LAS CASAS FILIPINAS DE ACUZAR to have a wonderful meal?


The restaurant could be found inside this dark tunnel. 

Thursday, January 28, 2016


Whenever the Chinese Adonis and I are in SM Megamall, the only restaurant for us would always be IPPUDO RAMEN. But for one date night, we decided to snap out of our addiction and try out something new.

Now what restaurant is worthy enough to get our ramen obsession out of our system???


It will be the Chinese Adonis' first time to eat at DIN TAI FUNG in the fashion mall of SM Mega. As for me, I was able to pig out here during a company trip in Hong Kong and loved it. I'm sure the yub will enjoy his meal here as well. 

DIN TAI FUNG just opened when we dropped by for dinner and I was expecting the lines to be horrendous (as I've so in many instagram posts). Good thing that there were not as many people as I thought it would be but we were still told to wait for a table to be available.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016


THE YAPPY BUNCH were in LAS CASAS FILIPINAS DE ACUZAR for a family staycation and we're all having an awesome time. The sun may be at its brightest, the travel may be long, the wait may be a few more hours for our room to be ready, but we were all still in a jolly mood!

Of course, besides falling in love with the beautiful surroundings, what else could get us all giddy and happy?


We just finished our HERITAGE TOUR  and it certainly worked up our appetite. The restaurant nearby that served Filipino food was very full so we went to the beachfront villas area to try out the house that served Mexican dishes.

Well they did say Mexican dishes but I pleasantly discovered that they had a lot of Filipino and Spanish items as well!


Tuesday, January 26, 2016


Have you guys seen the movie MIDNIGHT IN PARIS? I feel that I am like the character there of Owen Wilson who is obsessed with the people, places, and cultures of the past. I don't know why but I share the same love and yearning to live the simple life before where there more open spaces than malls, everybody was genuinely nice and courteous to each other (without fear of getting mugged), and everywhere is so clean with fresh, unpolluted air. Even if I appreciate the technology that we have now, it's just too bad that I was born many, many years afterwards in the 90's....

Tee to the Hee.

Anywho, that is probably why I love going to places where it is reminiscent of the olden days. I would regularly drag THE YAPPY BUNCH to Intramuros for family days and when we went to Italy, I just fell in love with the ancient structures.  That is why when I heard of the resort called LAS CASAS FILIPINAS DE ACUZAR, I was really wishing we could save up enough funds to have a family staycation there.

And after limiting our shopping and eating times, we did!!!

This is already day two of our heritage trip in LAS CASAS FILIPINAS DE ACUZAR, and I was happy that it was as beautiful, romantic, and "ancient" as I hoped it would be. The great thing here is that even if my techie addicted boys were not able to play their usual games or go online, they were still having such a blast.

This is indeed another memorable family bonding for us. Although we actually have fun anywhere as long as we are together, LAS CASAS FILIPINAS DE ACUZAR made us appreciate what we had in the past, right in the present.

And that is why what we have now is a gift.

Naks! Right back atya Kung Fu Panda! :)


We woke up to clear and sunny skies in our day 2 at this famous Bataan resort.

Breakfast was included in our booking and it was about many streets away from our room. We didn't really mind because the we fancied the walk and Andrei would have the chance to go on his bike again.

Monday, January 25, 2016


The YAPPY BUNCH went back in time for our family weekend staycation!


We actually arrived early morning but since the room was not yet ready, we went on a HERITAGE TOUR first to check out the ancient Filipino houses that were transferred to the resort. Afterwards, we had lunch at CAFE DEL RIO, which provided delicious food and such a picturesque view (see what we have up there?)

Everyone was in very good spirits even if the sun was at its peak in the afternoon. The little lords were even in a surprisingly good mood to take pictures here at the garden by the beachfront villas. 

Friday, January 22, 2016


THE YAPPY BUNCH headed north one weekend for a family staycation at.... 


Truth be told, this may be the first time we headed out to this direction (since we always drive South) and we're all pretty excited because this will once again be a family bonding experience where we will be going back in time!

Well... almost! He he he he he he!

Wednesday, January 20, 2016


Just so you know, every Thursday has become "BGP Marian and Manong Fred day". It used to be Friday but the little lords are with us most of the time on the last day of the work week and we don't want to be stuck in the usual traffic when they pick me up from work and then go back to Makati (the middle point between us and BGP Marian).

So for our usual "BGP Thursdate", it was my turn to choose what restaurant to have dinner in, and for that night, I was deeply craving for American food. With that, the obvious choice would have to be dinner at our favorite CHILI'S BAR AND GRILL! We love it there not only because we find the food superkaduperfragalistic delicious, but the place also has a sentimental value for us since it is was where the Chinese Adonis and I first met.



Anywho, the meeting place then became CHILI'S BAR AND GRILL in Greenbelt, and once again we were assured of a very fun Thursdate even if it WAS in the middle of the work week.

Well if you combine superkaduperfragalistic delicious food and awesome company, you could never ever go wrong right?


Yuck again. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!


It may be a work week but still, CHILI'S was full with hungry (and crazy) diners like us!

Tuesday, January 19, 2016


One weekend when we were in my husband's hometown in Lucena City, Quezon Province, we wanted to try out something new besides our usual favorites PALAISDAAN, PEKING, CAFE ANTIQUA, BUBBLES, etc etc.

And with that, we came to HORIBATA JAPANESE KITCHEN!

HORIBATA JAPANESE KITCHEN recently opened in a gasoline station near Diversion road.

This new restaurant in Lucena City specializes in serving authentic Japanese food. Although they don't have my usual favorites of sushi and sashimi, I feel that this is still something to check out on a hungry day!  

Monday, January 18, 2016


My Mom recently celebrated her birthday and my sister thought of having a mini-party for her with the family. This was all fine with me of course, until I learned that we're going to be footing the bill with my brothers.

Ha? Ah... Eh... I think I have to be somewhere for a "meeting"! Yes! A "meeting"!

Duh. I'm kidding of course. Anything for my lovely mom!

When my sister was thinking of the venue, she considered that our group had a lot of (ahem) seniors who didn't want to go far. Besides that, most of our family members do not eat as much as before so we may have to veto those famous buffet restaurants that have mile long spreads (of course, we still want to get our money's worth).

So we came upon LOLA MARIA restaurant in THE LEGEND VILLAS in Mandaluyong City. This was very convenient for us since it was very near our home AND, it had a buffet spread that was just right for the birthday celebrant and the "young ones".


A great choice indeed!

Overall, it was a simple yet very fun birthday lunch for the special lady of the family.  Based on the smiles, laughs, and burps heard that afternoon, we're happy that we decided to gather and celebrate the special day at LOLA MARIAS of THE LEGEND VILLAS


The Chinese Adonis enters!

Friday, January 15, 2016


BGP Marian is a member at Metro Club Rockwell and she invited THE YAPPY BUNCH for some Sunday swimming with other friends. 

We were there up and early because we wanted to cool off in sparkling waters!

While the boys were swimming, I just stayed behind. Even if it was a bit hot, I told you I WAS lazy. 

So I ain't gettin' up to change into some swimsuit, you know what I'm sayin'???

Yup! When I try to defend myself, I do it like how they say so in the hood! Imagine me saying that with my left hand waving around.

Thursday, January 14, 2016


For me, one of the best ways to greet the New Year is by spending it with our foodie family -- THE KAIN TULOG GANG!

I mean, there is really no doubt that when you love food, you immediately surround yourself with people having the same obsession to make sure your year starts alright. That's sort of like "food shui" to greet 2016.

See what I did there? He he he he he!

Anyway, ERICJAZ FOODIES was actually invited to KTG's Christmas party in Edsa Shangrila. However, we were not able to attend because we were in Yub's hometown in Quezon Province. It was a good thing because since there were many absentees, our KTG bossman Spanky, kindly set up another one that also included our foodie kiddies.

Yoo to the HOO!

The KTG NEW YEAR PARTY was then scheduled and our favorite F1 HOTEL MANILA generously accommodate us with a venue for that most definitely fun day.  And yes, like what we had predicted, it was another great event with my favorite foodie family: there was non-stop chatter, food was overflowing, and we had a NEW YEAR'S PARTY that is surely different from how others spent it.

You might say that it was an awesome KTG PARTY and everyone was so happy INSIDE and OUT. He he he he he!

Cheers to my foodie family! Here's to 365 days of spreading the good word on drool-worthy food and living the happy, crazy, and lazy life!!!!


It's 2016 and the KAIN TULOG GANG is getting bigger and bigger!

We were reserved at our second home, F1 HOTEL MANILA, and they gave us their Titanium Function room. The same place we had our crazy CHRISTMAS PARTY last year! 

Wednesday, January 13, 2016


On one particularly busy Saturday, ERICJAZ FOODIES was fully booked to a T: Early in the morning we attended the school intrams of the little lords because they will be having a presentation. Afterwards we watched Andrei and his team compete in his grade level basketball. Then at night, we will be attending not one, but two parties.

Would you believe that in the middle of it all, we will also be attending a wedding in EDSA SHANGRILA HOTEL? Yep! And I was lovin' it! Truth be told, I hated attending weddings when I was single. Because not only am I expected to answer the usual MEH question of "When are you getting married?", I fiercely DO NOT like joining the bouquet toss.

Add to that the garter game with the guy? (Homer shudders).

Now that I'm happily married to the man of my dreams (blech), I will never miss a chance to attend a wedding. Besides having the chance to dress up and meet with friends/or family, I love attending events where there is so much happiness in the air. Plus, it's nice to see two people, who are so in to each other, say their vows and party on like the Chinese Adonis and I did many years ago.

Haaaaay....  To be young and in love!

Of course, food is NEVER a factor for us when we attend weddings. Sometimes I even forget about it. ("Huh? There's a buffet? I didn't know!")

Yehessss... To be old, in love, and DELUSIONAL.

Okay fine. Food does that even to the best of us.


We're going to a wedding!

The wedding was in EDSA SHANGRILA BALLROOM and we're relieved that even if we were late, the reception program hasn't started yet. 

Tuesday, January 12, 2016


Most recently, BGP Marian and I discovered this wonderful hub called BGC STOPOVER which had some of our new favorite restaurants like GENKI SUSHI and SHAWARMA BROTHERS. When we were there last time, we discovered that it had one of the restaurants that was so famous for those who came from a wild party.....


RECOVERY FOOD is open 24/7 that is why it's a strong favorite for night owls or for people who jammed from dusk till dawn. 

However, my friends and I are not party peeps nor are we in need for a hangover cure (the most that you could say about us is that we are WEIRD). We just heard that RECOVERY FOOD have delicious rice toppings that we wanted to try it!

Monday, January 11, 2016


Usually, THE YAPPY BUNCH celebrates the coming of New Year in Yub's hometown in Quezon Province. But this year, his mother suddenly had a change of heart and felt like going to Manila on the first day of 2016. So that meant, no PALAISDAAN to end 2015 (poor Yub he he he he) BUT we will be able to spend New Year's Eve with my family. So muchos yey to that!


When we were kiddies, my Dad would usually take us hotel hopping after mass in preparation for midnight. But now, hotels and even the streets, have their own countdown parties that it is impossible to navigate our way around the Metro.

Saturday, January 9, 2016


One of the Gatdula family traditions that I am so happy to be doing with THE YAPPY BUNCH is our yearly hotel hopping to welcome the New Year. My Dad started this (as a way to escape chores for Media Noche???) with us kids and we'll come home in time to enjoy a hot and sumptuous spread prepared by my Mommy for New Year's Eve. He started the tradition with us while I was still in grade school and continued until we were all working. We only stopped when my Dad did not feel like going out anymore due to the firecrackers which has doubled in decibel percentage. Plus, streets and hotels have become more crowded with New Year's Eve parties that it would be impossible to have our usual fun bonding night.

Still, I felt like continuing my Daddy's tradition with THE YAPPY BUNCH. And though it would be more of a riot if we do it on New Year's Eve, we found that it is more convenient and doable if we have it on an earlier night.

This year, we were getting ready and I invited my Mommy to come with us for our hotel hopping. She begged off as she had something to do but added that she will join us next year.

I said before going that the reason we were doing this was because I'm letting the little lords experience the fun we had with my Daddy when we we're younger. My Mom smiled and answered she was so happy that I'm passing on this tradition to the boys.

Of course, that made the night more memorable for me.

Hopefully the little lords will have many magical nights with our yearly hotel hopping that the time will come when they will say the same thing to me.  That would truly make my New Year and many more years to come for sure!!!



We didn't really mean to but we are doing the same agenda with our HOTEL HOPPING 2010.


Thursday, January 7, 2016


Like they say, it's the most wonderful time of the year and yes I strongly agree to that. Because even if we do the same thing every single time (parties, shopping, eating, gift giving, blah blah blah) I find that CHRISTMAS present would ALWAYS top the CHRISTMAS past. No matter how much we got stuck in traffic or how we made mad dashes for last minute shopping, the latest CHRISTMAS would still by far be the best. You would never hear "Aaaah Christmas two years ago was more fun" because you will always be so consumed by the happiness and joy you're feeling right now!

Take this year for instance: Egad, I made getogethers and family dates my priorities every available night that the next thing I know, it was already CHRISTMAS EVE! Yup! That's cramming at its finest! Aaaaaak!! I was so tense at rushing everything I needed to buy that I failed to stop and take in all the twinkly beauty of season. Oh boo effin hoo.

In the end when all was given and done, I gave out a long sigh and a huge thanks at how everything was still oh so lovely this CHRISTMAS.


We were still so thankful for the experience!
We're so thankful for my weird family!
We're thankful for the overflowing food and overdone beef!
We're just so thankful for EVERYTHING.



It was already the day before CHRISTMAS (December 24, 2015) and we still had A LOT to do. For one, "Santa" doesn't have gifts yet for the little lords, while me and the Chinese Adonis still had many things to buy. With that, we went to Powerplant Mall to do our last minute shopping.

Yup! We went there using Andrei's new black Porsche! 


Wednesday, January 6, 2016


There may be other work parties but I bet you'd agree when I say that there is nothing like my OFFICE CHRISTMAS PARTY. The excitement we have for it is like the suspense and adrenalin that Bruce Willis got from DIE HARD 1 (yu-uh). But with us, there's no drama (oh puhleez), murder (of course), and hostages (I think I chose the wrong movie). But yes, there ARE a lot of explosions (of prizes), joy (from all the jokes), and gratitude (like how Bruce Willis felt towards the friendly cop... tee hee!).

So let me share with you TAPE INC's 2015 CHRISTMAS PARTY! Hope you enjoy this holiday ride of being with our Dabarkads!



I apologize if in the coming blogposts you'll still find many entries that happened from the past year. Let's just say that lazy me was not able to write about it but they are still events that I never want to forget.

So BOING!!!! They're here!



The first week of November usually marks the start of Andrei's favorite show of the year -- The GREENHILLS CHRISTMAS ON DISPLAY (COD) SHOW!

When I was a kid, my Dad would always bring the whole family to COD mall in Quezon City to watch dressed up moving mannequins doing a Christmas story. Now that mall already closed a long time ago but the famous and much revered COD show opened up in Greenhills Shopping Center!

Now that we have little lords of our own, the Chinese Adonis and I promised to always go there as a family and watch the show the way my Dad used to do with us. Personally it culminates the start of our Christmas season...

Well THAT and my first sip of Starbuck's Toffee Nut Latte! Tee hee!

For that night, we planned to kick-off our COD date with dinner in our favorite LE CHING. However, a million people were thinking of the same thing that we ended up having dinner in Wonton.

Blog post coming soon!

Oh and just ignore exhibitionist Andrei.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016


For our first official entry this 2016, let me make a special review of the year that was.

Don't worry. I won't make a restaurant or foodie countdown. I leave the experts to do that. He he he he!

As always, I will look back on the special moments of ERICJAZ FOODIES with our little lords and how they made 2015 just more awesome. These are the moments that made us chuckle, laugh, or guffaw out silly making every day more memorable!

Of course, food still played a very big part in our year and it is very obvious with our bulging tummies. But it is with our little lords that our hearts get bursting and we will never ever want to forget that.

You may say that THAT is the real purpose of our silly little foodie blog anyways: to document our superkaduper great moments that make each year a breath taking trip down to memory lane. Of course, you may not share in my enthusiasm about my family's mini-(mis)adventures, in fact, you may even find some corny. But believe me, I cherish it all and I want to put it on record (pun intended) that these moments truly made our 2015 a helluva good year!



We kicked off 2015 by welcoming my dear nephew Chuckie who hailed from Las Vegas but was currently an instructor in Korea. 

Check out our January with him in HERE!

During the long holiday, we took him to ENCHANTED KINGDOM and had a blast with some of the rides there. I'm sure the Chinese Adonis agreed especially that his head flew out from nowhere. He he he he he!

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