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Thursday, December 24, 2015


As much as I love meeting up with my BGP (Best Gal Pal) Marian and her husband Manong Fred, it always spells disaster to my "good on paper" diet. Don't get me wrong, I have the willpower of Justin Bieber and his quest to be irritating but when I'm faced with great company, it would always come with great appetite.

And for that night in FELY J'S all hell broke loose as we were also served with delicious Filipino food! There was really no other way to cap off the great night than by pigging out! 


FELY J'S is part of the popular LJC group which also brought us ABE, LORENZO'S WAY, CAFE ADRIATICO, and CAFE HAVANA to name a few. 

I was there early so I passed the time by checking out the menu. 

And heeeeeere's Ms. Fely!

Tuesday, December 22, 2015


I remember that we have long been planning to go to KIDZANIA (pronounced as KIDZAHNIA and not KIDZEYNYAH... tee hee) but something would always come up that we won't always push through. Besides that, we were also hesitant squeezing in with the crowds of parents and kiddies that we thought the little lords may be lining up more rather than having fun.

However, when we did go during the APEC holiday, we had a very fun and pleasant experience there. If you read PART ONE of our KIDZANIA blogpost you'll catch these following tips to make your time there more enjoyable:

1) Buy your tickets online because walk-in tickets are limited.
2) Bring jackets because it could get very cold inside KIDZANIA!
3) Be there early! There may be a LOT of people going at the same time!  You could queue as early as 1:30pm though.
4) When you get your map, plot the activities and the location of where your kiddies want to go.
5) If it's your first time in KIDZANIA, head straight to the bank to get your kidzos. If you already have money from your previous trips, go to your chosen one or two activities first, THEN get your money. The bank lines won't be as long!
5) If you plan to get Pazzports (which I recommend if you see yourselves returning to KIDZANIA) have somebody line up there while your kid is at the bank.

Now here's part two of our KIDZANIA trip!

THE YAPPY BUNCH in KIDZANIA -- let's volt in!

After Mati finished with his Holiday Inn activity in KIDZANIA, we found Team Daddy lining up for the construction.

Thursday, December 17, 2015


During APEC week, we finally booked our tickets to visit the newest hub that is rocking the worlds of children in the Metro....


To be perfectly hownest, I'm not that enthusiastic to go to KIDZANIA because I have seen and read how crowded the place could get. Plus, it was likely that on a weekend or a holiday, we will have to endure long lines that there would be like a 45 minute wait per activity. But then I saw how the little lords have been wanting to go to KIDZANIA and my promises to take them there have extended to about 4 months already.  So today was the day. The Chinese Adonis booked our tickets online and we're ready to face the crowds of people who would probably go to the famous kiddie place in the Fort. 

Most people claimed that when they went out during the APEC week, they experienced carmaggedon!!!! It's a great thing that we were not in the affected area so the road to KIDZANIA was clear and (almost) car free!

Wednesday, December 16, 2015


I'm not really a fan of the words "whatever will be, will be" when it comes to planning and mapping out an itinerary. For me, there should always be a schedule and a definite agenda for the day. However, as I got older (ahem) I have come to accept that things could not always go our way and we should learn how to conform when needed. Because really, sometimes things just happen for a reason that it may even be a pleasant surprise for us.

This is EXACTLY what happened to THE YAPPY BUNCH one weekend!

Usually on Sundays, we would go to mass, have a quick snack, then rush home for our family lunch. However for this particular family day, we did not go to our usual church and instead, heard mass at SHANGRILA MALL.

The little lords were behaved during service but Andrei saw how there was this driving school that was set up at the other side. He kept asking if we could check it out after mass and I kept answering him that we'll see if we'll have time for it.

After mass, the Chinese Adonis and little Andrei immediately rushed towards the registering counter and learned that Andrei will be scheduled for the second batch at 2:30pm. Oh no! We won't be home in time for our family lunch!!!

We realized though that this may be the only time that Andrei will get to try this kiddie driving school. It may not be like what they have in KIDZANIA but still, it is something that my little lord could learn from. So we just prepared to change our plans for that afternoon and go ahead with it.

Lo and behold! While we were waiting, the attendants informed us that some of the the kiddies who registered were late and they already needed to start. So that means Andrei could now take an earlier slot!


We may be a bit late for our family lunch but at least we could still catch up! Later on we learned that my sister and brother will also be arriving at the same time as us. So that means we'll all still be having our (late) lunch together!

Isn't it great how things happen for a reason and works out in the end?

And for our Sunday, it's all because of Andrei and his strive to drive! Ha ha ha ha! 

The CHILD SAFETY INITIATIVE was set up by Volkswagen Philippines to educate little kiddies on the rules of traffic.

The program occupied most of the main floor of EDSA SHANGRILA thus catching the attention of most of the kiddies.

Friday, December 11, 2015


It's day two of THE YAPPY BUNCH's F1 HOTEL MANILA Christmas getaway. And even if we have already stayed here millions of times (well almost... he he he he he!), we still had loads of fun and got a different kind of bonding weekend! Of course, besides feeling the warmth of the holiday season, our enjoyment level got amped with the impeccable Filipino service that F1 HOTEL MANILA!

Yu-uh.... It almost made me do a Tiny Tim and shout "Merry Christmas everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Okay fine. I'm 10 times heavier than Tiny Tim and I'm not THAT crazy to just shout out my feelings. But trust me, spending time with the special people in your lives during this holiday season is indeed enough to bring you over the moon.

And with F1 HOTEL MANILA, it just made it a MORE happy experience! 


Here's our DAY TWO....

Wednesday, December 9, 2015


You know how it is during the Christmas season:

Frantic shopping for the most practical gifts.
More traffic.
Joining the millions of people in malls to get the best sale items.
Christmas Parties or whatever parties.
Super Kaduper traffic.

The point is I'm sure the holidays are upon us and we should be feeling the Christmas spirit. But let's face it, the season is busier NOW compared to the days of yore when the cavemen only had to worry about not being the Christmas meal of some hungry dinosaur. And yes, we are all only human. As much as we are all giddy and excited for December 25, the holidays could take its toll on our utterly beautiful selves that sometimes we just need to take a short break from it all.

And THAT is where F1 HOTEL MANILA comes in.

Because what better way to recharge than by having a Christmas staycation at your "home of happy experiences", right?


Tuesday, December 8, 2015


The Chinese Adonis may be one of the most "deadma" guys that was ever created but I would still declare loud and proud that he could still be very thoughtful.

Hold your horses, hell is not freezing over. Those who know him will agree that he is my emotional opposite and that there is not an ounce of romance in his cutie little blood. But whenever I need him the most, you could count on him to be always there.

Cue in: "God gave me youuu... To shohow me huwats reaallll...."

Yup! Like lining up for our dinner in HALAL GUYS.


(Duh. This is a foodie blog. What were you thinking? A knight in shining armor? Puhleeez. If that Knight was delivering a gooey pizza to my doorstep then, that's the only time "Lancelot" will be my savior. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!)

Seriously though, I was very grateful one time during this mad night where everyone seems to be going out shopping, I told the Chinese Adonis that I needed to buy something in SM Megamall. My husband knows how much I hated shopping (unless there's a sale) so when I told him that I'll be there to make a purchase, he knows its important.

Since I'll come from work in Quezon City and he's in Mandaluyong, we decided to just meet halfway in SM Megamall since we wanted the stores to be still open by the time we get there. We do this often and many times, my husband will arrive earlier in the destination. With that, he suddenly remembered how much I wanted to try HALAL GUYS and that we would always go home disappointed because the lines could be just horrendous.

My husband then sweetly offered "Why don't I line up in HALAL GUYS for you since I'm there early and so that you could shop?"

At first I didn't want to let him because I heard that it could be an hour or more wait. Of course, I didn't want to subject him to THAT. But then I really, really, really, really, really, really, wanted to try this new talk of the town even if it has already closed shop on me many times.

So then I agreed. Yohoooo!!! Thanks Yub!

Cue in again with extra emotion: "DALINAY.... willll... be lohoving you... tiiiilll.... we're SEVENTY!!!"



As the Chinese Adonis predicted, there was a very looooong line in HALAL GUYS. 

But at least this time, we were able to make the cut unlike the other nights when we went home defeated.

I saw that there were other seats and a HALAL GUYS cart outside. I wonder when they would open that up?

HALAL GUYS was located in the new food court of SM Fashion Hall (near the skating rink). There were many chairs and enjoy to help you our meal!

HALAL GUYS menu!!!

I apologize that we didn't get more pics of the assembly line and the stall of HALAL GUYS. My husband was all alone (wawa) and service was very fast with the orders.

I asked Yub to get the combo small of HALAL GUYS since I was trying to diet. But he went ahead to get the New York size so that he would share with me.

Just so I could get a taste of their meats, I got the Gyro.... 

... and the grilled chicken. 

Each order comes with two wedges of Pita bread.

Plus tomatoes and lettuce. 

You could order onions for an extra price!

Our HALAL GUYS plate!

Don't forget to get loads of the yoghurt and hot sauce.  Usually I would ask them to pour it over my HALAL GUYS plate but since I'm sharing with the Chinese Adonis, I just requested it to be on the side.

I'm here now. So let's eat!!!!

Wow Yub! What deep dimples you have!

Blech! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

I love all things creamy so I put A LOT of yoghurt and hot sauce!

Oh me so happy!

Besides savoring every spoonful of my HALAL GUYS dinner, I also used the pita bread to mop up all the extra sauce and veggies!

My husband loved the gyro and the yellow rice.

Yup! It was already so fine with him even without the sauce.

Since we're getting old and not eating as much as we did before, the New York serving of HALAL GUYS was more than enough for us.

Auuughhh... We were so full already but there were STILL leftovers!

Our HALAL GUYS bill!

Our verdict?

The HALAL GUYS rice meals were certainly delicious but I doubt if we would line up again for it for an hour. We would certainly go back to pig out on the gyro doused with a lot of the yoghurt sauce but most probably when the lines have died down. He he he he he he he he he!!!


5the level SM Mega Food Hall, 
SM Megamall
+632 858-7080

Monday, December 7, 2015


When you hear of the place 71 GRAMERCY the first thought that would enter your beautiful minds would be rave parties, free-flowing cocktails,  socialites in high heels, or beautiful people all going "YEAAAAAAAH!"

I bet you would never even think of bringing your kids here right?

Well you are wrong!

Like, Glenn and Jon Snow are dead, WRONG.

71 GRAMERCY actually has an extensive menu of delicious dishes created by celebrity chef Carlos Miguel. Though the selection may be a bit pricey, the taste is over-all awesome and still very kid friendly! Your children will definitely love it!

Besides, I'm sure you wouldn't like anything less for the little loves of your lives. You may not bring them to 71 GRAMERCY every family Sundate but I truly recommend giving them the fine dining experience (even just once) and having them act all "grown-uppy."

And in 71 GRAMERCY, you will not just giving them an unforgettable gastronomic time, you will also be taking them to a family meal that's like on top of the world!


Tuesday, December 1, 2015


Sometime last month, ERICJAZ FOODIES and friends volted in at Robinson's Magnolia to celebrate the birthday of BB Anne's son. Because of our busy schedules which doesn't seem to match, I really look forward when my posse and I are all complete at events like these because it is sure to be neverending gabbin, eatin, and laughing!

The best part of it all is that the Yub and I are together with the little lords so it is a family day for THE YAPPY BUNCH as well. And for today we are with our other "family" for this Sunday -- The BP Group.

Yup!!! We love our super friend Sundates!!!! Wohoo!

Happy Birthday Johans!  


As usual a loooooong table is needed for our group. Applause, applause, for restaurants who really make an effort in accommodating big groups!

Sunday, November 29, 2015


I can't believe that I haven't posted anything about CONTI'S yet when it is one of our usual "go-to" restaurants. We may not eat there weekly but whenever we're in the mood for something other than the usual Shabu Shabu, Chicken Joy, or Spare Rib Rice, we go to CONTI'S.

AND, if we're not with my family, we meet up with our usual "go-with" couple, BGP Marian and Manong Fred!

Isn't it nice when two of your favorite things go together???


Oops wrong pair. Tee hee!


We met up in CONTI'S Greenbelt and like its other branches, the interiors were casual, happy, and bright!

We sat by the entrance near the counter as it was the only table available. It was fine with us because at least we did not mix in the hustle and bustle of the packed tables inside. 

Thursday, November 26, 2015


For many Saturdays already, Andrei has been wishing hard to go to Rizal Park and have a picture by the Rizal Shrine. As much the Chinese Adonis and I want to give him what he wants, we all know how traffic has been horrendous for the past few months that we were really very hesitant to go. It did not help too that it has already been bed weather with the "BER" months that tearing ourselves from our cool beds just so we could dive into the busy and traffic streets of Roxas Boulevard is not something I would go "yipeeeekeeyay" for.

But of course, this is Andrei. My little lovable bunsoy. He's not asking for an expensive gadget or toy. He just wants to see the Rizal Shrine. Of course, we have already been there before in our other Manila days. But for his Filipino subject this year, they are taking up Jose Rizal and because of that, he really wanted to learn more about our National Hero.

Now am I that bad a parent to deprive him of something that wants to learn more about? Something that will cost us almost nothing to enjoy? Something that is about the man who is considered to be epitome of a true Filipino????

Not so much!

So the Chinese Adonis and a wailing Mati lazily took baths earlier than usual and got ready to invade the streets of Manila. To be honest, I heard many grumbles and complaints from the other boys but I just appeased them by saying how it's Andrei's day today and that in the future we'll be doing something that they'll like also.

Like let's say.... watch porn for the Yubsker?


When all has been said and done, we seriously had a lot of fun doing something different from our usual Saturday routine. Besides discovering the CHILDREN'S PLAYGROUND, the YAPPY BUNCH still got awestruck at the familiar sight of the RIZAL SHRINE. At the end of the day too it felt great to be able to do things that not only caused great enjoyment for the family, but we were able to take home some valuable learnings about our culture. And we got all of that by just putting a little effort in getting out of bed and thinking about the very determined Andrei.




And there stands our glorious Philippine Flag.

Why is it that no matter how our government officials or countrymen fail us, when I look at the flag and sing "Lupang Hinirang", my faith is always restored?

Sniff sniff.... I still believe in our beautiful country!


It's Jonahs and Chel's birthday month! And with that, the BP Group came in full force to celebrate. The choice for that night was in....


TAPENADE is the restaurant located in the new Discovery Primea in Makati City.

The interiors of TAPENADE were homey but still with an air of sophistication.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015


When the YAPPY BUNCH goes out it's usually me or the Chinese Adonis who decides on where to go. For this particular Saturday though, our bunsoy Andrei was very adamant to go to Rizal Park! I really don't know where he got the idea and why he wanted to go when we recently had a Manila Day. But this was his fervent wish for a week now and we agreed that it's actually more than good for us to visit again.

When we were about to go to Luneta, we saw that RIZAL PARK had this CHILDREN'S PLAYGROUND. How did we not know about this??? Of course, it may not be KIDZANIA, MIND MUSEUM, ENCHANTED KINGDOM, STAR CITY, or DREAM PLAY, but it is still something worth trying especially that the little lords really wanted to go in.

In the end, it was another great day for the family! We all had a lot of fun! I'm so proud too that THE YAPPY BUNCH could enjoy the simpler things in life and is game to go to places places where all sorts of people flock in. The Chinese Adonis and I feel blessed also that little lords appreciate going to places such as CHILDREN'S PLAYGROUND with the same excitement as going to malls or playing with their gadgets. Truly a marvelous day!

And it was all Andrei's idea! Hooray for bunsoy Andrei!


CHILDREN'S PLAYGROUND is right behind LUNETA PARK. There are parking spaces around for you to deposit your Lamborghinis!

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