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Friday, September 30, 2016


For the past 4 years, ERICJAZ FOODIES has been going to the ULTIMATE TASTE TEST and there is NO stopping us. EVER.

We feel that it's already an annual tradition for the foodie in us that's why we'll forever attend the ULTIMATE TASTE TEST as long as they hold it!

Wednesday, September 28, 2016


It's our first morning in DAKAK BEACH RESORT and we were all so excited to begin our day!

But of course, to successfully jump start our Saturday, we needed to be "properly nourished". And LE BAMBOO CAFE definitely gave us what we deliciously needed for an energized day of fun ahead!!!!


It already seemed like a fiesta this morning!

Monday, September 26, 2016


Whenever I make a trip, be it an out-of-town or out-of-the-country destination, I make it a point to eat the local foods AND visit the popular sites of the place. Shopping? That's a big NADAH. If I do shop it's just to buy gifts for my family at home. My point is, I could always shop in the Philippines. Though the price may be a bit higher, I would not exchange saving a few pesos than having a trip to, let's say, The Stonehenge (WHICH is still on my must-go-to list).

Of course, beaches, resorts, restaurants, are all fine. But going on a trip where there is a lot of history behind it, is another. That is why I really (as in SUPERKADUPER REALLY ) appreciated AND enjoyed our trip to DAKAK in DIPOLOG. Because not only were we able to have fun in the sand and sun, but we were also able to go on a historical tour that was so near our hearts. Yup. We were able to explore the sites and stories of Jose Rizal, our National Hero, while he was in exile in Dapitan.

During this tour with my TAPE Inc. family, I can't help but wish how the boys were with me on the trip. Sure they would enjoy swimming in the resort, but I could just imagine Andrei's wide and curious eyes when he sees the significant places and hears stories about his favorite hero Jose Rizal.

So if you're planning to book a trip somewhere and want something more than just the usual beach resort, check out Dipolog and go on a Jose Rizal historical tour. Believe me, you'll appreciate the vacation more when you see the sites and learn about our National Hero.

Personally it brings a weekend to another kind of enjoyment level, don't you think? It's actually my dealmaker now when choosing between vacation sites!

Check out the ultra fun I had going around Dapitan in our recent DAKAK trip!!!!

We officially started our HISTORICAL RIZAL TOUR by going to Jose Rizal's Landing Site in Dapitan upon our arrival!

The landing site is the shrine to commemorate the exact place where Jose Rizal arrived on the shores of Sta. Cruz, Dapitan on July 17, 1892. 

Sunday, September 25, 2016


My TAPE Inc friends and I were in DAKAK PARK AND BEACH RESORT and we all know that we'll have an awesome and unforgettable weekend! However, our flight going to Dipolog via Cebu Pacific was delayed for several hours so needless to say, we were tired AND hungry. When we finally got to the resort, it was very reassuring AND exciting that hot seafood were waiting for us...

... in LE BAMBOO CAFE!!!

LE BAMBOO CAFE is the restaurant in DAKAK PARK AND BEACH RESORT that specializes in seafoods plus more!

The place is vibrant and festive with the bright colors from the banderitas and decors.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016


Last week during the Monday holiday, ERICJAZ FOODIES drove on over to Pasig City to try out this new hotspot that's serving up mean plates of Filipino food!


MAMA ROSA RESTAURANT is located along the foodie hub of Barrio Kapitolyo and it has been "rubbing elbows" with neighboring restaurants such as Charlie's Burger and Ramen Cool!

Monday, September 19, 2016


Someone new is cooking up a storm of delicious dishes at MARCO POLO RESTAURANT and those who are a glutton of good food should troop over to CUCINA to have a taste of his mouth-watering creations!

Chef Guiseppe Rivoli takes over CUCINA as the new Chef De Cuisine!!!

Wednesday, September 14, 2016


My friends and I raided MAKATI SHANGRI-LA HOTEL once again to have dinner in CIRCLES BUFFET. But this time, besides Mike and Donna, I had a very special guest joining us tonight --- my eldest son, Master MATI!!!!!!

ERICJAZ FOODIES with Team Mina, Team Sales, and my dearest Master MATI!!!!

And THIS is where we're heading out for tonight.

I made reservations for 7:30pm that Saturday night in Makati Shangri-la. As usual, we were there early not only because we're punctual but because we want to start eating before my friends arrive. Of course, we didn't want them to see us pigging out!


Tuesday, September 13, 2016


I think this day was meant to be. Really.

For many days now I have been craving for a BIG HOTDOG that is loaded with toppings. Like REALLY loaded.

In fact, I even sent my best friend the text below because I was so craving for it.

Sorry. I could get a bit disgusting when it comes to food. He he he he he he he!

That's why when we received an invite to try out the hotdog greats of MUNCHTOWN in UPTOWN PLACE MALL, OH. I. AM. SO. THERE.

Ahem.... WE pala... WE... (Kailangan ko driver. Ha ha ha h aha!)

We were actually having a double feature with YUMI EXPRESS and have MUNCHTOWN hotdogs for "dessert" and yes, it was still fine with me. Because even if I know that I'll be bulging at the seams (after eating another favorite) I would still stuff my face with my deep longing for the week.

You did read my text message where the MALAKING HOTDOGS are in all caps right?

With that, I'm glad how whenever I'm at the Fort area and craving for big, juicy, hotdogs, I could head over to MUNCHTOWN to chomp on their big, thick, and juicy offerings. Because believe me, after finally taking in several bites of their MALAKING HOTDOGS, my weeklong craving has finally been cured!

And it's soooo good that yours will probably be too!




Thursday, September 8, 2016


Japanese food is something I should ALWAYS get into my system. If I go on for so many days not having at least one of my favorites, something in my life seem to be lacking.


There is something about Japanese food that seems to be mildly addicting. It may be the freshness, the soy-based flavors, or just the overall sumptuousness of it all. But what I would like about their cuisine is that even if you ate a lot, everything seems so light that you wouldn't feel like a beluga whale afterwards.

Not that I don't already look like a beluga whale but, you know what I mean.

I love too how all Japanese dishes almost have an art and ceremony to it that you would be feel (and taste) the devotion of the chefs while preparing the food. Yup! And this just doesn't apply to the 5-star Michelin Japanese restaurants. Their concentration for perfection is also evident even in just the food stalls of Tsukiji Market!

Such is the case here in the Philippines in the new branch of YUMI EXPRESS in Uptown Place Mall in BGC. Like any normal person would, you might have doubts eating raw food in a food court setting. But, really, not here.

YUMI EXPRESS is the more pocket-friendly branch of the popular YUMI in Promenade, Greenhills. And like its original counterpart, it offers the same delicious food that is lovingly prepared by the YUMI EXPRESS Chef and staff members. Yup! You would really taste the difference in the quality of their dishes! You would get the same ingredients, the same freshness, and the same seasonings at a more affordable price. The difference is just the portioning of the food, which I feel, is still more than enough. I bet you would enjoy it so much that you'd even forget you were in a foodcourt.

Now this is great news for the Japanese OCD's (Obsessive Cuisine Dependents... he he he he!) who are always in dire need of their favorite sushi, sashimi, tempura, topped rice, ramen, etc. At least with YUMI EXPRESS, you could have the same delicious experience, in an instant, at a more practical price!

Check out our recent lunch at YUMI EXPRESS and get a preview of what you could have when you troop over to the foodcourt of Uptown Place Mall. Don't hate me if you always have deep hankerings for Japanese food because believe me, you WILL.

Now welcome to my world!



YUMI EXPRESS is located at left side of the escalator just "on top" of Kidzoona!

This is actually the second branch of YUMI EXPRESS (the other one is in Quezon City) and so far it is doing well with families and BGC employees who want to have delicious and affordable Japanese grub.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016


It's our 3rd and last day of our DAKAK PARK AND BEACH RESORT weekend and the fun is NOT stopping at all!!

If yesterday we flew, rode horses, ate on a boat, raided a haunted house, and became gluttons for a day, today, we're going to focus our lovely attentions on the beach!!!!

Because really, what's a stay in DAKAK PARK AND BEACH RESORT if you don't get wet?

However, I'm not talking about JUST swimming here!

We tried to wake up early but once again, we dragged ourselves out of bed at around 8:00am!

We were going to have a BIG seafood lunch later on (here at the same restaurant) but we cannot just let the breakfast buffet pass up!

Good morning from me and my TAPE INC. ladies!

Tuesday, September 6, 2016


My officemates from TAPE Inc. and I are in DAKAK PARK AND BEACH RESORT for the weekend and I am so excited! Last night, even if we arrived after a 3-hour delay in our flight, we were still in high spirits in exploring the place. Of course, we were not going to waste any time in checking out the area that has been advertised in EAT BULAGA for so long. He he he he he he he!

For today, we have such a packed day ahead! Tita Josie, the leader of our group, has been there many times and knew what activities we should be doing to have a worthwhile stay. Just hearing her plans for that Saturday already got me tired but at the same time, my heart skipped many beats because I know we will be all having a blast.

And yup, we ALL did!


Starting our day with a buffet breakfast!

Check out our blogpost on BAMBOO CAFE for BREAKFAST!

Monday, September 5, 2016


I've always had fond memories of BROOKLYN'S PIZZA when the Chinese Dimpol and I traveled to the south just to get a taste of it. They may have other branches in the Metro, but BROOKLYN'S was not the usual commercialized pizza that I'd get in malls that's why I'm not that aware of it. As a result, the first time I sank my teeth into their overloaded cheese pizza on a thin crust, bells began to ring and my hungry tummy (almost) broke into a song!


Yup! Because of that I finally took note of the awesomeness of BROOKLYN'S PIZZA! There may be life after (popular pizza chain), or (ANOTHER popular pizza chain), and BROOKLYN'S is definitely a delicious savior!

AND right now, BROOKLYN'S has new dishes and other offerings that would surely make you get up from your couch to get 'em all!!

Read on, check it out, order from BROOKLYN's, THEN go back to your couch. Believe me. It may not be a YOLO thing but it might still make your hungry tummy break into a song of happiness!!


It was a sunny day for the Chinese Dimpol's early lunch at BROOKLYN'S in Tomas Morato, Quezon City!

Friday, September 2, 2016


It doesn't take SO MUCH to make me happy....

The arrival of my monthly YUMMY MAGAZINE makes me happy.

Receiving a nice comment on the blog makes me happy.

Being able to download a movie with the correct subtitles makes me happy.

Syesta time makes me happy.

Successfully inserting my USB at the first try makes me happy.

Watching Dr. Sandra Lee videos makes me happy (tee hee).

And I haven't included my family there. Otherwise this list won't EVER stop. He he he he he he!

So if simple trivial things already make me happy, imagine the joy and excitement we felt upon discovering that there is already a MAMA LOU'S branch in UP TOWN CENTER???

OH.... MY.... GAWD with matching hyperventilating!

Puhleez don't make a face right now and scoff at my excitement, you judgmental little person you. He he he he he!

If you have already tried the delicious food at MAMA LOU'S from their faraway branches of Laguna or Las Pinas, you would understand why were doing the cartwheels and the dance of joy right now. FINALLY. They opened a branch on the other side of the Metro and we are now closer to where we had our taste of uber delicious pasta, pizza, and much, much more.

Now if that isn't great news to simpleton foodies like us, I don't know what is.

Maybe a confirmation that you'll be treating us to MAMA LOUS for a month? He he he he he he! Well you can't really blame a hungry girl for trying!



MAMA LOU'S recently opened it's doors at this 3rd branch in UP TOWN CENTER. Although it is still far from where I live, it is so near my office. So yey! The Chinese Dimpol and I could have dinner here when he fetches me on a Friday.

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