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Wednesday, December 19, 2018


We weren't really planning to do anything special that weekend (especially that we have programmed ourselves to just be lazy all the way). But then we got a gift from a VERY generous officemate who gave us a free staycation in the hotel she had a unit in.

She wants to remain anonymous but if you want to take a guess (I'll give a small prize if you get it right), she is my favorite "frenemy" in my place of work.

If you're a regular reader of my silly little blog (oh poor you), you should know. Just guess via Facebook messenger. He he he he he he he!

Anyway moving on, my favorite frenemy gifted us with a staycation for not one but two rooms and we cannot be more excited!! Although we're not really sure how SAVOY HOTEL would fare up compared to the other hotels we have stayed in (because it was fairly new), I was still super looking forward to have a mini-vacation with my favorite guys in the world.

And how was that weekend? Oh you'll see. YOU'LL ALL SEE!!!

He he he he he he!


And we're here at SAVOY HOTEL!!!!

Inside the spacious lobby of SAVOY HOTEL!

We arrived before 2:00pm and after this picture was taken, a barrage of hotel guests came in.

Checking in!!!

Look at how excited my bunsoy baby is.

Our front desk manager who checked us in was so sweet and friendly. Though there was a snafu in our reservations (we were given adjacent and not adjoining rooms) she was so fast in straightening it all out!

Our keycards!

Like I mentioned above, we were initially given the wrong room. When we saw what's in store for us though, we got excited with all the bright splashes of colors.

We're sort of thankful for the snafu because we were given the rooms at the second floor. Unlike the other floors in SAVOY HOTEL, it had this private lobby where you hang-out and receive your guests.

See how the comfort and warmth of your room got extended outside the doors?

The second floor even had a coffee shop which also served pastries!

There are also PC units for those who want to go online, plus game boards to play!

The little lords got immediately interested with playing UNO!



Nice and sassy right?

The SAVOY HOTEL attendant said they had movies scheduled at chosen times. You could watch and request from their movie library if you want up to 10:00pm.

Time to go to our rooms!!!

Yayy! Now it's really adjacent!

Here's the boys room!

The baby bunsoy was so excited that he doesn't have to sleep beside his kuya!

And here's our room!

I love the bright lights and the lively colors of SAVOY HOTEL!

It seems SAVVY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He he he he he!

Each room had robes.... Fridge....

Work Station...




Safe and Coffee...

Towels and Toilet!



We're thankful for the very kind SAVOY HOTEL staff who helped with our bags AND coordinated with the front desk officer in transferring us to adjacent rooms. It was not really his job but he was very helpful!

Ayan na! SAVOY HOTEL staycation officially starts now!

Hmmm.... Even if it's so tempting to just sleep in our beds, the pool was calling out to us!

Time to go for a swim!


What they have was a semi-indoor one.

It was located in the al fresco area of the hotel but still surrounded by the structure. So really, there were always shaded parts in the pool. 

Time to swim!!!

Give us any place with a pool and my boys are happy!!!

The Yub will swim but he's conditioing himself pa (nilalamig... ha ha ha ha ha!)

Yan na!

As always, we had our favorites pool snacks of French Fries with loads of Mayo and Ketchup.This time though we ordered a plate of Club Sandwich which Andrei loved!


While we were eating, I suddenly caught Master Mati and Andrei exchange naughty smiles. I wondered what they were snickering about.

Later on I saw that they were looking at this hot lady in white swimsuit whose "treasures" became evident when she became wet. Hay naku boys will be boys!!! They were giggling and whispering pa talaga. 

After swimming, we decided to use their games in the common area.

We tried to play SCRABBLE!!!

Now we don't know the actual rules of the game so we just formed words and the first one who cannot, is OUT!

Look at the words the boys came up with.


Andrei was laughing when he put in FAT.

After our hilarious game of Scrabble, the boys went online.

For dinner, we craved for some Filipino food so we went to GERRY'S GRILL!

Auuuuughhhh!!!!! Our favorite!

Later on BGP Marian and Manong Fred came! Yay!

The BGP and Manong went back to the hotel with us for some coffee and dessert. We were supposed to hang out in the lobby kaso there was a live band playing.

We just ordered dessert and they said they could bring it to our private lobby. He he he he he!

Yihii! Our sweet nightcap!

When we walked the BGP and Manong Fred to their car, the Yub and I had a mini-pictorial.

Tee Hee!!!!

I'm sure the boys don't want to join our mini-pictorial anyways.

And when we got back to the room, I was right. Ha ha ha ha ha ha! The bunsoy was fast asleep while the Master Mati was busy online.

Hay naku! Somebody got inggit with Andrei and fell right asleep as well.


Even if I'm going to be an "action-less" night, it's okay. We had a full day of fun anyway.

PART TWO COMING SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 101 Andrews Ave, Pasay, 
1300 Metro Manila
(02) 317 2869



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