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Saturday, March 23, 2013

GROUND ZERO (Lucena City)

I love going to my husband's province in Lucena, Quezon because not only do we get to see his lovely family and hilarious friends, but it is a definite food trip galore for me EVERYTIME. 

Yes, EVERYTIME even after we have been going there close to 10 years already. 

I still get giddy at the thought of eating the freshest seafoods, delectable grilled grubs in gata, and oh me gulay, the sweet but inexpensive cakes/pastries (more on that next post). 

Now as much as Quezon Province's specialty is Filipino food, you would be surprised at how a variety of other restaurants with different cuisines would sprout up and tickle your tastebuds. And one of those delicious surprises will be GROUND ZERO.

I was told that GROUND ZERO was a popular stopover already in Lucban Quezon. The branch was always filled up to the next street that it franchised another store in Lucena. Thankfully they did because it would have been a long drive EVERYTIME I would crave for some of that delicious tomato sauce they ladle over everything!

GROUND ZERO... The Pizza with TASTE. Now I know it's a play on words but somehow, something seems wrong with it. Ha ha ha! Oh well... so let us see if the pizza here DOES have taste.

It was December 30, 2012 and my husband's sister strongly encouraged us to try out this new restaurant in Lucena. She said it was very popular in Lucban because of the pizza. 

Hopefully the taste is not as cheap as the price!!! 

My husband's brother Syoti and his cutie daughter Isha joined us for a light dinner :)

Preeesenting... THE YAPS! Everytime were at Lucena, these little cousins are inseparable.

Mati got curious with the baked spaghetti (P104) and asked if he could order it. When his piping hot dish came, he was thrilled with his food!

The aroma was just mystifying! He wanted to dig in immediately if it weren't for some pesty Mommy taking pictures. 

Everything was just as gooey and cheesy as he hoped it would be. Plus the smell of that special tomato sauce was perfectly "herby" and enticing! I cannot wait to take a bite out of this!

While waiting for our italian grub, Yub ordered some potato wedges (P58) as suggested by our server. The wedges were just okay since I found it too thick for my taste. Nevertheless, the powdered coating was extra good and lipsmacking!

My son and Isha could be mistaken for siblings. They look exactly alike if you ask me!

Since we were just looking for  a light meal, my husband ordered their small DOUBLE PEPPERONI PIZZA (P177). The thick crust had a nice and chewy crunch. Don't let the size deceive you. This is so filling!

My husband's lookalike sister, Maan, strongly recommended I try the KALISSA ALMAMA (P93). I kept on calling this a Calzone but the waitresses did not understand me. They said it was more of a folded pizza. I hope I would know the difference soon. he he he!

This recommendation did not disappoint! Now even if I was still full from lunch, I wiped out this delicious sucker! I'm not really a fan of tomato sauce on my calzone but their special sauce truly complimented the cheese and veggies inside it. I even asked for an extra helping of the sauce so I could mop up my leftover calzone bread with it. 

... and this is exhibit A of the crime scene...

Mati followed suit finished baked spaghetti as well without even offering a bite to anyone. Just me! He he he he!

I know I said that I was already full but their milkshakes just seemed so creamy and inviting. So I ordered one of their Chocolate bestsellers.

I loved the sweetness of the cream and chocolate fudge but they did not blend the concoction to my liking since I got some bits of ice. But the taste was still yum!

This gets the YAP's stamp of approval! Yum!

We loved our dinner there at the end of the year that when my mother in law asked where we wanted to heat last March 23, 2013, we suggested to go to GROUND ZERO.

Mati ordered his usual baked spaghetti while I got my Kalissa Almama with 2 extra sidings of sauce!!!

My husband decided to order their PANCIT LUCBAN (P124) because his sister said it was very good too. He got so excited with how the Pansit Lucban looked like that he can't find the camera :)

By the way, you read that right just P124 for that heaping dish of saucy noodles which was good for 2-3 people! HUWATASTEALLLLL!

That's not a ghost, my little Andrei decided to pull a prank again and put his hand in front of the camera when I took the picture. 

We enjoyed the food so much that when Yub's childhood friends who flew in from Dubai for a vacation asked where to go for some food and chika, we immediately suggested GROUND ZERO on THAT VERY SAME NIGHT!

Yes! This was just 2 hours after my dinner with Mama, and we even sat at the same seats!!

Usually if you had a take 2 of a resto, in the same night even, you would get tired of it. But not in our case...

We were enjoying the food, laughing and making chika that you would think it was only our first time to go there!

It's very obvious from our friend's faces (l-r, Chydrik, Yub, me, spouses Tonette, and Tammy).

There was a lot of grub to choose from that pareng Tammy cannot make up his mind. He was so kulit that we were already laughing hysterically while he ordered.

Naks... the venue with TASTE. Check out the capiz chandeliers! Not too shabby huh?

Pareng Tammy treated me to a mugful of their cafe mocha. This just hit the spot for dessert and some java!

Check out their other grubs!

But we decided to have some more of their pizza...

Yep! The SUPER SUPREME medium (P364) did not disappoint! It was very delicious and cheesy to the last slice!

I found it hard to eat because Yub's friend Tammy always made jokes and wisecracks about every minute. Sentence of the night, "Napaungol sa init ng panahon sa Pilipinas" Ha ha ha ha!

Now even though I was laughing so hard and full from the previous dinner, I still helped myself to 2 small servings of their PANCIT LUCBAN. It was extra good if you put some vinegar in it :)

                                      My 3rd meal for the night. Oh my poor but happy tummy!

Chydrik was dead serious in making chismis of the latest with Kris Aquino. KIDDING! 

Such a great time with delicious food and great friends!

We did not want to leave GROUND ZERO but they closed shop on us and because we had such a hilarious time there, we had to tone down at Tammy's.

Yes this is us toning down. 

My husband and I rarely stay out late with friends but tonight was an exception. Oh but my boys gave us such a lecture when we got home. 

He he he oh well! It was all worth it since we had a super night!! Thanks mareng Tonette for the nightcap!

And with GROUND ZERO, it was a TASTE of a helluva good time! :)


Ground Zero House of Pizza
Lucena City
Quezon Ave cor Gen Luna St
Lucena City, Quezon
(042)  797-1398
(042)  797-2646
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