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Thursday, December 27, 2018


My super pretty Mommy celebrated her birthday last October and when deciding when and where were going to meet up for dinner, we cannot settle on a date and place. You see, my eldest brother lived in Antipolo with his family and since traffic is horrendous these days, he would usually prefer going down from his hills during the weekends. As for me, we had a long overdue trip to Lucena that weekend (since we're going to Cavite for All Soul's Day) that it's only Monday to Friday for us.

In the end, we just had 2 celebrations for the Mommers -- one with us and one with Kuya Jay. We don't really mind because to be honest, we cannot have enough getogethers in honor of this lovely lady.  Yun lang I missed the food from the second celebration. Sayang din yun no!

He he he he he! Yup! Any excuse to eat!

At first we were going to have dinner in a Korean restaurant because that's what my Mom and niece were craving. When my brother's family can't make it, the Mommers just decided to go for the place where she had a nice birthday celebration last year...

BLUE POST baby!!!!!!!!!!

Usually, we would sing to my Mom at the strike of 12am on her actual birthday because it has already been a tradition for our family. 

However we saw how my Mom would have a difficult time sleeping afterwards and that staying up late (12am) would be tiresome for the boys on a school night that we decided to surprise her the day of her birthday when we came home from work.

Creep.. Creep...


She cut short her Koreanovela short for us. Ha ha ha ha ha!

Check out Andrei's face!

Happy Birthday dearest Mommy! We love you!!!!!!

We had another song for her so that she could blow the candle again with Andrei!

I asked the little lords to read out loud the reasons why they loved their Lola. This is what they wrote....

This is Mati's....

He he he he he!

And Andrei's....


That Friday, the family went to BLUE POST SHRIMPS AND CRABS for Mommy's birthday dinner!

Wohoo! Excited for dinner!


Me and the Yubhub!!!

In fairness I love my hair here! He he he he he.

Ate Jowjits and hub Anthony!

Mommy and Androse!

Kuya Jon and Master Mati!

Ordering up!!!!

First on the table is a basket of crispy BLUE POST Calamares (P237.00)!

We all loved this because the Calamares was fried to a tender and juicy crisp!!! So addicting especially with the Garlic Aioli mayo.

Another must-order for us is the BLUE POST Calamares (P89.00)!

Creamy and chunky without that cloying taste. I know this is an appetizer but their chowder is perfect with rice!

To add to our munchies, we got some BLUE POST Chicken Wings (P241.00)!

These were just okay. Simple but satisfying.

Another usual order for us is the BLUE POST Garlic Pork Riblets (P499.00)!

It may look dry but really, it's juicy and so appetizing!

You might find yourself gnawing on an empty bone later.

Up next are the seafood!!!!!

BLUE POST Shrimps (P573.00) in Crispy Garlic!

Shrimps were so fresh, firm, and had a slight sweetness to them. 

We also got some BLUE POST Shrimps in Sambal sauce!

Slightly spicy with that mushroomy flavor.  So yum too!!!

BLUE POST Garlic and Lemon Butter Sauce with Corn!

The corn was able to absorb all of that shrimpy and buttery goodness. It was soooo good to eat in between the shrimp and rice!

Before starting to eat (heheheh) Andrei offered a prayer of thanks and a wish for Lola to be more healthy and happy!

ERICJAZ FOODIES with the family in BLUE POST!!!


Nom! Nom!!!!

We want moreeee!

More ribs!!!

The Yub was busy!

Same goes for the master Mati!


Don't get my shrimps Matt.

My plate! My very-neat-but-later-on-it'll-be-so-scattered plate!

Our messy table!

The last one as always!

While I was still eating everybody got so engrossed with the TV in front of us.

As in all eyes on the TV set and nobody talked to me... Huhu!

Nobody loves me. Engrossed talaga sila!!!! 


It's kinda unfortunate that BLUE POST was not like before in terms of service. Maybe that explains the near empty restaurant that night (when it was so full always before). Hopefully they come around and be like the old BLUE POST that we loved.


After our delicious dinner we treated the family to some coffee and dessert from Mom and Tinas!

Everybody was still full!!! But I managed to have a Beehive cupcake. He he he he he he!

When I was in Kinder (cue in sad music), my allowance was only P2.50 per day for recess. Every day I would drool over the Beehive cupcakes lusciously displayed over the glass counters. I can't afford it so I would just settle at longingly looking at it. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

That's why now, whenever I see a Beehive cupcake, I SWEAR, I would order it EVERYTIME!!! It's older me answering the craving of my Kinder self. And no matter how dry or moist the Beehive cupcake was baked by the restaurant, it was still oh so yummers for me!

Super fun time with the family! I'm sure, Kuya Jay's dinner for Mommy will be boring.



Happy Birthday Mommy!!! I don’t need to say anymore how beautiful you are inside and out, how you always put family first over everything, how you always have hot meals ready for us in the morning and at night, how you always eat with us or join us at the table if we come home late, how you are always there for your family, friends and relatives when they need you, how you always taught us to be kind and forgiving, how you showed that you don’t need expensive clothes and items to be classy, how you always acted like a total lady but still shouldn’t be messed around with, or how you are the total epitome of a perfect Mommy!!! 

Yup! I know I don’t need to say those things above (plus more that are too many to mention) because EVERYBODY knows it na!! Ang bango mo pa palagi!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY Mommy! We love you!!!

I'm sure your forever love celebrated with us.

We love you Daddy!!! Missing you sooo much!



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Ortigas Avenue Corner Wilson Street, 
Greenhills, San Juan City
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  1. Aww your Mom is a Kdrama addict too? Which one kaya she loves to watch hehe

    1. Hulloooo Erika!!!

      Sorry just answered now ha. I really wanted to ask her when she arrived kaso ang tagal. Nauna na ako. H ah ah ah ha ha ha!

      YES SUPER!! As in I just talked to her at hanggang London nood siya ng nood ng Koreanovela. Anubeh! Nagpunta sa London para magwatch ng Koreanovela ha ha ha ha ha ha! I don't know what she watches e. When she tells me I forget agad. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!


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