Wednesday, July 17, 2019


My bunsoy baby recently graduated from Grade school and I cannot help but feel so emotional about it.

Emotional??? Yeah. I know you might find that weird (or over-acting) but I swear, having a son graduate from Grade School is something that would get a Mommy all choked up because it makes their transfer from babyhood to teenager all official. 

My baby bunsoy is going to be in High School naaaaa!!!! Huhuhu...........

Monday, July 15, 2019


After so many months, (because of the Christmas break, then exams, then etc etc), Master Mati is FINALLY back taking up Kali. If you've seen movies like Bourne Identity, John Wick, the Equalizer, etc, they used Kali in their hand to hand combat scenes. If you're interested, I'll put more info below.

My dearest Mati is not really sports-minded and gets lazy with any type of activity that would get him sweaty (che!!) but his interest got piqued by Kali and he was really into the lessons. Hopefully he would be promoted to a higher level yun lang, he doesn't regularly attended sessions because of our weekend schedule.

Yohooo!!! KALI!!!

Syempre, Mati has our full support while he takes lessons. We're all here -- the Yub, Andrei, me, and SERENITEA!!!!

Thursday, July 11, 2019


My beautiful niece Rocio was the lead in her school's production of "MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING" and my family all went to watch.  After the play, my brother treated us to one of their simple Japanese discoveries that was familiar but I haven't tried it out before.


Tuesday, July 9, 2019


It was Mother's Day and I invited the family to honor THE BEST MOTHER THERE IS, my Mommy!!!!!!

Sunday mass!

For that Sunday I made reservations in AMARE LA CUCINA, a restaurant that we loved in Baguio. We're happy that they have a branch here now.

Saturday, July 6, 2019


Words cannot define how I am so thankful for Mr. Stan Lee and Robert Downey Jr.

To think ah, that I'm originally a DC girl whose first love is Christopher Reeve (aka the best Superman of all time).

I remembered before that if you loved comic books or super heroes, you would be considered as a geek or a weirdo. Well I sort of understand them because watching the rushes of old TV versions of Captain America, Incredible Hulk, Iron Man, etc., you would NEVER think that Marvel could create this giant franchise -- it was just too far off.  When I was in High School, I was a fanatic of Superman, Supergirl and that whole super hero cosmos when most my classmates were gushing about Beverly Hills 90210 and New Kids on the Block. I was actually alone in that world but I never minded because I enjoyed the ride. Yun lang, there were not a lot of people whom I talk to about it. So whatever excitement I had about the realism of Supergirl's flight or the hotness of Michael Keaton in that Batman suit, I'll save it when I get home to my family (he he he... we liked the same things).

So enter the success of Iron Man followed by the other Marvel movies that were box-office hits as well. That truly cemented the status of superheroes in this generation and dominated todays movie genre.

Suddenly, it's cool to be a comic book and super hero geek. Now, everywhere I look people are gushing about the new marvel trailer and attending comicons in colorful outfits -- wow, I'm not "alone" anymore. I could post about the life lessons derived from Iron Man and get likes and comments.  Though I didn't really mind my solitary superhero universe, it's just more fun to have more people share my fanaticism with and see more entertaining movies because of it.

Then AVENGERS ENDGAME arrived and ruled everything. I'm sure that with my lengthy intro, getting excited for this is an understatement. I'm very thankful too that now, besides the general public and my family, I have 3 pogi guys to share my superhero euphoria with. We held our breaths and monitored online when they would start ticket selling. Of course, the eager beavers that we were, we also kept on calling the movie theaters to confirm if tickets were already available.

And finally we were able to buy and we were all just so happy (I swear we were, no dramatics here). This is definitely IT. After all those end credit scenes, the build-up, and the major cliffhanger that AVENGERS INFINITY WAR gave, here comes AVENGERS ENDGAME to "finish the job." You might also say that AVENGERS ENDGAME, culminated my love for all things "superheroey."

And yep. It was as glorious as we all hoped it would be. My inner geek and weirdness are proud. 

Thanks again Stan Lee and to the RDJ! You made all of this possible. We all love you both 3000!!!!

Now check out our AVENGERS ENDGAME night!!!

Tonight's the night.... We're going to watch AVENGERS ENDGAME!!!!


Wednesday, July 3, 2019


When I gave out the news, many people were in disbelief that Master Mati will be having his Junior Prom.

"Huwaaaaaaaaaaaaaat??? Already???"
"But he's too young!!!"
"Grade 9 na prom na agad??"

Oh I got a LOT of that believe me. Guess who's the only person who was all cool and in fact, so excited about it? Yup. You guessed it right. The Master Mati himself.

For his Junior Prom, he had an option of going solo or with a date. When I asked him, my first born was so hell-bent (as in SOBRANG DECIDED) to go to his prom with somebody.

"What about meee?" I offered. I told him that I would take pictures, get him food, put sapin on his back, and say many I love yous during the night.

My first born said he'd rather not go.

CHE!!!!!!!!!!! I know that both of us were kidding (though in my case, it was half meant... he he he) but still, you don't have to be SO mean Mati! GRRRRRR!!!

So when we were deciding who he'll go out with, I told Master Mati that it's best to go with my friend's daughter (at least somebody that I know). He knows her of course but he was more interested with the recommendation of a friend of a friend. Still, my dutiful son asked permission from my friend if he could take her daughter out. My friend gave her regrets as her daughter is not into proms daw. That was okay because that gave Master Mati the chance to take out the lady he found cute when he saw her picture.


So that was done. Then out of the blue, my bunsoy told me that he too had a grad ball.

Huwaaaaaaaat? I thought. Another date? In Andrei's case however, it's okay because my Mareng Gail was more than willing to give all 3 of her daughters to Andrei. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

It turns out that with Andrei, no need for dates but his Grad Ball had a Hawaiian theme.

Noooo problem!!! He he he he! (Hay salamat!!!)

I asked if parents could come (because I wanted to take pictures). No daw. Only the parent council members are allowed to attend.

(Syempre, I'm too lazy to be part of the parent council. And I'm working. Yes. That's right. Ah... eh... I'm working. He he he!)

Then after all those minor preparations, it hit me: My sons are going to their proms na!!!! Huhuhuhu!! Yesterday, they were just chubby cheeked gurgling babies. Now they want to have their "night-outs" without their Mommy!!! I breastfed them for 6 months exclusive for crying out loud tapos they're going to leave me?????! Ganun-ganun na lang???

And THAT is why my sons don't want me to be their date. Ha ha ha ha ha! I could get a little carried away. He he he he. 

Sharing with you our son's special nights for this school year (most especially Mati's). Now do you think that because parents aren't allowed, we stayed home?



It's MATI'S prom!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay even if the highlight of this blog post was really Mati's prom (because c'mon, it IS a prom), we would like to include Andrei's Grad Ball.

My bunsoy graduated Elementary this year and the parent council thought of having a special night also for them. 

Monday, July 1, 2019


After we all packed up and set out last Holy Week, my Mom was thinking where to have our late lunch. At first we entertained the thought of eating in our favorite Dampa along Roxas Boulevard. But then, we remembered how much seafood we had over the course of the week that it would be nice to have something else.

I then suggested to go to CHILI'S because why not? They cook up delicious American food with big servings for sharing, the branch is located in the comforts of Powerplant Mall (which is so near our place), and yes, CHILI'S is my favorite and I would like my relatives to revel in its goodness as well.

(Or maybe I'm just making another excuse to eat there for free.. tee hee).

Whatever the reason, it's good that we went for CHILI'S because we all had an enjoyable late lunch after a looooong and traffic-filled travel. CHILI'S will always and forever be our favorite and I would NEVER get tired of putting in our "places to go to."

Especially if malilibre ako... BWA HA HA HA HA HA HA!


Thursday, June 27, 2019


Breakfast was thankfully included in our OKADA HOTEL staycation and we got more excited especially when dear Ivy showed me the dishes served. You see for hotel breakfasts we're so used to the ever present eggs, bacon, garlic fried rice, salad bar, soup bar, etc (I'm not complaining there because I just LOOOOVE breakfast food). But in OKADA MANILA, they also included sushi, sashimi, plus many more items that you would expect for a lunch or dinner buffet!

Woah! That is surely bang for your buck!!!

So we all got up early (yep 9:00am is early) for our OKADA HOTEL breakfast, and we were all wowed with what we saw. Check out how many plates we finished because as I would always say during staycations, "Hanggang dinner na yan!"


Or am I?


Yep! Breakfast is the best meal of the day!

I'm the King of the World!!!!!!!!

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