Wednesday, January 13, 2021


It's CHRISTMAS! And even though I've heard several times from people how "they don't feel the warmth of the holidays," I beg to differ. 
Of course, I know where the sadness is coming from. This pandemic truly caught us all by surprise and I'm sure everyone (myself included) has experienced pain and loss. Still, even if our holidays were not as festive and "en grande" as before, we should still remember and focus on the deeper meaning of CHRISTMAS. The season after all celebrates the birthday of Jesus and I believe that is already reason enough to at least appreciate what we already have and (still) thank God for everything.

So yes, even if CHRISTMAS is different this year, let us all just focus on what's important -- family, blessings, love, and Jesus.

With those in mind, I'm sure the heart will find the happiness we all need right now.

Sharing with you what happened to us during the holidays...


Monday, January 11, 2021


And there you have it. The last trimester of the year. I know I have been saying this over and over again, but let me say it once more: who would have thought that 2020 was going to turn out THIS way????

Now the expression "Hindi naman aalis ang (destination) na yan..." is just so ironic now. With the pandemic, as much as we wanted to go somewhere, we cannot do so. For everyone's good, we have to stay at home or limit our social life unless it's something very important.

It is so sad too that we have friends and relatives who've had deaths in their families. I could only imagine the pain they are going through during this time where everything was just beyond our control. It's just unfortunate that we also cannot be with them during this very difficult time. Instead, we offered prayers for their loved ones. Just overwhelming na talagang "sunod-sunod."

May be hard to believe but the saying "There's no place like home" gives much comfort now. It got me realizing that even with the crises going on, we should still all be thankful especially if we have a loving home to sleep in.

So yes, 2020 may be a very trying year for all of us but let's just try to see what we could learn from the experience. Corny as it may sound, I believe that from the darkness there will always be light. So really, let us learn from what happened to us in 2020 and be ready with a positive attitude for 2021. Things may not return to what it used to be but let us just be thankful for what we still have.

With that, let's take a break from the defiant "Bring it on 2021" or focusing on greeting the new year with a glamorous bang. Instead, let us say our prayers and believe that everything will be better soon.

Until then, let us still thank the Lord and appreciate all of the blessings that He has bestowed us this year. Believe me, there is still a lot. Hence, this post. I'm taking notice of all of it. Ha ha ha ha ha!

Promise, we still had a good 2020. For 2021, let's all pray, that it will be great!


Wednesday, January 6, 2021


Never in a million years (as if I lived that long) would I have thought that a certain Covid-19 would paralyze our social, economical, professional, educational, etc., etc., system.

We were all caught unawares!

Still with that pandemic, many of us were able to discover more about ourselves.

I for one appreciated more how cool and loving my family really are especially when I see others post about how bored they were and how they wanted to "break free" from their "prison." Never did I feel that because everyday had a different kind of simple fun in them. I rather enjoyed being in solitude with my family doing simple things like cooking (we play loud music and try out new recipes), cleaning (promise ang kulitan namin at who will wash dishes is so funny), eating (kwentuhan galore), movie nights, praying the rosary, etc etc. Truth be told, I enjoyed our extended family time more that I wasn't able to join zoom or group chats. My focus really became the people who I was with -- my family.

A friend (itago natin sa pangalan na Mareng Gail) told me that at our age, we should now choose to be with people who makes us happy.

And with that, I'm thankful I am "stuck" with the people who not only make me so happy but they also make my life complete. As a result, we really didn't mind the ECQ too much because it became an extended "home-cation" for us!

Sharing with you the second trimester of our year 2020! Usually my "end of the year specials" only have 2 parts, but for this year, I divided it into a threesome. I know that 2020 is the year where many things went wrong and there were no gimiks/outings that happened (too much). Still, I want to remember the good times that we had during the start of the year and I'm grateful that there were still many that I want to remember.

Rock on!!!!!!!!!

I swear that it's still a great year!

Monday, January 4, 2021


As much as we were all excited to face 2020, I got to admit that it started off hard. Many events happened that were sooooo unexpected like:

The explosion of the "used to be quiet" Taal Volcano...
The death of a basketball icon...
The discovery that a deadly virus is already within the country...


Still I know that things will improve. As they say, when you're at the bottom, there's nowhere to go but up. So yes, even if the year started off on the negative side, I was still bursting with positive vibes because I believe and I have faith that everything will turn out better... if not, awesome!

And yes, I know it will!!!!!!

And then on April....

NOT!!! (This is Jaz from the future).

I found my February self (when I wrote the upper intro) so adorable because I'm all hopeful and feeling like it's still going to be a fun summer.


Saying that we didn't know what's coming was indeed an understatement. Yep. It surprised us all. Still, I'm glad the Lord blessed us with so many things that we were able to cope with this pandemic and made it into an experience.

Believe it or not, we still managed to have a fun summer because we were with FAMILY.

No we're not stuck at home.
No we're not bored.
No we're not getting crazy and impatient.
No we're not daydreaming of going out of town or out of the country.

I am with the people whom I love soooo much and I'm happy that they're cool too that everyday was still enjoyable.

Because I'm HOME.

Of course, some days tend to be the same (like we're in Groundhog Day), and we would also get into each other's nerves. But at night, after praying the rosary with the family or when I reflect about the day's events,  I just get this warm and cheerful feeling inside that get me all thankful and looking forward to the next day. As a result, it makes me so grateful that even if I hear or read numerous complaints from other people that they're bored or that they're having such a hard time this ECQ (just because they can't travel or socialize), I cannot relate because I am experiencing the opposite.

As they say, HOME is where the heart is and I'm thankful that during this pandemic, everything became pleasantly endurable because of the people I love.

Sharing with you the first part of our 2020 and the start of our experience with this pandemic. You'll find that it is more detailed as we stressed on how there is always something to be thankful for and I wanted to look back at this time with a smile.


Monday, December 28, 2020


It's Saturday and THE YAPPY BUNCH are doubly excited!

Yes, we always go out on weekends in BGC...

Yes, we always have our usual special lunches...

Yes, we always go around afterwards then have coffee in our favorite SEATTLES' BEST....

This time though we're out with TEAM VIRREY and as expected, we all had awesome time!


Wednesday, December 23, 2020


It's the Christmas season!!!! One thing's for sure, we're wracking up our brains what to cook for our Noche Buena or holiday meals!!!!

Of course, my household is no exception.

My brother and I were usually in charge of cooking our Noche Buena so as early as the start of December, I'm already listing down our menu. We have our usual favorites (stuffed chicken, steak, mashed potatoes, leche flan, etc... etc) but we're always on the look-out to add something new to make our night more exciting for our tummy.

What should I cook then?

I was thinking of something classic, delicious, that would still impress our diners. Of course, preparation and cooking time should be considered since we're serving a lot on that day. Good thing a package arrived that day and it instantly gave me an idea what to cook!


Umbria Terra Di Tartufi, distributed by Dygen Food Ventures, Inc., has a variety of high-quality products that are used in restaurants for that authentic taste. I was able to receive their Truffle Oil and Sauce, and it got me excited to cook up my boys' favorites.

Of course, learning that I COULD make a platter of Truffle Cream Pasta made them plead for me to cook it ASAP and not wait for Noche Buena. So, like any hungry Mommy would do (who also understood the craving), I instantly made it!

And woah! We were all happy that I did! 


Monday, December 21, 2020


One Saturday, we were invited to try out the new EAT-ALL-YOU-CAN offering JASMINE restaurant in NEW WORLD HOTEL MAKATI.

Wow! NEW WORLD HOTEL!!! This Makati classic has been part of our many HOTEL HOPPING gimiks during the Christmas season where we would always hang out in the bar listening to music. This time, not only will we be eating in their popular restaurant, but we will also be feasting on dimsum! One of our favorites!!!

So the Yub and I excitedly drove over to NEW WORLD HOTEL all hungry and delirious because we haven't eaten breakfast. We promised each other that even though we were starving, we will control our appetites because we will only permit our tummies to be ravaged during the Christmas and New Year feasts.

What happened? Let's just say that as usual, vows were broken and we completely "yolo-ed" our diets.  Still, there were no regrets -- we did eat all and savored all that we can!

So 2020 may be ending at what may be the most different year for all of us. That's why I'm happy that there are restaurants such as JASMINE of NEW WORLD HOTEL that now offer their exceptional dishes at special prices to go along with our new "situation." In this way, even if the overall experience may be different from what we were all used to, the taste and meal itself will be the manifestation that life is still GOOD!



Monday, December 14, 2020


Once again THE YAPPY BUNCH needed to go to St. Lukes in BGC so we left early morning. After the follow-up checkup, the boys got hungry so we decided to have lunch nearby. It was bad after all for them na "malipasan ng gutom."

So where to eat? 

The last time Mati, the Yub, and I were in BGC, we ate in RAMEN NAGI because this Japanese specialty just doesn't work well for delivery -- it really should be eaten at the restaurant. When we told Andrei about our lunch, he got so inggit that we promised him the next time we're out, we'll eat at RAMEN NAGI.

So then it is THAT day.

Dan... dan... DANNNNNNNNNN!!!!

We were initially worried that security won't allow little Andrei in the mall (where RAMEN NAGI was located). Fortunately, management let the bunso in as long as we follow safety measures. We noticed too that around BGC there were many kids and even babies going around with their families. I guess since the place is like one big open park, it is safer for people to go around. Yep. We were meant to go out today.

So yay! Cravings answered for little Andrei and for us too!!!!! It was another great day for THE YAPPY BUNCH!


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