Monday, November 12, 2018


It was supposed to be the "usual" weekend for us: wake up to a late breakfast, Kali for Master Mati in the afternoon, then dinner and movie night for our Saturdate. However, we were invited by HEROES HOTEL for a weekend hotel staycation, so that meant our schedule for that particular Saturday and Sunday would be a wee different. But since we know how our usual staycations go, it's still going to be a fun "routine" for us. With that, I immediately made a mental checklist to pack our swimsuits, our midnight snacks, gameboards, movies, etc. etc.

But guess what? We didn't use ANY of them.

Saying that we had a different kind of weekend in HEROES HOTEL would be an understatement. It may not be the 5-star, flashy, and grand hotel that is popular in the metro but still, the family and I all had a unique and unforgettable stay.

And seriously I'm sure you will agree because HEROES HOTEL is indeed "the little hotel that could" in so many fun yet honorable ways!

Where else could you find a hotel that will make heroes out of you?

Read on and find out!

Yohoo! We're in HEROES HOTEL!!!!!

Friday, November 9, 2018


MIEN SAN is one restaurant in San Juan that you couldn't miss because of its bright lights and colors along Granada street. We have only eaten there once but even if we want to go back again, we just haven't gotten ourselves to do so well because we would usually prefer the convenience (and the variety of places to go to) in a mall.

One time after he picked me up from work, the Yub and I were deeply craving for some of our favorite Ramen. But when lo and behold we went to our usual place, we were SO disappointed to discover that it was closed. With that, MIEN SAN somehow "called" our attention and invited us to go back inside.

MIEN SAN was not as spacious as it was before and I think they cut down on rental space because they have another branch along Annapolis street. Still, this restaurant maintained that homey and comfy Chinese family vibe that it was popular for. And after our meal, the Yub and I loved our dinner that once again made promises that we would go back for some more.

My sexy tummy: "YES! Please don't be your usual forgetful self and forget!!!!!!!"


YOHOO! We're in MIEN SAN!!!!

(In fairness, I think ang ganda ko sa pic!)

Thursday, November 8, 2018


I don't normally share our observance of our "Araw ng Patay" but this time, I would just like to put on record in my silly little blog what happened this year. This is after all my online diary where I want to put anything and everything that goes on in my mundane life (Oh you should see my actual diary growing up. Ha ha ha ha ha!)

For many years now THE YAPPY BUNCH would visit the Yub's Dad in Quezon Province on November 1. Even if we have to travel a million miles (he he he he he) that's so fine with me because, as I would always say, I would rather that I don't have anyone super special to visit in our family mausoleum in Cavite.

When my Daddyowzers went to heaven last year, all things changed. And that's when I declared to the Yubhub that "Sorry, we'll be in Cavite every November 1 forever na."

I'm thankful to have a very understanding husband (ala eh, ang pogi pa!!!!) who agreed without any sort of hesitation. He knows naman din kasi how close I am to my family and that I'm forever a "Daddy's girl". I just consoled him that at least Cavite will be easier for us (considering the traffic during the holiday) and that at least we could just go to Quezon Province at his chosen weekend. Not that I need to but I just got to give some supporting words while I make himas himas of his.... biceps! Tee Hee!!!!

Let me share with you how my family would usually observe November 1 in the province. As always, I have the best time with my family. No need for beer, no need for loud laughs, no need for gadgets, no need for animated stories, no need for other people, and no need for whatever trivial thing that's popular out there. We, lalo na my beautiful self, always have memorable fun as long as we're together.

I'm sure that would make our Daddy so happy as well!

Super pogi my Daddy no????

Tuesday, November 6, 2018


HALLOWEEN has got to be one of the most exciting seasons for people like me who are quite fond of all things ghostly and macabre: I love the decors, I love the scary TV specials and movie marathons, I love hearing the "Monster Mash", I love the Jack O' Lanterns and hearing the legend about Ichabod Crane, etc., etc., Basta just in case it's not clear enough, I love everything Halloween!!!!!

I think Halloween is only time where the Marvel Superheroes take a break to give way to pareng Freddie Krueger, pareng Michael Myers, pareng Jason, mareng Sadako, Mahal (he he he), and the new kid on the block, mareng Bent-Necked Lady.

Yep! Halloween is the holiday where we could be our scary selves and not be ashamed of it (he he he he he). Not to mention the delicious candies and treats that come with that will energize us throughout the whole horror season.

Here's how we celebrated Halloween for this year. It may not be what we usually do but we still had a scream-worthy great time!!!!  

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, November 5, 2018


Last June was the Anniversary of my Daddyowzer's first year in Heaven. Now as much as I'm yearning to make this another dramatic post and recount the pains of how much I still miss him, I'm sure my Daddy wouldn't want us to be always crying and overlydramatic (Siguro konti lang he he he he.... He doesn't want us to be too unsentimental!). So yeah, I'll try my best to keep this as light-hearted and fun as I could (because that's the way he is).

And also like how my Dad would always prefer, his Anniversary will involve prayers and GLORIOUS FOOD!!!!!!

We started off the day with a mass offered for him....

Andrei cam!

Wednesday, October 31, 2018


Last June, my beloved Daddyowzers would have celebrated his 82nd birthday. I didn't expect it (thinking that the waterworks would flow during his death anniversary) but I got so emotional that day that I couldn't stop tearing up even at the office.

INANGKUPUSHNESS, I think I'm choking up while typing this intro.

Monday, October 29, 2018


I think it's no secret already how much the Yub and I love Ramen because many times you'll hear (or read) our raves on our usual favorites like RAMEN NAGI, IPPUDO, MENDOKORO RAMENBA, ICHIRAN, etc. etc.

As in paulit ulit!!!! OMAYGASH!!!!!!!!!!!

One stormy night however, the Yub and I got stuck extra late at my office because it got flooded real bad (I'll share at the end what it looked like). With that, we were naturally craving for something piping hot to get in our tummies to warm us up real fast.

Good thing while I was scrolling my Instagram account, I came upon the post of my favorite MASARAP BA where she shared this Ramen stall she discovered in Quezon City which served quality Japanese food at very cheap prices.

So of course, when the Yub heard "noodles" and "cheap" in one sentence, his ugly face went DING! DING! DING!!! "ABA AY! PUMUNTA AGAD TAYO DON!!!!"  He said.

And so we did.

The great thing too was that when we got there, the rains stopped and we had a parking spot right in front of the humble ramen stall. So it was REALLY meant to be!

And THAT was the start of a beautiful friendship....

Or FOODship for that matter.


The Yub and I are in OHAYO MAKI AND RAMEN BAR!!!!!!

MASARAP BA was not kidding when she said this was a simple stall because what we got was a "carinderia-like" kiosk by the road.

Thursday, October 25, 2018


In BAGUIO CITY, we have encountered favorites that we know we'll go back to again and again. And one of them is SIZZLING PLATE.

In our 2018 trip to BAGUIO, we returned once more to SIZZLING PLATE but tried their other more spacious branch which was reminiscent of what (I remember) a steakhouse should be -- an open air homey restaurant with that log cabin design. There were no loud music or singing bands (or waiters?? He he he he); whatever noise pollution was drowned out by the appetizing sizzling sounds of gravy being poured over the big slabs of steak.

We strongly recommended SIZZLING PLATE to our friends Team Campo that when we were deciding where to have our late lunch, it was the only choice. And, as expected, they loved it. They had the same satiated but happy smiles like we had the first time we ate there.

I know that there are other affordable steaks in the Metro, and that there are other more popular restaurants in BAGUIO. But in SIZZLING PLATE, you get quality cuts of tender beef smothered in savory gravy at at a very affordable price. Your meal becomes more enjoyable too because you have the mountain breeze and pine trees as your "side dishes."

Yup! SIZZLING PLATE will ALWAYS be part of our BAGUIO itinerary. It will always be where we'll go to in the City of Pines for our meat cravings that's affordable at the same time.



This SIZZLING PLATE branch was bigger compared to the one in Session Road. What's great too is that it had ample parking spaces.

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