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Sunday, November 29, 2015


I can't believe that I haven't posted anything about CONTI'S yet when it is one of our usual "go-to" restaurants. We may not eat there weekly but whenever we're in the mood for something other than the usual Shabu Shabu, Chicken Joy, or Spare Rib Rice, we go to CONTI'S.

AND, if we're not with my family, we meet up with our usual "go-with" couple, BGP Marian and Manong Fred!

Isn't it nice when two of your favorite things go together???


Oops wrong pair. Tee hee!


We met up in CONTI'S Greenbelt and like its other branches, the interiors were casual, happy, and bright!

We sat by the entrance near the counter as it was the only table available. It was fine with us because at least we did not mix in the hustle and bustle of the packed tables inside. 

Thursday, November 26, 2015


For many Saturdays already, Andrei has been wishing hard to go to Rizal Park and have a picture by the Rizal Shrine. As much the Chinese Adonis and I want to give him what he wants, we all know how traffic has been horrendous for the past few months that we were really very hesitant to go. It did not help too that it has already been bed weather with the "BER" months that tearing ourselves from our cool beds just so we could dive into the busy and traffic streets of Roxas Boulevard is not something I would go "yipeeeekeeyay" for.

But of course, this is Andrei. My little lovable bunsoy. He's not asking for an expensive gadget or toy. He just wants to see the Rizal Shrine. Of course, we have already been there before in our other Manila days. But for his Filipino subject this year, they are taking up Jose Rizal and because of that, he really wanted to learn more about our National Hero.

Now am I that bad a parent to deprive him of something that wants to learn more about? Something that will cost us almost nothing to enjoy? Something that is about the man who is considered to be epitome of a true Filipino????

Not so much!

So the Chinese Adonis and a wailing Mati lazily took baths earlier than usual and got ready to invade the streets of Manila. To be honest, I heard many grumbles and complaints from the other boys but I just appeased them by saying how it's Andrei's day today and that in the future we'll be doing something that they'll like also.

Like let's say.... watch porn for the Yubsker?


When all has been said and done, we seriously had a lot of fun doing something different from our usual Saturday routine. Besides discovering the CHILDREN'S PLAYGROUND, the YAPPY BUNCH still got awestruck at the familiar sight of the RIZAL SHRINE. At the end of the day too it felt great to be able to do things that not only caused great enjoyment for the family, but we were able to take home some valuable learnings about our culture. And we got all of that by just putting a little effort in getting out of bed and thinking about the very determined Andrei.




And there stands our glorious Philippine Flag.

Why is it that no matter how our government officials or countrymen fail us, when I look at the flag and sing "Lupang Hinirang", my faith is always restored?

Sniff sniff.... I still believe in our beautiful country!


It's Jonahs and Chel's birthday month! And with that, the BP Group came in full force to celebrate. The choice for that night was in....


TAPENADE is the restaurant located in the new Discovery Primea in Makati City.

The interiors of TAPENADE were homey but still with an air of sophistication.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015


When the YAPPY BUNCH goes out it's usually me or the Chinese Adonis who decides on where to go. For this particular Saturday though, our bunsoy Andrei was very adamant to go to Rizal Park! I really don't know where he got the idea and why he wanted to go when we recently had a Manila Day. But this was his fervent wish for a week now and we agreed that it's actually more than good for us to visit again.

When we were about to go to Luneta, we saw that RIZAL PARK had this CHILDREN'S PLAYGROUND. How did we not know about this??? Of course, it may not be KIDZANIA, MIND MUSEUM, ENCHANTED KINGDOM, STAR CITY, or DREAM PLAY, but it is still something worth trying especially that the little lords really wanted to go in.

In the end, it was another great day for the family! We all had a lot of fun! I'm so proud too that THE YAPPY BUNCH could enjoy the simpler things in life and is game to go to places places where all sorts of people flock in. The Chinese Adonis and I feel blessed also that little lords appreciate going to places such as CHILDREN'S PLAYGROUND with the same excitement as going to malls or playing with their gadgets. Truly a marvelous day!

And it was all Andrei's idea! Hooray for bunsoy Andrei!


CHILDREN'S PLAYGROUND is right behind LUNETA PARK. There are parking spaces around for you to deposit your Lamborghinis!

Monday, November 23, 2015


It's been a while since we ate in MITSUYADO SEI MEN, considering that it was one of the restaurants that fattened me up via their carb seduction. Even before RAMEN NAGI or IPPUDO, MITSUYADO tempted me endlessly with their fatty broth and slippery "slurpable" Ramen. I'm not sure why but we took a hiatus from this early favorite. Probably because we ate so much there in the past years that we needed to get a MITSUYADO detox? He he he he he!

I never knew how much we missed my old noodle haven until I saw its familiar sign when we had lunch before our ASIAPOP COMICON DAY. For some reason I thought that MITSUYADO SEI MEN only set base in Jupiter Street. Sorta like how there is only Hall of Justice in the DC World (tee hee). Imagine my surprise that when we parked in Blue Bay Walk, my old favorite greeted us. Wohoo!

Such a wonderful surprise to start our family Sundate! We are sure to fill up our hungry tummies with MITSUYADO goodies today!


It was about 11:00am and we thought of having an early lunch at MITSUYADO SEI-MEN to catch one of the talents that Mati wanted to see in the ASIAPOP COMICON panel.

Saturday, November 21, 2015


I have heard about DYCE N' DYNE from my foodie friends as a very fun place to go to that I have mentally blocked a date day there with THE YAPPY BUNCH.

However, many things came up in our mundane lives that our supposed to be gaming Saturday there would be cancelled:

Make up classes for the boys... meh!
More school commitment for the boys... meh!
Going to my husband's hometown... meh!
Planning my sister's bridal shower... meh!
My sister's shower... meh!My sister' wedding... meh!

Tee hee! Kidding!

My husband and I had so many "trivial" commitments that came up which barred our DYCE N' DYNE day. And, the next thing we knew, it's already November!!!! Oh the humanity!

I'm kidding of course as obviously those above were such important weekends of our lives. But do understand that when the day came when we actually spent our night at DYCE N' DYNE with the little lords, I immediately thought: "Why the heck didn't we come here sooner???" Yep! It was THAT awesome!!!!

And for a second I really questioned our priorities!

Don't worry. It was just for a second though. Tee hee!

You'll definitely get me when you are grabbing the next board game to crush your companions with.




Yep! We're finally here!

THE YAPPY BUNCH visited DYCE N' DYNE on a Sunday and we saw that the place was jampacked!

Woah! This must be good!

Tuesday, November 17, 2015


So once again ERICJAZ FOODIES is out with our favorite two little lords in the world..... 

And once again, ERICJAZ FOODIES will meet up with BGP Marian and Manong Fred (I swear, they are almost like the silent partners of this silly little foodie blog)....

But this time, we will be trying out something new....

And that is..... (drumroll with ting at the end)....


Well only because VILLAGE TAVERN is full, but you could say that this was meant to be. He he he he he he! 


Friday, November 13, 2015


It's part two of our KRACIE EDIBLE JAPANESE TOYS series and the little lords will be doing the.... SUSHI EDITION!

Dan... dan.... dan!!!

We bought our supply from KTG friend TALES FROM THE TUMMY and my boys have been so addicted ever since. Andrei first did the DONUT which was a lot of fun. He also enjoyed sharing and eating it afterwards.

Up next is Mati with the KRACIE SUSHI and he was super raring to start. This particular edible toy was a bit harder to make but my little lord was able to manage.  I could sense that no matter how complicated it may seem, my Mati will really try his best to finish it. Not because he is just a hard worker but more on he loves sushi so much that he was so willing to try another variety of it. He he he he he he!

See how food could properly motivate us all? Now if there's only a dish to promote World Peace.

I, thank you!


My Master Mati eagerly opened it and took out the foil pack!


Last week ERICJAZ FOODIES was invited to try out the new menu offerings of LOLA CAFE hidden in Scout Lozano, Quezon City which served topnotch Filipino food. To be honest though, I'm usually doubtful to try out restaurants offering our local cuisine because I already have my usual favorites that I would feel "sacrilegious" if I go for something new. BUT, the KTG bids and we shall hungrily obey! Believe me, it's a feeling that could be stronger than the force! He he he he he!


Anywho, I have heard many good things about the dishes of LOLA CAFE at how the food was indeed worth trenching the "secret" roads of Quezon City. The raves were so strong and the declarations of satisfaction deafening that I was surprised why LOLA CAFE needed to revamp its menu at all.

But of course, we would never know until we try it out for ourselves. And so we indulged!  In the end as we were rubbing our overgrown bellies (once again) and giving out uber burps of satisfaction.

Now that's "new"!

Teee heee!


LOLA CAFE is very near the building of SV MORE GROUP of Companies. When  you see the towering orange of where NOMAMA used to be, it's just a street away from it. 

Wednesday, November 11, 2015


When ERICJAZ FOODIES make plans with BGP (Best Gal Pal) Marian and her crummy husband Fred, we would usually go to our tried, tested, and favorite restaurants. Of course, it would be fun to check out new hot spots, but the call to answer our cravings is usually satisfied by our "comfort restaurant zones". And included in our "must-always-do" list is VILLAGE TAVERN in the Fort.

Most of the time, we would have salad, pizza, pasta, or another round of salad, pizza, pasta in VILLAGE TAVERN. But then, we heard that the Bistro Group's Executive Chef Josh Boutwood, came up with 4 new Premium Wagyu Selections in the WORLD OF BURGERS! So we knew we just HAVE to have that!

With a side of salad, pizza, pasta... Tee hee!

Kidding! But believe me, when you order these mouth-watering char-grilled Wagyu Burgers, you may not look for anything more!

Except of course, the cuteness-kuno of our company!

Har de har har!


It was a busy Tuesday night even if it was already late. I guess many people are still in the mood for VILLAGE TAVERN's deeeelicious hot plates of food!

I was first to arrive and I passed the time by watching the last episode of DOWNTON ABBEY in my tab. It was a bit embarrassing that I was sniffing and tearing up watching it. People might think I'm crying since I'm all alone!

Not to worry because I have VILLAGE TAVERN'S World of Burgers to keep me company.

That is, if my husband and friends stand me up!!!!

Now what should we get?

Monday, November 9, 2015


When we went out to celebrate INDEPENDENCE DAY 2015 last June, we did it with our beloved BP Group. After FORT SANTIAGO and lunch at ARISTROCRAT, we were supposed to check out THE SPOLARIUM. But since entrance was free that day, the lines were horrid. So we just proceeded to go to MUSEO PAMBATA since the little kiddies were hankering to go!


We initially parked at MUSEO PAMBATA in order to get a ride in a Kalesa. Good thing there were several horse drawn carriages parked near the entrance at only P150.00, more than half the price from what you'll find in FORT SANTIAGO.

Team Virrey and Team Navarro went with us for a wee tour around Manila. The kiddies were so excited all the way!

Thursday, November 5, 2015


When my BP Group went to the house to celebrate my Dad's birthday, we had so much fun playing TABOO that I decided to organize a game night for us. Of course, we want to have complete attendance because it will be more fun when everybody is there contributing personal quirkiness. Bawal ang absent, or else, paguusapan! Har de har har!

Finally after much deliberation, we all agreed on a definite date, venue, and assignments on the food. We ended up in the top floor of Mareng Gail's building because it was spacious, cool, and available for her purrrrty friends (us!)

As expected, it was another night to remember with long chikas, hysterical laughter, and never ending things to do with great friends. It never fails! Nights with the BP Group are always bitin and never enough! Hopefully we could set up another getogether very soon amidst our busy schedules so that we'll be complete again.

Oh well! I believe that if we really want something, we will make time for it NO MATTER how busy we are. So I guess if it's the BP Group, we'll always be there for each other to volt in!

And that is what we all felt that night.

Let the games begin!


Venue for our game night was at the top floor of Mareng Gail's building. 

This used to be empty but ever since Mareng Gail's lola passed, they transferred some of her old furniture here to preserve it. Now it looks like a mini-museum of vintage items. 

You'll see what I mean!


The Chinese Adonis and I joined our KAIN TULOG GANG to try out the newest Barbecue hot spot to invade Manila....


WOODY'S TEXAS BAR-B-Q is located where the old Chihuahua Mexican Restaurant was in Makati Ave. Just in case you're eyeing your driver sweet lover and have the probability of missing this in the busy streets of Makati, it is opposite A.Venue Mall!

Tuesday, November 3, 2015


When we have couples night with BGP Marian and Manong Fred, we usually do it in Greenbelt since they live far, far, away in the wonderful city of Paranaque. Whereas me and the Chinese Adonis, ahem, we are residents of Cutietown -- a place where the "feeling cute" converge.

Har de har har!

So during one of our numerous date nights, we thought of meeting up at LORENZO'S WAY for some hearty Filipino food just the way the LJC groups of company makes it. We have already eaten there before, (in fact "eating" may be an understatement since we really pigged out that night) but even if we loved the food so much, it is only recently that we made a return (curse you Ramen fad!!!).

And yes, it was again an awesome night! Great company and savory food from LORENZO'S WAY always result in delicious meet-ups for the feeling cute and the really cute of friends!


Yep! No matter how different our realms are!


and somebody's thumb.

I'm sorry about the thumb. But I'm sure you know by now that ERICJAZ FOODIES is not a blog about amazing pictures. He he he he he he!


It may not be obvious but we are not perfect. Yes we have flaws. Lots of it! One second you might think, "Woah, they're like the children of Aphrodite and Zeus!" But really we're far from being the mortal version of the gods. Tee hee!!!

And THAT is why we get blocked. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Anywho, the Chinese Adonis and I may not be perfect parents but we really try our best to give the little lords activities that will veer them away from their favorite PS3, PSP and IPAD. While browsing online, I saw these posts about these curious Japanese edible toys that is very popular with kiddies and adults alike. I placed orders with our blogger friend TALES FROM THE TUMMY and were so excited to pick them up one Sunday!


There were many variants available from Mr. Tales From The Tummy but for now the little lords were interested with the sushi and donut kinds. 

The little lords were so excited to try it that they stayed up later than usual on a Sunday night to do it!

(See? Me and Yub? PERFECT PARENTS! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!)

Andrei was first and his choice was the KRACIE EDIBLE TOY in Donut!

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