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Thursday, November 27, 2014


Like any normal child, my little lords are very fond of playing with computer games such as Minecraft and NBA 2000-something. And, like any normal Mom, I want to be a KJ (kill joy) in what I feel is a "unnecessary activity" for them that causes extreme joy.  Bwa ha ha ha ha! So in order to balance out and instill discipline in the boys' PSP and gadget play time, I told them that they could only do so if they write 2 pages in their journal. Of course, this caused a lot of violent reactions from the little lords but I didn't care. If they wanted to use the internet or play computer games then they should write in their journal. If they don't feel like writing, then no dice. Besides, it served a double purpose of practicing their writing skills and lessening the time their faces are buried in front of their PSP.


I never noticed though that while Mati would have his "journal time", he would sneak in a few "naughty moves" to either show his rebellion or to just mark his territory. It was actually my sister who noticed it first as she got frustrated with how Mati made small graffiti marks on our walls using his new journal pens. As for me, I somehow found it cute. I'm not sure if I'm being normal or anything but I like that I have something sort of a hidden Mickey going on with my eldest son. While I'm doing something and I suddenly find his "Mati Mark", it actually gives me a smile knowing that his little being was there. Of course, I told him not to do it outside our home and he knows that it is actually a criminal offense to do so.

Being the sentimental schmuck that I always am, I know that these "Mati marks" may get erased in time that's why I already recorded it via this blog.  Of course, I am already daydreaming of the day when the boys are all grown up and I'm this very wrinkly old granny. Then, I'll accidentally find one of his kiddie graffitis in our home and I would just burst into tears. When the grown up Mati sees me doing so, he'll smile and then send me to a nursing home.

KIDDING! As usual I'm getting ahead of myself but really my imagination just goes wild with anything that my little lords' created. For now, I won't dwell on the drama of what will happen when they grow up as I will just value their beingness even with just a few scribbles on our walls.   It may be something small and meaningless to them but as parents I'm sure you would agree that anything that comes from our children is worth taking our mark for.


I never really took notice of it before even when my sister told me about it. But once in a while I would find it around our house. 

As I would go up and down the stairs, I began to notice this small marking on our walls.

MGY! That's his initials as Mati G. Yap!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014


Last Saturday, the Chinese Adonis and I were invited to try out the newest resto bar in Bonifacio Global City. It may mean moving our usual Saturday movie date night to Friday, but it's always fun meeting up with my foodie family so we were excited to go. Plus, it has been almost a month going on for my exercise program so I guess it's high time to reward myself with delicious food! 


Monday, November 24, 2014


Goodness knows that even though I am trying to eat healthy these days (because of my unwanted visitors from the land of the lard), I still CANNOT for the life of me choose fruits over desserts. Sorry I just can't. You gotta love me for what I am and that's a cake loving, chocolate addict, who goes for the gooey and the messy sweets kind of gal.

On the top of my dessert list lately are the HEAVENLY cheesecakes from INDULGENCE BY IRENE. I swear to you that this is the BEST cheesecake I've ever had and that will surely go on for the rest of my life. Sometimes when I'm out and get a taste of other cheesecakes, I would hide a snort while my thought bubble proudly shouts out that INDULGENCE BY IRENE was much better. I think one time I was eating at a restaurant with THE lady herself, Ms. Irene Co, and we were served some cheesecakes. I almost lost some shades of proper decorum as I winced at the lowly contender and still declared my loyalty to her creamy creations.  Yep. Food does that to me. It may be embarrassing I know. That's why the Chinese Adonis deserves that Noble Peace Prize. He he he he he!

Before you judge me and my obsession with INDULGENCE BY IRENE, take note that this soon to be cheesecake supreme has received recognition from SPOT.PH as one of the 10 best things they ate in October, while their ube cheesecake was named as YUMMY Magazine's 50 most favorite desserts!

Grabbed from INDULGENCE BY IRENE facebook page

Of course, we were all so excited to find out that INDULGENCE BY IRENE was included in Philippine Daily Inquirer's top desserts in 2014.  It seems that everyone is now jumping onto our INDULGENT bandwagon and we cannot be more happy for dear Ms. Co! Her cheesecakes truly deserve it!

My favorite has always been their QUEZO DE BOLA CHEESECAKE followed closely by the TABLEA CHEESECAKE. But there may be a new boss on the block inspired by the Philippines' very own type of the lime....



I loved the cheesecakes of INDULGENCE BY IRENE but honestly I was quite apprehensive of trying out something that had green rinds mixed into it. 

Thursday, November 20, 2014


When I put the title "HEALTHY SHABU SHABU (AGAIN)" it doesn't mean that it's only our second time in this restaurant. Oh dear me that is so far from it! To say that HEALTHY SHABU SHABU is our favorite place to eat in as a family is surely an understatement. Inangkupo! We must have started eating here when Mati was still a baby and we have been ultra regular customers ever since. There was even a time when we would eat here twice in a week or even every Sunday. Yes! EVERY SUNDAY. In fact,  take me to any HEALTHY SHABU SHABU branch and surely I would know some of the servers there. We are actually regulars in the Podium and Powerplant Mall branch that when the waiters get transferred to another area, we would be "Hello! What are you doing here??" Yes we have somehow come to love them as family because some of them saw my boys growing up! REALLY!

So one Sunday family date, I asked the little lords where they wanted to eat and the instant answer was HEALTHY SHABU SHABU! As much as I wanted to go to another restaurant with them I relented because when we go to this long time favorite, we are assured that both of the boys will be eating with gusto (yup I really meant YOU, Andrei). Plus! We've been such regular customers in the Power Plant Mall branch that the boys feel like they're meeting up with old friends!!

Yes! We love it so much at HEALTHY SHABU SHABU! It's our ultimate favorite YAP family restaurant! We have actually used our discount card there more than we do our credit cards! Ha ha ha ha!


Could you see Andrei staring at the fountains?


I'm sure I have written here many times how my husband and I would usually just sleep till noon on Saturdays because that's how we roll on weekends. So just imagine the expression on our faces when little Andrei runs up while waving this pamphlet about basketball clinic in his school. Of course we were all supportive and enthusiastic but when we saw the time, 7:00am every Saturdays and Sundays....


You guys have seen the prosthetics on Jack Nicholson as Batman right? Think of the same smile but more sinister looking while having constipation... Ding! Ding! Ding! That was us!!!

Oh well! So that put an end to our late night Fridays and Saturdays (usually watching dibidis) since we have to wake up early the next day. At times when the Chinese Adonis is feeling so lazy to get up, I would tell him to be thankful that we have a son who is very interested in the sport that my husband used to play. As for me, for the days when it's just SO HARD to even open one eye, I just motivate myself to get up by telling myself that we will have a family breakfast after Andrei's work out. Before you judge me, yeah, yeah, I am there for my son's sport blah blah blah. But of course, that wouldn't register yet when you have a growling tummy. Tee hee....

And believe me. That happens to me almost EVERY TIME.

Seriously though, we are actually very happy that at the age of 7, my little Andrei has shown real passion and eagerness to play basketball. Because he loves Michael Jordan so much, he said he wants to be an NBA player when he grows up. I know it may be difficult but we'll do what we can to make his dream come true. Besides, anything is possible and whatever he puts his heart on we will be there for him.... bench parents forever! 

So with that my husband and I decided that after every game of Andrei, we will always have a family breakfast date. We want to instill in him that every time he sweats it at the court, we are prepared to push him on over a hot breakfast with some laughs on the side. Hopefully he'll feel that he may battle it out during a game but his YAPPY BUNCH will still add fun to it afterwards.

And that is how KANTO FREESTYLE BREAKFAST gained a fan in a future NBA player! :)

Andrei is out and about for his basketball clinic! Now isn't that a very eager and excited smile?

Also! Isn't my boy toy so sexy? GROOOOWLLLL!!!!!

While waiting for his new coach, the Chinese Adonis and Andrei warmed up by shooting some hoops.

When the coach came, he had the boys do some basketball drills.

We have attended many basketball clinics for Andrei and my husband said he liked this coach's drills the best.

Plus, since there were only 6 students on training, he was very focused on Andrei!

Bench parents!!!!!!!!!

Go Andrei!

The coach was impressed with Andrei's shooting and dribbling. Yey!

I loved his form here!

After his first day of basketball clinic, we were all hungry. So we all decided to troop over KANTO FREESTYLE BREAKFAST!!!

KANTO FREESTYLE BREAKFAST is this popular hub in Mandaluyong that's open to serve 24 hours.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Last Halloween weekend, THE YAPPY BUNCH went to Yub's hometown in Lucena City. As expected the boys had a blast with their little cousins while me and the hub were more than satisfied just lounging around making ourselves fat...ter. He he he he he he!

So one of the "usual" factors in the addition of lard in our bodies was our default destination in Lucena City -- HACIENDA INN. Again, we have already eaten here MILLIONS of times plus it was one of the Chinese Adonis' childhood favorites, but I haven't gotten around to blogging about it yet. Oh well... Call me lazy or what but me guess is that I get so engrossed with their live band's music that I cannot pry myself out of my hypnotic trance to take pictures. OR, since I am already SO familiar with this old time restaurant, pictures were unnecessary because we don't really have "kodak" moments just by lounging at "home" right?

Tee Hee... Oh yeah. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.

So again, on that Halloween weekend when most of the establishments are closed and we didn't feel like travelling far to PALAISDAAN, we all decided to head over to HACIENDA INN since the food there is approved by the little lords. Also, even if it was a popular restaurant, the place would usually have a lot of tables and space available for the kiddies to run around.  Of course, let us not forget, my insatiable craving to hear the HACIENDA INN live music again! He he he he he!

Seriously though, when you're in Lucena City, do drop by HACIENDA INN for a taste of their saucy chami and pretty darn good barbecues. It has been a favorite of my husband then and it already is a favorite of the little lords now. You will never go wrong with a restaurant that had already etched itself in the memories of people who consider HACIENDA INN's chami as a special part of their "home".

And yup, they don't really need live music to remind themselves that.


HACIENDA INN entrance!

Check out the very still security guard doing it like the British. He he he he he!

Monday, November 17, 2014


When we go to Lucena, we not only look forward to seeing Yub's family, but we are also excited to eat all the cheap and delicious food that keeps us craving when we're at Manila. We already have our usual favorites like PALAISDAAN, CAFE ANTIQUA, PEKING, and BUBBLES CRISPY PATA which we always go back to when we're in the Chinese Adonis' hometown. However we finally decided that enough is enough. We have been stuffing ourselves silly with food from those restaurants for the past 11 years... Maybe it's high time we try some place new.

And that's how we ended up in PLAZA GRILL!

Now please, thou shalt not mistake this for the very popular THE PLAZA catering in Manila. No offense meant to THE PLAZA GRILL but one step inside their simple restaurant and you'd know that they are not in any way affiliated with each other. But it's part of their appeal actually because this long time casual restaurant serves up Filipino food with a charm of old Lucena City.

Which made my husband wonder really out loud: Why haven't we eaten at PLAZA GRILL in the 11 years we've been going food tripping in Lucena?

Well then. Let's see!


PLAZA GRILL is located very near to CAFE ANTIQUA and we always pass by it when we're going to buy our favorite dibidis.

Thursday, November 13, 2014


This entry is definitely out of the ERICJAZ FOODIES "character" but it is one I surely want to share for all my imaginary readers out there. You see, all my life I have gotten a lot of flak, not for being superkaduper hot (tee hee) but because I always seem to pack an extra bag more than what an ordinary person brings.

With that, you could just imagine the MILLIONS of bags that I would pack for the little lords once I became a Mom.

You see my favorite saying of all when it comes to packing is "I'd rather have one and not need it, than need it and not have one". I got that from the classical movie, "Aliens Vs. Predator" and yes, it does explain in a gist my views on bringing our "stuff". I may pack more than what is needed for a weekend but at least the boys get to pick what they want to wear depending on their mood, OR, they are assured of extra clothes just in case they spill soda on their clothes twice, AND, they have something if we decide to stay an extra day.

For some reason too and many people could attest to this (especially my office mates), that I am such a slob with my things. But when it comes to the little lords, I want everything to be organized as chiclets in a box. Of course, packing for 2 boys could get nerve wracking but I have devised these methods so that I am assured not to forget anything when we go away for a trip. At the same time, I don't find it difficult when it's time to unpack when we go home.

Now I'm sure you have all your own ways and habits of how you pack things because this post certainly is not meant to undermine them. Most definitely, how you do it with your family is the best method that you have come with. This is just me sharing how I could get "carried away" when fixing our stuff for a getaway and maybe you could get a tip or two.

Of course, in the near future I will pass on this packing "knowledge" to the little lords. I know they should be starting to do it themselves next year but the OC in me is not yet ready to let them do that. Well maybe because, boys being sloppy boys, if it were up to them they'll only pack 1 set of clothing and not change into anything at all! You've heard about ac-dc underpants right?  Well I guess it's what they see from the Chinese Adonis that's why! BWA HA HA HA HA!

Anywho, at the end of the day, what matters is that when the little lords ask for something, at least in an instant we are able to give it to them. Nothing is more sweeter than hearing a very sweet "Thank you" after all that packing ordeal. He he he he he he!

And yes, I know you might come up with more severe words after reading this entry. Ha ha ha ha ha!

Ze bags!

To be sure that I won't forget anything, I have my own PACKING list!

I have been using this list since Andrei was a baby and have not bothered editing some items. So if you catch a reminder to bring a "bib" or "Lactum", just ignore it.

Of course, ignore all the wrong grammar as well.

Told you I was too lazy to change anything. Ha ha ha ha ha!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014


I'll let you in on a secret.... 

As much as I appear to be the sociable and class clown kind of gal, I HATE going to parties. Really! Put me in a group and I will certainly be the one joking around and laughing the loudest. But when I'm in a big room full of people. UGH. It's hell for me. I really don't know why. I read somewhere it's the same syndrome as Johnny Carson's wherein the famous late night talk show host could make the whole world laugh but was an extremely shy person. Hard to believe but yes.

If you answer it's hard to believe that I make ANYONE laugh for that matter then I'm going to release the hounds on you. He he he he he!

Seriously though, I could be very anti-social at times because besides being shy, I get easily irritated. Yeah. I don't really want to dwell on it but when the moon is full, I have these moods that make me want to snap at anyone in my way. PMS? I doubt. I'm already menopausal. Tee Heee!!

Anywho, I'm glad that when we attended the FAMILY REUNION for Yub's Motherside relatives, none of my usual "endearing" attitudes showed up. I was also wondering why until THIS, presented itself:

YU-UH. And THIS was only for merienda. Ha ha ha ha!

Afterwards I sold my soul to gluttony. Yep. There was no turning back! I realized, I don't care if I had to "party on" with a full battalion of people, or contend with the most irritating person in the world (aka Kris Aquino): if I had just the premise of having the delicious spread that we ate during that FAMILY REUNION, then I'm going to invite myself to ALL parties. Ha ha ha ha ha!

And like I always say, yes, food does that to me.

The Chinese Adonis' FAMILY REUNION at Batis Aramin in Quezon Province. 

Monday, November 10, 2014


I am so proud to say that my first born is fast becoming to be someone like me!

Now before you all get hysterical and claim "mass hysteria with dogs and cats living together", don't worry he's NOT becoming EXACTLY like me. But he IS following in my love for food and finding/making up reasons to have it. Yep! My dear Mati now has a variety of food favorites that would even surpass the taste of his picky Father's. At the same time he likes getting sentimental and would also create some new family "traditions" in order for us to have a reason to EAT!

This new family "tradition" that Mati whipped up has something to do with his deep love for school (tee hee). I'm not sure though if Don Bosco is the only school whose last day of quarterly exams would fall on a Saturday. But since it does, my Mati thought that every time it is the last day of his grueling periodicals, we would fetch him and celebrate afterwards. Yup! This has caught on fast for me and the Chinese Adonis because even if we're supposedly scheduled to meet up with friends for lunch on a Saturday, we cancelled it because of our "Mati Tradition".

Now there's no arguing about the importance of THAT.

At the end of Mati's exams, he asked if he could play basketball first before we head out for lunch. So we brought his basketball gear and he changed his school uniform.

We then proceeded to their school gym where the Chinese Adonis and Mati will be shooting some hoops.

Hold on. The last thing I want is SOMEBODY doing that favorite pose of Paris Hilton.

Now THAT'S better.

I'm happy for my husband that his sons shared with him the same love for basketball. 

I'm sure he would agree with me that playing against his friends is nothing compared to the joy he feels doing basketball with the little lords.

He's just torn between letting them win and doing his usual "varsity" game of course. He he he he he!

After playing basketball, Mati tore off his sweaty jersey and got ready for lunch. We remembered that for the end of Mati's 2nd quarterly exams, our little lord wished to eat at TONG YANG since he read my blog where we treated his Tita Gem and Tito Jun for dinner. 

Saturday, November 8, 2014


My Mom just turned 70 years old and besides having a family breakfast (GLORIA MARIS) and dinner (MAMOU TOO) to celebrate her birthday, we also planned to have an intimate dinner party for such a lovely lady! We only invited our very close relatives and her best friend to share this special evening with us because we want everything to be just for HER. It was great too that the people who joined us were the ones who truly mattered and we really appreciated their presence. They made my Mom so happy that night!

Normally when we have parties, it is my Mom who is chief of the kitchen. This time, we told her to just sit back, relax, and enjoy this dinner -- her children and grandchildren were in charge. And we cannot be more excited about it. :)


My Kuya Jon is an animator and drew this caricature of my Mom. 

Friday, November 7, 2014


The Chinese Adonis and I always have a great time when we're together but when we're with the little lords, we are assured of having something always memorable for our books.

Now as much as we love spending time together as a family, we also practiced having one on one date nights with the little lords. I got this idea actually from JON AND KATE PLUS 8 where they discovered that their kid usually acted different alone with them compared with the rowdy sibs. As for me and the hub we would usually split up and schedule another night with the other little lord.

And yes, I have to agree. There is something more personal and intimate when I went out one night with Mati then another one with Andrei. I saw the excitement in my son's eyes when I announced that it's going to be a date night with JUST him and Mommy. Every time we have a date night, the boys were both overwhelmed and felt so special that Mommy (or Daddy) really made time to spend with either one of them.

And I know we're doing the right thing because I asked Mati why he loved his Mommy, his answer was "It's because you took me on a date night and it was so fun". Yes! He never forgot about it. Sniff! Sniff!

As a result it became a regular thing (like once a month) for us and the rugrats. For me it would be no yaya, no Yub, just me and the driver for my date night with my little guy. Now we even added a new tradition where the little lords would each take me out for Valentimes and Mother's Day (Father's Day for the Yub).

Usually our date night consists of asking my little guy where he wanted to eat and what he wanted to do afterwards. If it's Andrei, his choices would usually be in Healthy Shabu Shabu then playing in an arcade or Active Fun afterwards.  As for Mati, his choices had more variety because he loved trying out new food.

One time, I was surfing through the net and I saw this article where award winning chef Danny Boulud treated some Grade schoolers to a fine dining seven course degustation menu. I thought, I have always treated Andre to his usual ordinary restaurants that it would definitely be a thrilling change if we dressed up and go to someplace fancy shmancy. I looked for a place to take my little lord within Ortigas, San Juan, or Quezon City (since we would be coming from my office).  But I couldn't find any fine dining restaurant that would suit both of us. I was looking for someplace that was quiet, not crowded, formal, but still had food that was kid friendly. Also if it was not too much to ask, I wanted the restaurant to have that look that would blow away my little guy.

With that I decided to take my little lord to 100 REVOLVING RESTAURANT. I remember we had a lot of fun the last time we were there when we celebrated our Anniversary. I figured not only it was close to my office (just in case I get out late) but I remember Andrei often asking me when we were going back in the restaurant that "goes around".

So I told him that we were going to have a date night. Before he could open his mouth to say SHABU SHABU again, I told him that Mommy planned someplace special and we would be dressing up. At the thought of wearing a tie, my Andrei's face lit up and I already sensed his excitement. Yes! He liked getting formal and he instantly knew this DATE NIGHT was going to be something different.

As for me, I'm positive it's going to be something that I expect it to be -- a very memorable night with my son which I will never ever forget even if he has his OWN date night with other girls. He will always and forever be my baby Andrei.

And now I'm going to cry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >:(

My handsome date picked me up at the office!

Yup! It was our dress up DATE NIGHT!

Even if it's just the start of our date, I already planted a wet one of my Andrei!

Thursday, November 6, 2014


I'm sure it may be obvious by now (if you are one of the two regular readers of my silly little foodie blog) that I am such a nostalgic person.  Yep that's me. The overly sentimental schmuck who will never throw away used slippers by the little lords because there is a memory connected to it.

So it was no wonder that when the Chinese Adonis and I attended a dinner featuring the delicious PREMIUM GIFTS/ FOOD TO GO by THE PLAZA, a flood of memories caused pandemonium in my big forehead as the famous catering service was present to 2 of my life's milestones!

Yes you gotta believe it! Even I was astounded myself.

For your information, THE PLAZA may be the longest catering service in existence in the Philippines as it was established by husband and wife tandem of Jose Cruz Reyes and Imelda Albano, in 1965.

And guess who the little cutesie poo who was born and baptized at 1985??? 

Yup! That white cotton ball is me!

Yep. The 80's still had that 70's vibe to it!

As THE PLAZA was one of the popular caterers at the time, it was also the venue for my baptismal reception! Isn't that such a coincidence? That's why every time I hear the name THE PLAZA, I get this warm and fuzzy feeling inside that I am within the depths of the familiar. 

Too bad I cannot find a clear picture with me in it but that's my brother and sister standing on the chairs.

THAT'S WHAT YOU GET Kuya Jon and Ate Jit for not reading my blog. HA! :P

For the ERICJAZ FOODIES union (blech) I made a scrapbook of everything that went on after the Chinese Adonis said in tagalog "Yub, it's okay. We could get married soon."

What the.......?????????????????

It sounded like the hostage was giving up to his captors!

Anyway I remember that THE PLAZA was our top choice to be our wedding caterer. What you see on the picture above is a page from my scrapbook about my meeting with THE PLAZA banquet head (sorry I forgot her name) and we were scheduled for a food tasting. 

We were expecting really just some little saucers of food. Imagine our surprise when THE PLAZA presented a full spread for us. OHMYGULAY! Our diets are in trouble now!

Yup! A decade ago I was already a master of making faces. Tsk tsk tsk... And wrong grammar. I won't tell where. Ha ha ha ha ha!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014


Remember how I would always have a "flavor of the month" where I am suddenly infatuated with this certain food that I just HAVE to have whenever we're out? Then, my poor but loving Chinese Adonis, who has such a finicky appetite, has no choice but to put up with it? Well for this "month" the choice would always be IPPUDO and it was something my cutie pie husband had no trouble going for because it was the first bowl of Ramen that he really enjoyed.

Yes, you read it right! After hearing that lame "I really don't like Ramen because I only eat Wanton Noodles" EVERYTIME we go to my usual favorites (Ramen Nagi and Ukokkei Ramen Ron), FINALLY my husband has met his Ramen match with IPPUDO! At least when I had my usual craving of the rich broth of IPPUDO, my husband was such a willing submissive and let himself be dragged to SM Megamall.

And finally, there was no whining about "I love wanton noodles" here. All I could hear from the Chinese Adonis were happy slurps and the constant rave that he loved the taste of IPPUDO soup it was almost sickening.

JUST kidding! It was really music to my ears because that meant I could yank him to IPPUDO as soon as possible!!! Like tomorrow?

He he he he!


This was a Friday night and I was surprised that the lines did not extend up to the heavens like what happened to us the last time. Our wait was only about 30 minutes and we're in!

Monday, November 3, 2014


I love the ring of September because not only do "bers" signify the start of the Christmas season but it is also the beginning of our "birthday months". Yep! For my family, every month from September, somebody is celebrating his, her, or ITS, birthdays! Yep! Tis the season to get fat(ter) until  we officially end it on April -- the "birth" of ERICJAZ FOODIES aka our anniversary (blech).

So since it's the birthday of my Mom, the family got together for a dinner of her choice. Usually, we have our birthdays at KIMPURA, but my mom, being the loving lady that she is, remembered that my eldest brother was not with us during our impromptu dinner at MAMOU TOO so it became her birthday venue for the night.

As much as I wanted to eat at our usual teppanyaki favorite, I did not fret TOO much. Remembering the delicious grilled steaks the last time we had dinner at MAMOU TOO, was enough to give me a temporary bout of amnesia. He he he he he!

Of course, I did not lose my memory TOO much to remember  to get a generous helping for myself before anyone realizes I almost got their share! He he he he he he!


Sunday, November 2, 2014


I'm sure you guys may already be getting tired of me and my family's "traditions" since it has somewhat became a byword in my blogposts. But guess what? Here comes a new one! Every birthday, the family and I would ALWAYS eat at GLORIA MARIS after mass. I know it may be very trivial to some but I suggest you all to try it because nothing is more comforting than having a cupful of hot congee after thanking the Lord for all of our blessings.

Well... THAT and my hugs. I doubt though you'll get the latter UNLESS you give me and the Chinese Adonis GC's to SPIRAL buffet all year round. HA!

Our GLORIA MARIS birthday breakfast tradition was accidental really because it's not like we decided to eat there since it was somebody's birthday.  We just noticed though that every time after we attended a birthday mass (for somebody in the family) and my Dad would ask the celebrant where he/she wanted to eat, the choice would always be GLORIA MARIS probably because we always had dimsum and congee for Sunday breakfasts growing up, and it was so near our church.

And so it started. Without really expecting something else, the answer to the birthday question would now always be GLORIA MARIS. Great thing, we all wouldn't have it any other way.

Except with MY warm hugs though (tee hee... like Olaf!) So sorry you all won't get to experience that!


Even though our family's birthdays fall on a work week, we all take half day leaves so that we could all be together.

Except for my eldest brother though. He lives in the mountains. Joke! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Saturday, November 1, 2014


Besides Christmas and New Years Day, another favorite "yearly event" for me would be Halloween. I remember when I was a teenager about 10 years ago (you better believe it), I would always have a blast with my family in my lola's house in the province. I remember that we would go to the cemetery then roam around exploring the weirdest or most extravagant tomb there is. Let us not forget forming many artistic creations via the melted candle wax and sharing haunting stories that would keep us wide awake at night. Those times were such wonderful childhood memories that add to the sentimental value for my November 1.

Halloween is also the season when frightening movies such as "The Shining", "The Exorcist", and "Miley Cyrus goes to Vegas" would be on repeat in our vcr player (wait... scrap the last one).  I may not watch local television programs a lot (except for EAT BULAGA yohoo!) but I would always be on the look out for my favorite scary specials on "Magandang Gabi Bayan" and "MAD". Up to now, I get the willies remembering some of their scariest episodes.

He he he he! Halloween. It could be the most haunting time of the year and I LOVE it!

When I got married and had kids, a lot has changed on how I celebrated Halloween. Well for one, I don't go to my lola's province anymore since we would visit the the grave of Yub's father who passed away before Andrei was born.  Another is that as much as the Chinese Adonis and I would love to spend the whole day watching scary movies and shows, we cannot do so when the little lords are still awake. When they're asleep naman, we do something else. 

BWA HA HA HA HA! Yeah right. Like cutting our toenails.

Well another development to our Halloween celebration is that now, we have 2 little lords to dress up the costume of their wishes and take them TRICK OR TREATING! Before, I would usually just take them to malls or hotels having special gimmicks for the event. But the old school in me really wanted the boys to do it the traditional way where they knock up on houses and scream the proverbial phrase "TRICK OR TREAAAT!!!".

That is why I'm so grateful that my High School and College bud Mareng Heidi would always invite the boys and treat them to their subdivision activities for Halloween. Yes! She is so generous and would never fail to make us part in their village activities. It is thru her that I got my wish for the little lords were able to walk around and get candies from different houses.

So now, there will be new memories for me for the Halloween season. And wow. You could say that with THE YAPPY BUNCH, it is a different kind of TREAT.


Wow! Look at Andrei and Coco already checking out each other!

The first time that mareng Heidi invited us was the year 2010. Mati was already into Marvel that time while my bunsoy was veering more for the darker side. 

Me and Mareng Heidi!

Tsk tsk.... The era when I was so thin! Haaaay!

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