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Monday, June 22, 2020


It was the day of our flight and normally we would just stay in the hotel to relax and make last minute preparations before going to the airport.

BUT NOOOOOH. This is JAPAN. We don't want to waste hours or even minutes of this beautiful country by just "waiting."

While my sister was planning for our "last hurrah" she thought of having tea-making classes, or costume "Kimono" wearing. I for one, suggested the team lab museum thing because it's in everyone's feed.

All were fine activities for us but then, our time was limited and we have to consider the distance. As for the team lab museum, after looking at the details, the thought of just going somewhere that doesn't really promote the true and old culture of Japan just didn't appeal to us. Good thing too that we were able to confirm with the Yub's brother (who was able to go before) that it was indeed MEH. So we all went back to the "drawing board" to decide where to go.

In the end, we all realized that we were in Japan not just for the sights but also to savor their food.

And where should we go that would give us a one-of-a-kind experience in tasting the "essence" of Japan?


Let's see what we could eat today!!!!!!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2020


When we decided to go to TSUKIJI MARKET during our Japan trip last year, our main goal was to eat sushi. LOTS OF IT.

Because really, why would you go to TSUKIJI MARKET if not to enjoy their ultra fresh seafood right???

The thought of eating sushi at the prime place in Japan all made us SO excited. And when we saw this hole in a wall restaurant, it just made us MORE excited-ER. Ha ha ha ha!

Heck, we didn't eat breakfast just for this!!!!

After our meal, we were all deliriously happy. There is truly something about having this Japanese delicacy at one of the best places in Tokyo!

After all, it is not called TSUKIJI FISH MARKET for nothing.

And we're so glad to make an acquaintance (again) with SUSHI SEN!!!

YIHIII!!! We're in SUSHI-SEN!!!!

Friday, June 5, 2020


When we were in JAPAN last 2019, the weather was soooo cold that we're always game to get a big bowl of hot noodles.

Luckily that during our trip to Mount Fuji, we saw this udon restaurant (don't care if it's a tourist trap) that satisfied us to the maximum!!!!


(Sorry but I really can't figure out the name. Ha ha ha ha!)

Tuesday, June 2, 2020


Ever since we set food on JAPAN, we were all super excited for  this one thing:


Of course, we're also very excited to have Ramen, to go to DISNEYLAND, and to do some cultural sight-seeing, but we cannot be in JAPAN and NOT have sushi right?

I mean it's just going to be appetizingly sacrilegious!!!!

So that we did and to be honest, we have the little Androse to be thankful for.

He has been bugging the whole family to have sushi and although we're really planning to schedule a mealtime for that, we faked indifference to having any sort of raw fish.

Yep. Because that's just how we are in the family. Ha ha ha ha! If you're pikon, super talo ka.

For one outing though, my Mommers was especially impressed at how Andrei helped her out (SEE HERE) that amidst our jokes how we didn't want to have to do ANYTHING with the popular Japanese delicacy, she declared that we will have sushi for our next meal.

Auughhh.... Mommy is such a party pooper!!!

So Andrei rejoiced and got very excited. When we asked my Kuya where we should go for some good old quality sushi, he only had one thing on his mind....


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