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Sunday, November 14, 2010


I just rode on the YOGHURT train after hating the dessert for so long. Yup! Ask Yub or my friends and they would tell you that I REALLY abhor/detest yoghurt. I actually considered it a waste of money... Why? Because A COLD DESSERT that is similar to an Ice Cream cannot be sour or tart!!! 

One beautiful day in Eastwood, Mati suddenly yanked me from Andrei's grasp and led me to the cool corner of RED MANGO. He ordered his favorite... the yoghurt with rainbow crispies.... I repeatedly asked him what was it that he loved about yoghurt when it tasted so sour and sacriligious to what a dessert should be. He let me try a spoonful.... Then I got another... and another...

Suddenly I'm a convert!!!

For some reason... I SUDDENLY LOVED RED MANGO!!! Their yoghurt was not too sour and not too sweet.... It was... as a sleazy Goldilocks would say it... JUUUST RIGHT!!! After that RED MANGO experience, I wanted to have yoghurt EVERY SINGLE DAY!!! I never change the topping though (since there will be an additional P20 pa he he he he).

I now am a yoghurt addict... he he he he! All thanks to Mati AND Red Mango :)


Mati went ahead and ordered his RED MANGO cup and requested for Rainbow Sprinkle toppings.

Prices are: Small 85.00, Medium 120.00, Large 155.00, Family 225.00.

I'm not sure but I think you get a free topping per order. Then if you want extra toppings, you just pay P20.00!

By the way, this is Mati's "You can't get some" face!

But I pulled the ol' "I carried you for 9 months!!!" dialogue and he gave me 2 teaspoonsfuls... Ha ha ha ha!

It always works....

Auughhh... I should remember to always have bangs! My forehead has a lighting of I
its own.... (that's not a compliment for me by the way...)


And since Mati kindly let me have 2 teaspoons of his RED MANGO yoghurt, I became a convert and bought my own....

Even though I told him I was going to order another one Mati still refused to give some more of his RED MANGO yoghurt... Ha ha ha! I guess he takes after his very generous mommy!


The different toppings at RED MANGO which you could put onto your yoghurt cup!

Treat Yourself!

Thanks Mati for the advice at RED MANGO!!!

Tadaah! My very first cup of yoghurt... at RED MANGO!!!!

As they say, the rest is RED MANGO history....

I am in love!

And right now since I love RED MANGO I'll order my own cup and should Mati ask for a taste I'll answer:

"I carried you for 9 months... Get your own!"

Revenge is so sweet... pun intended.


Red Mango
Eastwood Mall
Eastwood Mall Veranda, E. Rodriguez Jr. Ave.
Bagumbayan, Quezon City

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