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Tuesday, December 4, 2018


When the movie CRAZY RICH ASIANS came out, my Mom asked if we could go out and see it. Now to be honest, it's not really on my list to watch on the big screen because, MEH. Last thing I want was to see pretentious, materialistic, and money hungry people being glamorized. But since my Mom wanted to (she doesn't watch movies in theaters much), I was game. She has been reading the novels along with my sister so she's curious how it would be depicted on film. So really, I'm cool with anything my Mom wants to do if it would mean spending more time together.

EXCEPT going to the palengke, or to Divisoria for our Cavite supplies for Holy Week. Because EWWWWWY.

Sorry Mommy, Ate Jit is there for you. She's your favorite naman e.

Tee Heee! I'm such a lovable daughter I know!!

To make it more fun, we thought of inviting my sister and auntie (Daddy's sister) to join us as well. Call it a "ladies' night out" if you will.

Of course, a Saturdate will not be complete without dinner. And since we ARE going to watch CRAZY RICH ASIANS, there was no other choice for dinner that night... 

MONGKOK for some Chinese food! Yebah!

MONGKOK has always been our go-to restaurant whenever we're craving for some Chinese food in Powerplant Mall!

It's almost always full because the dishes are affordable and delishes as well. My Daddyowzers regularly ordered here too and was friends with the servers.


Mommy and tita Meldy!

They both hated having their pictures taken.


He he he he he! I already have this ready smile I know.

And yes, the Chinese stalker joined us because not only is Saturday OUR DAY, but he also wanted to have some Chinese food and watch the movie as well.


If you're looking for my Ate Jit, she's running late from her last patient at her clinic in St. Lukes BGC (she's a psychiatrist). She'll try to catch up for dinner. If not, sa movie na lang.



MONGKOK Century Eggs (P50.00)!

MONGKOK Shrimp Dumplings (P120.00)!

MONGKOK Pork Siomai (P110.00)!

MONGKOK Shrimp Puff (P110.00)!

MONGKOK Beef with Brocolli (P280.00)!


MONGKOK Yang Chow Fried Rice (P230.00)!

I was not really craving for fried rice that night but the Yub was in the mood for it.

Hmmm... I wonder if he's the mood for (AHEM) other things...

Wink... wink...


My plate! My MONGKOK filled plate!

ERICJAZ FOODIES with Mommy and Tita Meldy in MONGKOK!

This picture was so wrong in so many levels:

My Mom - Not looking.
Tita Meldy - Chewing.
The Yub - Beautiful eyes.

I'm the only one who's "picture ready"! Ha ha ha ha ha! Kidding.

Let's eat!

I swear, we have small appetites na. We had a lot of leftovers from dinner. It's okay. The boys enjoyed having it for their midnight snack. He he he he he he he!

Le bill!

Thanks Yub for the treat!!!!!

Aba! May sumama pang Chinese stalker sa likod!!!!

Ate Jojit is here na din.


She's not sitting next to our Mommy naman...

BELAT Ate Jit! Mommy loves me more!

Though my Mommy said the book was much better, we enjoyed the movie because of some funny moments. Also, even if I didn't like Kris Aquino (SOBRA), she had a very good cameo. It was indeed worthy of all the IG posts she's bombarding us with. He he he he he!!!

There's no possibility of this movie winning the Oscar, but it's still a great leisurely watch if you want to be entertained. What I loved too is their message about the importance of FAMILY.

Yup! You may have all the riches, a blazing career, and the most glamorous friends out there but if you're rotten to your own family who raised you, then you're a rotten person. PERIOD. I don't know about you but life without my family is indeed meaningless. They will, and always be, on the top of my list.

When we got home, Andrei excitedly showed me his new pet...

TOM the spider!!!!!!

He he he he he he! This is just so adorable. He really loved Tom the spider!!!!

We may not be as superkaduper rich as the family in the movie, but everyday I experience a CRAZY and RICH (in love and laughter) life from my proudly FILIPINO family that always make me feel so thankful.

It wouldn't hurt to own a hotel though but still, I am thankful.

He he he he he he he he!!!!

FYI -- Tom the spider died 2 days after this picture was taken.

RIP Tom the spider. :( You were so loved by Andrei.



 P1, Power Plant Mall, Rockwell Drive Cor Strella St,
Makati, 1210 Metro Manila
 (02) 756 5112



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