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Thursday, March 26, 2020


Last December when my Mommy treated us to a JAPAN TRIP for her birthday, we're happy that instead of the usual budget airlines I would always opt for in Asian flights, she chose ANA AIRLINES!

I haven't tried ANA AIRLINES before but my Kuya rides it everytime he goes to JAPAN. He would constantly rave about it and this made us (especially my little bunsoy Andrei) more excited for our trip.

How was it? Let's just say that we never wanted our flight to end. Ha ha ha ha ha! We felt that we're going to the US tuloy!

Yep! I think it's going to be ANA AIRLINES for us from now on!


Tuesday, March 24, 2020


When we went to TOKYO DISNEYLAND, we were all so excited to go on the rides, see the sights, and take loads of pictures. Now who would have thought that the last thing on our minds was doing our usual favorite thing?

EATING!!!!! Seems impossible right???

But yeah, when you're in the wonderful land of DISNEY, eating may not be the ultimo priority. To be honest, I even considered it as a disturbance especially that theme park food is known to be very expensive.

Still, we indulged in what TOKYO DISNEYLAND had to offer that day -- since we're already there, it doesn't make sense to deprive ourselves. If we saw something interesting, we went for it (besides, we have to sustain ourselves while having the time of our lives in TOKYO DISNEYLAND). We do need the strength after all to line up and enjoy their rides.

Check out the food we ate in TOKYO DISNEYLAND! I don't know if it's just because we're in Japan (who are known for their high quality dishes) or that we're just super hungry, but the food added to our ultimo enjoyment.


We're in DISNEYLAND!!!!!

Saturday, March 21, 2020


I don't care if I'm already 30 years old (tee hee), I would ALWAYS go to DISNEYLAND whenever I have a chance.

And our JAPAN 2019 was no exception.

The great part too is that my boys agree! Yay! Great minds think alike talaga!

While planning for the trip, my sister and kuya discussed how they would go for the places the Mommy would like (museums, parks, ramen restaurants, etc) since the trip was for her anyway. I then asked permission if it's ok for the boys and I to not join them for one day because we would really like to go to the popular DISNEYLAND SEA in Tokyo. My siblings said that it's manageable and when we told my Mom, she said the best thing: She wants to join us in DISNEYLAND!


Turns out, she hasn't been to DISNEYLAND (in our US trips I was only able to go with her to Universal Studios), and wanted to go there with us.  Yayyyy! Now this would make our trip there more memorable!

While looking at their website though I read reviews that DISNEYLAND SEA could get SO crowded and rides were more for thrill-seekers. However, DISNEYLAND SEA is exclusive to Japan only and it would be a shame to miss it.

We all agreed that the comfort of Mommy is more important. Good thing too that when checking the rides and attractions, we saw that they featured the classics (Snow White, Peter Pan, merry go round, etc) that we were all familiar with. TOKYO DISNEYLAND is a much better fit for us!

Besides, my family could always go back for DISNEY SEA, and with the Yub!

So with that...


And we're back to the happiest place on earth... In JAPAN!

Wednesday, March 11, 2020


We just arrived in JAPAN and naturally the first thing we wanted to do besides resting and unpacking is this:


Well we're not in JAPAN for our health. Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Besides the sights, we are definitely in the Land of the Orient to get loads of Japanese foods in our bellies. That's why we're excited to have our first real taste of authentic Japanese food for that trip.

And the first order of the day???


Monday, March 9, 2020


It was our last day in JAPAN and though I'm the type who would rather stay in the hotel or go to the airport way early to prepare for our flight, I agreed to go out with the family.

Yup! Japan is just THAT awesome that you should explore it all you can!!!!!!!

It's our last day!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2020


Part two of our 2019 Japan trip had more "happenings" because my kapatids planned on more places to go. The great thing about our 5 day stay though is that we didn't jam all the sights that we could handle because we didn't want to get Mommy tired -- we just took our time and rested when needed. The result? We always had our beauty rest before every tour and looked great in pictures!!!!

Bwa ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!

Like what I mentioned in the previous blog, I really had SO MUCH FUN in our Japan trip that I swear, I still had dreams of being back. My sister chose places that captured the essence of old Japanese culture instead of the flashy modern spots that's more like cheap tourist attractions. Kaya, wow, it was really super awesome. Even if we only went to parks, palaces, volcanoes, etc etc., I appreciated more the natural beauty of Japan!

The only (super slight) downer in our trip is that the Yub wasn't able to join us since he had work. Too bad because I was counting on him to handle our bags and taking care of the nitty gritty (he he he he). It's okay -- in his place I've got two very dependable little guys who assisted their Mommy and took care of all the heavy lifting (they know that I had a bad back).

I'm so happy that with our Japan trip I was also able to see more of how my two little guys were growing up to be fine gentlemen.  It was truly a memorable 5 days with the boys and my family.

Thank you so much Mommy for planning this and treating us.

Now let the sharing begin!!!!!!


Monday, March 2, 2020


THE YAPPY BUNCH already went to Korea last 2019 so we didn't make any plans to go somewhere far. For budget reasons, we only wanted to have one out of the country trip a year -- so we are definitely staying put for awhile.


My Mommers have always wanted to go to Japan, but since Daddy is so busy with the family business, she didn't make any plans and just preferred to stay at his side.

For her 75th birthday last year though, the Mommers wished to go to Japan with the family. It was supposed to be just her treat with the apos but then her loving son and daughters joined in (sons-in-law were invited but can't join due to work). The Mommers said the Japan trip will not only be her blow-out to us for turning 75 but it will also be our birthday gifts for the year as well (ha ha ha ha ha... even if she gave us gifts naman).

So yay... It will be our first time in Japan with the Mommy and kids! I'm sure it's going to be an epic vacation!

You know what? It was! Yung tipong, I still dream about it up to now. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!


We're in JAPAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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