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Thursday, January 29, 2015


One of ERICJAZ FOODIES' favorite burger hub these days is 8 CUTS BURGER BLENDS because it truly satisfies our cravings on different levels.

(Yes. Enough to make me refer to us in 3rd person point of view... Tee Hee!!!)

So it is no wonder that on our usual "Saturdate Night Date Nights" in Power Plant Mall, we would head to 8 CUTS BURGER BLENDS to get a bite of their fat and juicy patties with an assortment of toppings that get me drooling just by the thought of it.

Y'know (ala Manny Paquiao), I am the sort of person who would only eat ONE dish in a favorite restaurant. If a place grabs my fat fancy, I would always go there and order that one dish alone: think the Spare Rib Rice in LE CHING TEA HOUSE. But in 8 CUTS BURGER BLENDS, I find myself curious to try each one of their variants. Of course, my favorite remains to be the one with the Blue Cheese, but I believe you could never go wrong with a kick-a$$ burger patty, so I want to have a taste of what else 8 CUTS had to offer!!!!

Now expect to see a lot of ERICJAZ FOODIES, 8 CUTS BURGER BLENDS!!! You'll be so happy that you put up a branch in POWER PLANT MALL!!


Wait. I wonder if they'll agree to that.


Photo grabbed from A MANILA FOOD AFFAIR



Yup! We will happily do so after the Chinese Adonis lines up!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Last year when we were in Las Vegas to celebrate Andrei's 7th birthday, my cousin Kuya Nap said we would take home some BUFFALO WILD WINGS to savor on for our midnight snack. When he told us about it, my big forehead immediately remembered the times when he would always include some of the juicy buffalo wings in our "take home itinerary" every time were visiting his humble abode.

And we don't mind! In fact, it's something we always looked forward to because the thought of biting into that crisp, juicy spicy, and uber saucy wing would always get US drooling!!! Of course, I'll wolf down several pieces of it with the creamy bleu cheese dressing on the side plus a cup of piping hot garlic rice!


So really, BUFFALO WILD WINGS for us is almost a necessity!!! Just like my other favorite grub in the US, we cannot NOT have a bucket when we're there. 

Photo from

Last May 2013 when we dropped by BUFFALO WILD WINGS Las Vegas, it was the Fifa World Cup and they had a stand for pictures. We asked one of the kindly servers to get several snaps of us and she wonderfully obliged!

Monday, January 26, 2015


It's my Andrei's 8th birthday and as we do every year, we give my bunsoy a week-long birthday celebration by eating at his chosen restaurants, going to his activity of choice, AND singing a surprise birthday song whenever we can! You might say the reason we put in a lot of effort in having memorable birthday celebrations to the little lords is because my parents made sure we always had a blast when us sibs turned a year older. From what I remember, my Mom and Dad did not take us to expensive places nor give us outrageous gifts but my brothers, sister, and I were made to feel like little prince and princesses on our special day with the fuss they made over it. Of course, we wouldn't give anything less to our little lords! 

However, I guess my Andrei is having too much fun in his birthday celebrations that he wished it to be extended up to May!!! 

No kidding!

Andrei my birthday boy!!!

To give him the benefit of the doubt, maybe the reason why Andrei pleaded that his birthday this year should be up to May was that he remembered last year when we celebrated his 7th birthday somewhere in "Subic" at that month. He he he he he!

Anyway for this year, Andrei started his birthday 2 days early as his Lolo Pogi treated him to a kiddie birthday party at Mcdonald's Greenhills. 

Thursday, January 22, 2015


Sometime last year in 2014 B.H. (Before Haircut), I received free tickets to watch a concert in Music Museum.  For the 3 tickets, I thought of inviting my Mom since like me, she loved watching musical concerts, AND I asked Yub to tag along with us because we needed a driver (he he he he he!).

Even if we are not performing in the show, we needed to make pre-concert preparations (aka DINNER) so Yub and I thought of going somewhere my Mom would like to eat in but can't because she's always with Dad (he he he he he!) who was VERY particular with having the "usuals" for dinner. With that, I thought of going to CPK (CALIFORNIA PIZZA KITCHEN) because there was this particular salad dish there that I know my Mom would like. And, like I predicted, my Dad didn't want to join us even just for dinner because he was not overly fond of salads and fatty pizzas now. 

Anywho, so we all met up in CPK for bite before the show and I know I made the right choice when my Mom loved the salad that we got for her. Once again, CPK ruled our tummies that night!

I think I have mentioned already before how CPK holds a special place in ERICJAZ FOODIES' tiny hearts because it is where we had our official first date (blech). I could still remember like it was yesterday when Yub, all handsome and looking like Kenneth Peralta, claimed that the pasta I was eating looked like chami.

Tsk... tsk... How we ended up together is still beyond me!


CPK in Promenade Greenhills has limited space but they do have tables outside and a mezzanine area.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015


And once again just when you thought I was done with my holiday entries, HELLO! My last one sprouts up! Because like I said, I became lazy as a daisy (and big as a beluga whale) during the Christmas season that I didn't get anything done.

Would you believe I just packed my gifts in used paper bags? Yu-uh. Like I said. Lazy. 

Oh and cheap. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Anywho, to somehow "let go" of the holidays of 2014, I am now sharing what we did this New Year's vacation in Quezon Province. As much as I want to skip ahead and just feature the latest in my life (like my recent staycation with Benedict Cumberbatch), I want to put on record the fun that THE YAPPY BUNCH had in saying hello to 2015.

And no cutesy poo brit could stop me from doing that. Weh he he he he!

Now moving on, let me just share that ever since the Chinese Adonis and I got hitched, we have been spending our New Year's with his side of the family in Quezon Province. Since I know a LOT of people about to get married (you know who YOU are, that is, if you read my blog), a workable arrangement in sharing the love every holiday season is to spend Christmas with this family and New Year's with this family. It may be quite unsettling at first and you may shed some tears when you miss your loved ones at the strike of 12, but don't worry. You will be building new memories with your newest "team" that you will immediately start counting your blessings instead of getting all broken up with sentiment.

So that's what we did! We may have our usual New Year Traditions with my family but the prospect of creating new special moments with THE YAPPY BUNCH is too irresistable to resist. So even if I still feel a tug in my heart saying good bye to my family every year at the end of December, I have the Quezon Province with Yub's gang to look forward to.

And we have a blast every single time (super pun intended). 


Every time we go to Quezon Province, our first stop would always be lunch at our favorite PALAISDAAN!!!

This time though, Andrei brought with him the fishing rod he bought with his own allowance. 

Monday, January 19, 2015


We were still groaning from the TONS of food that we ate over the holidays that even if we swore to go on a strict "water only" diet, we broke all promises when we discovered there was a new VIKINGS branch in SM JAZZ.

The restaurant that somehow revolutionized buffet dining in the Philippines just blasted its "beingness" in this quiet SM branch in Makati last December 19, 2014. And, even if we were already dragging ourselves from the extra pounds we accumulated during our Christmas vacation plus the fact that we were just in VIKINGS SM Marikina last Wednesday, we were so determined to EAT there AGAIN. And we cannot be more excited about it!!

Yup! That's us! While we were listing our New Year's resolutions, we forgot to cross out GLUTTONY. It was something we decided to reserve for the NEXT New Year. He he he he he! So, here we are! Ready to EAT LIKE VIKINGS!


Our venue for today.... SM JAZZ!

Hmmm... that name sounds BEAUTIFULLY familiar.

And here's something to rejoice about! Yep! VIKINGS just opened their 6th branch here in SM JAZZ MALL. 

I wonder how it would fare up compared to the other buffet battallion?

Monday, January 12, 2015


It has already been a tradition for THE YAPPY BUNCH to go out and do some hotel hopping to welcome the New Year. I remember that before, we used to do it on the last day/eve of the year and we were always lucky then to secure seats even if there would be New Year's Eve parties left and right. Yup! The power of having 2 little kiddies! He he he he he! Later on we figured that it would be better to have this family tradition on an earlier day so that we won't be hustled and bustled with the other party-goers. With that, we had a more relaxed and enjoyable time as we really enjoyed the sights and chomps the hotel had to offer.

AND to welcome 2015, THIS is what we did!!

Our first stop for the night was once again THE PENINSULA MANILA!

Saturday, January 10, 2015


Like I said in my Facebook status, I will bombard you all first with CHRISTMAS posts since lazy me took an extended vacation and just stayed in bed while eating.  

Yes. That's me. I blame Santa for not passing by and giving me the gift of diligence. Instead, he gave me the gift of "song" to make my husband (and everyone in the household) suffer! Tee heee!

Anywho, like what we always do, we went to Rockwell Tent to attend our late night mass with the family. Afterwards, we were supposed to all go straight home to start cooking the food for Noche Buena. My family went ahead since they didn't want to keep the beef and seafood waiting.

I, however, wanted to have more pictures with THE YAPPY BUNCH outside near the ginormous Christmas tree (I could cook my pasta in less than 30 minutes anyway) My little Andrei though was panicking because he heard the priest say that there will be some fireworks later on. I assured him that we will just have a quick picture and then leave in the guise of the Road Runner.

Such was really my intention when we got to the ginormous Christmas tree. However, luck was NOT on Andrei's side because as soon as we stepped there, we were all greeted with THIS.

Background music: "Just hear those sleighbells jingling-ringting-tingaling-tooo....."

"...come on it's a lovely weather for a sleigh ride together with you...."

Mati used to HATE fireworks ever since he got traumatized in Disneyland California. Good thing he's all grown up and has overcome that "bang bang" fear. Now, he's more appreciative of the lovely sights. 

Wednesday, January 7, 2015


For the part 2 of my OFFICE CHRISTMAS PARTY blog, allow me to be superficial for just one moment:

Yes we are so thankful to be working at a company that has been so good at what it's doing for more than 35 years...

Yes we are happy that we are in an office where everyone treat each other as family.....

Yes we are so grateful to be in a company who has the most generous President who also believes in "giving back" to the needy and less fortunate....

Yes we are so blessed to be in TAPE Inc., for so long because we truly love and believe in what we are a part of. We just know that we will be loyal for another 35 years more because every day  we are inspired to do better for the community and share a laugh at the same time....

(NOW comes the superficial part)

BUT for our OFFICE CHRISTMAS PARTY 2014, I only had ONE thing in mind....


Of course, I wouldn't go into specifics just how fun our raffle is but like I said in the earlier post, everybody has a rocking good time in it no matter how high their position is in TAPE Inc. Nobody is allowed to waive or give away what he/she has won so we all have fighting chance in getting the much desired "pot" for the night.

Now, I have been in TAPE INC., for about 7 years and I'm hoping that this would be the Christmas party where I would go home happier than usual. You see, I'm not really lucky at raffles. I remember that in a Christmas Party for another office, I won a water bucket!!!!!! Yes! A friggin water bucket! Ha ha ha ha! It doesn't get any weirder than that!

Oh well. They did say that those who are lucky in love are unlucky in raffles. But for that party I was secretly pleading and praying I don't score tonight with BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH and just win something from the major raffle. It doesn't matter what it is but I don't want to go home empty handed like in our other parties!

So PRETTY PLEASE with sugar, cherry, and even THOR, on top! Let TONIGHT be THE NIGHT!

Now what will be in store for US in this OFFICE CHRISTMAS PARTY for 2014???

So after wearing green, purple, and red (my lucky colors) in other Christmas Parties, I heeded the advice of Ms. Josie and donned a polka dot blouse! She said, it gave her luck in our last Anniversary Party!

We were having our office Christmas party in SAMPAGUITA GARDENS and about to wrap up the minor raffle. 

Tuesday, January 6, 2015


I know it's not fair to make conclusions but man, my work place just give out the BEST Christmas parties to its employees! Yes! You gotta believe it!

I remember that when I was still new in TAPE Inc., I did not receive any advice on how to do my job well. Instead, I got a lot of raves saying that my new workplace had the most awesome Christmas party ever and that I was so lucky to experience it soon!!!!

So how does a Christmas party go in my office?

First things first, we always start with a mass to thank God for our office's continuous blessings. I for one am thankful that we are like one big family and our President is our caring father who continuously takes care of us. That's why most of the staff members in TAPE Inc. have stayed for decades because they don't only love their job but they have become really attached to the company.

For our annual Christmas party, one things for sure: there is a LOT of food. Yep! As far as the eyes can see. Our President is so generous and loves feeding us that it's no wonder I gained tons of pounds ever since I started working here.

Lastly, total equality is the name of the game in our party that when it comes to raffles, everybody has a fighting chance. No one is allowed to waive a prize so that if your name is picked, you get whatever it is. As a result, it doesn't matter if the person is a senior officer or somebody who is rich as Bill Gates, everybody wanted to win that grand prize all in the sake of fun!

It's always a fun getogether whenever my company has a Christmas party. Something is bound to happen that will get us talking for days and we would all scramble to pick out the best pictures to post in our social media albums.

Here's what we had this year!  

TAPE INC. Christmas party!

We always have our mass at Broadway Studio and I go there with my office mate friends. 

I hang out with the "newest employees" in TAPE Inc. tee hee and they always bully me so!!!!!!

Kidding! I love them!!

Monday, January 5, 2015


As what we did last year, we will be welcoming 2015 not with my usual food entries nor do a round up of our favorites for 2014 (nobody listens to me anyway.... he he he he he). What we WILL be doing is to express further our love to somebody who has made our lives more fun and crazier not just for 2014 but from the day he was born.

I think I have stressed many times in the past that I do this silly little blog not really to make reviews or rate establishments. What I have here is more like an online diary/scrapbook so that we won't forget special happenings in our lives (yep! food trips are important too!!!!) And since I believe that the first entry of the year should be the most significant especially with the love and thought put into it, I will be dedicating the start of 2015 to my little bunsoy who turned 8 last December.

Our little Jemapel, our Tootles, our "Littles", our Utoy, our baby forever.  


Our dear Andrei.

And here's a bit of his awesome story!

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