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Sunday, March 1, 2009


One of my favorite friends in the world, Ms. Gail Castelo Campo, has been my gal pal since my first job at advertising. I'm so thankful that we have been in touch and are great buds ever since.

We have made this tradition that for our birthdays, the celebrant will be treated by the other gal... It's a real fun gift which is also an excuse to go out and pig out :) 

This was the Saturday weekend of my birthday and Mareng Gail invited TEAM YAP out to JOEY PEPPERONI! I haven't eaten there but she strongly assured me that food was good and prices were cheap!!! She insisted it will be our regular hang out soon!!!

By that thought I was uber excited already!

We love veggies and a good salad never fails to give us a preview of the meal to come. Think of it as our big plated amuse bouche! He he he he! 

We loved the salad. The price was just about P150 (2009) and it was enough to feed 2 hungry herbivores! Dressing was creamy with just the right bite!!!

Mareng Gail ordered food that was good for about 6 people!! She got my favorite, the pesto and bolognese spaghettis. The pesto tasted very "herby" and garlicky without the bitter aftertaste of too much greens. I loved the crunch that the walnuts, which were not grounded finely, gave for that added texture. As for the bolognese, it tasted great as well! I hate how some Italian restos make their tomato sauces sweet to taste like Jollibee spaghetti (not that I don't love the bees version). For Joey Pepperoni's bolognese pasta, it was something I would order again! Pastas by the way were priced at less than P200 (2009 price). 

The guys, like her husband Jun, may like pasta, but they would rather have the...


The pizza was just YUM! Everything was cheesy, gooey with the perfect sauce, on top of a crunchy crust!!! THIS made the guys and gals VERY happy!

So happy that Mareng Gail wanted to pop a baby! Ha ha ha ha! I think after 2 weeks she gave birth to her beautiful daughter, her first born, my inaanak, Sasha... You'll see her in future posts... :)

So good that while this picture was being taken, my other hand was reaching for a slice and putting it under the table for take home! KIDDING!


It's dessert time and mareng Gail ordered some more... Based on her expression here, I don't think she fancies dessert much... ha ha ha ha!

Silly me thought it was coffee... I only noticed that it was a PANNA COTTA after I slurped and slurped but nothing touched my tongue!!!

Kidding! I knew that it was COFFEE PANNA COTTA but I did not expect it to be VERY GOOD! It was creamy, "mocha-ey", and not that sweet enough to give you a sugar overload. I just kept on spooning (not that kind) everything into my mouth!

Pic may be blurry but I don't need a memento to make me remember how fun this night was. Great food, happy friends, fun convo... this will be IMPRINTED in my brain FOREVER... and ever... and ever... until I get alzheimers...


Joey Pepperoni Pizzeria
RFM Corporate Center, Pioneer St
Buayang Bato, Mandaluyong
(02) 631-1688

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