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Friday, December 21, 2018


THE YAPPY BUNCH received a free staycation from a secret angel, aka my favorite frenemy, from my office.

If you've been reading my silly little blog, you would know who she is. Ha ha ha ha ha!

Anyway, we were super excited for this insta-weekend because SAVOY HOTEL just opened (so it was fairly new) and we got 2 rooms all to ourselves. You know us, we love anything that comes with a pool but in SAVOY HOTEL, we enjoyed their pool plus their other cool family friendly facilities!

But would you believe that for our last day, we only used the pool and stayed in our rooms yet we still had a blast?? Ay it's SOOOO true!

Check out part two of our SAVOY HOTEL staycation where we discovered once again the extreme happiness of lazy Sundays to the fullest.


We had a quick breakfast of Mcdonald's take-out in our rooms (he he he he he he) and it's swimming time agad agad for us!

Let's swim!

Water was still cold except for some areas where the sun hit the pool.

Sun bathing!

Andrei doing my favorite cute cute pose. He he he he he he!

Is it obvious that the Yub was still shivering???

We almost had the pool to ourselves except for this hot lone guy and 2 girls swimming.

It's okay. We almost didn't notice them anyway.

(Except for the hot lone guy.... Ha ha ha ha ha!)

Swimming with my boys!

Since I already wet my hair, I'm covering the full exposure of my noo. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

The Yap family swimmers!

Basta may pool, lalanguyan namin!!!!

It's great that the SAVOY HOTEL pool was kid-friendly and shallow enough for everyone.

And as per our tradition....

French Fries with LOADS of mayonnaise!

As for me I always get a glass of Mango Shake!

Since I cannot really finish a whole glass to myself, I share with the boys (and para tipid na din!)

After finishing their fries, the Yub and Master Mati went ahead. As for the bunsoy baby, he asked for a bit more time to swim.

But really, he was using the Yub's phone. GRRRRRRRRRR!

Finally, it's time to go!

We had loads of time to spare so we just hung around and enjoyed the fast wifi in our rooms!!

The Yellow Hampie didn't mind waiting. 

When it was nearly time for check out, we did our usual "Pictures around the room tradition!!!!"

Couch shot (Andreis' favorite)!

Drunk shot! 

Everyone's favorite!

By the bed...

By the room hall...

Muni muni shot...

Oooh.... Look at the Yub's firm pwit!!!!

Room number shot!

Semi-Hall shot!

For those asking if we have a yaya to take our pictures, well, we don't!!!!!

Usually we ask random nice strangers to take our pictures (Yep! It's when I use my pa-cute smile). At other times, we use our imagination with flat surfaces. He he he he!!!

And now it's time to go!

The boys had wonderful memories of their room in SAVOY HOTEL and already had separation anxiety... Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

As we were staying in the special area of SAVOY HOTEL (NAKS!!) we didn't need to go to the lobby to check out -- they had a special attendant to assist us on that.

And it was easy breezy!

One last look at our area in SAVOY HOTEL!

And we're out!!!! We left our bags muna so that we could go around Newport and have our late lunch.

Oooh! I love Hotel dogs. They always seem to be so big, fluffy, and bored. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Since we enjoyed our Gerry's lunch last night, we went for Filipino food again but this time at Gilligans.


Everyone in the fam had a super fun yet relaxing weekend in SAVOY HOTEL. We're so thankful to angel (my frenemy) for the staycation.

Hmmmm... I became nice to her days before this weekend (kasi baka icancel). Now back to "regular programming." Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Wait... I have to be nice to her again because SAVOY HOTEL is worth being good for. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!


Love you Tita F!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



 101 Andrews Ave, Pasay, 
1300 Metro Manila
(02) 317 2869



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