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Wednesday, November 21, 2018


It is once again the anniversary of our dear EAT BULAGA and though we have the same celebration enjoying the usual food, we are still excited because we always experience a different kind of fun each year.

Well it's not everyday you'll celebrate the 39th anniversary of your workplace right?

So we all went to Broadway Studio eager in anticipation of what the night may bring to us: Are we going to win the raffle? Will we be able to eat our favorite Kare-Kare? Could Tali take a picture with us?

And more importantly, is it going to be a night to remember?

YAHOO!!! I'm happy to say that ALL of the above came true, except for one.... (huhu)

Oh well. I'm sure you already have a picture of what that is. Still, read on and experience my night of being a Dabarkads for their 39 years!!!!  


After lunch, we packed up to go to Broadway Studio.

When we arrived, an altar plus tables and chairs were already set up onstage.

We stopped by the host room first to check on Tali!!! She's the baby of Bossing and Pauleen!

Isn't she so cute??? Nakakagigil!!! She's very behaved pa.

Afterwards we went onstage for the mass.

Like our shirts? It represented the year we joined EAT BULAGA!

Yun lang it was the same color as our table cloths that day. Ha ha ha ha ha ha! It's okay. We're still loud and proud of our shirts!

Here are my "2008- mates" -- Our main guy in the props department, Rey...

And headwriter Liza!!!

Yup! I still remember when we were all "brand new" in the show. We were quite a number in that batch but we were the only ones left.

Matira matibay! He he he he he he!

We always start our Anniversary parties with a thanksgiving mass.

Our priest for that day was Fr. Jeff. He was also the one who officiated the wedding of Bossing and Poleng.

After the mass, it's time to party!!!!

Our caterer for the anniversary party was LA COMIDA!

There was another set-up by the host room.


He he he he he... We set up one of the buffet tables backstage.

Now what's the grub for today?

YOHOOOO! Our favorite LA COMIDA Kare Kare!!!!!

Scallops with Asparagus!

This was SO yum during the food tasting.


So saucy and flavorful!!! This demanded rice... LOTS OF IT!

Pancit Bam-I!!!

This is for long life.... of the show.



Lydia's Lechon For The Win!

I wonder who'll take home this severed head?

Fruits for dessert!

And free wifi... He he he he he he...

Also, if it's LA COMIDA, puto bumbong and bibingka won't be far behind.


The fun table!!!

Tita Josie asked the waiters to bring the food to our table instead kasi mga senior citizens na daw kami. He he he he he he he!

I SO LOVE BEING A SENIOR CITIZEN!!!!!! He he he he he!

My seatmate for the night was Tita Grace!

Yup! She's been with EAT BULAGA since 1982!

Some initial munchies....

Then there was the addition of fruits!

Oooh... Steamed Lapu Lapu with Soy Sauce and Mushrooms!

That's one HUGE Lapu Lapu!

(That's what she said.... :P) 

The Bam-I!

Chopped Lechon!


This is SOOOO good!!! It's my favorite Kare Kare of all too!!!!


I'm glad my face was not all oily and greasy from all the food I just buried my face in.

I got another serving of Kare Kare!


This was one of our favorites too that night. 

Table service! Yayyy!

So much food!!!!!!!

ERICJAZ FOODIES at the Anniversary party of EAT BULAGA!

For dessert I got my favorite Puto Bumbong and Bibingka!!

Of course, I always have coffee with my dessert.

While we were eating, the program started hosted by our favorite Direk Poochie!

Along with Direk Poochie, the EAT BULAGA hosts would always help out.

One of our favorite parts in EAT BULAGA parties is the raffle!!!

The raffle masters... He he he he he!

Here's Kuya Allan and Ate Ruby!

Kuya Wally for the raffle!

Kuya Anjo for another raffle!

The more "senior" the host, the higher the prize!!!

Here's Tito Joey!

Bossing and Baste!

Please make me win na bossing!!!!

After the raffle, we played takbuhan according to the year we were employed in EAT BULAGA!

Since we were required to bring spoons for the Takbuhan, I grabbed one at the nearest table.

Didn't notice madumi pa pala!! Ooopssss!

What's worse is that it's not mine!!!!


I hope we win!!!!

(Well we didn't... He he he he he he!)

Time for the oldies...

He he he he! Konti na lang sila!

Yup! Even our President, my boss, and TVJ joined!

Here are the newbies naman....

Later on, our ultra Grand Raffle winners were announced by Tito Sen himself.

And to officially end the program we got another inspiring message from our beloved president, Mr. Tuviera!

Here are some of the dabarkads that we partied with....

Yaya Dub!

She thought we gave her cash prize when really it's our Anniversary bonus. He he he he he he!

Ops! Ops! Somebody is reacting. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Sorry na po na hindi ka kasama sa pic tita Flory!


Ate Haideee our field cashier!!!!



We've been doing this for several years na. He he he he he he!

He he he he he!

With Tito Jimmy, Tito Joey, and Ms. Eileen!

Kuya Wally!

He forgot his shirt so he just wrote his year and put it on his chest.

Tito Jimmy (again)!!!!!!

Our AVP in Productions for Broadway matters, Ate Sheila!

Kuya Anjo... who's supposedly my lucky charm when it comes to raffles kaso he switched tables bigla. Grrrr!

Tito Sen!!!!!

Ayan kami lang!

Of course, what made my night more fun was with the company of my friends, the Tita's of TAPE!!!! 

Now it's time for the company photo!!!!

Could you see where I am????

Here's a clue of the people around me....

He he he he he!

There I am!!! I'm at the ultra middle! He he he he he!

Yay for my EAT BULAGA family!!!!!

Congratulations to our President, my boss, Direk Bert, and TVJ for EAT BULAGA!

You may have noticed that a lot of EAT BULAGA employees have been with the show for a looooooong time. Many would agree with me that besides having the best President ever, we stay in the show because we truly believe in it. For us it's not just a workplace -- it's a different kind of "home" that we all love.

Ratings may be important but EAT BULAGA is also very dedicated in helping and honoring the Filipino people with lots of laughs on the side. I think it's safe to say that because of this, we have always received blessed returns (or good karma).  EAT BULAGA may have encountered problems and got some criticisms over the years but if you noticed, something would always come to "rescue" us and give us a helping hand.  We believe this to be the graces of God because we always strive to do what is really good (and not just for show). Yep! We all still came out strong while our (many) competitors disappeared in defeat.

Because of all those, we are all truly glad to be official DABARKADS!!!!







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